6 thoughts on “News Now Stream – Part 1 – 11/6/19 (FNN)”

  • is he seriously answering Leahy's question about Ring doorbell vids with a well known statute pertaining to several hypotheticals that do not pertain to private homeowner's vids from their ring? that is ugly and almost "fascinating" as Graham commented.

  • They allready know the law was broken the Fisa warrant were obtained Illegally so the system is broken .I cant believe the Tax payers are paying these people to Waffle back and forth. I guess every one is entitled to the right of privacy except the president. The peaple that got and Renewed the Fisa warrants that were Illegally obtained should do serious jail time may be even hung for treason.

  • It's not a problem with the FISA Court, the problem is with what is referred to them as legal, substantiated, and verified as true information by outside sources, I.E. the FBI & DOJ. The information should definitely not be paid for by a biased organization, such as the DNC or the Clinton campaign against a competitor. Warnings by Justice Dept and State Dept employees in the loop should be heeded.

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