27 thoughts on “News reporter catches auto repair shops!”

  • thestarsinsideus 83 says:

    So a lot of em are lying cheats and her advice is have knowledge like a mechanic?
    Yea umm No. how about they get shut down for a month

  • Everybody knows the mechanics are thieves and that’s why you see a lot of people doing their own repair work.

  • This shit pisses me off and I don't even wrench anymore! You don't have to cheat people there are plenty of actual broken fucking cars out there…. Keep looking at the computer screen, I want to bust his fucking head on the table. This hurts the whole industry, it takes money out of honest mechanics pocket. Any mechanic worth a damn knows this, and we work too damn hard just to have someone up the block faking the shit!

  • Almost the moral can be applied toward any is that you pay for your ingorance and lacking of knowledge. The more you know the less room for exploit there is.

  • Way too cliche. The old rubbing some dirt on the air filter trick. Nobody actually does that. I bet 80-90 percent of the time people who are wronged by a mechanic, it’s due to incompetence on the mechanic’s part, rather than trying to outright scam them. Maybe add in to that 80-90 percent some miscommunication between the shop and the customer. There’s bad people in any profession, but most people are honest and just trying to make a living. You don’t stay in business by ripping people off

  • I feel like if two different people brought in two cars of the same make and model with the same identical problems within a few days or weeks of each other, then almost anybody would smell a rat. I woulda wrote up an estimate that was more than the car was worth, and then when they came in to check it out, congratulated them on being our ONE MILLIONTH customer! You owe us nothing for the repairs, and you’ve also won a lifetime supply of don’t ever come back.

  • Micheal Portwood says:

    Actually if your wiper fuse blows your wiper motor can be going out the reason a fuse blows it can get is it gets hot too much current flows it which would electric motor wearing out would do. This is not a good.

  • Oh, we're gonna need to put in a new transmission, maybe 2 – it's good to have a spare. Also, do you want premium headlight fluid? It's really best to go premium, standard headlight fluid tends to gunk up, then next thing you know your fuel filter will seize! What? No no, all connected, will you be paying cash or credit?

  • Rusty Highlander says:

    The guy was "giving them what they want." I had to actually LOL, hilarious. The guy should go into acting himself.

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