Nicholas Witchell lost for words live on air outside Buckingham Palace

Nicholas Witchell lost for words live on air outside Buckingham Palace

And our royal correspondent,
Nicholas Witchell, is at Buckingham Palace now. Nick, in some ways, the way
this royal birth was announced something of a break
with convention. – Yes, I think that’s right Ben. It’s clear that they are both
absolutely commmitted to finding a significant role
for themselves. Their future is not mapped out
in the way, of course, of William and Catherine. Equally, I think it’s clear that they
are committed to doing it, as far as possible, on their terms
and that may not be quite orthodox. Now, it was the case today that
Meghan didn’t want a hospital birth, she wanted a home birth
and it’s thought that that’s how it happened. We remember also, of course,
that they are thinking of themselves I think rather as global ambassadors
and there’s talk of them perhaps spending time in Africa
later this year, though that’s not confirmed. Now what of their son, baby Sussex?
No name for him so far. The first Anglo-American birth
in the British royal family. Now we know, of course, that …
Excuse me. Let me just collect my thoughts. The first Anglo-American birth
in the British royal family and it is certain, of course … I’m so sorry, let me just once again
hand back to you, Ben. – Alright Nick, thank you
very much indeed. Nick Witchell there at
Buckingham Palace.


56 thoughts on “Nicholas Witchell lost for words live on air outside Buckingham Palace”

  • Handled it well, wasn’t going well so passed it back to the studio. Did the right thing, no big deal.

  • What a dumb video, why post. This isn't any of the 'exposing the truth' the guardian and other media talk about, this is just making fun of a normal guy who had a slip up.

  • This video is useless, Guardian please sort it out and don’t upload such tripe. A person doing their job had a slip up and dealt with it well. Don’t be such troglodytes uploading it for posterity. Do some proper journalism.

  • Probs left speechless by lack of correspondence / communication from the terrible nu Royals, he's seems out of his comfort zone on this one. The farcical train of events yesterday regarding the whole announcement, no wonder the media are kicking up a frenzy, this isn't what Royals do, we are not amused!

  • doubledeckers says:

    A new low for the BBC. It sums up the pointlessness of so many news programmes these days with their hand overs to correspondents who are standing outside of somewhere and have nothing new to tell us. Literally in this case. The BBC should get back to crafting quality recorded reports and let journalists do their jobs. The Beeb has had it if it doesn't move quickly and return to the highest quality. It may already be too late to turn things around.

  • Interesting nonetheless. "First Anglo-American member of the royal family. " Without meaning to be evil, I suppose that could cause your average royalist to have a stroke or something. But, I think it has implications he hadn't considered and they suddenly got into his head. He was overwhelmed, most likely.

  • John McBride says:

    This is akin to pointing and laughing. This is not news and just cruel. Guardian should be held to higher standards

  • Can't help thinking this might have been avoided if the palace would just release the name and all the other dross royal watchers want rather than stretching it out to stay in the news.

  • Andrew Makinson says:

    Let’s be honest. There isn’t anything to really say on the matter. It’s a baby born to a couple hardly any of us will meet and will never get near the throne. It’s not really news. So for this reporter to try and find words to fill 1 minute and 39 seconds with . There just isn’t.

  • Guardian News says:

    Jennie Bond: ‘Being a royal correspondent means standing outside a palace with bugger all to say’ ►


    He still came across cool ?, calm and collected. That was the right call from him – professionally done

  • Oh no! Did I just say: "anglo/ American" birth! Oh no! Quick! Think of something racial to say…..
    Can't think of anything…. back to the studio.

  • Patrick Hogan says:

    Mr Witchell seems unwell. Less sneering and a little more compassion from those who comment might be appropriate.

  • It means just one thing Nic…it's time to retire and enjoy your pension. The British empire has come to grips with the 21st century

  • This is what happens when you are terrified of saying something politically incorrect. Pretty pathetic to be honest. We have became so self conscious about offending minorities.

  • The Guardian cannot be accused of making a fool of Witchell since he has been doing that to himself for years, practically wetting himself every time he gets to talk about the royals. All that incessant drivel he has spouted about irrelevant people doing nothing of any importance has finally caught up with him and he disappeared up the orifice that we knew he was really talking out of all this time. This reveals a fundamental truth: it is high time that we all grow up, particularly the BBC, and recognise that in the 21st century, random accidents of birth are no longer a valid basis to look up to individuals who have no merit and are actually pretty dreadful. Send the embarrassing Witchell to do some reporting in the real world, instead of the privileged one the royals inhabit.

  • Karin Berryman says:

    Nobody can tell exactly what happens to someone occasionally that can completely derail us at timesm it could be another person deliberately distracting N Witchell. For most of us we're not caught out on TV, but as a Crohn's sufferer there are moments when I need a toilet and whatever I'm doing must cease and be resumed when everything's under control.

  • Mike Barratt says:

    Can we have 10 times more copies of the guardian please ? ……theres a surge in fish & chips here up north and a shortage of bum fodder too !

  • Typical British press!! They all claim to hold the truth yet all they do is tinker around the edges!! The Guardian the Daily telegraph and so on don't really want to change the system because they are part of that system. They avoid the real issues and just keep plugging their agenda!! No wonder the guardian endlessly knocks tech its because the internet allows people to make up their mind.. believe the press?? No fuckin way

  • estebancomulet says:

    It wasn't a 'senior' moment. He's trying to choose his words carefully so he doesn't say anything insensitive…and unfortunately he fumbles. But enough cruelty.

  • Mark Pentler says:

    What a ridiculous video. He handled that about as professionally as a correspondent of his experience could possibly handle it. You’re better than this.

  • Disgusting, how a media outlet ridicules a man for stumbling with his memory recall.

    Dementia? Alzheimer's? Fatigue?

    How is this news! Expect more of this tripe to grab your attention in the coming years…from every angle

  • After watching and listening to this again I think he was stumbling through because he didn’t want to say the word Black. He really wanted to say the first royal baby with Black heritage but he kept saying Anglo -American hence the floundering.

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