100 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich weighs in on Dems’ closed-door impeachment hearings”

  • Garfield Farkle says:

    All grand jury investigations should be done publicly. Otherwise, how would witnesses be able to coordinate their testimony?
    Any time police investigate a crime, the criminal should be allowed to accompany police when they interview witnesses, otherwise it will not be fair.
    The most important thing here is to make sure that getting secret help on campaigns from foreign governments become common, acceptable features of our elections. This is what the American people have been demanding and how we will make America great again.

  • This is the best to see republicans bitching about fairness. I When Moscow Mitch held a supreme court seat open for a year.

  • They’re just playing secretive to draw attention away from the FISA lawsuit, and the real Ukraine/Russia scandal. This is classic bait and switch. Fox would do well to keep their eye on the ball. (And it’s not here). Trump has it right – investigate the corruption.

  • Bill Taylor worked for Joe Biden and was involved in shipping arms from Lybia to ISIS in Syria. No wonder they want to keep a lid on all their dirty secrets and turn the spotlight on President Trump.

  • Andrew Gonzalez says:

    Oh the smell of hypocrisy in the air. Let’s forget that the reps had multiple closed door hearings during Benghazi. Sorry guys you can’t have it both ways.

  • The Democratic party is looking more and more idiotic.. I did not vote for trump. But i believe he was best for the country becuase the Clintons are a dangorous element to every minority. Including women.. In this election . i will cast my vote the same way.. But for certainty not one democrat will get my vote or families vote… Newt Gingrich is correct.. Bring the hearings out in to the PUBLIC..

  • Let's see:
    – there is an investigation about the president's breaking the law so it should be investigated by the Senate
    – The Senate's committees need to speak to the witnesses; sometimes it's kind of sensitive info so it must be not in the public
    – from the beginning the Republicans tried to stop the investigation and took the side (irrationally, we don't pay them to defend the crimes of the president) of the president
    – The Senate has the rules; all members of the Senate must follow them; otherwise they face ethic violation charge
    – somehow only Reps think they can do whatever they want and they play stupid when confronted with the Senate rules
    – if there is nothing to hide (according to pitiful Gingrich) why the Reps don't want the investigation? The procedure is like that: the investigation, the conclusion, the proposal for impeachment and finally the impeachment; then every member of the Congress will have a right to decide about the impeachment decision
    – is it not clear for all Republicans?
    We pay them for serving the nation not for serving the president

  • BHO HRC whistleblower says:

    When President Trump calls this a witch hunt he is absolutely correct. The Salem witch trials worked this way. That's why our Govt changed the way our GOVT worked. He wasn't just spit balling he knows what he's talking about

  • If you ever study the Bible you can see the parallel and how the Satan smears God's character is similar, or really the same, as what the Democrats are doing to president Trump. Only difference being is that President Trump isn't God. The Democrats, on the other hand, are the Satan

  • Taylor’s testimony removes any last plausible line of defense of Trump’s
    conduct. Trump clearly perverted US official diplomacy in pursuit of
    his own private interests. The “investigations” he pressured Ukraine to
    open into his political opponents were based on conspiracy theories,
    meaning the investigations themselves could only be shams. Trump was not
    asking for an honest investigation of wrongdoing. Instead, he wanted
    Kyiv to make up dirt on his political enemies to substantiate the
    conspiracy theories he had heard about on TV – or to lose the military
    aid it needed to survive. It is hard to think of a more shocking misuse
    of presidential power in foreign affairs.

  • sandra martinez says:

    You f lie we the people don’t favorite impeachment Americans what the country to move forward not back 400 years Fox stop vomiting lies

  • the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure. T. Jefferson

  • Democrats are so shameful to try and impeach our President when he deserves the Noble Peace Prize,We need to clean up congress and remove anyone in on this pathetic move to remove a Great President!

  • So, they all agree: the whistle blower, the chief of staff mulvaney, trump, Ukrainian officials, documentation, ambassador Taylor..they all agree on what happened: trump extorted a bribe from a foreign prince, trump used money from taxpayers, approved by congress, like it was HIS money to do that! And held vital help from a US ally….to fight the Russians out of their territory…
    The only conclusion one can find is, that trump is giving putin some head all the time when erDOGan is not busy with trump's black hole….maybe both

  • Old Newt speaks with forked tongue stating that secrecy in operations of government is unacceptable. The entire U.S. government operates in secrecy against citizens. in this instance, the object happens to be the President. Let us be honest that America has become a totalitarian society

  • If you believe that over 50% of the population now supports impeachment then I have some swamp land here in Florida that I want you to buy.

  • make sure to just watch fox news so you only get half the truth.. just like the dopes that watch cnn get the other half lol

  • And remember to said thank to Donald Trump for Putin gift when he remove the American soldiers. That make Donald Trump daddy (Putin) so happy

  • Schiff is leading the witnesses. He and Pelosi had this planned. That's why she started it before it was even released. Trump releasing the transcript made them try to come up with another crime. Witch Hunt!! Why aren't the republicans filing ethics charges? Why isn't Lindsey holding his own hearing? Some of the right people might as well be left. This is war so they need to step up. Democrats are officially enemies of the people

  • The democrats are going to see all of America stand with the president. I am praying for our president. He has been through so very much and still, he fights for America. They bad mouth him every single day and work to take him down and yet he still works for America. I stand with our president. I pray for our president and I am asking the Lord God to please, help our president Father to overcome these lying, scheming democrats. Give our president strength, courage and help him to win again. In Jesus' name, Amen.

  • tired of the problems says:

    Gingrich stop being a hyppcrite you were there for Bill's impeachment process. You know how it works but since its being done to a Repub you think the rules dont matter. Stop dividing the country and tell the Truth

  • WildwoodClaire1 says:

    Looks like the Taylor testimony has really panicked the Trump personality cult. Can't argue the evidence? Then moan about "process." And for the record, this process appears remarkably like the process followed in the Bengazi investigation, where committees held months of closed hearings before moving on to open hearings.

  • Barb Snetsinger says:

    You know when they say 55% one impeachment the last poll I saw was about 17% to 85% not to impeach what polls are they looking at

  • Andrew Gonzalez says:

    “There’s no quid pro quo, ok there is quid pro quo but elections have consequences get over it. Let me clarify there is no quid pro quo, ok there is a quid pro quo because that’s Trumps style and it’s not illegal now.” Basically what has been going on. Deny, deny, accept, twist the narrative, then normalize.

  • Barb Snetsinger says:

    They keep making this big deal about the secret room someone should take it over turn it into a circus down there with an elephant

  • Mexico will pay for the impeachment.
    Abominable men.
    Trump Rudy and Gingrich.
    Nine wives between them…
    If they can't see Trump is TRASH, that says a lot about them.

  • Its not to long ago i remember seen a republican in the senate at a hearing saying these hearings should be done behind closed doors in private, he said it not just once but a number of times. These witnesses some are hand picked by Trump they will not tell lies, and the evidence has to kept secret which it wouldn't if Trump got word of it , If Trump is as innocent as you all think then nothing to worry about, he is his own hero in his own adventure ,

  • Stop with the polls…….polls are no more reputable then any of the rest of the MSM…same people …different name…all polls are useless , have always been "Managed " so are little more than expected propaganda….idiots all

  • what an idiot! Republicans are in the room and have equal time to question the witnesses, but most of them left after the opening statements because they knew they can't defend a guilty person and there's no question they can ask to reverse the law breaking of Comrade Trump. ALL hearing and meetings of importance are held in this room, where no cameras or electronic devices are allowed. That's been the rule forever. If you don't like it, next time don't elect a criminal!

  • Going by polls again thought they would learn from 2016 polls are wrong go ahead impeach on nothing you will have civil war on your hands trump 20/20

  • :22: "The first question to ask Pelosi is: 'What are you afraid of?'" — Why, they are afraid of the TRUTH! They can't impeach with what they've GOT! W, 10/23/2019

  • Newt was getting blowjobs when he was impeaching Clinton. lol. He lost all the credibility by me! Hypocrites should not have a say on this mater!

  • Nadia Mayor Massé says:

    So dishonest. Gringrich perfectly knows that a preliminary inquiry is done behind close doors, to avoid witnesses coordinating their answers. The trial will be public. By the way the preliminary inquiry into Benghazi was also held behind close doors and I did not hear him complain

  • Would you guys QUIT with the FAKE polls. I have not taken a single one. They are skewed because they purposefully poll a majority of fellow communist.
    The longer they continue this inquisition and complete violation of due process, the more people are switching sides against them.
    Graham needs to get that Resolution passed that tells Fascist Pelousy that if there is no vote and a formal and just impeachment inquiry is made in the House Judiciary she can take it and shove it where the sun don't shine!

  • Closed door hearings in committee are nothing new, If Lindsey Graham wants full disclosure, have a full trial in Senate, witnesses, accusers, all of it; not a blanket dismissal before the committee has even made a recommendation to the full House. Or, sue in the Supreme Court to have the committee open its doors, moot points, the committee chairman calls the shots. These kinds of tricks are par for the course for both parties.

  • If the Demonrats have a case for impeachment then the American people have a right to hear that case. Secret hearings are a clear indication that they have no case and are trying to convince the public otherwise using rumour and innuendo.

    How many millions of taxpayer money have now been wasted on trying to damage Trump? Hillary, a murderer, a thief and a traitor, still walks free.

  • Dem's closed door meetings…. that have Republican members on each investigation board.
    Stop. Feeding. The. People. False. Information.

  • I love all of these Trump Traitors protecting their Supreme Leader. Going to love seeing your reputations fall to the way side. At least you will always have friends in the White Supremacist Community.

  • Time for the GOP to walk out of congress and boycott. The senate will stop the impeachment anyway. The dems only won the house because the russian hoax was in the news at the same time people were running for congress. aka the insurance policy

  • No worries. Trump will finish his first term AND get re-elected. That is the only reason the left is so desperate right now.

  • vote for change says:

    In 1641 we were subjects of the King of England…lol…by the way….Republicans aren't excluded from the inquiry…just the ones who are not on the committees currently investigating

  • These people are tyrants, they are always involved in secret sneaky behind closed door deals and plans when things don't go their way. Then they have the guts to talk about the Constitution and transparency. It looks like the shadow government are our so called elected representatives.

  • The transparency and candor of Mr.Taylor, Sondland, Guliani and Trump publicly should be enough to consider an impeachment inquiry. Where was Gingrich the last 400 years when Jackson Nixon and Clinton got impeached? It is the only option available to the Congress to hold a corrupt president in check when executive branch overreaches the legislative branch. Mitch O'Connell knows this is looking very bad for Trump and he knows the Senate will have to address the articles of impeachment if Congress submits them. Democrats hold the Congress and elections have consequences. The Republicans hold a majority in the Senate and will decide Trump's fate. The majority of people in our nation want Trump impeached and removed from office…"elections have consequences" it is the only option the people have for a complicit GOP…VOTE 2020.

  • ..”according to the rules it’s how long we spend on it”. Also how MUCH we spend.. Since these are Democrat affairs , let the DNC buy it’s own Schiff sandwich , and take the biggest bite 😡😡😡😡🔥

  • These are inquiries. The hearings will come next and they will be open. Gingrich is the biggest hypocrite there is. Cheated on his dieing wife while impeaching clinton for a bj. He thinks america fogot about his crap. What a fool he is
    How could anyone give this cheating single cell speck any creedance?

  • My question is this: WHY cannot someone in congress exercise constitution discipline over these lawless followers of Pelosi and Shiff?

  • FTFY. More deliberately misinforming Fox BS. It's a classified briefing (which is why it's in a SCIF – C is for "Classified") and the GOP members of all 3 of the committees involved are all there with equal numbers, times, etc. This is needed because AG Barr, who apparently operating like Trump's personal attorney, refused to do an investigation which is normally how this would start.

    In short, the GOP has only itself to blame for completely obstructing the investigation and what the GOP did her was a security breach which they could and should be arrested for. But then the GOP, the party that thumps its chest on law an order, is now the lawless party and here we are watching Fox interview a cumbucket of a person, Newt Gingrich; the person who, in 1994, started the error of scorched earth politics.

  • Democrats hold hearings their way when it hits the senate it’s out of the democrats hands and will be correctly dismissed. It’s only fair

  • Bolton was the whistle blower. Mr. Disgruntled Himself after being fired but had knowledge, indirectly of course, of the phone call to Ukraine's president. Whistle blower rules were changed at the last minute to protect his identity so it would never come out. John Bolton is a Deep State operative and traitor . . . may the universe condemn him as it sees fit.

  • RedRoofRetriever says:

    What is Nancy afraid of? She is afraid they are going to get caught scheming to impeach. She is afraid that voters will see what they are doing and hold them accountable in the ballot box. She is afraid she too will be investigated and is simply hiding case facts from the people's govt. Prison is in her and Hilarys future.

  • We've never seen such a corrupt party as the GOP, they will say anything, lie, steal and cheat to control ur life, the radical, socialist "right", is controlling ur every move with their wealthy special interest!
    Remove the GOP crooks in 2020!

  • Who cares Newt. You held impeachment hearings because Bill Clinton lied about an affair with a WH intern. Really? If that's an impeachable offense, then Trump should have been impeached a long time ago. Every time he opens his mouth he lies to the American people. He's a fraud, and you're complicit in that fraud for defending him. You'll go to jail with Donny Boy one of these days.

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