50 thoughts on “News Now Stream 3/26/20 (FNN)”

  • The first incoming ship came in, we all knew its Coronavirus people. U.S. should Alert everyone to safe it up and start getting ready all the needs for everyone in U.S. things start it late…now, theres more infected it.

  • Worst mayor of all times. Bill is an ass clown!!!! Why don't you give up your salary Billy boy. The Democrats are going to destroy n.y.c. that rudy Giuliani cleaned up and turned it in to a profitable clean city. From bankruptcy to safest city in rhe world all done by rudy Giuliani. With Democrats they will do everything they can to return new york to the new york city of the 1970s the Chinese biological weapons spill

  • Kelly craigmiles says:

    You all need to get semi trucks and trains to the underground FEMA camps and tunnels that have been stocking up on all the supplies of food, medical supplies, tents, respiraters, any and every need AMERICA needs to live. Lives are what matters now not your budgets you spent wasted on your on agendas instead of housing your homeless and the needs of your people working and paying in taxpayer money you throw away maybe this pandemic was started to cover your Greed losses of what you were given from the gov. for the people

  • 5 dollars for a mask suckers.
    Why didn't your city stock up on supplies for things like this ..
    If a gym is staying open they need to be fined to the sky.
    These problems of shortages is what you get from the bill Clinton and his wife the beast selling out this country to China. These shortages peove that putting all your eggs in one basket. Manufacturing everything in one place China is a bad idea every country should manufacture all the items that country needs. Since "global warming" is not being helped by shipping everything from every country to China and then back has got to stop. If you live in Africa and want to buy a gibson les paul than gibson needs to sub out the manufacturing of their product in Africa. This goes for every single thing people need and want. Wake up china as the manufacturing for the world is something a child would have let happen. Wake up.

  • Patsy Faulkner says:

    both is most corruption in this history – Cuomo and Blais, 6 years ago blasi just dump Ventilator that need for the hospital. both can make up the story , they will tell you what Trump did something. I knew these guy is not honest to everyone. I hope both go to jail. TRUMP is innocences. Just watch closely.

  • I thought that Trump had said that it was only one China man and 15 cases? All y'all Trump supporters have, yet again, been bamboozled by that two bit con artist hustler reality TV star.

  • james warbrick says:

    i think this pandemic is united nations think tank exercise on biological warfare to be used instead of nuclear, nuclear would be armageddon, while biological would be curable with less costly results.

  • هدي الإسلام says:

    (Quran kareem 2- 21) O mankind, worship your Lord, who created you and those before you, that you may become righteous

  • The americans have a very strange way to deal with this crisis. The corona virus isn' t longer a health , but a political issue. Its now the Trump virus. That will not end well.

  • If you have stocks in the USA, sell them!The next few days are going to be heavy ?????
    Talks on co-operation at the G20 summit have just failed .so U.S. stock market meltdowns are likely to continue in the coming days!

    Mr Trump is lax in preventing the outbreak and full of deception!!!

    For yourself, for your children, for your family, you only have one life.

  • Cuomo is worried about his paycheck. If you care so much for the people, don't even accept a payment since you already earn over 800 thousands per year anyways! All this politicians should give the right away for every paycheck. They are the ones getting a bulk of money. This includes mayors, governors, senators, Congress members, school superintendents, and all their assistants. This people are so greedy, that they never give it up. The only politician not getting paid since day 1 is President Trump. .. ?

  • Thank you ARMY, MARINES and NAVY for being EXPOSED due to being in the FRONT LINES to SECURE SAFETY of AMERICA.
    WE know we do not give gratitude much, we forget you also have Families. ?❤️??????❤️?.


  • We in uk have self isolated every vulnerable person for 12 weeks , the whole country is in lockdown and our government is paying every person 80% of their wages so companies do not have to make employees unemployed, the US is talking about relaxing restrictions and now has 3.5 million unemployed, I only hope your trust in your glorious leader at the cost of which will be at least 25,000 lives is worth getting your economy back

  • Ronnie Hembree says:

    the so-called cure, for this flu, is going to kill whatever is left of this Republic. This is trading your freedom for the illusion of security…dont be decieved. trillions of dollars…for what? When this blows over, people will begin to see the real plan…

  • Carolyn T Lampton says:

    Some people can't save money, they actually live from pap check to paycheck. By the time they pay bills what they have left goes to food and gas.

  • Why do you conservatives even pretend?
    If someone lies to me once … we’re done. But you immoral little freaks
    can be lied to daily by Trump – and you don’t even care. So why even pretend you have morals? You can fool yourselves, but the rest of us just pity you.

  • Dr. Fauci for president, maybe even Cuomo for president. They actually tell it like it is not and butter things up to make themselves sounds good. ByeDon 2020

  • Elier' Maxwell says:

    He should start preventative care act that force more detail health check mandates and require MRi and neuro check in annual physical to provide more accurate health check info NO MORE EDUCATED. GUESSING

  • The real issue is getting folks to comply will make him unpopular and there's a lot of work involved, it's time consuming, and dangerous.

  • You need to produce enough masks daily and domestically to arm the people with protection to slow down the spread! Slow down the spread first,then you won’t need that much ventilators later! No amount of ventilators will ever be enough if people don’t know the correct methods to protect themselves!

  • I can't hear give the sick milk thistle and liver cleanser to boost there immune system and force mucus out of their lungs

  • Start rashining masks and sanitizer to the dr nurses and working class only if you are practicing staying at home don't be greedy its affecting the healthcare system protection for those people is vital

  • Kouichi Yanase says:

    The new coronavirus has a very high infection rate, and when infected and becomes ill, a high fever of around 38 degrees lasts for about 10 days, wandering through the valley of death, opening up countless holes in the lungs that cause pneumonia, How fast they die in 14 days. A very horrible murder virus.

  • Jim Burns, Jr. says:

    CFFolks…this is why your neighborhoods and streets are run down…every few years we get our hopes up to dream and build a future..then these same psychos throughout media set us up for collapse and theft…each time you turn your backs to many thousands of neighbors who lose everything…and every time these same media psychos make you feel better about it by saying it was for the greater good…it is the physical liability associated with communism…which is in no way dependant on a proclamation of intent for your type of society..but instead is directly dependant on your maintenance of respect for honesty…in leadership…said respect was deteriorated by people talking trash about pot heads and similar…this is the cost of simplifying many topics falsely….term limits will not correct it but make it worse…only physical discipline in media and all other leadership platforms will correct their course. You need to drop the rent rates willfully to a quarter of what they are now….and you need to hang every single individual who touted social distancing over an illness that is hardly put in the same class of lethality as any other strain of the flu….
    The measles….to this day…is a far far bigger killer…but the biggest plague of them all is dishonesty in leadership committing theft..usually in the name of good and sucking the harmony out of trying to be a good person or doer of good…if you rise up and attack that plague with the same vigor you jumped to show in defense of a fake covid 19 mbezzlement / power grab….your kids dreams wouldn't get flushed down the toilet every few years with the next big healthcare/housing Embezzlement scam.

    You should be producing a special 75 year loan on which to shift housing providers onto as they got into a noble trade unwittingly raising the standard rates so high it has physically made all elevated wages effectively worthless while simultaneously increasing the cost of all goods…Trump helped that theft occur…right beside Clinton 30 years ago…stop making dad sayings like get my life together…and start doing your fn job as human beings.

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