Newsroom  Dagga Debate  EFF

Newsroom Dagga Debate EFF

thank you very much Catrin now it's been all about the so called duck a debate on newsroom this week there's after we decided to take a political turn with the hashtag duck at the back as it's become known to all of you out there on social media over the last couple of months we've extended invites to all major political parties to join us on the show and state their views on the legalization of marijuana yeah in South Africa the debate began in light of the sad passing of Encarta Freedom Party MP Mario oriani Ambrosini who was a strong advocate for the legalization of medical marijuana in South Africa well we're joined today we've been joined early in the week by the daca party of South Africa the IFP on Tuesday the dear yesterday and not today we are joined by the economic freedom fighters to discuss their party's views on the matter from our Cape Town studio we're joined by EF f Member of Parliament Angela Anita a very good morning to you Angela thank you for joining us good morning good point aunty of us as well indeed I haven't heard the EF F being very vocal about the legalization or being against the legalization of marijuana why is that the case and EF f is the only party that insists on the return of land the natural resources the mineral resources as well to our people and the Daha as you say or ganja is part of our natural resources which also must be retained to our people must be a used benefit of the nation and the debate on the medical uses of marijuana now is dated we should not be debating this we should now be allowing our medical people the laboratories and other scientists to use these for medical reasons medical reasons that's one side of the of the coin at the moment the other side is the real legalization of marijuana in general we have it in other countries include including conservative nations like the US is it not time maybe that South Africa thinks about the complete legalization of of marijuana if one looks at yes there are medical benefits but economic spin-offs and so forth your views it is yes there are three main categories under which the debate continues one is medical use of marijuana this is now not a matter for debate and we know that our people through indigenous knowledge systems you have used marijuana since time immemorial it is the colonialist that brought this bad idea that marijuana is bad in general but our people they use marijuana for medical reasons for meditative cultural reasons and in control of supervised spaces so it is religious also we know that it's it's for religious purposes for meditation so that is a one aspect of it that is the medical the cultural and also the religious use of marijuana but then there is the industrial which is the a massive benefits of using particularly certain varieties that allow us for industrial development you can even build a house using a varieties of this of this amazing plant and then the of course the third is the economic benefits that accrue from the use of marijuana so there is in a sense the debate has now moved towards the legalization decriminalization including for recreational use there is no reason why adult people cannot be allowed to use marijuana for recreational people's you agree as a nation that this must be controlled so that the younger people don't abuse and end up being in trouble but for old people we should not be preventing them using this I and you can work into a bottle store any day and buy a straight of a straw Ram that thing will kill you the thing is liver but we as a nation and as a people believe that I will be responsible enough and not kill myself using this this drug which Sturm and alcohol is is a drug and an in fact there is a big argument to be made that alcohol is much more dangerous than accidents that we experience annually in in the in our roads largely as a result of consumption of alcohol so the the we must as a nation allow permit ourself a debate on these questions but but on the medical side of things we should not be debating this this should be at implementation level marijuana will know its properties as qualities for health have you had engagements with other political parties on this matter we spoke to the DA yesterday and the DEA said that they would be against legalization of of cannabis in South Africa how do you view that and do you think it's not maybe time for South Africa to think about a referendum on the complete legalization of marijuana no I don't think we need a referendum I think we need a conversation the DA is always missing the point even when the Inkatha Freedom Party conservative party is realizes that a medicinal use of marijuana bring huge relief there is international evidence to show this the u.s. which is a conservative country has legalized not just for medicinal use also for recreational use and by the way in Colorado which is the first of the states in the u.s. to legalize marijuana they are showing the economic benefits and this idea that if you legalize people are going to go into hard drugs there is no evidence for this the other nation which is your guy you guys the first nation to totally decriminalize the use of marijuana there the idea was that drug cartels national as we did there was a criminalization of marijuana you drive this whole process underground and drug cartels take over and basically create all and unhealthy situations including illegal movements of the drug and there is no or the making it into drugs and there is no control but if you never little eyes it then s a nation with a better possibility to control the uses and the benefits of a natural help such as this by the way I went to Denmark a few years ago I was shocked to find South African marijuana on the streets of Denmark being sold but we as a people don't get the benefit I also know in Amsterdam if you go to Amsterdam in those places where the use of marijuana is legalized we will find South African marijuana day but us in this country have not been able to harness a natural potent potent in the sense of a positive sense the properties of marijuana are amazing we have not been able to harness it for our use and also to make sure that it does not harm our people and Allah thank you very much for joining us those are the views of the FF on the legalization of marijuana they say it can only benefit the country and the people and they offer the complete legalization of marijuana in South Africa we continue the daca debates but


23 thoughts on “Newsroom Dagga Debate EFF”

  • Its legal now so RELAXXXXX. Andile is a sellout! BLF bullshit! Who is your people?! What about the other people!

  • Ramdeo Hoolaus says:

    At last. Someone with a Open mind. No one ever talks about alcohol abuse. Domestic violence because of it. Because it bring dem so much money. Truth is fire. Respect*

  • Natalia Cattaneo says:

    my lord… that was fucken intelligent people need to wake up and realize that it harms no one please can all of us stand up for what we believe in there is a group on facebook called south Africans against dagga these people tell you that you worship the devil if you smoke weed but start a convocation with them and they threaten to stab and cut you its quite a joke that they claim to love god but can tell people they will kill them so please can everyone who supports and stands by weed go and drop a few comments much love MORE FIRE!!

  • I really like this guy, he knows what he is talking about, I wish he was the spokes person for the DA, minus respect for DA for not supporting medicinal use and recreational use, All thats going to do is keep me away from the voting polls next time we're asked to vote.


    Ganja is not a drug and can be used to cure various chronic diseases as proven by science. On this note I would like to know why the government withhold this from it's people and does not want to approve the use of ganja as a medicine. I would like to congratulate the EFF on their findings.

  • Aubrey De Bliquy says:

    Well I am impressed our watchdog is not falling for the fake narrative we have had demonizing people. Because war on drugs is a lie. it all boils down to war on people. Always has. EFF is embarassing everyone by being the only party that has seen the alternate narrative. Everything that prohibition claims is it's purpose is exacerbated by it's practice, and future generations will thank us for ending this evil folly. Prohibition is kneejerk law. It does not work and generates more evil than the evil it seeks to eradicate. Families are impacted, Poor struggling policemen on a pittance salary are put in untenuos situations. And don't let the fearmongers convince you other than that the sky will not fall and post prohibition will look exactly the way we look now except there will be more care and less crime. Period.

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