Newsroom Street Fight

Newsroom Street Fight

ah Jacksonville it's the kind of news market Ron Burgundy would love with its end the beaches lovely ladies and high crime rate weather sake of charity you've decided to participate at a dodgeball fight against your fellow Jacksonville journalists I think that's great I mean as Ron Burgundy once said let's not be coworkers let's be Co people but unlike Ron who immediately regretted jumping into the bear pit at the San Diego Zoo I have a feeling you will enjoy yourselves today since you are raising money for a good cause and let's face it this is a battle between what's been brewing for years it should be a confrontation so epic so brutal tridents will be thrown and arms may just get lopped right off and so while you may not be five-time Emmy winners like Ron Burgundy I still wish you all well because you are fighting in the spirit of anchorman so please go have some scotchy scotch and play well but most important stay classy Jacksonville


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