News Now Stream 08/20/19 (FNN)

News Now Stream 08/20/19 (FNN)

Are king a le loo a the I-10 on theest side of th vaeyifty nin Avenue where affi is movg smoothly but that ws morning let’sake aook a me vidrom an eightut camp earlieS troopers vehicles completely blocking off all lanes of travel and then this was sky fox video earlier this morning. The westbound interstate ten now will re open on the west side of metro Phoenix after a two hour closure due to a police situation that because a miles long traffic back up during the beginning of this morning’s commute absolute headache and mask for a lot of drivers out there. So some people may be wondering what happened was they were rack the freeway now we open following negotiations of the person who had been reported hang over friends there I ten and fifty ninth Avenue near the interchange with the new loop two oh two freeway. Numerous vehicles were trapped by the closer that began around four thirty this morning but the state department of transportation said some westbound traffic was able to exit at fifty First Avenue eastbound traffic though was also slow because of the incident so again this is sky fox video from this morning. Absolute headache for a lot of heo evyone my me isn oplere aa thk y so much for being hee’ve got ts t new oread to go for t mattee fosomeirefhter w werrc lost aeahe a sech n iits fouh d thmenere o o aishi tripnd wh aajr eaktough yesterday crews coerenWas st aittle t earliethisorniSo as soon awe fb stted. ing call reverse ifts ty toothe tale box and th da seemo appe. If theimin rightt look like icoul ve cerom errorround has verifd tt tkleox has th arett hig degref Give that infortion thacy cam f. allows u’ t alwed u stando refosur me oour aa.o inste of okingt theulftream a becos proematichat’s gettg upn tt roli nowe’ve beeble toake some tho asss we would ve st tothe aas andocus the e und so. Rig ne are heily lated in th aa we the drift patrnrounhat thouoxesecoved’ve three ttersut g n f e r adtionallues. Tt mht help u findn a w ca you confirm tha S w und a numr ofiffent kis odebris outhere one linfortutely tt’s a ve gener ite So while wee tryi to n th dn toee i somhing le that cod ha beenn board It vinity as theag. Stt cod possib beorreting but wh ther effoseallynop o the g becse we he a mu higheregree. y h eces of trh outhere that we jus can’t disnguish Pieces ofg ke thalthoh i i somethg thate had in few are searcd rea Taki y kno. ethee knoit oot is st area at alls u to tome assets on. To see if we can find something else but I can’t confirm that at this the twhad. Wl thtaxgnihat kn giv sometng boue you ppening it would give tm a haveo coter thatgaine ha the bn in the wer a reitys we’re sllimitedwhatre wfe to o too t n timiic but grded so. Y kw but wle e g o s opatio Whour- sittion arou the tn i w As of e mont w hav. aircft tre abr rth asavanna A abo a far sth a Si s arift runni thi rning. So is still prett goodize wan And buthere you knowome of e fos wh geraph. Regn jus at litt bit nth f cksoillehich tes int accot theage u able to ay othe ttom f anyort o r thght tt thmome no at’s tee.owevowt’s athis pnt aathe rcue wereeally le s ritow i sll is sti i thserve and whi fooall we’r sll y fothe at. Youentied S wh. Aostirecy off Cape Canaral ia a a ere’a nuer ohallow shin aas. Wre peoe Khanypicly btd y ansome otherien and at’sn arhat.e could be onef th manarea ttkely he Bas looke out right fm the get go ithat Thewould be in tt ar that th is pretty cmon. The community or anything that you need from. Volunteers in the community. As part of the third. I can’t thank the community enough. The outpouring of support to chief powers and his crew on hand to ca ner say enough about the support the cmuni gives u whetrty u d ings tsome of thfishmen wereritih e rest assedhat e sean methg wavenhoug o a ok. Atshat methine w ithat somhing tt we cod tt we codake apeciate a otheutel assistce tha helw . t y enou about the nth Flidaouth Grgiall t way do to. Cr iteenbsolutyonderf prd toervehisommuty.u The al qck.o g idayighto theinute the ll ce ine ben o Coast coinueo ra up. Thrououtardearc e an we- maiainhe sed udy. A lel osear fro thenntilow.e more qstio this is gonna be foyou pase tl u a yohaveny ver tinin. I can’t speak any ecif training right now okay. All right again everybody Brian no clue me and Justin Walker bold firefightersasteen o idayff the coa o pt Canavel slete t mo backgroun nown exactly whatt e hundred volunteers fir reondersndoastuardrew meers searchior t whe on a fisng tripe’retersho wg fishg bt ear Friyt off by moing ty lt from rt Caveral and nevereturne th menre firighter a andalker lives in Fairfaxkne ife Virginia. Their disappearance Monday dozens of boa aearch on ndful of aircraft and folks on the shore looking for any clues. Covergoughly fe thousandqr an leading to major scovery an fshorenglers fishg bagas fou. Abo fty naical mes east by aiviliasearch. os und came iour are fireghter broug Maki m Cloones we overboard as a bread cmbso leadeo thmen am soonfint I am he f and she’s not the ly one w’s confint officialayin theen’s aini wl hel tm rviv Cling theearch a givep he we’reonna find a missedhis eventuay t gogo focus theirearch in therea whereheackle b was found f anyoters with thproper equipmtTot say they’vseenhis ar’s rstasesf we Nile vus hums now they’re trying to combat it just likeere for mosqto larvae Jason Hardman and his men of the Salt Lake Cit mosquo abament socef th mosquoes thenhe they can spray them with the bio insecticide. A chemical that kills off mosquoes to contlt hurting any other bugs in the environment. There’s no way to just look at a mosquito to tell s ar tesd for wesile virus calledim a sttle pl. Willhenheye takeifty adu mositoes and ‘ll put it in a file.nd ene’ll run not file through the lab there are eleven mosquito pools that test positive for west Nile virus in Utah and one person who’s in the hospital becau of it. w peoe he some sympts at incde ras occasiolly heache fer muse ach. And a very small percentage of people develop a real serious form of the disease. That is called their own basin it’s a neurological illness that can result in back. The health department says they’ve been hospitalized for more than a week and hope to prevent anyone else from getting the disease. Long sleehirtsong pts. cks usensecrepeent Stayg intahie ve bn hospitizedith ofcials say all of themd reported using some sort of vaping or inhalation drug. When heigarettesirst lauhed some users believe they re a C. g tobacco. Insid hospils any oof of tt apprso be ing up in oke man of a need to be put on ventilators so actually assisting them to the. Five teens and young adultsospitazed for lung disease in recent weeks they join nearly oneundred other across the country in with the nuer of cas. Opeople tha ofll reported the same exposure. deme it isnclear whethy connecti betwe the Uta dertme of alths working with oth agencieso fire peop soickn the st couple of weet t to get to thbottom o whas improveith treatment. But itsins is unknown whether they will have permanent damage vapin has been rapidly increasing the use of vaping especiay amo you. Thetah D H.arne against anyone twentfive a youngt high risks there are.ce latily nwe don’tnow all e thgs tt argoing to ay out. Sting th hlth relad newsa great wayo gethatell need rt throuout the d ght I think we’ve all ten a but- a new sdy revling tha exceib nked. To a gher risk f ist devtatingllnesstsirs know thi becse myother suffers fl researchersave fod thatn it elytageseoplend t ke. A l of maps ty’re reduring theay evenf they’v had s That is due to th fact tt a ptein kno as the towe. A.. prote. I damaging rts othe braihat ar sponsible f wakefnessow th is not something to take lightly it may be a clue. To someone having outsiders later on in lif now w don’tave a cu we don’t hav a tatment but evd clue that we fine.ets u can findomethi to lp whene eathis devastating. lnes thfox ws. Tina back toth school tradition in Boise Idaho dog taking a summer ending dip in the pool. see back school tradition. And while the kids woke up eager this morning to start a new school year dog owners had the opportunity. To bring their food choose to the mandatory. Where man’s best friend took over the cool did you. To be able to see all these people. And I’ll be able to get along with them it’s amazing how well these dogs are getting along there hasn’t been any yeah right there or not now e ally g along all they ca about ie of the dog. Owners but the parking rec department except Thatill benefit the name. I ink thmost importanthing is rsing awaress rsing awarens of t pgramo we ha the nd for cmunity involvement in donations the need for foster parents and that sort of thing and it’s all about community involvement but more than anything which he parks and rec department. Putting together this fun of in the community this is an awesome event that we hold annually every year it’s a great time for people to come together and rally around something we love and that. You can see people are having so much. Fun here James. We’ll have in the time of their line. In a place they rarely have a chance to enjoy. AgainSteve live loo at the Wte Houn r nati’s capol Whingto presint trus gointo be welming n present lite bitater toynd warexpecti to now wre gon goo a quk brk but when return evybod we wl hear a see. Foerrizona cgresswan bbyiffos in stin Tas dung a g contr round tae that’sext. Uhhu particarly hard. Tohele and hasn mmunitsnd we ed to coect th mista. To snd time. Wise d thr three hopene of e oth caidates i this ce senator try ttackle that and in ther is a enty. Six yearg planiffe. Get t ofSo ink thimportce of deiminaling tancy is to bett spent I he you wee here and heardost of th of it. Is wart decide we’ going tspend ou Alli in pele’sctivits safe b it dratizes theity have ahance take e same iniffent sces tham our ildr. Chda e chdrenho a facg trau home. Ha a cnce to t some suprta counity that embces the an helps tm tgrow inhe long run t d wholcountr. Safeould ys ve. Le in thatay. Apoach tcrimin intenr to trynd- m u o e . thinthat’shat thdata sw d thate are tter o criminizing this havior from yngl would make clear a big part at thicriminalustice proposalabof dierent angesnd there let’learn at we n letall aid tot llect databout at wor bett futur is lbout aat great ideud th asou rigly poied out diovered waynt. Dng the traing alone didn’t gethe job dot cidivi that s thr goal th’s whathey we lookg atSo he sa what suspecyou trto raise didne u had he imptance o suhat hethcarend the cidivi re he f ane was pt od populaon the Colltedata anwhat’s this them withignity and tryo find o o y g we he a chae to tu thates arnde muse cann as t way wdsSorrso Ioon very. All re watching le whi is at w do here a fox ne nowe sh yoallhe liv feeds wcan senatorlii t o hoed aound tab with adcates expts and formey incaerae is rningor the predency in twey n other.emocratic ndides all rit wv o technica diffilties the wa stchingo our tow cam into anoa s haenin at thsame tim but- Iaidg toake look at Gab a- g control rnd tle so.s inustg ‘re nna go the nown ne now sp selng garett bause itt di’t reprent theompanyant to bend I tnk tha. lf us gun eath and lk at wt whawe want a s- busisses tt we fquent. Thr tir socl ornizatis to an wt what work andou kno whaare th choicet. certn with firrms assault weapons for instance or not. And so a l of people are havi thf puic. A lotf prateore mo freent. DavSoa is . What u’re doingere is e beginng of soe ke how wouou meare ccess wt is ain look like for you. angi cultu. he. Allhese g owns andnthat we Texas is probably I. Don’t know this is the biggest day with the December. I would imagine I thk th is increble you’ve ce tTexa becse i you tes d n safe andn reonsie reasableun lawand ckgrou ccks tt woul be an azing e biggt. I he thate c fices. Thanyou focoming toexas bause that’s . tohang the culture I thinks bige cuent gun oers. Tre w ishat e Inow is i to is ha to. Wcan’go olikee We ca maks are.e jusce otr thinI’llringp i time tget a on this is e and ligh d it was goothinthe NRA is is ing bee signed. juston’t belie inhat ey’r abo now I thk ths yoknow they they glorify guns that I have thinchangeappeni today. I anotroardr aociate wh NASCAR gropinto tra l m d eht crus in to e that peleho val their o can’ have athing do wh an orgizy thathat so of th you kwk that iscs t rememb mean. Teason y whyould ann u knowI wanto work witan organitiot guns. thi it’s e responbility o. Toeal wi this ise of g olence people don’own guns. It’su I w Galveon and naval warsp. med ter with the all theritici from anyelcome abt what we’ tryg to anti gun you c say othe things b t beuse th’s not. Josh i you know – w enfoement bhf Gabby’s husbands pents wer com’s ah i N Jery which ways. Thoht is terestg andThere o is elect in a worngor an elted a you kw whas your what youaid is thaif it a stake in thi Toctuall g t convsationtarted in prope sotions long htory in the countrc onesartyeemso talk abobig decadesdow wre goi. er we’rsome se what we coiderReasonle pubc safety polysa dierentlace tt one thing thirtyey simir tthat. It’just a maerf us continug these convertid cann be drs. we’rehe ones who ha soluon. Thks Jefo we have gs whaare so of e thingse wt responsibity whaare th ings tt are ont ofind Foyou igun owns whenou think oute youreapon o just en your yr gatr a lae ithat y’re you know AT a younowhe iocence kno youeopl eve ifour inntion iso ke thesafe and some s ot tmakeanet do you want to talk about what the way. Youe gothat fifty. e balancf my cstitutnal right. mes with responsibilits under fih eespee comesith t respsibili.rede theateso we ve responsibilities o t chilen they ill he to ask peop getti accesour gu because ey areery. Hi held against. Soone’s home wan know they ve a gd Someoncomes y e to. Jt sohat we’re all the American citizens to valueret lots and lotsf other people do we ha gotBackn th thank u fors bo befe about From a law enforcement point of vi one of the bigge thrts t publ safy aa e coealederry homeowns who st lve theirunsn secu inheir car and cminals kn likthat an easlace to s a lk a . Tresn t impornce safet in uromeut ao whenou choe to lee yr home wh thu nt to keep yoursf safe f sociyayi methg. Thamakehing doou and yr faly you this knownd h. GunsSo yea u got. Thr kids threend und so I’mo thk of se of tse this is lik Kidg hi and sk omy kidtart to go oth. know if ey have a guand nt to ow tha it’socked up in in Iit’s n I wan ople to. I nt theto be peop to. Tconnec tt o somebo’s her it need to be li. Le yourour dog tt that y knoe s be. I aar. Ttays likey kidsove to st cra around id thoughbout tha s I’m lening kind oas I g thugh th. In forss just whenhey go to fries hous at. Theye goi to be sta ere’s not aage tt I can tehhem abt gs yet you knne day’m gon say ye. Friens housand you fi a guy and y tell and al Andf theyon’t kw anythi aboutn you call me but- they d’t. The you knothey d’t kno at stuffet so f me it’s sure that ey’re fe wn becae-idsre curus. Wethey gto ps al know at we’ll got ds nies nhews grandids u know whaver shis i starteto thi a lotorey about. e oc Ises tha wtalked aut backgrnd ches and the Ily in r e I’monna kick this you Jay .hink aut lik h. Can yo imagi. Reired a bagroundheck oevery n saleAxis mt oblemse’re tking aut wh your ew. get sait is earlier I I’m n here oking r the lverullet d what th one pce of gislatn is goi to.i pride tt safy feelior me in eadoe edationa learning. Enviroent byo. Th don’t get tchoose whher orot if I lk unde irty yrs old dd the ne for alhol. Or der eightn for toco playin fieldverybo’sthe operatg on w la and rulations as we like toalk aboutgain leling the pling fie. I see absolulyeron From fm legalale. Ohat. fiarms tt theyre goi dividuals that ain. Do t have ree vience fons a thingof at natur a so. I guess t swer questn aga comin fu circle I don see h andf we’r sred tt becausof.hat au tent As Itated earli ye know I vot bed upo the cisionlected officls may.f they e awayrom mer my ughterndy I. Youno reen sers shI wanto go day. I st so at’s a th’s a sre tactic uncle e SO I jt s it isommon nse safetmeasur to sure beste can tt our ds s fountions say in soety ‘re no Arshanko mucor bng gi you loo reay qckly het thnewsow s the st h flontrf th beg here but again we’re going te funera in Calornia.HP ficer Andre me yea was kied durg a guattle thaneek agfollowinare Dreato bece a CHofficeffistop l. d I kno tt we wl contin to hor h. f kiness a to serve others. ton arhere. I te y dreshat weour faly wil contin to lo out f Serra. Mike to of. Yourrotherand sister. Weill contie to lk out fothem and cck in them asou did. d I kn you will contine you forer. Thank you lissa. No wre goi thear fm Ane stepfaer Ricrd so Loria starby thanking eryoneorto coming.h autiful d iremembnce in th celebtion olaundrmy sonWhen Jt arted ding shwould ll me abo howt saidnd he uld ha me dr.k Differt n his fst pies I dr I stl havet homeo stay. And st so that almost made t thing mom ught m. Heanted Knowg thate woulbecome ousuperIt wasn’too long. After is saiJohn I g for our neymoo. this mee the cera toe. With big in bac then really lik ofcials threeave th gianthe grd. And the ll he cald e eit hundredCan noto me. Rick is itkay if call u. I art. Ishat whwent right thugh me. hat mome I couldn’t heu re hap moron becse of hibeing cepted. An thoughur asstant n. uld alys be el’s ltle likeheir sond faerTheman. Antwos ds looke up to Ariy as her brother the role model. Thr teac ver sacolor. Heaw characte. s fat evythingo him. And we saw this even with his friends he hu outith. His frids wer invid. o men et ourere faly. cause loveds a ok smuch pde. Asonored littlelder hig staed king ato car showsnd famiHis owlove wh carsrsch’s wis and a me.e spenat thehows. love him and s buddy DanListen tousic. the c pretendg to be uig me. And notice vehicles parked a littldiffert. d I reallt itUntil thext d o nehbor camover a wantea righ. Thsize Johwrote joundregel ding oit was greatid. And athe ga tting his ectricawork. to ba dedited mare He was ag Th even the te where. I outlk in. ying to ta care of us e got a job. And th job w rking th the. We hadreat mes together. Until I’ve he becaI becames worse employee. wod get upseat me becae we. Didla me beaiful camses arod southe Califnia I lov owers t and succulen. But alwayso take a pictuAnd ofourse he tk a piure ome takg a piure ansend ito his mo. Mom. Thiss whatad doe l day ngAt the gting tohe c was pbably th st thi for bh of u. ved on to another b. A Los soappy. And hetarted acemy. Wh you graduated was hape and his clsmates need to go sev two mths. But I thout aut the cotless hours he snt rking all the tes we had across multiple countie f jo all theeekendhe gav All e hardork tt youeu down. do yrsefore at to ge m to ts point. wle nderednd succeededuring of h in a ment. Heasoud. We livingis dr. . Betiful ng latel. Anwe join wh a. ose le block. Heade it tohe cat ima of a reer. Th he ws dream of. d little dideg gradua from tor scol. Ge you’ alwaybe my ro. rea much. Thk you much Riard mornin for severalountiesnatcbos the sd sohwestern suburbs u under storml three lol time I believehey are icago Iinois. Heavy rains and qud ra down on the area t atherervice said we win eight miles per hour anreachingy isolated tornado is als possibilityemperares ihe Chagoreaxpecte to peak toda wow. Evenith stms they’r sti th dream out tre wit eight warm its herenhe valyhow befo droppin to a low of abt sixty sen degre at ght the raiould ctinue into torrow but are excted taperOff. On Thursday. A ght that’s all from sister stion fo thirttwo in Chago. Hey earlier today ve prese l space council meeting let’s ke aisteto wt he h to y door Een sll on for rl outsndingAf o whomery ietlyCamen a of a big rnd of applause thesethear e extraoinary Americs that are making difference for American leadership in space would you join me in thanking them. u are gracis host the Sthsoni stitutn all e men and won heret the even. of ou hazy cente is a eat hor to be whll ofou toda tha your f ur aendaeoday And weome tohe six meeti Of t nation. s r new nning te. And heaid to me yoi caedhe nionalpace cocil hasain dmant for mo tha twey fiveearsnd I was wdee a rened naonal sced sre and said wld d. joiunciAnd loom me in thking learhos commitd to n adersh on eth a in th vast eansee h presidt of t United State a dierence. u’ll hr abou that tos nelywo yea ago right here muse tt we hd the rste meing ofhe natnal spe counl. So f betr placto holour si eting. ‘re wee gointo reflecn tht e Stat is on tra in our Ameran learship space. Anreally can tnk of tter te. Noetterime to leershipecauset was on nth ag. Thorld pd Ameran aronaut t crew of threexy ollo even an the four hundd thound m and wen who stoody l st. Inne gianteap. Wh a eatelebraon it s s many oyou we t no only here o nation’ capitaute o s deep humblg fore to beble tspend time. Wit ny of th men a wom a posslehey secur ia veryoeshe mat in sce. t as wgather her toda we do soecogning that it been rty sen year fon theoon.n fact are grthuttle pgram inclung the spacy bend me wagroued nrly decadego.l g eah ort inissis fosedh lo thearth. Instd of aing r the ars. Wh I’m pud to rept the ump’s adersh. All that we sndt the bth of a wess millenumee sterie of spa andhat’s exacy wh r twand aalfears uer t esidt’s leadehipmerica Thisreside rognize whatn. thAmeric people ve kno r morehan ha a cenry at is tha ourecuritur life. Dend on Amecanof leadship ispace. How wederipnd n acknowdgr orbi isoturinal deinatiobut raer it a traini gre innite fntier ace. d I caassureou themerica people are t in sce so the psidentry rectio wve we putn end decadf budg cutnd Amera’s cmitmento hum furtr into space farer and why in oufirsear in offic poli direcvene makgte Unitedtates of ericaohe tionaloe return to a iorize prude msion t theunar sure maed watshedomentn Americs sce ed l and ear miion thatton needed. As hl o the on forhe fir tim nceineteeseventtwo. For lo ter eloraonhe use not ly to ant ouflag a leave r fe a l year predent tmpade it th polic o this adnistraon treturn tthe mo b twenttwentyour an sure tt theext man a the fst womn ll bAmericanstronauts. begu wre well our wayo makingasa mo abo that dayTo giv NASA t resoues tyeed to acmplish thi msion t presidt sige ency larst budt ever. Ands we spg addional oneoint six llionollars to suort o newed mmitme to hun space plorate lach sysm kno as SL t rld’s most powerlocket. Launch Ar thmoon wl be fly year. Laonth. Wk markbd by t ens crafthat w all kw wil sit on t ol cay the fst cru ship design t toe exoratio in a hal a cenry alrighl coinue tlisteno vice prident ke pce whewe retu. Or wld velopmt of ouew lun laernd wkingith Johnson Space Ces w n g usloser the d as th astrauts will anthe stars and stf Mars. Than withi t lt ar Amerin thnolog touchdn oncegan d tnesshe inshtission succsfulandingnars ah even nowhe f NASA are har a wk entiing tho areasf th suitab. Fohuman ploratn. like the Apollission whe our acen t s estaished. hievg our ambitis gls will pend o inuding ose tt ours nelis areonnaalk aut today. But o th time. Ou eorts wl not relyntirelon govnmen forwar inthatright fure with t sr inteationaallies. Alrey NASA iwoy leerso deloplans for and trainhe astrouts for thfirst er cde jouey t Mars. Oumi on trk i Arica i explatio aga don youdgn human se abou today on e pside’s adersh we’ we’ve also on let Arica’sommercl ace dusts neverefore. As t presiy o to me it psible fn sps ericanntrepreurs t devep the technogies littln to i no dou refle ain todll wee strmlinin the linsing rimes that ersee lach reerynd new operionsn sce wer removinnecessay d of that’happen over e all last t ands ‘ve eourageore stle an ordly spay restedonfideen theae’ve oprtunits a spae help Drncredie ecomic gwth st t years ago the sallite indusy alone gerated som thr hundr revenue. udiesredict tt nuer will incase tmore annuly in e nextwo decade. Andorr spes recnizes e indury of theutuf ofhisear w snlmost as mu invesd in sce entire yeaeforenact. Ine as die twen two blionollars has en invtedn near fe hundrediffertc mpanie a I’mroudo say th theajorit tse those investntsn erican spa businses. Amica iseadi. Inublic But we allnow i wepace. ading han sce expration ase ld inmerin innovaon andntrepp inpace. also st leain serity bothere oearth decuriForr are rking th Congresas we spk totand u. A new brah ormedorces and soon Coressill apove ihe presidt willx f the Unitedtates.he Unite Statespe prident . We allecogni is manranklyrue fo cades. In h words sces a Statpace forceill insur in t vast panse spaceeshat o no d. re othe eah withhe vasteachesf outespacetechnogiest xt weewe wilformal stan uthe newnified mbatanommandse known e Unit Statespace mmand. An I’m pleaso annoce thate wl ren r e d Stes spa comnd. Thank. d befe I movenrom geral Raond leme menon anothegens thehairma of e joinor thisation toughouis lon haplay a cricalolention he suring. O the nional defens of e. duti as chaman of t jois chiefs os ead and would you all mind getting on your feet just showing how much we appreciate the extraordinary life and serve thanyou foyour adershParticarlyn the ttersertaingmerican histic copr contbutionderip in a d knothe esiden fls as I dthat wa is sto. Mont a whout ur ldersp anyour wee gog toear re about Towa a new uniedefenseour adnis. reemt tdefendmeri’s tion surity scessets analso eure oucollecve defens. te compshed treates triuhs oAmeran p inpace sti liehead. u’llear abt thosplans poliecommeations tthe esidt ttill he Dr betwnur govnment or commeralartne mied natns acrs the rld tionshat sreur vals rulef law. Weilluild onemracy fe thsuccesf t ternatnal space stion by woing wh our frids a lies to suort a moo landg inwent. n term lar surface operaons ando bt l al contie to leashhe commcial sce eerpriss sts th will couragay novation. d eure tt Americ compal o n Isn’that rht jam. Bu we’re goa me it eaer tnver to recit ane enneer and manags ands wee gonn hit our gls or spac. Younow prident tmp hashe nl reingorati the Arican spe progm. An’m hbled abroad at a at’s exaly whathis tm is don. dh’ th suprt o so nyf yo gather her s pridentrumpaid inis to bthe leer amo natio. On ourdva known. That w t recotituteand th’s whaas brout us he todaAnd invoe hardship a hazar sacrife and rsevance. kn withe men and womenf Apolloles ag. And at andhat is sily thisThat Aricans can accompr a e wld back into the vast expanse of space. ankou a r bein her today were grou all t exptsnor sor indust leadeoru forwd to o dialoe and r scussi and- he suprt suppt that hear om. Noat Iee ine ly pple involdn the grt spacenterpse acrs this cntryr everaymericarom ery walk of lif d th we’ve oyust ben to rew Amecan leadehip i space. So k k e l rit butgain tt was vice presidt Mike pence ads the I believ it s th sixational space cocil meetingYes t six meeting national space council in Vginia I’monna ke youut a show you little bitf f tuatnere in th vley and is i fm aAriza cara hefully Iill ti here forou id e dertme of plic safy we have leaer spond to arire tt left tn le ahe dver.the o thenaa d tak off rningt th sa tim bck ske srted llowg frohe eine was sce a the a sti lookg f thel wh andfe g any bit of tfficlert here i Cafornia govnor Gav wsom owrapng u i Calirnia se bris we’rnot lien in.ight n news w. Remaably’m defe the stue ofibertyIto bedtif mean tseg c y intesting mes lot ohead mean yresolveour crity noust the les Flahey ur claty of nnection is mo iortant thaever tha wetandp and w step in t is momt a we asrt judgnot toave lideursels. At rie talkingeneraot liveThiss remkablyt of imrtant ment iour ti. And ea ands r facthat we theontruted a in t worlde’re ting ton buil and s it’s tha thanou. F your faceo thisecause o . But nd youThere’ no likelear bause is realreatebecas a oxy forll of r larg emisons cong outur tai pesIn Calornia th’s rohly 40 of r work. And thing de me re pro sertedalifornis leaderipThen wt e b rking rectlyith th tomobi manufturers rking th somof the reprenting just shot 40% o l the r purases ty Obam admistratn’sigheritdo Calie vehicliley s the ministtiono roll bk ose effts Ciforni is commitdith r p ose hier sndards tt’s Calirnia againeadinghe way at alI u my ste. And m prou of itleaderip Pradaenator Feinein II’m proct vernorrown Jn lereds thinit’s pyed on e sitee younowI ur broer forr lieunant gornor y gotta. Que the Grks. Wh is th if thers anhope forhe fute tse with lanten t way wheI’m upere onhe age. With w faceut simila rolve s theishininbright than evBecausof your fa. And leadship assbled obehind mehank r e and i futur hadhe privilege finaf a moth ninetn at t Ompic Meetmy fatr. And ed. righ now t thirdeneratnsn of mal a nuisce. Cruzy stat. Upere. Th mmunitur I lovthis pce I veverythg about it an love h it lightup my expeences a yng chi and what I e. So is ithat spitonal. neratial srit tt thanThat wall. I tnk are. Tsuste mmitte to Tuday that ain I ngratute you o evythingou’veone tget us tthis rarkabloint a know this csely the best is yet to come thank you all Be n we areaitingor tap aybackf psident Dond ump meing with Romian presidt. Te timeheren DC the president walkedut to gree the visiti press d tn walked into thehite House tr carasut we are geing wd tape playbacfhe arrive and possiy even fm theval ofce in jz momts i looks like the arval wille any secd so I’m trnga e picture that wa we can vet in its eirety right here on news now but we might need to return to that in just a little bit. A right and what will e state department this werealkingbout In. It wasey the need let’s see here the information we’ve got Fauria the foreign press cter special representate for.the US Iran from N York Cityo ‘re goa wat that I wl definitely try tget th tape playe thank you l for ing here. Secrett New rk for a mting of th the ited Natio to advanc. Pee andecurity in e the. N. secity cncil thisast wed moh Polans foren minier is in wne meetg withim. partned th PolandBack i Febary thirteth and frteent a ited Stes iPoland To pmote pce andecuritn a glol . the Mdle EastWe had sixtfive nions a ten fro rtuall ery contine in thworld. It s aood opportuny to scuss t nge of thats th we see in we cork to improv secury in the t prote peace. l it ds the prident’gonna uncil taketock othe prress tha have de sin Februy. One ofhe oue . Is t creatn of sen rking oups. Anhese working gros will be meing the lel of sistance seetary. The idea the and the nisterl to n justl beg I talfast. Weanted t able to idtifyhe sorof the k teo stabilynd bring natio progss. So we dededoe operatnalizc enda by creatin sen secrary wi be diussingkin gups e thostoday the UN. security couie e counies ha alrea been workg gros the oer two wille annoced inue coue. Theorking gros we’ be coring cyb secury human ritsMariti inviatio securinergy y misse proleratio. Humanitariannd refee isss and coe h gether. Isra and Ara the mmon teat of your ru. d if there’s o nice tng at I can say about In’s foign pocy ithatt has brghtogetherabs and Iselis iways we never to cntries thaare onhehough posk front nesi stor. Th the In nuclea balltic miile teing itsn’s stngth a Iran’s proxs. And seavea ne sategy rking th partne in they s run h forei polic and veryleasedith thprogre. That wvee othe point tt sectary mpeii wl be ghlighting is sothing that disssed en hwas la in e counci And Decemr nuclreal was then to tee one. And those twohe Irano threonere tight relat e Ira nucar deal i two to threone as mention eaier failed to derate. itid n stop the devopment ofran’s baistic ssile testg or pliferaon. s fundg to pxies. Yeah relution twoo three on ntemplates in xt yea armsf theS arms embgo one Iran wch haseen in pce Since about00-062007 it wi expirnext year. Thats part ot. So i twenty fieenhe In clear al wheit was concludedPlan to lift the U. leadgponsor of teorism five sho years. Al in t three onehere is list of. Indivials who were o are unrou and tral ban tt includ Qase e same day. The. N. tral b on tweys al expiresSo we arnot fa ay. Fr the as embao exping and t travel ban liftin. t fothe inrnationacommuny to understd. That the Ira nuclear deal is gointo sta exring nt year. And will contue to exre. Inwenty twty thr eightears after thIran deawas conclud. Thean on e orgazationalso eiresAnd then ayor twty five y havall th are rminat. Th w anone enorus setba. For vancin ace ansecuri in th ddle East. We bieve that the UN secity councihas an importanrole tplayTo ensurehat thermsmbargo anthe trel banr contue that wi be aiscussn em today in the UN surity counl. Hap to ta any estion. Okayo thi is the ti f Q.A plea ste your name a orn n hookarket is yea withu Mrll voe o Ameca iso are you going tay Poeii gng task them the someing textendhe arm you ing to make specifi quest. Wel Iould rer y to wt he sd in vember resotion t to the one. an And is imrtant thank for thcouk s promed in the Iran nuclr deal th. Morateran’s behavr tt it wou conl peace and stabity hasot haened ifact quite the nuclea deal com a thera expens of i inhe Mide Et. Becau an spe the sanions relie its msile pgram a on roleor the cncil to play. Ifhe couil faio take action You s bargo lted oaun y ll als seehe travel baon twenty . meetg ia thi role f the l ‘s an portan rolnd it’s sectary Ppeiince sothing abt it. All right evybody before we go to a quic break I d youave tt deo o presintrump weomin theomann ge these picture fmhetere is ane alhe pom and cirmstaeWhitouse Tt erehe mitary mbers comingutn thet weoming thereside o other nion it all aut interniona’ esidentrumpThat wmight able to ar somhing mbe you’lleac just momentOr the morcade tually aivin. sout porco is whathey cl at t OOe t walking out to greet the visiting predent shake hands and they both walked into the White House they did not pe for the cameras and we’re hearing that the psident o the itedtates chorthe the al offic andent io roughheoors tt lea to e upp press inste of the outer. Oval office door there’s the handshak rig the and they’re going to walk in together more news now is just moments away everyone thanks so much for being here likee saw las week almos aoard g ll wk ago on Wnesday wn saw like tiggest loss. Al year iterms of pcentag points the’s lot opeople eping a ver closeye o the for o K. any stocks th they are vested iand rememb yterdayas thatl tre ecomistsay byhe endf twentywenty on A lst according to a recen sury so are ver Vy ccern king aiveook now at the capile’rereside tru iseetingith n prident don wry we’re gogo stay on pf. Everhing tt como e ova offic ae wi havet foreah ro televisi it wl ben t ws now strmhich conties on you too b thi tonig wee gog a theay. Till fi uheren T y canan ceainly find . On lin All righwee u seehey’ not liv but eaierhis morng a I was the rd tos listo wh he h to say. t this is what I do wanto sayIs t yo polits may . e Progreive Cserf deratendepende Democt Republan Ia n e telesion. can he our ki watch theelevisn. We dot wan a predent w lies alof theime. We don wan presidt who ems. Bent on trng to vide o peoe up. Bad on wre thecame fm Based o their religion based baseon the sexuain mostresidents ve underoodr this. o brg people togher as Americans wi make. And we can have our ouremoccy pplefro o dierent pointof viewe argue wh od decracy. Bu. Weon’t d it in aayhat divids up becae at the e of e d loveOur cotry. An I alwsare alll fe apecial umbrage wn I see thprg n l a thisold coury at th age of sevenen frooland with nothinos cket.ut to spk a wd. O glisyou drped out high scol. Buhe camo this cotry ner madany money. rk hard b he lod thi op himn oprtuny. To raise becaun a way that never ever ever.s t n Wodave been posble fm where came . Sty most offen that’ have goto do is uergo a healg procs in ts couny. But I thinkhe fir thing th I wildo is esiden of th Uted Stes is reminhe Americ peopl that we ell in thisogethe that all lo our coury. And we’re goa and e terrle divisis the rre. e send poi thaI wanto make iin mt good enough for the feet f us kn someeople say welb I at’s wt we he to that is ermously whatre very hay to tl you. at in every niona pol don in the last yr. We hav deated confent we can defearump heren Io. In chigan and Pesylvan Wiscoin ifact manytates ound t untry ich heon in tw ousand and steen. So we are goine ha to doore than the ft ump. Anwhat whaveo do is chae t f this cntry sohat we hen econom aa o st the% of wt it wld peop here rrent one upanI mean g at’s yr name. Ok what fit name. ace alrighand I ve. Sen granhildn so thanou I tnk. d Iotounger four ks thata w future of our country. rder llions of yog kidslipper betiful ung ki all rht. We have e ha theighest rate of chd poverty.f any major countr earth. yight now ndre of thousands of bright young kids likgrace. Woeringhether thecan or inany cas. thegoocause colleg the goe ouof sool fifty a hundr ousandolla in debt and w e now seeg yog peop. Who sayou ku ing toollege. I don’t wt toome oufifty ndre ousandollars in bt and bumpednto guy e other ye xt I can’ rt t dedes I am afrai they’ security check. In order to pa e studenhat cat get d of it.onnah t f thei stunt dt athe me time theais studt de. Sohen you hav goin to gi one pnt onot illionollars inax break large pfitablorporation wee gna me sure tt ery yng pern in ts dereo get aollegebility a educatn is abla a lot oother tes of traing go t beco a she metal worker. What a become a nurse. Wh a bome carpeer order wille a meanic lot o makeure tt eve youngtoo peon ihisountry Has t dreaand wa to haWithout gog deep into bt. All rit thats not radica ea. Ande’re gna dohat in a cple e we’rgonna ke pubc colleg and uves e talk about tt issu a when I erybodthoughI was ttle b crazy. ll the bugsre. To wd idea well I nt youll to know. That a er thicouny inalifora states were movg in exactly stah that direcon bause peoe unrstand we could get. ace the os r t ch in e wethiestountry in thi wlt althe edationhat yo nd All ght we neeyou. The help do allhe this thatave to beone inhis cotry. So we got to pay attentiono ou kids a k out ere aree’reoing toance alltudent debt.y asking Tn Wall Street the pay a modest taon the specution. All rit that a goi to deal wi that sue. My plic freeancel l studt debt By imposg a most taxn ll Strt specation but when we talk abouthanging younpeople. It is also our oldery often we dnot talbout nior citizens in this country the w that shoul. d the trh isa uth ishat in Verntobile thretty old state t couny as our natio bruth i tt as columns oouo derly ople suggling. To digny thathey derve fo much tk abou. I’alking about theu geldernd graceomedayou will niceg ti. Fr now wn you t righ. And althresrettyer u got e exnsive rht all rig a derly ople oen nee escripon druSo whawe are fosing . Iso take ohereed of e pharmautict n neral wt it mns specifally t sene Kenny but notehat I wen to Canada with group peop oy a I didhat to exse t unbievabl greed ancorruponOf the phmaceutal indtry. I didn’t knows onhis tr we got aut sev d a ha milon Amecans re deang wh diabes diabet is a vo Detrt Michin t Winoromin Onrio. Ande boug insulin which r the fferen in pre beten the sa ef to t UniteStatesnybodysed Got at. We want fifen. minute awat ndsor tario. boughhe it theame ect proct in the mily tre a mher wi r son. They saved m memor dollaron a trifor sid nths wth of d. y ds itappenhat w pangen tim wal f suli and isot just inlin. It is almos ery other drus in Cana thethink the ices a too hh and a ler a trou. n thin they’ peoe ha a If is it. Whawhy is ithatndime poig the Unedo muchore th theeoplef presiption drugsnyone y otrountr but is more than read what else is ait ithe mdle n here here’my queion are you go walng io the prmacy torrow oy. Youay Hey wrote refil a government gustwell sry to ll you yo pricedouble. Ar the aner i that the drug compansn Amd e e price of yo medice doublet or s no l to event tm fm doing atnd te t lows tha thapp.hat’ laut there tha ss tt the dru coml or trie or ise the price thing’happeng witn Sena threeompani want asreeteds greed. Theh mpanies produce 90%f the ople iinhis untry an stcoindental this ll sameevel aexactlthe same.ou. Thp And peh diabet accorng theiddle this. One arter of e seven ana halfillioneoplen this cntry a raoning sulin. Doou kno And some ses iteans t. T. Butt is t jusinto presiptionrug usso wha gonna doWe’re ing too two thgsFo n drsWe areoing tsay th dicare. ‘llegotia dru induryNowhe vetansical adnistraon n does tt thcountr for drugs the ddams okayhis iwhat yeah w ban et that numbe one. Numberwo a trolle impro the suation we’re gt anprescrtion dg distritors. Ton y e fromanada aand other price reseller i ts countrs aa e and t a a the nadians t with a loo at wt othe countes aund thworld are’s s at’s aut theverage thas what wwie chargein thenited ates rtunaty tugh wh we ta out prcripti drugshat I waed. e bird littlbit for l theegislaon wlde talkbout and want to spe that r a mont. ‘ll put and en Medare foall. ll crte a pcessith nody in two hundd doars outfthan pocket for n that how we alithll right presiptionrugs wou ler the pri af al we p a c onhat one al rightveryboernie Sanders syiny e House. In Iow ting a le look n ae these’re tingo ther we li loonowtrnie Sders hostg whas a h s ist Arnol hark Iowa wre goa getll cght up th m storie from acrs the countr. Wt re onewsow. Fo yea knowhow ny pple Iowdrkkay me aI today t tha l rit tol wre gonna g all caut up h o t’some rightut he t Phoex Arina e . Phoex polic Phoix pice chief Gerh w dernisatio to the police rolloutf body camer all trol offics have them now more than seventeenundred cames andll pha twoill stt now face to wi continue wi the tffic beau wit the transil or oswat tea chiefilliams also aouncing the eire throug eig hours ofental heth first aidlass yr poli officers wl continue trning and put emphy firsto rece every offer will comple this tint inteention training thatwe use every dayastly Wilams offir pnts a firrm aa rson. Ias to be documted recoendatis bught on by the community police tru initiative back in twey fifteetht oup says thisew policy ia major winor t city the problem or don’t we have a oblem and if we do ve a oblem. What’s the tent of it. Mo importantlyre the other ctics d. Situions empled. All rit th was foyouratiee anan so much with aittlbit technal diffulti s ho to workroun theand ntin on th t shoto ne to ow aut. Her is liveook aPo e fid tre o ithe stance shines witut Mteroamppret muctht might beomeo’s o the but pley ofa wath. Matrf fact’m gonn che the outsi temperureights e gree All right so we are ntinng on wh ourop oriefromcrosthe countr anyby li weurns outhey hava ns plastibottlean. Come August twentietouill not be ab to b a br airpt uess thatottles madef setha metal o glass pasngersre throh airrt security thialreadyi ne polic is rllyind of e that suprts our o sustaibility goao. What ppens othe twtieth you you’ be buyg it i eithe aut ca recycble glass bottle or paage asaveas alsoostable fotandin bar To pridetructedests packageso real thi is thein ne step in terms of diverting products that would normally go into landfill yes plastic bottles like aluminum cans can beecycled. As wsee her Relogys immense San Francisco recycling plant but there’s a big problem plastic bottles more apart quicker. Than rabbi and it is standing hard to get rid of becau the marketorm isn’t vy gd anymore. How much arwe taing out. Fiveundred billn of tr worldweour miion year at SFO lesc ttle endp gting rycled an iCalirniaor bngiscoo actulyhy save ourlanet w a knoono abouplasc . d thi also is aaste alsoeedeo crease oits armaceicals and a ts portt stuff deste all of this fld provid by politically powerf beverage cpanies are exempted from is rul at leas forU foxwo new All rht abo it we’reoio s dustri liv one me tim d that becau were hearing psidentonald Tru is sakin in thevalffice I bieve we’rgettin tape play back of waitg thoh theust tk the tapplayr ba and they’ kindf tryg toind thexact pntn der to play for urememb ovalfficeithheomania the prident we’re likely gng to on fen ext out withhatere tape plaaw t timet lea f one me top story ht uniq thnology useo certnly. Help a lot of people.nn Months after hurricane Michael Bruce of the Florida panhandle ee Florida Keys the state is bracing for what comes next. Onef those awers under water it’s a relatively new science Florida Gulf coast university long to pull samples from the mock and dirt of the sea floor Fe get a court through thi techquesd invoes digng ithe dir der wat to cover formatn abouturrines fromhousando that can help predict how rong future hurcane wl by studying pterns in t ntimts Muller points to evidence that forecasts more severe hurricanes she matches suace temperatures to prict thchao the msivetorm llreate. Aee temratures ntinue trise ahe momt ere projeing thawe’ll e more iene ture and theeologi recor shing t same thi hering is edictisatch up with the forecas they warned of ove normal hricane activy with the pn rricant lea t of theseore as thell stoould b more and it’s te so mucbout Glogyhere so much hisry there it’s reall imrtant thawe can unrstandhem as best ae cano tt we g forward hurricane season lasts until late November people here can only prepare for the possibility in Bonita sings Florx s d yo thatews noes ctinu onli I g to Phnixur covage tayre live streamw becae we’ still waing f what wre calng this te trum at the White House the ok lik theve got a Q the are ready to go. I’m just n quit sure if I’m gonna be able to get it in here on news now let you know were on stand byo fot an you can hear the esidens remarks I am beg ldhat he mentis t word recessn he is loong.t the ecomy just aclosely as we are ans r p sto readyo go f yeah ‘s some health related news. Inegardso a twey fo ur bod pressendhy it is k in dermining he. hypertension kills thousands indites that o of the beery ways tod i butith twenty fo hour ambulatory. Blood pressure monitor now this device you it meares your bloodr arm and pressure everyifteeninutes during get vy aurate asssment of whethed p of devic man stueshow care provir’sffice. Theth readings are inaccurate with a develo whasalled white coatypertension a thatan someolks. If youave his healcare provir about you geing twey four hr Miketrictl on wh the f ws. Micaleam. All rht day th thereside in th quicy aeah I’ bnen. To quit vocal othat.hey al did qutik whh wasidicous.ndo you ok Iuess y could cal normazedut if u loo Our enomys g lookt thereviou you te a ministtion theeren ying ierest thehad no inrest res the had loenin thatype tng. And anklyt’s a big difrence d our onomy is incdible r jobs Youook the j rket b youave to oactive.nd soe reall ed aed cutate becse if yolook at what’ gng on th theuropehe auropea Union a ant Germy wt ty’re dng andt at there ping. The tually dngomethin Evereen itefore have . So rht now we’ payin a the rld a generlyfolw dispity. Soe’re lkingor that’kau a rate cy greatlelped if the f wld dots job Ando a sutantia rateut ao the re dng qntitate typ ing ver bad to . The no ting or minim theyng shld be ing noing


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