23 thoughts on “Nick Cannon Calls the Energy in the Entertainment Industry "Dark & Demonic" (Part 4)”

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  • Beyhive Member says:

    Nick Cannon is so wise, must be the turban lol
    Spread your kindness Nick.

  • ❗Change it or get out! People are dyingβž– body andβž– spiritβ—βŽβŒβ„’

  • change is not always growth dummy …im sure the russian that got change and lived under comunism didnt see it as growth …im sure the jews that got changed by the nazzi didnt see it ass growth is so stupid to think like that…

  • Christina Lopez says:

    I love him…he is so genuine ❀ it just comes through…he is so smart ❀ and he droppn so much truth…love him forever ❀ thank you Nick for keepn it real 100% especially since he has been in the industry for a while…that system is so corrupt n evil…mad respect for him ❀

  • The Fall of New Babylon says:

    Satan runs this world , however God has him on a leash . God can use dark forces to punish other dark forces and even discipline the saints .

  • Stephanie Turner says:

    So if he seen this why didn’t he call the cops. He sold out too. He couldn’t be this famous this long if he didn’t comply with them . He’s a liar. Nobody gets to the top except one way. And he’s telling you wassup in code.

  • Jacosta Lester says:

    There's a demon fight in the shadows and they all look like they act openly through people. Depending on your spiritual standing, real talk, everybody can look like they are "in" on it, buffeting a Christian but honestly, worldly types can still be used to express things that aid a person's understanding; however, every Christian needs to guard against the enemy 😑😑😑.

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