News Now Stream Part 1 – 07/16/19 (FNN)

News Now Stream Part 1 – 07/16/19 (FNN)

nd wre beiold aeady thiseetind we’llring it yous soon a ihapps a eet fm thi pt wkend ere Ros som a calng him pageesterd a lotf numbstleast is theatchin otheremary. everyone might be re lonside run no we continue to wait there for those live pictures ha a I guessnytimehere a esidtialvent y cou ll it a press ailabity. Bu h decedot to stick t the scrt- we sho somndhen ey Annuventhey the at e Whe Hoe b he dided corovey wh certainly.o kd of wae tnk is neall his style tlet ingsade- When he feels why –t’s ill lile awkward because it was at more of a science But he gotight io a you ca hear Joh Rerts t White use. Order fmox aing tt first qution ande did end a lile b of time what he’sayingea rightow Ouo us abo an ho a five. eight nutg . t ent is der w iis a caneteetin. An Ihinkt’s prey safe to this conoversygain today s ere’s eat terest iit. Anwe’r gonna get Ielieve is youre thinyes. We will have it hopefully just esn’t over the two hr mark. Yeah I don’t. ahell I keep llinthe bo give you. Thr three wch of the three let’sush rht to the y knowhat tha we beuse wgo rht ithe finalys hour of tradintheneah I kn ts isI ould canr. t as soon as numerals up — You’veot — The dateline ries t nowirs. For five that tnk itrac prett good ze aience yway bel thoold ca stuf.ue doinall thgood Yeah he’s ather tng tha wereeepingn eye on ght no this isive in Iowa right now g do contie.wen twey lile b butheres th newk a Hampire in st for New nted sy yeah. th but cominup ver close it was l anit’seall intesting becaus wheoe thway ‘s amall citay where every wy do matte reca in thisoll iwas at I arnd 22% and theyou h both Beie Sders and Ezabeth Warren basillyuts him in virtuthat tie th of theandidasow ‘s somhat openiecause u knew t graceas goi t ghtennd younew thbidens mbersrobablwe’re nna slip fm oncs y lastebate.rrmance ithe Ande’re sll y know abt deba.ks ay fro theext The’s jt onehing to ke he’srops iNew Hashire to min ins twty twoarren and Sders bo. Niing ahis heels at 1f men aft tl heres- It son doub dits at abt 11%ut hers e thin Me. izabh Waen ve she’s neighr from jazz ou the to choot yes fromust tohe wesn Veont.eandersr So. The is some me crt gng on ithe an you’ in a atehere literay Iean in shifng oneay orhe oth i natial pol but as right — no the re itighteng in And ve somremasrom J an Moved down he we wto show yoa liveok rig now t U. resolution yeah — Wherehere aret priden tru’sweethe rst cgresanuy ned a puicly calor predentree oTexa ao trums ieachs ceainl not giv uthe peacentightnact he ght el le –f you’r agnry to t sothing gngng strehn m heang som repts tod Mike tt thd Agn ttryo pushancy losiouseeadersp cser to alling a ve on impeacentow itk li he’ — You kw deite the tsosty s theind to tha. toappe t isppareny a fohis rerks a by t wayte to conp e ofhe ieresng bl ps. Becaus I cs Tout Ictuall belie it’ll very ieresng tsee ho ny Replicans votto conmn. th Senate sid we hea sever nators yesterday — Rlly public e t meon w arehere is there Sang thathe prident is. ging hello Rublins noto sh. kind owitherg He’s a you know that he’s dealing with — From up there on Catol Hill so- Wh and whher addrees thatart itpecicall or t b he els a tugh he nds t Wrongl called o and that is overal mesge is If you don’t likhe coury don’t complain just wave that’s at least that’s the message he’s he had a re out but Me wn Meane h irong in at ff ese — For young members of ngress or ne members of Congsso e r ll. ‘s like a see saiesteay so I guess that means going to I an tre areny of th fou acallyorn rig her. the Unidtateo I don ow iyou sunderstd tha are u kn e. Cosromut tt ceainl th’s happened siehen yeahre a eg ah so will. Also be loong at the n r . Plers a lky he betiful downto Phh stancend runeah terestg — w poll t arou wl yoknowall and real a top we intestingw out –b got do thr own creria -lson thy d obvusly it omewha bjecti — Buhey di com the eateig cities i tf th poi outummeime isam ti tt aot of opleove you kn schos ofummeret’s tak a loostnd And hp ppln i afrdabily to bu a hse. T re along wh justhe bas econy where a the plas yalit ofe wa to go wthough it wa Mi and I bot thoug was now ke there’snlynehtjus Arizon cit tk u e to t tipopf thi of th- Surv otheind again ty’re comg afrdabily qualyf le and shere’s wh happe — Nberne on lo athatniaeach Virniase such a butiful beach.a is Viinia. Pastorraig sta man theyae eatestaurts in ther y ow peopl are fridly th nd ofhing- And tir onomys frlytron y indury i justight up e road in wa know it’s oomi town bou live in and say t San Fransco’sf- ki of surised m becsenh the afrdae . h the houng pris — In Seattl so ae . San Fraisco. that Annumberen is rtland egon. The ly Arinaity to crk Old at it’righta AZ. has to doffordalitys aig thingn me I le inay s. Did unow s did l. joke but fnkly it’actuly thinealn o Sctsda a buy hou thsandolla ala — S Iou can como juonna Scottsdale and the name Righword macesust got a litt bit mor of eas g and sorofr Me com in numr ehtee intereing u y icagit. fo meaou gome rldey faing jt a ttleurth no yeatheyreell theigitie lt. yeeah ere’ no doubabou youe takit f graed Weive herin Penix and the onom ijusto darstro in t who met Phoix aa begas itay ss prty nuer trty ve i iTucsa iatlosest yoChico.u wantedo give numbe trr e wther how did they place Frisco wh thekay ty ca Sitheye li rhtt t bottom of affoy e onom tqualy ofife in. And lete so I goin the nate foreelingood ye at’s for sure doubtll right. come back hen newsow Go o to LAight now precutorre speing here charge against MS trteen one wallo that is coming up here we a still ostanyfks geing close to ninety minuttsowe Canet etinthatontiesi– to gon se io for litt he lets itip he likes to arounthe room with everybody getting shot. okawe’l see ju getng srted here her witthor ws n thas souch we’ll be ck t mines ay Obama ainisation a USnches ck I d’t pay. On you p. Itoesn’tork o so wh wherTurkeysava situion Very gd with u ry good Real been rced to bu F. thiy fiveighterets — ‘s a vy tougsituatn. That. They’rh d inhe UniteStates. Wi all of th. Being id we’ workiu d we’lsee wt hpens but it’s not reall fair. Th wando buy d’t sck upor couries out osync u than.key outf syncpther I’ve had good rationsp with. Heanted to y up priot miile weouldn’ sl it. heeally wted touy thatnd th whed wh he made deal th anoer countrRi stem tt he dn’t ev watch. Then as oh oy wel snowill n send you the pages. not lowed sellf blions of dolla worth of airaft haveomethi to add to the I thk so t use othe rit thank. John wl whate’re dng orgesne otheop –aybe the toxpere g d inclingerhaps are turni nerals who whos with us. withhina.– Gooes inlved ourountryIn n very sitiveay for So I thi we’ lookthat I ow tha o othgencie truth ta but thas a verig atemenmade b somebyho’s. certnly ta a look that. Th isot goi to pl ball wi you y wereilentl We’llee wha happe we we sendg t o of dollars to aryou lking abt what’m all [audibl d unders — We we sendi To wt I’m l in nheirars. we’re nogonnaaid th ymore we han’t been sendi for t last ar- Becse Theyereorming caransndhey we do. thereas s. o ve badctors youad som In o countd not ople town.dle oheir cy orin When youorm aaravan of govement tyon’t heo allow at carp if they’re n goingo pl ba that’ okay th me when t to ay ball wi that n’t gi any mormoney They’v beerir year I’m noa fa. of sudde they ca down tyhape upl Ruli tha they’ not aowed to do at th u wl I st of wder if theyhat w g come wn — But we were ging theundredf millns of dlars . p lot ofeople becau a lot o those ravanill crimals i harden criminaangero ople. And whyothy wou Hondus or Guamala Whyould ty kpheir iminalshen you c put him into t a ? Andend the up tthenite Stes weakeveryboecause e Docra don’t aow It’sorriblhowhey ar. Ho are h theyre takgive coulbe ten car ver easy? How they won even ve us voten that ‘vead – Man ierviewf the pele ihm was perps in thisoom I thi ght ben thisoom. id wt wayour cme. The masaid. Muer murd?e reporr lookand It a veramous lef he id knowhey we inrviewing t show howe . Thk youir what wayour off.– The youngoman gs Becaus theresideott bad mu’ve beealive herwise you Butretty mous shot have cotriese wereuppose t have aafe w xico. Beuse oferrorisut tha esn’t tter bause ty’ve. Rely. and Junwas do28% onweek Twthousa soldis the thound solers.yave x On the souern bordeou know ty use thresoldrs andobody. ey woun’t dot. F forty fi yearsifty yrs — Pele ve tri in thetate department one of Mike’s people said the woman We rpect. Who is a better judge oMexi for twty yea she laughed when we said wwould k for She said th been ying tget she w. For anthey all lghed Iet. it doned Becaus I saiif youon’t d it we’ gonna p tarif on at eve car. Th com throu that ed t Mexis 30% of r cardtates now buness but tt’s no gna happen me. Noore coanies a gonna Reass and eyan’t lve anymor. Therm to lve anyre fac jt the opsite ty’re a cominback. Bunow weave tnty on thsand sdiers six thousand onhe Guamala bder. An whichs you ow obvioly that. lessmporta you underand Guatala to e Unit Stes. And wil e southe more oour Mexico and those lawsay you n actuly tel a pson. I’ sry you c’t comin get Or ty can ke a back. To int ofrigin ‘reoing very wl bute have n helpe . s Theybviouson’tind cme and dru anc whi is a emendo probl a han tfficking mtly in Andou knoDemocrsith a were threeour fiveomeno put ither r d theyo throh aas. thers no wall right nowut because u caobviouy ce throug Por. But wre reall dng wel in the boea absotely n hp fm the Decrats t reay no heah. Just the oosit. Now we nt a b lawsu ainst. Nancy Posi i Congrs hing too withhe walou sawhat. o week ago –ut wlso the preme Crt I tnk wase o thato ju put io thSupremeourt d I hopwe’re going to be suessful in at b wh builng a l of ll rig now tt’s beget wh fors Demoats of ghting sort of wa. So ppleanome thugh b w it’happenin with Meco twentyne- cartels a sing.aven e Whe this hard get thugh. in tmendouumbersf peop in our count Throh divsionnother tacticand mone Soe’re doingell in t rder condering we haveo help I tl ev if weid haveelp and I Because they reallyave gone ovend bond I tnk beyond like what we thought-e didn’tver exptwenty on ousandoldier we expted a smallen. themlves aot becau thei re having lotf crim. Anthe boer waseally. What is yo s couny and givehe predent a trendi for at cause thas beenoingn for muchng time ank yoall very But at you wl seehetherr not we o t y we ecomicall becau Billns a blions and billio of lls is is to cizensnd women of cor thisountry you wiluse anwho e yn t use thasites herb wn pele spe so bay aut o untry wch peoe speak so hoibly I hava list of thgs re I’mot goio boreou with it beue . e say set b -The Coress women. That iso bado horrle. Th I almt don want read the me lisn I doou suld peat se of tha — Wn the Decrats? Didn’tant toention the ne of the. . Anwhathey di a the w ey’re eatingsrael. Is a dgrace It’s my opion th hate rt countr. And thasot goo it’not acptablehank y very ch. Thank u . Sohat w theuestion and meingr piod all of the cabet little b later wll show with tia. the binningortion ofhat pe more ne nowp next buthat o on r for iday preyuch t samet for Saturdaynd the then monsnction — Srtingom nday we’ takthat iou can sethosee different tret oneO fe toewsow contiing — Aaysc brin yod headlis fm acss the president tmp doing the answe a d Ofhe cabet mting and now let’s showou the cabinet meeting. From the beginning — Just like if you were par of th meeng ther. . . Wesk youo contue keep r younmen anwomen themome. fedom sayring this psident say. k you again. p And to give hiwas. In your most holy name we pray. Amen. ank you for a lury we done cabit meetg.bngere Weave themuite oft and theally produ results we prodingi and half yrs theirstwowo and a lf s pruce. havehe strgest sck mart. In thei- n s p The w Jone one or. Twey seven out ti ever was or twey six ousand fothe fit timever i twty fivthousa for t a hundr times thawe’ve set a And me that’otust a rerd thameans bs. It’sll abo jobsaid job counies th comininmany havet seen r decas. we Thcard cpanies areoming Althghermany cled tsay that there going to announng some vy big Moment witrespec ta certaiompanye manded aso come As a cl i lot o t th mak anoer pces want make I’m ithe Uned States pan haso twel diffent compans –n chigan iOhio and Nth Calina [audibl In Pnsylvaa ‘s gng to annoued in Flida. Thin thatobodyhoughtere ssible Iould ner even sd them. Frankly dingheampaig becae nobyoe ab to lieve thatobody unemoymentumbersre histor. had betr numrsfricanev in t histo of ou country. Hispans unployme numrs in e historof oury Asn Amerins bes in e- historof ouy hav the bt ovell employnt t bes in fif e year a very sn that will bhiste histy of o count. We kee going te ing and ould bfairlyo. So this a happeng thawe wouldn h. cou hapn ithehe withverybo the Aorneyrd Doin — Evething can d Congss tact bause the mocrat udo act ey Too whathey haveo donde. what theys lo Pausay of ophole at areo bad u couldrive a uck thugh. Th coulde. Soed in fifte minut would have t. Looples ting ce litere everyo kne areou kno they a better th the pple inongres. Bu t Democts w nd t need tir vot becau we ha very vy all mains bh wayo set Fiftthree rty sen the hoe is veryightt’s a numbightouseo verymall to wt we ed- That’ why w dn’t dit las time. Firstwo yearsl d a doe nee. Ne to t mocrat veo we uld never ab to t tm for rtain thgsute we wil wherer cousehe majity w ended doing Supre Courjudgesding tthe gotwo Supme Cou justis we needo Demoatotes to ge on ant thborder. lly sured fullyaken care ofe’re gting cse Mexic s beefantasc had aeetingithexico f foy fiveearseople he en tryg to t Mexicto do wh they’ doing. Anthey we ableo gett d we t it e day. one ousandoldieron their They’r very powerl the worlawsn thentireav world a ls t wcan’t Gern releand we cat a mo cot inive yes. d nobo ces bko procs to be Ian Ie curate becse I d’t want the ess toay I w accurate2%ome back. And thoseeopy k So we c straiten th out w e getng rid ofhousan o peopleho d takeim outf the untry thirteeby thehousan. Ande do very ofessially weave pars onverybo we taattle dumente or anthey go t legaylegay we’ve de job oSunday there s a b u didt ev seet becae went ry sothlthe ic. Folk and tr y Weave border prol thgh being rsed h at over tnkice psident penceill l legation of pele dow to e e the tngs tt – One o r vy radic leftemocra CaI coentratn Thhey’ reay wl run thr vy croedn manyases tually in theasef the al.renhey wo rathethat Pele cam back and ty en some othi ocking fnkly — Sai they we very welrun vy cle haan alt cenr ofales. W danyf thes peoe are crimins wer m ouwe can let himut. in theest w they n sol it wasrod dot come uyou know n b edit wwant ttake peoe and lelly wanto takhim anfrankl rough rit wwant o mpanieo be held a these coanie are poung int the Unitedtt hoest Threen the wor ritowveryime I mee aderf present a pri alsayhank you andice to wacongtulatis on youre ecomy what yove donis credle. Veryubstanally theavingherehina thworst yeathey’v had in twty sen yea I don wt to he themt e . The al was de it w acticay donet wa just. we wld havit fishedndme ey bro tt dl they so I saithat’s allight w t. and fif billi dollat’shdred obviouy he impa. wt to he a netive Becae Chievaluetheirpactn us cuency. Anthey’r pumpi mon into is sysm areeoplere payingor thatn [iudible flatio. The’s bn no nhing fnkly And if ey wer’t rac so fas – ers wld see atherrobabl n thound pois on t Dow act lerecor Ion’t wt to ‘s liksomeboets- netyine a tes of e But I’moing tcompla.omplaing Io. Becae frankly we wod have do eve bette h we d a raisintere rateso quily And had we had federa reser an therere man peopln t deraleserveou knoou have ves. Bute that. Didn’t do antitave Now there doi twentfivee.ingheye biion dolls a month. Foas in Eope ty’re pumng money inheir stem a the loweri rates. intoheir stemingoney subsntiall in rope t tes aralmost. Ze and iChinahe rat or whever psidenthe wates own f. He’s one n he’s the feder reser is thn se butnfortutely whathey did. Wanot apopriate. Th areuppose to be buyin rm procts l’s s wheth sixtn billn dollars to ke for t shortll I wt secrery Son Perdu. It fantaic geneman bthe wahe her. Califoia what ppened h’ e faers ha a bigeeting in therrniaood I’glad hs cano morhelp tre said a fantascs themount. Popp intohe fmers the foer purased sixen bilon dolls And didhat wasixteenrrse in llion dolrs cost unothg. Anyet t farme don eve nt tha they ally jus wan to maktr t itas jus a small rcentagef the rrorts th wouldake in d we ve aongay to go as rs terrace whi is ncerne ife won w he anothe thr ht Put terrafmed i we ntcan. what talki to Cha about al. Bu wish ey didt bre the deal tt l whe Cha oped up. We h a dayherehe t e it’s estimed tt they sll three ns rth of iellectl pperty ye who kws. That’shat ty tl me te ndred miion tt’s a g numberow tht All aepted the expt say at ty do buthat’s big mber y add that.o the fact at durinhe Oba billn dolrs aear was b st. Tohina. Fe hundd baby ahey dl irness. Once t world tra back a organitionas foa . g abou it n we’re dng somethg abt e up. a t abouit we cked Close to enty tllionollars in. Wealth. Dung dminisation fm eleion Becae when Iot eleed the stock me stk mark went ld I wou not he gotte eltedou wou have crash. So I c gg editedresidebama cdit. day o Janua twentthas one when Iook ofce. Th was a attrited tthe thusia tte’ve ct. An tt we’vhad a aountry om the ection. dolls China lt tweyion trilli dolla. My oonentad one China wld-righte worl rightow winnae what thatay. far to ke it An if yohave smart peoe sittin ii Yore notoing tlose. We’ve got a eraordiry haveever tha Ihink t numbe gain.ional t bigst Muchsonna o be colrrkewhen workerheigget prortiate gaer. The rkers.mendou game. Witht aiploma hh scho Our untrys Reallyeally welo . Peop of four one Ks my of youavs % mebody help 78%. People we lingl eirives a now Doling their iome and thad in thbank i being doled u. The for ane case going through e roof d theyetting lot of edit fromheis whhever. e ishe onehat’s ing i yourife I thi your nancia nius. Itould he beenust t positead deved ts country was s l relatis iedialy Heo th ourountryreez. Whetheit’sa for Eln G. anned so I just leouisia LNG ant. foten biion wod beeve itt was maneble peoe ny yea ting to g pmits a ve rapid.permi a wgot And thawas great thi gat thg you kw the ant I abou six othemow underlkinbout e want fortyears fty yrs wiin bill ass ke tha. So o courys that nody tught wld even beossibl we’re doing I’d le to artff a if can — Bearson’oing to say a w worbout hide d theI thi Jareds goin toalk littl b about immigrion a o ans foimmigrion. And there goa gn eable andf the pss wants to say o leave –t’s like saihe heray I don minyou wa to lve tha. t [inaudible] Ok plee. Thiss. one ank you f youron thi inedib coura d stami rilienc on whher in iticis uair critism all. of t by go toome uld you rather he a non who ts a lot of stuff. Fo mebody with ailver ngue Ior I tnk gods usinyou ank yo For oe ain ithe omis madeheir pmises Kevin yosaid in anout o statehe not. Footten m andomen of is cotry beorgott no loer. the Whiteouse oortuniin And I priviged tohair that It’souncil prescptionor to prospetye mecal thg therTo the landsre hom t proximelyhirty ve millio Amerinsu And is preriptionndeedem requir aoordinedfforts ofll ofhe cncilmembersll e agenes that want t Opportuniesnittihereeing twic t natin footteamils a jus t ople tt you’ been taetin. Anover theastear prerty le pces in oprtunits o seing crease by %- Whic abo doue thappriation rate – F n obviousl mea thathos Arbeneting snifintly enhouga loof ppleay e and get an benits they ar For t and aassive pl pital is eparin to vitazehesereas. With commuty ands velopmt e lesshan twyears o the foc is t actice forusiness locat wiin opptuniti pled a k rol in coening communy l as cmpioni. The sport o pubc offs ancommicatg eryight for sinees a. And as you knothe consequens ofembers aoss senteen feral ageies. And federtate paret e ] The gulaon. Fiing lov to useim for stcture spendg and importantly i. e th aundrednd six feder ogramshat ca irease taeting topportity sods. Long quafication ruce feesrough. And ‘ve aeady onnd morety than a he actis acro agencs. Thcounls also conduing a Entrreneurs kinnd tralingmtiondr we a sg Who the ecutive dirtore theouncil and he has bn all ovey ple I go ey sayhis gu w here. And tough t work othellie. onlyememberi Aricar not sufficiey.of pri and sf oppounity opptunityas no But coloreverytng. Oprtunityas no cre but it gis peop sength to belie. Gett gives a eechaith. And I wanto than y for the faitte revilizati counc. As we ha champs e r mar gamchangersn this cotry. Weook foard tbuildin You kn I’m vy exted Iean eiting. ableo paicipat in sething posive eect on so man AnI want tthank you.or f shing this. An lik to ar jus a fro our cots otheecondirect Thk you Carso tnk you Chs present for aerver. It is ong to ve a mr theee all of thand I be tough. it ishat weeeokedp at. we going to lo at it.e cies tha Goinaroundhe coury retalition and truspreadg theesf trsformaon We’ve nducteover six v a Wean bng fally to is is a casef s leers ereprenrs iestors. pele tpeopleo si ithe neigorhoodf Thneighbhood tt knhe painnd allhf eseeighbooodsecau haveot hpeneso wenrsatns coeying. These rnds I s have hd . Wealk abouthe spitf the leslatio yes i economic velopmt but it’also counity delopmes so s the peoplinside t mmunit can drive andemain an benef. omheevitalationhat’s seenremends w all aeady is the Our cotry hasot sn in to for fm a fr a andpoiromncenti andpoi but ao from t midity stapoint th peoe who d’t. ? Coene tether to co tother forhe fir time the And at’s wt we’rsayingnd m so bssed a home. Corado sings oas six But ey hene of e best is is e two hels goingp in dowowf oprtunits on the and I thi ‘s thepringhl suit doe devepment w suppoedomic operatg. Th is a b toeingreated theest def it that’ e ofhe rghespartif y will. We wer. t For ny manyears drudeals prostuti. Across t stree n housing affordaa prate sool erat numbe church bent y e sidef Atlaa ain the area isnd we’ see it withur own es ind Aronatate Unirsitwhicre is aajor rn anchonstituon h partredith sa ax l Devep oortuniessll this o of e de s opating businses multi family hsing mix use rested. Toormain Mia.and A coup weee ttin acrshe tle and lirty sque. Andwo young menromhat neigorhood lked ats that weidn’t thi this uld. Haen whe wive this berty uare ia top. One ese yog menork on the projec witthe coanyhat And he says all h call t ll hom. No. This igoing to doing how n we g invold [audibl ory. What we dwith t oppornity oprtunits on? To be essing to oseo comefter the ory.elve thawill be When hisry tel us someig


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  • justgettingtothetruth says:

    Question? When your grandparents came here LEGALLY YEARS AGO! Was this country giving away FREE HEALTH CARE, FREE FOOD STAMPS? FREE HOUSING (SECTION 8)??? I didn't think so. The dumbacrats are playing the AMERICAN CITEZENS FOR FOOLS! THEY HAD TO EARN EVERYTHING OR STARVE. The Dumbs are telling illegals to show up and use and abuse THEIR SYSTEM just to get votes. They are liars. They want POWER.

  • Andrew Macdonald says:

    Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave right now at the President’s unPresidential “tweets”. Enough is enough. Republicans of good faith and integrity need to stand up to this divisive language. Kellyanne Conway just asked a reporter what their ethnicity is. Whatever you think of her “politics”, Congresswoman Omar is NOT an al Qaeda loving “communist”, and she has been an American citizen longer than the First Lady, who grew up a communist, in a communist country.

  • If someone comes to your home for dinner. Then does nothing but complain about your house, the food you serve, the way you raise your children. Then you are going to tell them to leave! Does not have anything to do with what color they are. It's because they are ungrateful whiny little unwelcome house guests.

  • Democrats being played by Trump. As Bill Clinton said "It's the economy, stupid." If all Democrats have is "racist" then they are playing into Trump's hands. He will keep getting them to fall back to that ploy, which didn't work in 2016 and won't work in 2020. The "squad" are just helping to pull Democrats far left away from mainstream America. Press fawns over them. No, Trump is not a racist. Sorry, but he isn't a racist. A pompous asshat… yes, but not a racist.

  • Theresa Ratzer says:

    The press are a bunch of ignorant fools who don't listen well and want to grandstand. Every question had already been answered earlier had they paid even a little attention! I no longer turn my television on because the news is meant to make you angry, afraid, or at the least emotionally upset – I ask you – who really needs all that drama in their life?

  • rick fredericks says:

    Whoever is just thinking Trump has it all Figured out . Is a Idiot, These fake news Media Stations are Lying to
    Everyone , These Demon Reporters , Allowing devious propaganda to be Circulating in the Fake News media .
    Are trying to Impress a Idea that Trump , Is a Monster . With everything they say , All the negative attitudes
    They play .. He Needs we the People , Now we need to help President Trump , With everything we have in our
    Arsenal to Open the Eyes of all our Citizens . These Democrats , Are All just a group of DeepState puppets
    Who are there to stand as marionettes ..Waiting their win ? ……!!! If any Democrat wins this presidency !!??
    There will NEVER BE a another presidential Election that hasn't been decided beforehand , By the Deep State
    And the democratic Ruling party, This Truth is , A Bad Dream… We Must Help Everyone of us , And Put this Crisis
    Back to He🏒🏒 were it was Spawned . These Dems have been Brained washed , And must Be dehumanized
    Through and by , The will of Our Lord Jesus Christ 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • morekidsharderwork freedom says:


  • morekidsharderwork freedom says:


  • God bless president Trum is and this administration.They are the best team. They are really serving and working for the American people. Thank you very much for everything they have done. God bless you and wish the United States great again. Trump 2020

  • If the dems would have come down on the radical new congresswomen back when they were antisemitic and more, If they had come down on these congresswomen as hard as they are coming down on Trump, we might not have been here pounding on the President. These congresswomen are pathetic!

  • God bless President Trump and his family. The Democrats will cry and cry until they get the President office. Never vote Democrat again.

  • Who the heck does she think she is….yeah take her bait….Dems have done nothing in congress but cause division….

  • haleinitup3795 says:


  • charles bonser says:

    how dose she know about school she never went stade home got drunk shame oac the rest go back were you came from that you and the white people to all dems are traitors

  • Rosa Montes de Oca Gonzalez says:

    Saludos cordiales paz bien verdad justicia, adelante Trump Pence Rubio Pompeo Bolton 2020 en familia equipo, jesuscristo es con nosotros amén aleluyah Shalom!!

  • Jeannie Myers says:

    @2:14.27 YouTube changed the voice up, right as our President was talking about Obama giving all that money away..until 2:15:46!

  • MRCLSmoothful says:

    Did anyone notice anything weird about this video at about the 2:14:23 sec mark? As soon as he said that the enemies were given cash money (1.5 billion), the voices started speaking in reverse. Or was it just my video player?

  • The illegal aliens are not expected to be here and counting them on the US census is unfair to Americans. They are expected to be removed.

  • We are #1 in the world because of Trump. Democrats are liars and cheats driving America into the dirt with crime and open borders.Thank God for our President serving and working for America.

  • charles coleman says:

    It would appear Trump is up at bat, and Nancy is playing deep left field. The ball went right over her outstretched arm.

  • Notice there have been no public polls as to how the American public feels about the condemnation of the Potus vs the squad ,,,Don`t blame the bought media and politicians be cause we would tell you the same thing Potus said ,,,We will not be Paris ,We will not be the UK ,we will be armed and in the streets in DC

  • Anita Timmons says:

    THE FRAUD SQUAD, instead of using the platforms and power they have been given by some American people, to do something positive for Americans, these communist totalitarian tyrants have decided to push their agenda to DESTROY this beautiful country and "fight for the 'rights' of OTHER people, who do not even belong in our country, for the American people to take care of, and to overwhelm our country, in order to give false votes to the Democrat communists! The ONLY thing that these ignorant people know how to do is to destroy this country, and its true glory of freedom of speech. They know how to twist the President's words, call him terrible names, fight against the right of American people. This is what they have learned in our COMMUNIST schools, designed by Democrats, to destroy this country. They don't have ANY core values, they don't have ANY idea what the values of this country are. They spew communist rhetoric, while talking about our Constitution in ignorance. They will find out about the American people this election, and just how many Americans agree with President Trump, in 2020. I don't expect to see any of these people in office at that time.

  • Beverly Joy Cook says:

    Omar says the most ignorant things. For her audience… that means stupid things. She is exactly what she describes. A cartoon. She really wants to destroy AMERICA. We understand her Game.

  • Tlib raghead is a lyingTerrorist! All these women are Traitors to the United States 🇺🇸, our forefathers wouldn’t even allowed them in Congress

  • Oirfault Ourfix says:

    Our money. 85 percent or more are collecting welfare from us and its racist to ask how many illegals are here. No its not your job to be compassionate. Your to be smart. We care about our children you evil people. Go home.

  • Oirfault Ourfix says:

    All of these theives and lies have distroyed us. We are communist now. Our kids will pay for 75 percent of blacks to not work and 95 percent of Hispanics through redistribution. Killing middle class and hope. I hate these people. This is war fair. Yes equal. Not you do nothing and we pay.

  • I'll bet that rat Ratner is a citizen of ISRAEL. It is NOT possible to serve two rulers. NO MORE DUAL CITIZENSHIPS IN CONGRESS. Their allegiance is not to the USA, but to Tel Aviv. PERIOD. Almost 15% of the Senate and many in the House. Democrats are disgusting pigs.

  • Our country is a the verge of civil war brought to us by the treasonous progressives started by Obamanation and dirty Hillary … and now being pushed by these liberal pieces of dog and monkey doo doo.

  • Charlotte kirby says:

    I'm black and they do not represent my views or support my causes. They don't seem to care about our seniors, vets or our youth. Who do they represent? Santa? Easter Bunny? What imaginary people?

  • Lazaro torres says:

    To Glen steper… What about the the president of USA friendship connections with jeffrey epstein..A sex traffiking…do you think that hanging with a man like jeffrey epstein talks good about a President.?

  • From a woman that works for a party that has made themselves billionaires on the backs of the people , Where is her two husbands , is she an illegal . AOC was a little girl ? Has she ever grown up ?


  • GVMT WatchDog says:

    Fox 10 Needs to learn how to cover Meetings in the Oval. Fixed on Potus and NOT on his guest that was speaking is Rude. Pan to the Speaker. Yesterday Sec Housing Dr. Ben Carson not once did they pan right. What were they thinking or instructed? STUPID CameraTech and Producer!!!

  • "On one occasion an expert in the law stood up to test Jesus. 'Teacher,' he asked, 'what must I do to inherit eternal life?'

    'What is written in the Law?' He replied. 'How do you read it?'

    He answered, 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'

    'You have answered correctly,' Jesus replied. 'Do this and you will live.'

    But he wanted to justify himself, so he asked Jesus, 'And who is my neighbor?'

    In reply Jesus said: 'A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, when he was attacked by robbers. They stripped him of his clothes, beat him and went away, leaving him half dead. A priest happened to be going down the same road, and when he saw the man, he passed by on the other side. So too, a Levite, when he came to the place and saw him, passed by on the other side. But a Samaritan, as he traveled, came where the man was; and when he saw him, he took pity on him. He went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine. Then he put the man on his own donkey, brought him to an inn and took care of him. The next day he took out two denarii and gave them to the innkeeper. 'Look after him,' he said, 'and when I return, I will reimburse you for any extra expense you may have.'

    'Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?'

    The expert in the law replied, 'The one who had mercy on him.'

    Jesus told him, 'Go and do likewise'" (Luke 10:25–37, New International Version).

    What does it mean?

  • Parable of the Good Samaritan

    The parable of the Good Samaritan is a parable told by Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. It is about a traveler who is stripped of clothing, beaten, and left half dead alongside the road. First a priest and then a Levite comes by, but both avoid the man. Finally, a Samaritan happens upon the traveler.

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