12 thoughts on “Newsroom : Stone Pelters Paid Money To Attack Security Forces In Kashmir”

  • Apachai Hopachai says:

    Shee shee kitne ghire hue hai ye kashmiri log behenchod paiso ke liye apne gharvaalo ka naam kharab kar dete hai jhuthi afwaye failate hai Indian army ne rape kiya bolkar.

  • Uthaiah Thimmaiah says:

    that human right activist sounds like a terrorist recruiter. says a person who hurls hand grenade n kills people is not a terrorists. she is out of mind. she needs to be treated

  • manwender singh says:

    gadar kasmiriyon shukar manao indian army kutto ko nahi marte agar ye harkat pakistan wale side wale kashmir me kar ke dekho gand pe goliya padege indain army hat me gun hone ke bawjoodgole nahi mar rahe ye sal sab madarchod muhamad aur allah randi ki olad ki wajhe se ho raha he muhamad sahi chutiy abana gaya 14000 sal pehle hahah

  • A very Tight Slap on Zee News and Times Now, Who aired stone pelter are sponsored and are paid 500 Rupees everyday for stone pelting.

    A news report aired by India Today on July 14, 2016 showing a Kashmiri boy saying “Geelani paid Rs 500 and drugs to pelt stones on security forces” seems to be concocted.

    Bilal Ahmed Dar, 25, came to Rising Kashmir and narrated about the news report. He categorically rejected the report saying “I was tortured by CRPF men in 2008 and was told to accuse Geelani sahib in front of a camera.”

    “The same video footage was aired on July 14, 2016 by India Today,” Dar said.

    Pertinently, the same video has gone viral on social media.

    Dar, a resident of Noorbagh Srinagar said that he is feeling very scary after the video which according to him was recorded in 2008 after he was physically tortured and compelled to record.

    Narrating the incident of 2008 Dar said, “CRPF men in Srinagar caught and only left me after I recorded the statement almost on gun point.”

    “My left arm was broken by CRPF men and they put salt and chilly on my wounds,” Dar said adding “after four hours JK police took me to hospital.”

  • Paresh Gajiwala says:

    जब दुशमन पत्थर मारे तो उसका जवाब फुल से दो,

    पर वो फुल उसकी कबर पर होना चाहिये.

    *- Indian Army*💪

  • Get the media out of Kashmir just as pak has done in Balochistan and else where in Pakiland. Let the Army take care of problems.

  • sorry India today this guy is a police person! search video "Indian army looted shops in occupied kashmir" I feel so so sorry for Indian media what the hell they are trying to show

  • hahahahahahah Pakistan ke sath sath ISIS ka flag le ke kashmir ke ye londe patharbaji karte hai daheshatgardo ke support main ..duniya usko dekhti hai jab to pakistan pe koi yakeen nahi karta or ISIS ke sath pakistani flag hone ka matlab kashmir main daheshatgardi felane main pakistan and isis dono mil ke kaam karte hai ye message duniya ko jata hai and tumhari media or leaders ko awaam ko ye dikhai nahi deta ki isis ko muslim nahi mante uske sath hi pakistan ka falg le ke jab ye kadte hai to duniya kew sunegi tumhari baat hahahaha

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