27 thoughts on “NEXT MARKET CRASH: 8 Ways to Prepare for Economic Collapse”

  • stitchergary says:

    My guess is 75%…. GDP dropped 3.7% the month after I was born… I was a bad omen right from the start….Sorry!

  • Popular delusions and the Madness of Crowds. Look it up. Buy what's hated, sell what's loved. But TIMNG is everything.

  • Infinity Arts says:

    Your videos helped me so much to understand business ,money etc. and the more I learn the more curious I become about all this. I start to enjoy my thoughts when ever I see something which has to do with business and money and start to research about it ,,I make new financial plans and go deep into all details , thanks a lot Pat

    your fan

  • Trollol Police says:

    Economics is a science yet most economist are wrong with all their equations. Austrian economist are laughed at because they provide no equations but forecasted the great recession accurately. My conclusion is idk wtf is going on.

  • Harry. B. Renner. jr. says:

    A natural disaster of epic proportions like a massive earthquake on the west coast particularly the North West were an earthquake is overdue by 10+year and if that isn't enough Yellowstone is a geological hot spot there is a real possibility of a natural disaster that could devistate a huge portion of the middle of the continent these kind of natural disasters could tank the economy and it is a serious possibility it's just waiting to happen at any moment and if and when it does happen there is a very large number of people who are on ecential services in this country that would be cut off and it would very likely cause anarchy in the streets I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but it's going to happen it's just a matter of time for example just imagine something like Katrina only five or ten times worse I was sort of hoping it would not happen in my lifetime but now I it's very likely it will and as far as the U. S. A. vs China trade war a contributing factor is Wal Mart when this huge company first started it was a good idea to purchase product's from China and pass the savings on their customers but it has gone out of control and it's not just Wal Mart there are many other companies that sell a large amount of Chinese made product's.

  • That guy is totally right, making money from others mistakes isn't greed. For people who can't afford an investment portfolio, you can always invest in some intel into where people like this live, floor plans to those places, cheap metals (like steel, brass, lead and copper), propellants (like cordite/smokeless powder) and some clandestine skills.
    What?… It's not like it's greedy to exploit someone's lack of preparedness to be kidnapped, tortured, robbed and killed. They should just have been better prepared.

    Bloody hell, what a great example of a high functioning psychopath.

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