Newsroom: Freedom Front Plus’s leader, Dr. Pieter Groenewald on Land expropriation

Newsroom: Freedom Front Plus’s leader, Dr. Pieter Groenewald on Land expropriation

that land can be taken without compensation from legal owners is extremely dangerous and as such could even lead to civil war Freedom Front Plus leader dr. Peter Kroon Walt uttered this these words during the parliamentary debate on the acceleration of land reform according to dr. gruenewald the rhetoric of land grabbing without compensation it's clear that there is an election in South Africa and that the theme of that election will be land he says it appears that there is currently a competition between the African National Congress and economic freedom fighters on who can make the most promises over land to prospective voters now to discuss this issue further in our Paula mentors videos we are joined by a ff+ leader dr. peter hounam also very good morning to you dr. and welcome good morning talk to me about civil war in relation to land how did it come to how did you come to that conclusion well firstly you must remember that land is a very emotional issue and the land issue is not an issue that only started that this year it is coming a long way in fact in 2013 already members of the ANC in Parliament stood up and said that the whites has stolen the land and since then even the president says that the land was stolen by the white people in South Africa so I mean over years now the whites are accused of stealing the land which is just not true they work for the land I paid for the land and therefore I say it is a very emotional issue and now you get people let's take for instance EE if if leader who said that I'm not asking you to kill the white people not now now what is he actually say that is instigating violence specifically against white people and that is actually nothing else than hate speech now for over the years people like people have to listen to this allegations made against them and I spoke to a lot of landowners especially farmers and they are quite clear that it is not a matter of just come and take my land or come and grab the land and that's why I said in a very serious note that if anybody thinks that they will be able to just come and grab the land in South Africa take the land without compensation but actually living in a dream world and I said then that if you want to start the civil war they must just do that and I'm quite serious when I say that because I also see it as a responsibility from my side to say to people stop this irresponsible remarks from the white people have stolen the land we will take the land that that must be given it must be expropriation without compensation and that's why I said those words in the debate in Parliament are you then suggesting that farmers and white people have mobilized themselves and to prepare themselves a civil war well I don't say that they have prepared themselves for civil war but they are organized for self-protection if you look at the spate of former tax in South Africa the communities are organized to protect themselves and you mustn't see it as an action from the land I will cite that we'll go over to a civil war it's a matter of they will protect their property and I mean if there are people who just want to take the land and just grab the land then they will protect themselves and if they're going to do that on a big scale or nationally start with such a land grab then you will get a situation where they will defend themselves and that the things can create a situation where we can say that we will be having a civil war in South Africa but is that not a fruitless exercise perhaps dr. gruenewald five million white people and of course the majority black people in this country and is that perhaps the correct rhetoric in return in relation to civil war if I argue correctly if you say it's not necessary to say this I agree that it is not necessary to make the rhetoric used by other political parties leaders even the president of South Africa and in numerous previous debates in Parliament are asking to stop this in fact I even later charged with the Human Rights Commission against President Zuma when he said that but the problem is I don't want to investigate it and if you leave these people to just continue with this rhetoric then you can create such an situation and that's why I said that they must stop the rhetoric if they want to do it for political gain this is not a good subject because it is emotional subject to have a political campaign priced on land and that's what I said that it seems that there is a competition between the a and C and the e if if in the coming election that can say you can make the best promises to the people and let me also say people must not be misled just to have a piece of land doesn't like you reach in fact if you have land you will have to work that land and we have seen in the whole land reform in South Africa especially when it came to the restitution claims that the claimants didn't want the land in fact the minister of land reform Monessen Quinte himself said that about 93% of the claimants preferred the money and not the land so I say that it is a political issue that is most used and are asking those leaders to be responsible stop using this rhetoric of the white people have stolen the land and we will take the land and to give it back to the people and to say that I'm not asking you to kill the whites not yet those are phrases and words that is very dangerous and we don't need that in South Africa but in principle at the Freedom From Plus are you opposed to land redistribution in South Africa we said there are many ways to go on this issue for instance we believe in the principle of willing a buyer willing seller at the moment more than 20,000 forms on the open market even below market price so we say that we live in a constitutional democracy therefore we have to follow the laws of the country and we say that if you use that principle then those land or forms are available for less than the market value which is favorable and the government should use that opportunity and it is wrong for the government to say that because of the principle that land reform is not successful it's just not true the reason why we have problems with land reform is because of incompetent civil servants and even corruption I have a couple of files on my desk where the department came to the land owners my dream an offer which I accepted in fact I didn't bargain about the price of the land but up till now it is more than five or six years that are still waiting because of the inability in incompetence of several servers to complete the contract that is a problem when it comes to land reform in South Africa the other batteries that I've asked since 2004 for the government to come forward with a proper land or it you know it is also a rhetoric to say that 80% of the land is actually owned by the white people of South Africa I dispute that and I said well where is the land ordered now the minister in the budget right earlier this year said that there is such an ordered it is with cabinet and it will be released soon so we've waiting for that because how can you say that 80% of land in South Africa belongs to white people who don't have a land order that is just not true I've asked questions in Parliament about land and the official answer from the ministry itself actually admitted that there are 21 percent of land in South Africa is owned by the state so that is a state land so if we get those facts on the table I believe that we can go the legal way and then you can fulfil as far as land reform is concerned in South Africa many Africans are still saying that the land currently was taken by force by white people and therefore there should be no compensation and that land distribution should happen immediately your take on this and is that perhaps while you are raising the issue of civil war well if they say because of the past we must ask ourselves are we fighting for a better path or are we fighting for a better future the Freedom Front plus say that we are fighting for a better future if you go into history I think this even if you look for instance what happened in 1899 to 1902 the Africana nation was really almost distinct by the British war so each and every nation in South Africa has a history now I say that whether we like it or not and I said it before this is a constitutional democracy in South Africa people had bought land and they have the title deeds which are available at the title deeds office so if we want to go back into history and say because of history we can now just take the land I think then you're going to repeat history and maybe then that part of that history was as you said that people said it was taken by war I want to prevent that certainly does not repeat the history in South Africa are you have the virion doctor that the white privilege people will go to war over land in this country well if you speak to some people of course they will take up arms let us be honest with each other I mean do you really think that land owners will just sit back and say okay I won't do anything you can just like my land or my farm I think you are very naive if you think that landowners will do that they will protect themselves and they have the constitutional right to protect themselves they also have the constitutional right to protect their property and therefore I think people are much leading themselves if they think they will just be able to come and take the land and the land owners will do nothing about it and just sit back doctor I thank you so much for your time and joining us in our Cape Town studios welcome that was dr. Peter Kroon about freedom from Plus leader talking to us about civil war over land in this country


21 thoughts on “Newsroom: Freedom Front Plus’s leader, Dr. Pieter Groenewald on Land expropriation”

  • Cheetah Cheetah says:

    cant believe dept Tourism and gov asked: now how would this affect tourism badly? huh… well look at Zimbabwe ur neighbor. It affects EVERYTHING!!!!!!! u will eat grass

  • The presenter is clearly liberal left, can you not understand that the land was bought and paid for with blood and sweat, taking it away is nothing less then theft. And all of these Criminals should be arrested and put behind bars. That includes the whole of the ANC

  • imperator parva says:

    24 Years ago (1994), we bid a final farewell to Apartheid. And today (2018), Malema and the EFF. are trying to (re) introduce neo-Apartheid. The EFF is the party of neo-Apartheid.

  • KillingPotatoes :b says:

    No, all the the people should own the land.Once youre house is build coruption wil take it fom you,Because you voted not to have land

  • Hilary Kunaka says:

    From whom did the whites buy the land from. Civil war my foot, I will cross Limpopo from Zimbabwe to help fellow Africans get their land back. You stole the land and that's a fact. White men will never relinquish land willingly, that's a fat blue lie

  • Caucasian people haven paid for chit, because ever where you go you create turmoil and you the Caucasian people are like a plaque spreading through the land. Look at America and how you slaughter the Indians, put them on reservation and enslaved the African people with no land to farm. Your history is long and bleak. You have dark days ahead of your journey and it will come to an end of blood shed. Since you left the caves of Europe all you have done is created turmoil upon earth. I don't feel sorry for you at all. You will get what's coming to you in tens and folds.

  • thulani fadashe says:

    This guy though. He must just shut up because he knows not what he is saying. Civil war with the government he means because if they are talking war, they are directly challenging the government who are the very people proposing expropriation without compensation. Fruitless exercise. We will get the land one way or the other.

  • How is the Government going to Finance and Manage this whole process?

    When section 25 has been amended can I expect a visit from your Government representatives to discuss taking over our very productive farm, employing about 600 people that have been living here for generations. As the farm is Bonded to the maximum does this mean the Bank will still own the equity of the farm, or will the Bank just write it off? How will we be compensated for all the improvements, Live Stock and farm equipment, also all the supply contracts for Dairy products? When you take over the Farm would you negotiate with our employees and the four highly qualified managers to keep farm going? I would like to know how the Government is going to manage and Finance this whole process?

  • i dont blame the blacks for thinging the whites stole the land you can thank the white librals for brain washing the blacks librals have blood on there hands and the marxists

  • this man is crazy. they should arrest him for inciting war.. again the SA police should raid the afrikaaner homes especially Boer people and arrest them if there are armed found in their midst. WILLING BUYER WILLING SELLER . DO YOU WANT TO SELL STOLEN LAND TO THE PEOPLE YOU STOLE IT FROM? YOU ARE A SHITHOLE. YOUR BIGOTRY IS THAT BLACK PEOPLE CANNOT FARM THE LAND BUT YOU FORGET THAT THE WHITE FARMERS HIRE BLACKS TO CULTIVATE THE FARMS


  • Robert Zingela says:

    The Land is our whether you like it or not.. African for Africans, I don't understand these Europeans and Afrikaners I mean there are so many opportunities in Europe….. there is no such a thing as a white African.. we were in peace in African before these things arrived in our land and we lived in our own terms.. whether the land was then developed on not that doesn't matter because they were never invited by anyone to come to Africa and develop our land… we will take the land whether you like it or not.

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