Next Dose #502 | 27 July 2019 Current Affairs | Daily Current Affairs | Current Affairs In Hindi

Next Dose #502 | 27 July 2019 Current Affairs | Daily Current Affairs | Current Affairs In Hindi

welcome to nested young audiences July though they're only so sometimes you'll I know they're only securing the best it may be important cushion months of pain sorry emission is occurring it or her cause she's related important fact we mapped over down worth of pure video but the answer the he lasted maps a question whose Moscow answer of who comment rock super than I asked is looking PDF file office Paducah discusses the darkest at the PDF optimal a telegram rule seaweed or something telegram grouper a for sorry PDF picks up mailings or telegram group a link to many issue discussion with a VSO us link / clicker a telegram group changes a thing the Chilean starter day Peleg ocean Halima Cargill Bezier divers come on ahead to a beach Champy's July common area Kargil Vijay Diwas see an excursion see options a year of Toronto mine maccer Donna de Kargil Vijay Diwas Ackerman a hobby to occupy 1999 Kargil Kivar or Cargill cave or major home erase any connoisseur or ball danke present data Houska viremia V&S canonically her such a bitch like homeotic Kargil Vijay Diwas or his forehead those are who needs to Carol he beats me birds not be easy vermin again here geography Cargill barrier diverse Harris ah Chubby's July common I doubt the hell happy important develop of Chanel 2 July may omit the jitney be put in Damon again Serena who will go sequence over the car driver pala input and even Agatha age like porchetta GST day or a July GUI national doctors Dave even Agatha who scyatta satellite or chedule alumina Gotha hunter Asti say correct activist whose Cavalia garage like or Garrity like of an Agatha world population day whose cure a pond rajala or pundit alive America this so you walk awesome give us who Steve Elias of tread you like or sub trade you like Umaga hunter rusty Nia divers who steer Atari July or a territory common eigen Nelson Mandela hunter Asti divers whose Kiva chop is like uma Naga I can't ever see any income density or of each visual icon again Kargil Vijay Diwas the important day up who is it / ec follow me are gonna say like in yatha beyond whatever way we wouldn't die Toronto's monthly sorry importantly revise very useful to come target retain Charlie said unlike so agree with awkward select a handful of the head table obstacle like or SIA together or may approve Ulta daily morning would curse of se pehle of Nellie target with stereotyped tortoise I am screw like in daily morning mood curse of say barely of relief terrific screw or fill up on of Puritan who studied to achieve carnival another happy life automatically achieve a nation Halima though so meter butterfly stroke mean near record his name Anaya Bobby Christo Melanie – so meter butterfly stroke me near record Bona Dea Yonex ushanka P option say a fella up imaginary yay Cristo Mela or in Oni do so meter butterfly stroke me narek organize of yet your table kya butterfly stroke human Metallica our yellow that we year swimming key category of the hair or do so metro but reply strokenet a beat the highest ricotta micro cell Skinner who no net 2009 me though so meter butterfly stroke one a minute 51.5 buns I can be completely tea licking his record who told the ahead Christo Milani or near record Nadia one minute 50 point seven three seconds to EJ a PR rocky Christo Milani up to so meter butterfly stroke me miracle when I had a hip Anaheim to a big Gwangju membered aquatic centers itself a year ye pay a record when I had a beautiful Appa Yakka k a hungry Killian up hungry can – yay have mapped me hungry hungry capital can Budapest Hungary currency K Hungarian forint or hungry K present a president for him Janice a de cornet Janice under national Halim a MP NL k promoter upma case a new key again to Ebisu Kumar who empty nlk premiere upma appointee again yeah nakushita see opt-ins a year yes Sunil Kumar or in eco empty NLP procurement appointee again nation Holloman differ Qi hydrocarbons a yokel apparently his discus a sonata yeah – Abby – patchy hydrocarbons are you clear up near this far against Saudi Arab Jesus on the other yeah yeah nigga solution they often say yeah i'm i represent temple petroleum mantra him turbine driven in on a is some yoga yes saudi arabia' giza up some yoga saudi arabia qatar to her her two-year map miss out the area so the baby Riyadh so they're very turns against Saudi real or so they were you present at the King Khan Salman of Saudi Arabia national Arabic is disc a rush for the BG cat SME Canada nowhere to be G cared s CB y Tunisia I get a beer a spotted him licking a be in Canada no Mia so discussion comes see option say here yet BG cared SME or yay a be presenting his CV desmos sub C Java Homer Carrasco DT or a be in Canada know yet insulated cake or effective partner year north of recommend fairly democratic routes a to new Anita BT happen north of recommend paheli democratic group solution negative AB you to Nisha in hospital to of map medical yeah Tunisia Tunisia a cappella came to nish to reshape you can seek a Tunisian Dena or Tunisia a present them to prime minister on him you so ahead on him you suits ahead national Holly meet Team India are the correct projects conv nya to be by azuz Team India car official project burger Yannick is question can be options a year a betta Kanagawa Team India he to dress he was / opala Cara Dada to add the correct project Evita Oh puta Lincoln up pinata are the correct project wanna have buyers you bazooka learning platform but by the abdomen NYADA are the correct price that when ahead Nessun Holloman loquacious Amity and ESC key updates kuruma Cassiopeia get to a be a deal London tawdry plck of disproven appointee again ya niggas question that I often say yeah a deal London chaudhary or a year Congress skinny time leaking info of a local a Kazama T an icky public account Connecticut discappointy again a point isn't yet to incur a point here ma represent them he looks of a speaker home peddling so here we are booyah Gretna national parliament i NS Turkish his desk enos enos there was parade mammalian upon ahead so hamara a jihad I NS Turkish Indian Navy Canada for a year a brewski no Cena Perelman Paolini roost Messiah the discussion big often say equation both important Avenger be Indian Navy Cucuy jihad you see countrymen up at to ask the question definitely one time who is Kannamma para i NS turkish yuppie ruse care or ruski no Cena the bus parade amazement parts Padilla a brewski two year map Mills ruski capital Moscow brewski currency can ricean ruble or escape present temple president for him Vladimir Putin as a ruse cube present tempura mr. Khan Dmitry Medvedev as a ruse say a corporation one time he roost his sons of Columbia had guru sufficient pseudonym had Duma necessarily make care for you and read other f kissing a big city I to a be IIT Kharagpur keep evening care for you na Maki ended our M developed yet the discussion see absence a a BF hair cap so his senior citizen California whose herbal over there wouldn't kill even I get they say marriages or grow who 10 Jessica be what many traveler thing to aqua is f / mortification million Evo up need to get pests a temper conjugate a chaotic job senior citizen rotate or who medicine be trampoline UTA to medicine the nailing it to be awkward if occasionally on attempt a medicine Lillian – yeah it caresses senior citizen he caringly F develop int hello cookie Timlin national Holly my dvst report concerns to the basement GD P putida Tiffany Francis Rennick on mana so a bead PVS he report I hear or his report capering 2020 me India GDP growth rate 6.8% Renuka unwanted Yannick a Skoosh income beat up to say yet a be here to be guided DBS is given in a pathology DBS Bank head a BBS Bank is Tabatha with the 1968 men Vista headquarters office Singapore men while is Kim present embassy opening pews Gupta necessary Holloman new age technology and industrial revolution 4.0 Nam acoustic abeam agenda snake yet it's post acaba was an EMR a present Thank You vice president m Venkaiah Naidu name any discussion see absence a a new age technology and industrial revolution 4.0 his cup be Magento m Venkaiah Naidu Nakia Lake in a writer Columbia who ever tried to steer right come on a present MP Roger service Odyssey narrate Zod upon him Naren rosada HGTV book hotel in here lighter Kanagawa important no time necessarily make is this name pogrom kool-aid anime such a fairly new 0 of it Colin's get to a beat China named Cooper Graham who later name is a chump the Helene is II rocket could launch will be ahead to a skosh Inca big options a year of China and India to China given vitamin have to pay Barbra pad there be a map Maliki yeah China Cherokee capital Beijing China currency k rain will be China presented the president call him Z's in thing of last video key question cancer last video Marisa question cachaça a Halima jeremy bentham ICC Test of eleven ranking me concedes pariah to Bharat holy a we talk para Yannick is Basilica be option SATA or lockbox of eastern nest Kansas idea mostly strand environment detail Millican math with worker voluma who shin-kiba Rema pujita novice lopata who applicator oh he'll be totally applicable through now Kabini will take about Polly asked a question Hockley ask a question him Halima dari global innovation index me corn seeds per ride cha Robson da investor cannot serve a canal for Estella Baja mama refer to page but previously question daily post content so a Facebook for next exam surgical camera Facebook page Joe enters a thing you previously a solution of coca hotel contain Agora fukusa question McCoy Delta yeah put me careers related week we problem head drop Instagram pay in race RC I and B are es h RC Instagram pay in racer see such crookedness intersect pain or weight without Cueva confusion without any hesitation discus got some things odds key we look up target through the others now ask if you took a target head Charlie sudden like to agree bit of chalica helpful guy table obstacle like or surgeon karna octopus do we worship or Facebook group and who may appear to cáceres Arouca theater to ether ask America into Pesce video of Edo castle Agha please comment box widget putana or other Abita we have memories channel goes of stern idea to say AB subscribed and ecology of course channels in this chip theme others willingly jumpy a basis of covering it over our make bear like a man kya oppose Bella Kalpataru political end the sake of could daily morning Mecca and the pesky video melty right next to jump always with you thanks for watching


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