8 thoughts on “Nexus 10 – Accessibility Feature TalkBack”

  • I'm legally blind & have both an Android phone & an iPad, and used to have an iPhone before defecting to Android a year ago.  Talkback has gotten better, but it still sucks compared to iPhone's voiceover.  The biggest issue I have with Talkback is its compatibility with viewing webpages.  It won't even work with Samsung's Internet browser half the time, and to get it to work on Google Chrome you have to reload the page if you were already on the page prior to turning Talkback on (I switch between having Talkback on & off), and some pages aren't even compatible with it at all, even while surfing with Chrome.  iOS's Voiceover has a higher compatibility with web pages.  I also wish Android would introduce something akin to iOS's "Speak Selection" feature, which allows visually impaired users to highlight text & then tap a pop-up menu to start the device automatically reading the highlighted text out loud. 

  • Gregory Bing II says:

    This is a great demo of how to use the Talkback accessibility features.  You can also navigate from item to item by swiping your finger.  I wonder if other applications like kindle or other book readers work better with talkback.

  • Quinton Williams says:

    i use this feature on my Google Nexus seven, and I love it. I still think iPhone is better as a phone than android because of unlabeled buttons.

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