38 thoughts on “Newsroom: BAV: Expropriating land without compensation ''declaration of war'”

  • blacks are native to the land. just because they wasnt living in a certain area doesnt mean its yours for the taking. you are a invasive species you need to go back where you came from. You claim we blacks will starve without the white man but we was doing just find before you got here.

  • Andrew Lailvaux says:

    Theft is theft. The government owns the most land if they cared so much why don't they give it to the poor? Hmmmmmmmmmmm? How many years have they had to give and do they?

  • This is not going to end easily. If it comes to the african majority violently taking the land and homes of people that were born there and have built the infrastructure in Africa well I see a violent action in the near future. War may come to South Africa. Sad that a better compromise cannot be reached.Africa is at the crossroads and it will have a great future if things are done properly.
    The whole land of Africa has been joining the world in independent self rule and prosperity.
    Please Africans don't blow it!!

  • The gall of these white invaders is amazing. It runs deep in their bloodline to steal, murder, rape, and lie.

  • Archibaldo Cruz says:

    Lol, all the europeans what to give back everything and the white SA's think they are different? they really, really believe that?

  • Isaiah Martin says:

    Africa belongs to the indigenous Africans. Also, we must not forget about the colonization/(rape, theft, murder, and enslavement) of Africa and the world by Caucasians, that has not been repaid, yet. Meanwhile, there are more than 5 Million African children dying every year from hunger, that's almost 10 children per hour. We should talk about that instead of this nonsense.

  • The idiot reporter hasn't got a clue about South African history. The rightfull owners of the land is as it was before the 2nd Boer war. The 2 Boer Republics of the Transvaal and the OVS were internationally recognised as their land, having all the requirements of nationalism, it could even be argued that the Boers have more right to this land as they didnt dusplace any local indigenous proples like the Bantu tribes did when they colonised the regions they chose to settle.

    The Cape belonging to the decendants of the Khoi who amalgamated with Europeans as in the Qurikwa, the Khoi who amalgamated with the Malaysians and others as in the Cape coloureds and the Afrikaners. No Bantu people have any claim to the Cape as the Boers only encounted a Bantu people, the Xhosa around 1770 near the Fish river.
    This is undeniable historical facts.

  • 48 65 6c 6c 6f 77 69 67 6e 61 74 73 says:

    If the 40,000 need private military contractors and assistance: drop your friends in the security business a line in the US. It would be easy to "Steyncity" farm assets into a collective security zone. South Africa has a rubbish military. Javelins, 50 cals, and a few government official early "retirements" and it would be over in weeks not months.

  • Let’s not forget the history of Boers in SA. The first Dutch settlers in SA did not push the Khoi people out, they bought land from them legally. The Khoi people, whom are the natives of SA, unlike the Bantu people. Now put it in perspective — an Asian person buys land in Italy, and centuries later as the land is passed down through the generations. It becomes gradually cultivated by the Asian person, a Norwegian person, entirely based on the fact that he too shares the European ancestry unlike the Asian, demands the land to be expropriated to him — anyone would call this blatant racism.

  • Rusty SpyGoat says:

    Stupid reporter asking stupid questions. Doesn't know how to debate. Almost every single one of his questions were just strawman fallicies…


    White piece of… we are not afraid of war with you the American, the Brits the Aussies or anyone on this matter. COME WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU AND YOUR WAR. Only Jesus can save you thats if he will take your unrighteous side which I doubt.

  • shadowhead masked bandit says:

    you may call it war but i call it taking back what was stolen. he states that land obtained legally should remain. most of that land was took illegally. foreign governments moved in after war that they caused to claim the land. prevented natives from acquiring that same land. investigate civilly and honestly. if land was illegally taken or naturally belongs to someone else that did not sell the land. then thats where the land belongs

  • Non-Whites are ingrate👿squatters in the civilizations forged by the blood of Whites. Non-Whites jockey oppression at Whitey's table to feed & populate at high rates they can't achieve minus 100's Billions White tax affirmative🤑action🤑foreign aid🤑trade. Non-Whites demand ~White Genocide~ before THEIR🐵TAX'S help White's.
    #BiteTheHandThatFeedsYou 👿
    #WhiteyStoleMyWakanda 👿
    #DontFeedTheAnimals 🤠

  • Mxolisi Sishi says:

    The Same History That Was Written By The White Man? The Same History That We Cant Trust.. Truth Is.. Black People From South Africa Will NEVER Know Their TRUE History Cause Of The White Man's Version Of History

  • ancient binary code says:

    Dude…you admitted to conquest..if don't want further division..(though I doubt he cares about that) Just peacably leave the country..

  • Mkhulu, you have no claim to Africa's land. You are mad, you think we are stupid because of your stupid oppressive law, za masimba. You stole land you devil.

  • thomas alberts says:

    It seems like everybody is following in the footsteps of Jacob Zuma concerning maths. If the Zulu only celebrated their 200th year of existance in 2017 and the "Boer" was in South Africa since 1642, how can all the land belong to them or the Xhosa for that matter? Now we are not even talking about how they slaughtered the Khoi Khoi or the San Tribes and stole their land. By the way for those of you that cannot do maths the answer is the "boer" have been here for 375 years compare to the Zulu's 200 years. My Roots are in South Africa, my great grandparents blood and sweat is in the soil, my Mother was stuffed into a Brittish concentration camp as a child. We fought for the freedom of this Country. So don't display your low IQ to the world and tell Me to go back to Europe!!!

  • Damian Sellus says:

    The reporter is horrendous. "Restoring dignity" that was never theirs, the Africans had no sense of history before the Europeans arrived. Of course, Europeans took advantage of tribes, and it's historically normative. Arguably, Europeans have given them the cultural language with which to even argue about such supposed injustice. Before the European arrival Africans were simply taking land from each other, as elsewhere. It's called history by anyone who isn't brainwashed by Neo-Marxism. And to insist on holding their grandchildren accountable for being involved in the heinous crime of "history" is frankly deranged and malevolent in its implications. Indeed, we're witnessing what happens when you let that go unchallenged.

  • Malcolm Woodland says:

    This is b***** give them one week to get off the land and kill everybody that's left I'm not bullshiting with you people when the criminal becomes right it's only one way to deal with that

  • I'm also hearing that more than 70% of LANDS in NAMIBIA are owned by criminal white people. If it's true, Namibia government should do something fast about it just as South Africa is currently doing. Do not make any mistake to allow criminal white people to own the lands. The worse of it is that tomorrow, these same white thieves, criminals, will still go to world conference to tell the world how rich they are after stealing to enrich themselves. Can you imagine how genetically criminal white people are

  • Osei Tutu Tawiah says:

    "Another people's land". In actual fact white people love to talk nonsense. White people own no land in Africa. Every piece of land taken by White people shall be taken back by any means necessary.

  • Tenor001 Grande says:

    The white man knows very well that he is sitting at a table he doesn't deserve. Our historical mission is to repossess it, strip it off its decorations, and redecorate it in our African style. And then issue an invitation to the white man, to say "come dine with us based on our TERMS AND CONDITIONS".

  • Unconforming Truther says:

    Let those Afrikaaners suggest a viable solution to such a question mark thou I would suggest a Marshall Plan for the poor black masses to fix such issues

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