News Now Stream 08/19/19 (FNN)

News Now Stream 08/19/19 (FNN)

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Therson testify athe anhat I PTdeotingpr yes this athat pnt in the vio thaofficePantal ene wi his hds claed togethIt isr essed ainst garders chokold t NYPD urt rudck what na at wel cerinly not eferab tt hol w ceptab durinthat bef mont in timeecausehe ris Was high. t that exempon ciumstanceo long exist thcourt fod. Wh offic grouAs Mr gonnaalanced hielf onhe sidalk onis has and knees. puty mmission of ials ros rie Mdonado fouhat office Pantaos sregard the bstantl a unstifiableiskf maneer plicit prohited byhe partme. Heound tt duringhe strugr o prohited cckled ta less pelelternave b did n ke usef thatpportuty stead evence Mister gner s mov to hi siden t ound. With h left a bend hisack inis rig nd sti open extend. chuce. Mr garr’s obousnds coug and gmaces. reover don’ found tt office I ntaleos kindhat cae physic injurt nal l thresld and tn his rklessnl layed interl bruing herrhagi that pairedr gud is ysicalcondion and becauses n iggeri an asma attack r all ese reons. Taken gether enfter riewing office Pane depament mals eaedeenree leadinup to ti t recoended th he be diissed om theepartmt makes thipanel the tribal recnizes that fm theutsidr t And furer not tt thee. patrol guido necearyo taken whe uncoopative divido cuody. Wh theatroluy dotllow hever even en this iividg prohited child. lled a y ow a nber oextern theame namquestion we hees he af nineenth twohousd and foteen aut a monthfter Mr Isla disict atrney’s fice annoued it uld pane a gra jury esent evence on at matr. A fourteen was twentthred toot indict oicer Panleo earingim of iminal ongdoi that me day. The United State Attney Geral anuncehat t US departnt ojustic e nduct s own invtigati in Mr ge is thnd way brging feral civilights chges agnst ofcer year the jtice deptment NYPDAsking us tdelayur internalisciplary proce til itcivil ghts procs stretcfrom ore. We ministtion tthe ne. With no actil NYPDroceedgs. mbers egin e publneneral and mied Mr garr’s fily in paicularave grn undetandly impient. Th ial began on m thirteenth two ousandnd ninetn. July ninete o day bore theand dertmentnnounc it wodce no file feder crges agnst offir Panteo then. nineen witofficePantaleoOn Augtd is ND triaconclud. Trials commisl o grosdeviatn fm the a for w Yorkity poceblhed officeAfter tt e was are th chocotes ar ohibit by thdepartnt. stroly word a repead rnings abo t potenally thal effts of ccolate und thughoutultipl ctions othe trning the dartmen madits tweris. It it ousand a six recits came anywre. the ierent ngers assiated withhe applict ap essureo the neck. Give this tiniy poce offerould reasobly expecdo be are of th potentlly s connted wi the use of ohibit show lled. Be vilant iensuring i use. Fromhe sta of th proce deternedo carr out my reonsibitys poli mmissier unaectedy an ocome or anothepublicpinionse aminehe totity ofhe circumstans e y corrt decion. Anthat he decion. I seer neaysy arly trty fo years as in NeYork Citcop bere becomi policcI in oices p at thoffice thway situation. I y have ma similaristake. An h I made tsd o back offics to ve the siation re. Ti and t ke thaarrest. Anright o sh thaI’d reased Me repeator bece a- so cled. of y do. Mistegarnerlall dot do it complyOffice ntaleo don’t dit. I sai at abo t decisns me by both ficee nnor but ne of ucan ta ck ourecisioMost wasot infficer Ptaleo w I tuatiothat d I was chief chieof deptment in that posion. Iropose o neighbhood polo n the me neiborhoovery day sthat rd probm solng and prentiont uld bomeools oicers wererainednd suprted i usingTherefor o of th greate the gat cllenge the pice professi here inew YorCity a elsewre Will aays rain arresting someonwho tends to rest arrest. t calati technues ar the blic ake wou perfond Vaing lels of rce. e sociy giv oolice t acceableevels oforcehen authotye nessary bause pice caot summses a arrted byeir offis of tt any ysical foe beinused. t some pele choe to vbally. And arehysicay resisng enforcent acoy ing tan againsthem. The and ngerous everyeble involv. Thstr thright pce to gue th proprieness an arst. Th is wh our crts of for. Beg aolice ficer ‘s one ofhe harst jobin the wod. Th i thais not atemento elit symphy from tse res sotimes ry quily eveoes ngle d. Some areplit cond le a death choic ten mes ey arehoices that wl be d repeedly examid by tho th mh me timeo thin out th than e poli ficer d. ose desions arscrutizednd secd essed both faly and offir Panleo getut of d on Julseo thousa and frteenThinki wouldake oices d take route arre that ad toe other rson’shat. t fices oices d actis. Even me undm prsureatter. Unlily tha Misterarn su poor alth. Th a bri caushis dehHe shod have decideagg y st hisife tt is a reversle trady. No hard rking policofficer th the faly Amaa tookhis joto do goo. Te in h homcommuny has n st hishosen caer. Thats differt n d coequencof Mr rner’s deat. Must hava consuence wi the duty comssioner of recommendaons. This cleartrialsd that Da Ngorffectily serce in w York Cy d caying o t court ticenterdictn thisase I ta no plsureI knowhat ma will sagreeith th cisionhat isheir rht ey’re solute no victo not e commity atarge. An rtainl not t courageou n and won of t polic partme. Put tirwn liv on the levery sgle da day of reoning t can so be a d ru d m a d safe for ery piceficer workin dao on thell tak your qutions. All rig bute’ve be listeni inn NYPD mmissier James o’nei withn admistrate judge decisi toc niel Ptaleo who was aused of using a cho hold in t vil video deaf Eric rner i tnty foteen ain office Pad it’seen atorye’ve bee coveriere w rougho allhe devopment look at thstock mkets and atconomisre precting cod happ by thend of twentywenty e. en we ke an ey decion it’notas not somethg thate ov a fewours. And’ve been ke Woulthink ans gd new o majotyatter fact 74%f U. S. biner fficiely concerned abo e rk of se of psident Donald tmp’sconomi pociesoucho that ty expect a rece twen twentone. Theof econists sveyed by th tionalssociation for buness enomics in a rort shar trump oimistidn’t outlkor the econohough th genally saw recessi coming lat tn they did ia suey takack in Februy 34% of e ed sa theyelieve swing ecomy wlip int recsion twey twen one. That’sp om 25% in theebruarurvey we haa bad wk on Wall Streetaste gonnkeep very close eye on the stockarket re o news now jui. Rely quick l’s tak a lo at r wther cdition re i thealley this is our n da fox cas thiis wt’s excted o oh ni tod o thiren tomorro b the Wednesdayid ts. Hot. Howater fifen everodyeeeally yhat chance of cld cf heatny sor orain And stl possly over the weeke so pleo ere wre you’rhats you youreighboheck on yourunglaesunn pa.nd pleas pase pase in a hot car fendly remderavehis thend wch all chiren nearrowninalls. He in th valleately pase jt st seut thereverybo outo Philelphia wherel righte’re thorits h news coerence ts mning.aying re charges a likelo be fid in e ca ofhe man insi hom and shoing six pocefficer ding an hou ngtandof lt wee We ha l tha fulloverag fro noso wre goi to coinue. folw th storyThere mite infmati thawe can Th wmightope to hones the lume o infortion thethound e antity Of invtigati is so enoous in thisase in rmsf things sple.s diggin outllr f bo camernvolve And aa conseqnce r cafulot to ep on e activity the a poce deparent. And also n of theact tt chaes areght pendin nee ingshat w c say. d we thingse certaiy caere artwo compli. We wan to ve y updat on e chargg also want tlet younow wtn Moisve you caeg h office. Fit Mris hl whose rthday is. April twentsixt of neteen ghty tee. A pot I stressecause tre resas w areisted wh thereive. Ae ther haseen so inaccate. formatn out tre. About whh o is the o. Who is arged in is case the with t birthate ofpril thre. has bn chard as follow. He . And the thehargesso the ficersho weractual shot. Heas beecharge wit firs degre felon assau on degr felon aggratedrst simpssault sond degre sdemear andeckles butctuall a ska t hsepoing eangf where is oi ose cas his chaed Mier hills chaed wit attempd murde F. e. offir aggvateassat al For e office who we st bloc onorth fth seet.aat but hdf Attempmurda forcemt oicer I guessll mple aault reckls dangermef anoth perso bualso olawfulestrai. Which a se civians who wereeld capve in.he t haveiolatis of thfif. We uniforme fearmA g firsegree feny. We he causin f riski a deee felonposseson of phehich id strume a cri. Firs gree misdeanor sple sol unlaul resaint wch is asecondeao agn a send agr sdemear. There are the people crged wh nartics fenses i this se and ty are chari firs dege felo. Coniracy isecondn s and sohere’s chargof possesonf me thisime inude bbituras mariana. ster hl has extensivcriminalecord. He has some hhas a cou date cong u tn hisourt date comi up waon Sepmber t fth. The of sixor women arhearin Theefendasho are chged s ha a difrent crt datat this te. . f ve Sepmberr in e ce a coue of th got st first to cot roomor the on trd Septeer oiously the dates a subjeo change and ofg escially in case of is leve Of deyEvery pernme in theieldt atrney’sfice a I understas tt ths factlly compliced case butt it’s a casehat istill uer investigion it a vestation tha we ne and we will n w o ta time it coul takeonths t iwille done correctly d so I wanouereoday and the puble mit nen the ws talkin about the i e ntinuio worko buil is casot can berought toourt. When are de and rey to oceedo cour w will lounoww ve a j to in th job i compleur invtigati I wod now liko taken poacng who will ovide somty to i tails at lst thenes tha can at is point about t investigatn itsf and en I will hg k mentn onlyo go. The are. A numb.e to bdone. Over the nt uple of month and Ihink nths i probly an accurat descriis inveigatio Ts pnte this lirally is ieasurae. Y are lking out ov a when y talk abo a bulleeroundsf. cartdge cing.nd thends thers alshe bal in t bull fragmts. We’re inhe proces f s alings wal. Thatrocess is. Thers or twoundrednd fiy bodyornamerasnd the foage fro those cerashat s to be are merashat were the neighbhood sug orbell camas and other typesf cameras theeople inalledn ouromes. Tha otage has tbe hvested to be an extensi’ going instigatn thaagain ll take mons t woulbe preture ttalk abou A and a the dails because it’ournticipion what wfind thrghout thm and instigatn. Thank you. Thank you Mr Roache we ce ain nto than t maynd espeallyhe polic e poli dartmen forheir shoong incentAftert started ty we patnt ty were ttice re cougeous d the. Th t comeere. So whis so mu bette thant migh have been thb that thesefficer and ts coission deser a trendous cditor tha thank u all e tonswer mo questns at a later time. Can u justotal number all right away so that was inhiladehia tay we are o stand bs this first one herwe are waiting. For rction from Eri rner’samilynegards t ficer pts Lael Danl Pantal bng ft Ne Yor Citpolice deptment newsoverageo again we’ree waitgo hearrom. Eric garner’s family in response t home is prering to holdt neonferee i regds to soolicyhanges progr chges.hichevive aut stts first we’ll hav forou here oews n b you w’t miss eithee sure that we’ve got all your corageor yea More ws now isust mw e getting old live rction in rerds to e Eriarner case develoeg meone to ta you tre liv dot wry we n’t ms anythi fm thisx police ns coerence I’l lateon. Onse nowAndbit atrney.ichaelody was woed on is cas. Wi counling execuve vicnathan andil esidennation actio lo hisobFive yrs agoleo ergonna st hisife. An evenhoug ie g decided d annound toda let us not fgetThat Eran the lo his le fiveears a in thlegal. Procs. Dad Stat Islan a the jge in l ruli that ere s eviden that e . at t actio of thpolice s inact. The ntribung factoro th. thou I agr. With the desionf the mmissiero follow t ro dge ro MarieNow th us n convi Erago of thgs that d n erroGondo w dngstains th has n been tablisd a mawho wathe viim her ts al rember ere wi of t offics t . Whats gonnhappenn th. officeThereo th heas selng wt they arwitnses th saide was brking ua figh. Soe cannook at ef d t also s that non of the legaons agast gonto by e sa polic theere involvn his ok. Mahave a lds b was ner establhed. o h ofragon. d ha lost familyembe Ed ju Friy. Whwas lreale the stres and pn contbuted toheir ely. athsSo bol is maye good r the ty Thathe cy h mome of plsure ojoy r that the cy wou havctehe faly. o tread Eron af e press o law and flowing o policea e saidhe gdelis me nothgThe minirae jue mes noing theroce means thini e onlyroceedgs that ppen. at god nas a ctimf a policen dead oke pocy. d in fac contbuteto h l elseboutrago i specatioand ckle.d forwd alit is that ght lightf that dide contin to r o l heargs tmove fward w couny incling Eron.the Dedes noto bng casIn the deracoua t gonnhead t thousd cigarees. Let e violedAnd whher o nots righ all rig eryboilanr. that’s Reren al Srpton eaki on behff the faly of ic gnert the localhoenixolice new nferenas staed gngo take y theres an iortanttep fohis wl be accounbilitynd traparenc. The is uversal aement resoces to beetter uipped as wls iour communindlenge todayere aa siifican steporward As we train t heal first aid cris sponse andreatnthis so cal by liceIs pushableith a ime not st SO cris intventio trningrogramhat has lpedave my livese excite tay tbey ma membe of the crisi intervtions detectes tosdownsn and Donald ARE he tod they peonallyave sed my livesn ourommf youayave cored ts situion as a seval situatns in on are iividua weren cris we at t top o ildingand wee considerg. Wh wh our xt ste would fromhe dective who aing re todayheyecidedhat theyanted tt offirs f the les tttohese they he savef s inteentioneam. At prevus sta we lled o this iortanr wecruit and n hundr dinety ur of the have we a here to anunce tt we ar going to be bringg that depaments. We nt to thk w froner Arina impt r theipartnership tir lostandi partnshipn priding experse i victi rvices crisi rponse and to Eca cst notamir fromou la Froeru h us. Sce t beginng othis importt m heal.o wheI thk bo of ose paners for the work inhis ar. Our mmunit h our pice deptmen toant collect more data aroun the rkhey e doingn the fid wenow th what you measurs wh. An todaye are ming forward. A oAe l a h e n rert iour cmunity pice trt initiive rort. I am cited tt Caro Colesenry inittive. here day. iswho ine f groupf ds courag us to plemen ts the lice dartmenwe arepolicy Ank mong forrd. Ne wee our wlyppointdoc coitteeith rresentives om eac cyouncil memr ll mee treviewurrent and seri of comnityeport such as tne who remmendation we e movi lookg forwa to fiing meorwar wie wastto improveommuni ust and llaboratnIn three ekshe r in theity. Thesreersht imrtantnitiatese will coinue to move fward toy’s tee annouements are ry excing wre very proud commment to dyameras and patrolheadf schule we are so verproud thawe are gog to bbringi menta not jt o new offers. And data tt we’rgonnae new collecng whi l s bett underand.hat i havi the bt piceommted to dertment posble w a supptrom thcityouncil d I’m hored toave tse chieand thentireepartmteateadere been hd d are. Gratel f theird we workhead. B tay we nt o impoantnitiatives. Chief Wiiamsas beeorking very hard othis and I will now welcome her to the podium for further updates. ank y ver much mayor and to th council as wl as ose atome wein his codn’t do at we witho ur suprt. I’m pased t very imptant pgrams a licieshichillncreas countality and tstn o ultitely me our ty saf Firsas wasention befor thate are aad o schule an deplong ourody wo compled las week and ts includ fg precct offers and sergets crisisnterveion tm i r commityespons squ. camesave be issue sured youho rember wha faceo of was tt ino ighborod enfcement tea offirsustor clarification he dowownfficerhese e thenes th you see in unorm pmarilynd there ou the hopof large scale evts a actities and respd or srring lar sle contue wh the traffl buau wit the transnit and ltly wl signme uni or or sw am. A quickhoutut and thk you to ac oor providg aitiono hundd cames tus iour be rems if didn’ecogni chiefurtae implentati team for all in ming thia reaty. Soon ain Iratefu for t orgazation playe big part inhisIn reazing our goal ofaving ose body worn cameraoutSe tionalolice fouation Puix’s recommendionsor our dertmy niteen iyou alrememb in enty ehteen rry. W looked athem tgive u some recommdationn how beer undstan menta healt sues. And o respoe to pele in cris. Ouream has been tveling all over the countro ok at fferenespons models in ordt st praices tha bes serve the peoe i crisi A w ntinue to wo togetr for r cmunityour pices st ofcersill coinue t recee quaty up date trning. And put empathy theommunity and our poleirst. Wh officers agreethat ts change is . Wi that I’dikeo annoce an imptanr behaor hlth trning law om ter and Maglan comple cart ment heah first aido On everyo wkin. Evy offic wl cplete twenty four mont and i ilds un thease a cris intervtione Agai I like . Eri chestty veryuch ve much e’s aou direct of n trau heali servis f fe prier andalked d e’s he with today Last t not ast Mrs Col cal nry cha first t commuty poling trust initiive.nd annoce tod the Fen PDl will join e majocities bdocumeing ateverhoenixolice officer. Pnts e s onof theriginal remmendaonsnitiat to us by t- thingrustnitiate. And th no o fromhe natnal pole updedoundaon stu m record managw incints I’all ou. e builng. My te y am Ion’t see a othem T.. T. tm. F theirardere tod as. rk in getting this done.n cling’ve ltenedo the concer and r e workinogetheo makehe city saf foe i ficers and’m so pud t gratulor theuppof the folkstanngd withe a wel cit management And wl t plemenng eachf the remmendaonsf youant to find outhe pla and the uptes o what ‘ve been dog ts enti summe info At this tim I’dike t introduce puic sety. Chrman a distrt seve uncilm Micel Nowakski. Whatoday’s abo progrs. AnI relyant tohank. The mayorn balf obeing the chamon whe it cos that ntallyealth traing.t’s sothinghatirst d in office sheasr th connues tadvoca for thosindivials and f the extrem ha r pole offics are ving. Al wt to ankhe chi. For beg avail the meetgs anyme that askhe chi t go t intoe thcommuny she’always chie Have madhisn onthe dranspant proce tryg toet as man peopl i the press as ssible tmake heard. A I wt to tnk the counityeaders The thathow upo thes meetis causehat’s the most portanhingshowing u d letting us kn whathe needs andu mmunit And this what happen fol w e this that imove o polic officersa n thatThese o grealeader hind mHave ce up wh so on again on belf. O the to tnk theayorAndhee Iike chief and ald won in uform for what you our neighborhoods. Safe and mayo and counc thi timek you we’r going to r city leaders take it st a brief bak and allow chief Williams to get set t everybody will retur heren ws now will ge all caut up with somtop sties fr ross t countSo questis Aiines Maxs mites aer takeoff the t disaersie r ashes killedy wife. My ree children my mom in low endhro those victi famils told Coress this smerhey met to prevent the plane frosrss connted to th cshes. Boeing ss ig e oblemnd he to t the jets re cerfied by the F soon the entire compas full engaged and dedicat to doing whatever is needed to hance sety. A regn the for no the seven thirty seven MAX remains grounded the decision impacting three US airlines United southwest their fle since March allne in three carriers have been forced to cancel hundreds of flights creating headaches for travelers during the bus summravel sson. Aviation analysts say the crashes and lostic fancialnd PRa frkly Ihink t nam at th point reay has tbe changen t e cause- it out the damage that has been done I mea is tremdousalesf the Max jet have dried up since the two crass. And t company is facing multipl lawsuits over the disaster this as the new head of the FAAaid thi week wille cared to y thi plane ll non coercial svice ain. Until m coletely assedhatt is saf to do soeing tells thir seven M wilretu to rvice ely in th fouh quter heverhe cpany desion thep to t FAAnd glal rulator. Not the company. At Reagan national airport. Fonews alert all right about it we are taking you out live now to Seattle Washington where we have some breaking news to show yeah here it aears tha a dpruck hasrash into a subway restaurant in what’s known as oneer square we a hearing that at least three people hav been injured now the stati providing us these live images reporting that the dump tru crosy t ar a ocour detai awithe very srceut Se dertme spokesman says ey were cto s sa t dum tck rmed builng aitne sai sawe eumpruck seding down going at least forty miles per hour she said people were screaming and she watched someone get hit rht in ont of h e e restrant h bee ecuated the enre n restrant has bee ecuat due to ructal dage b you seelente k da they a the same tim zon Arina rig nowo ju befo aive inhe morni lots of spl continue to work and get some more informationor yeah. And wl letou kw as soon as learn me about the situation. Out the got to absote e veeen jurespeclly instigion prey much justy tre ae beginnineattlear wil likely prov. Throughout the day we’re gonna continue on with the top storiesn nepower take y out to San Diego. For a. Dr another butif sunset he use mison bch y anoth busy weekend really busy life guard shall is over hundred and twey five thousand people mao beaches we’re talking from ocean beac to a lawyerour everyday locals a youe o of townersike Alic ges actulylue we dot get ttho fw ins peopre gat meanxico the everyone’s very like welcoming betiful the influx of folks meanr i ju i tim andade Aust so o more wks younow mbe then I’ll. Drop make time after Labor Day please committed to be. Direly ifrontf a li scos are notroppg theiruard wo s neededivears perrmed forty water rescue using a medical aid to more than eighty people. It had nearly two thousand prevented of acts such m riides. e ci of nver s a uque camign ttry to teachids aut the nativ efcts underge p usage. show udents how mh i a drugs theity tmed up with glish gardenso displathe consuences in a pretty unique way. Underand. Sometes Hey wanna come give it a try when kids. It’s best to meet them ght where ey are. at’s why the city of Denver has this big bus pkedn the middle of thehich i a campaign to teach students the effects of using under age marijuana.nd owin tm in way tt they caeally undstand Dver has vy unio educion this city rolling out the high costs campaign in an effort to give students facts anm rather than telling them. at’shere the genus cosn thcityayinne o mone an amount thaan blarip coared to more than six thsand fooallsn the solute is aanger to heal effts asar as ain velopmtow bk in th ways that using marijuana uer age can negativel impact your life such as the loss of college financial aid well I’m really glad that these folks are here educating the kids about the risks of under age rijua useAnd we support That type of education the city says the feedback and statistics show the program is working. Andheir crage t idea ithe fure so far so by yth i goi dowinjuana usage Denver and Coe t s e ey wan everyoneo know. That ecati is a prrity I’m sore Svens bk t I of t mart y around Kentucky Bourb. Fa fruitos in ndWhen y’re hury. Yocan’ reay be focused feelinidse u knowelow gback a take th fm youakesen Jnson feel fulfilledI absolute lo my b we jt wantur kids parcularl to a th want to donde want to ty cabh help wh that that’s why whe Johnn knew hwantedo brinitarket he here. e beay ceer. It’s a fiftyoot reigerat tiler Kroger in re tcaretopp i with thessentials meat. Dairy fruits a vegables all discnt i will drive to differentill wil neighborhoodswice a day. Five days a wee reachg dozenf counitie on regular bas over auny thousa peopl Sufr from od insecury in Ktucky out thgh ty ha resrces tn t.ur fd somimes they mobi markelace wilbring the store to eir drs this is just one o tho sps. Adding to the fd pgrams the counity cenr alrdy& and der n com over fivers Youngn ys a wk during thechool ye. Theget a hot ml mang se eveone. Is hug saying itt essing f the for t entir communye tae tre’s a lk wita fullchedul ue . Jessa baDRB ns. As the warsn’tust writing skeboards. He’s turning them into something much different. Since the eighty. Amendments to beunny when I started skateboarding people who skateboard were freaks and outcasts this is where you’ve been able to find cheer me vessels. Now it’s mainstream on four wheels catching. Getting a few raspberries in t proce. You either learn how to fall or you. You Jones is a skater brought life on board is always made sense. is tattoo on my arm and says first true love skatoard oit. So much so we ditched in construction yeah I was one of thdude on the roof. And Tookie shredding from the stres why t rit. Workshop this is my temple thi my satuary. S.s collects broken boards from skate parks and businesses across the city rifling through this dash. It turns them intoorksf art he in Portla in a tter of weeks. Maybe a week two weeks the wes. Link posters bowls andae problyeen it will restaurants offices a bars I anreal beautiful. Thisve process is more than just the daily grind. Every male and Sanders cathartic for vessels. Life has been fore see a accint o west leanghem down bum s stet on bik Auy didt st at e stop lig h puedhe carhat s stopped into me against cross traffic and I almost got crushed recovery just as much mental as physical and harder than any stock to trick vessels and several pulled off. Thehought getti backn theoard gone thrgh o nsta in my life that has alys tn tof.soli. at Ian likekatebodersre afeelg aowing o diffentreed ou ve to fa dn toet u and keep going bringing him peace this is my salvaon. Whom now rking neyn the cy that WDRB new An eighty five year oldurses celebting me shsays s has no pns t jnd Donna algor either seesopow. Ony patientsr make calls to prep emor surry basicly and ‘reonna be doing a simple interva p eratevaluionlini shs bee wit mail f fourte years y myge. Wead anppornity to be tean those years a scholarshiput Alorl a profession she has loved. For siy three years s’s eight ve a sho nsign of oppi herassion f helpg people thd s a p perrmer nses wt t be ve goo care’ve word in unersiti I’vworkedn simple O lity e stafng here mail om the todoctorreat. wn tmy supervor tor these staff us so we can care for patients the nursing profession has changed tremendously says algor in her sixty three years as a registered nurse. Pay has creased she used tmake ge me reect she says they have md more educatiratide numr one ke ueveryorni wh gratitud Ane to come to this stimulating caring supporting environment the challenges are would keep hes waysearng but sheays bein thankle g a long and healthy life Anita Roman fox ten news. The nurses station wre Your sare earlyhis mg e enreront endf tt truck complelyne reauranthere h in three happed arod nineorty fe local meg inlved wasvacuat d to ar als cseo weleep ain e very close e Yorknow wre we e hearg in rards to theiring death. A pt followin the twenty fourteen chor e goaamily s beeniving undetandhat. An there is nouchhings cloreor is n comg home. t wiis filyheirr at. Whatouoaveo ask r is fairns for a a we coissiono bacally seress that hfollowc evidce iabsoluteandhe was aoputhirty ur years t nowne the cmissior I by difrentuless absoluly wng. Hl reonsibilityo sotime instd not to tha. Heednlone a r deded trun fothe coer that h thee decid to t sf eservaonirst ovefacts. poli oicer whoven sahe a even sd. d f thetreet foueen mmendaons fm the Nework City pola emplarolicofficer t a oublmakerThateant noing. All th anythg men’s thim e wafour sonds. Fiftsay sends youe going tohat fouru shn realuate on movi sittion. Is just solutely notruthful annot tr. yone. Th is be a pole offir Knows evy send cous. en yore gting posbly throw rouglatelass windo yo respoibilitis the itseThe rson y’re else but y should realuate absotelyrong. Todawe hr. And asnf e kingor a no condenceote the mor and t polic mmissier of e cityll the NeYork.y o at theew York Citolice fren. The adersh hasand Heoithout bacngThis iet. e policeommissner w nshat atiohousend saidWe he offio o I s whas chaiThe indent dn’t chae the deo di’t cnge. His opion dn’t cnge forho changeit fe mayond theolic mmissier tre’s lon track cord. Ta lo tra recorof abaoning hipollsHe lefhis po atteed. Toun acrs thi untr and t to geanothe job press chsn the reets Brooyn ts weendtk o reond in id thas not od don’do te outre wheour ate you ha polic offers getng off e ropeollowe. rea gunfe tha. Bad es ibringi our ml say at theolice mmissiayor p pat that ght. d sendn the trps. ere no coidence no condenp i aza. Al right erybody y just hrdr Ci pole benevent desion in gard to ree fice Danl Pantao for t entyourteechokold dth ofric gner the were li newsonfence to anherd a here onews w. Let’siste to bld L o shou be ill ale toy. Anit waso diffult. Fo all us r e u t wahed a n di. on oure nAnd causso manpeop brheright tre in thao a what. Iy tuation wh of at w my so. Wh of th wasy faer ethethatas m. e fe. Peop wonded if weould bcause r . ft witut jusce. The ace That we r s synymous. th ming things ght fled us. itedtate lo yea. Butoda. We havveament o. nally en jusce de fair andmpartily. Foteaw t N. Y’ years ople . ether a polic deptment n prove je watcd a fa and iartial trl. Weatchn objective cisiy depyommissner fit duty comssior and afrmedy the lice coissionerJustice s been ne. And thatecisioas resulted itf e so mh agonfor soong. And waid thisong ju to ve o trialinallyonclud brinsome sll meare ofy clureTodawill n bring Er garner ck. t I pe i brgs somsmalmease of osureAnd pee to t lo beyd th tradyvto Beuse our ci is at remiedf what docr kivotamoment.m ught u. raphsingim. diiculty therere t way we c respa n An we cabe traed bthe intorogres we n findi li this. To tn it iome someing beee ouelves r what. Anthat i ha thellusio thasomee And see is aa sacrte.o ssion all mt taken. We mu devotoursels. To t we’v allxperieed her ovep goal o the las years ithould neverappeni thicountr. Ashe onl goalhat isce is be e la trage. to cfront r histy. he hiory at wcan wayse A prouof. ‘s sa havto ownp to a deal th. t Inow th theYPD ofoday. a difrent initutiothan it wajust few ars oD w lened thlesss ofhis tredy. Theycted oit the did metha ginng but we hav a l toet deepeand eper. Ande to whs at is not a t dow terpse thais f all o us tdo. I t a n e r o thNYPD. Its extremelin th. d tour ofcers ato ow sile stament we ne you An wneedou tbuildeep the rht tng to dot ishe best w te And want tsay thpeople arcity. at I tly bieve e chge c hapn A pretty serious cl building a fire we have learned that fire spreading tought the building in multle aeal lder pip a maste defeive oration ttsd for accordg tthei everody n only i thi buildiassive t when s f zooms o hereou will susi t prably hearing this seen things are probablyrightene d arms. Theo he somedy talngn the e o thhouse erybodwow. Ev you ca seet thwater that ty areprin the eve o tt drivay thereo vy fg siation we ll kee a clo eye on iw e ll letou know butgain our ster stion. Foxleven Los Anles g Fkesn ther they are rortt a lae fire athe commeial buding tren parount r the ofou familr wh thareahis is off east Somerset Boulevard. The sevty thu e doin wha the can tfigh e fmes andefinelyook theralready sprg that home rightextoor probablas a the awell Loo wh ahteook that se.ayinpleasetay away smoke and flames. Don’t get to my home. Wow you can only imagine the terror that home owner is feeling and it might not even be a homeowner it might be a neighbor saying. Hey you know look at people on that street they’re just absolutely concerned that is really close a little t closeor cfort. Probably impacting traffic in the area as wellisibity for possly but ain ts is- fire tt ivery close to the homes there in paramount California. We’re gonna keep a very very close eye on the situation matter of fact I might have this up. In what we call a double box while we go to our- next event here on news now we had vice president Mike pg speaking adds an economic club luncheon so when I go to now but I’m probably gonna be pulling up this double box everyby just wanted to give you a- heads up. Again this is news youan s t fire trk showg upe e lily gngo stt. Opatio fro t- si a foyou re ijust momt.e xn ease joine a warwelce ck f vicpresidt Mike pee . Thank you all thank you for that warm welcome to Terry Anderson thank you for those kind words. And what a pleasure it is to be able to bring back home. The secretary of housing and urbanevelment a son of Detroit and a great great ampior eve Amerin joinen thanng Sene agai. It also eat toen Absotely h birthyWhat are wh hi. grt fami. o sear your ca soon the congrswoman bbie dgled forme of y. It ireallyn hono To aress suc dtinguied group o Ad wome andhe learsf the Deoit enomiclub thk you retu to thDetroieconomd ub. Becae I kn that nce neteenhirty ur. Th club isrovidean extordina atform to aders publi every presint of e Unit ates f the lt fiftyears. Speaki ing grtingsemain wh ves the ate of Micgan. Who is a d greengs fm theorty fth esiden of tnited Stas Trum. I to the psidentf Ameca pd morng. d he waed meos extendisrees mirati to. Eh and evyone oyouAnd hegreed wi me th it’s pecial tting. Fome to here toyefore the Droit ecomic clu to lkbout the ste of t American onomy beuse itas her. en candideonald d e oppounity i Amecaack on sixtn. AnI was ouldn’d did . it’s azing n he ink the yearago. Was strugglinghroughWhat w e slowes econoc rovery sie WorlWarwoIt w azing f eightolidears th Amerin ecomyhe mos werfulconomy in thhistor of the wld had growny less th two pcentagpoints. t in ear A. e befo all oyouIn the thatHe saiin h wornda ulduotepen new chapt of Amecanroa at’s ectly wt we’vdone. That’srut act an acrosthe bod incomeax rede promed to iminat regulaons whichi at spehre not necsary and dnot impro publi fety o needlsly kilobs trad dea f our cntryeat and- to unly s p econy is bming. Afr eht long yeas d regations w wenright toork we cutaxesor job rate reduconrom 35% 2% i s theargest perntage inteductin the top amazg to thg by t Unite ates oAmericad onef the hiest con th world.utowe’ve lowered t corps i chiganan comte wh coanies and cree job rig he in istatend comte wi compaes aver th wod. We aoutaxesor workinamilie e n dolls a ye. We rl back retape. In ftreside trp is sigd mor law cuing feral redape. Than anyresident inmerica threbillion dolla inhistor savgy regulary cou s is predent’s also put communies e cingconoc hashipirst. The tth i g mmunitsarticurly inur inner ties. p secrary Carso we’ve aeady createt thound sev hundr portunies zescross Americ inclunt he in DeoitThese tranormatial inter factties osae pected to sp a huned billio dlarm n eatingobsnd oortunies our cies alacrosshe nation. Iotf l you what ithe pridentere get o more rou of applaustandi o weouldne day witpportutyones arisinll acrt y Be Carso s B thankou so mu. Takebout WliamSo we cutaxes lled bk regulaon. Wee exd s d as thresidentromise three ars y poume also unlshed Amican energ ely in this adnistraonhe predent widrew Arica fro t sastro paiaris clite acrdnd today the Uted Statess thr of o andaturalas in e worldThe fa n firs time seven years. And fillo allod unfa tradeeals t llow wleAmeric mafacturg all ross t artlanof thicountr. This prident pledg to pu Amican js a Amerin workerfirst dt actly at we’ doneHe withdr the Um . We appoied t tought and smtest traegotiars in thhistor ofhis cotryo fightn beh’ That thera of onomicic jobsn Ameran workers areenr is a Euroanarkets to moned up Americarm prue gotiat a newradeeal wh South Kort al negotted t large ade dln Amerin htory. ThUnitedtatesexico Canad reemen is compled and by t day. t’s been abo tre a job and t cuts d regulaon e ndidatalked autt this ve podiuthree ars ag haveeen noing short markab. nce eleionay and small hereated more in t histo of th count.ore Thunemplment rats drop the west uneloymen rates foAfrica Amerins a Hispan Amerine recoed the Arican dreams workinar erican. Inur ecomy is gring. e avere houseld iseen tir incom go uby more tn fr year. ges areising athe fastespaa deca. d maybe mos portan o allf the pridentnd me tha wag are ring ftest f blueollar workin Amn The Ameran ecomy is rong t U.. econic outlo mains rong awell. A st week. Desy glol marts leang retails also rg sas a earnis and csumer ending pted itstrongt present trp’s leaderip a a son the hrtlandyself. thathe aomotiv indusy isI coul’y aringack henichiga anall acss theeartla ue. Thiseareneralotors annound ir hundrejobs Fd annoced though creatine hured new jo fiaChrysl ialrey buildi ane ps llionollar newssembl motor ci. Is jt incrible.hat crr Yoknowhis onomis dot needo hearhegrowinmen and fu statiscs to owin an I spped ay for couple ofays a w mont ago. On ach ouide fo Myers and our sglassein our ba caps But the two feows wa by onhe bea wereudweis tee srts. On them oked or maynde said that ut a d heaid we listehe sai u got tell e present ‘s goto keepoing what he dng becse I me twi uchoney lastear as de theear bere. And step awa and he tued arod heaid now don’tnow wt do bu keep ing wh it’sorkingAnd I to we workg for woing Amicans. to kp the meWe’reonnang keep it col . Weave oprtunits befo us. You kn a d famoly quo we are insoble prlems. d Amera faces meu the trulopportities. As weee manconomi arod strond growias townoe moneta picy wl supptoreobsn this cotry with aerit bed migratnystem will mt theeds of a owingconomy way thautmerica first intoaw wilstrengthen td neve befor Andy staing rongn our ade ialance structal ia ll ptect Arican bs and ospety for gerationso I ha to spk wordere inome. he U. Miigan. Becae whenhe Congre recos Seembere hopend tru Takep thismporta trade. agement ke it quick u desee to ow the. S. fiel f Amecan rkers d pu Amerin jobsirst. Unde e U.. M. C. a 75%f auto be me by wkers ming whatartsn de is esstl erage ge herin thenited Stes. We belie that will elinate t histoc centiv Tmanucture elimate thencenti tmove bs south o theorder the U. imprement naftaIn fac hundd and venty xherxtyM. thousa Amerin s l e U. S. C. A. tually may ll serve as a tplate for whetr withhe E. the U pan. Or en Chin but w it. while’m her inove favoll ourriendsn the a mor citynd allcross Miigan. d all theeaders he in the Droit enomic helpo get is don. day is a y whenYou canetour voice be het chigan reprentatives in Washinona embay it’ winorhe. S. manufauringnd tho chiganet’s g it doIn the psidentb nadaexico e dointheir jowe neeCongre to dots yearBy enaing U.. M. Cjob. Anpas And ke no stake out yy. stngth the psident handssg thU.l a gshe Asns wh Chin venteeyears o. Amica acce to our onomyWe brout Cha ind ade ganizaon. evio minirationof onearty i ho thafreem. Chinae uld pandn alof its tohem. And I not talking aboujust alsoolitally. th new fod respect forlassical private proper. Person lirty and religis freedom. the tire. mily ohumanf past sevteenears. the havet se. acte s ed an senaof polies. consisnt witfree a fair tre polics likeerroris manilationorce thnologand quas.y ansfer. tellecal prorty all e whil. t boming a freer siety but actlly in so manwaysMoving Cna i the positeirection. Now these policies that they’ve implemented of built Beijing’s manufacturing baseBut they’ve also resulted in a fi hundred billn dollar annual trade deficit. With America. And evy year. But as I standt before you today near the Detroit economic club. No ts. Under president Donald trump’s leadership those days are over putarif on two ndred de fifty biln Chinese goods. Wennounc additional terrace that will take effect soo And juslast ek we bel ina a clr onhis pot. donrencyanipatoe nt Cna’sarke to suer Presidt tru has aositivft we wt. retionsh withresint. d weave grt respt for thChinespeopleWe’r in theidstf pe discussions with China and they’ll continue. In theeeks ahed h its commments. Benningithonor e commient Chinaade i Thugh thSino Brish joi laws.eigc claratn. Ashe psident saidesterd it’ be much hard for uto maka deal The sothis asre y aredminisation continue turgeeijing tact in humd urgehina. d the resolve thr differces peacbly. President trump believes China wants to make a day. Buashe presideas ma cle it’s t to be de on outerms. Becae China’s haio . Ameran comniesn Americshe easAre over and so the are. T timas ce f China tcome ttn rus of iernaonalommee like eve od naon doe. So we’ standing strongWhen Iant assur you the Uned States will coinue tengaIn discusons th Chind A resein o relationship with Chi iree anfair anti o trap ciprocal. So under t leadership opresent Donald Trumwe’ve made extraordinary you todaI’mlsoindfulfbore yearnd a half. Thehoice fa thaa whethewh th it’createunprecented prospetya Demoatsffer oa debangt stagright he. w the ft I tught t debatr on age s gointo flip er u kn as I sa befor. Despit t wisf so naysars in e mediand Ameran economy is stron isthe De stronu ke no stake out it. For all thpr. Alof thacould lostIf Demoats othe debat stahe pociesy take holdu ect thAmeric economy. I mean thi abo. ere we cut retape there talng abok ling on. Whe we’ unleasd Ameran y g once ain. In an economy build os g g angenda ke soclized health insurance. open borderang illel immiationOrn trem climatehange anda ere se evealled f bustg pposalhey ofr foring ssiln Mecare forll in e gree new al. wouldctuall st every hsehold iAmeric. dolls overhe next n year.Overind In otro caidate servedCandide five Cana is fi mines from he. f Miigan’sxports goo eith nadar Mexic n one of th thattage isupporng t US MC in fa sever of th adingandidas actlly oppose ts nen th Cana anMexi. Yo ow I honestly lieve. If any e of t Democtsnhat dete sta wins the pridency the gns of e last t ands skyrkethe sto marke uld ta. Jobs wouldanis and we would get tt recession the naysayers keep talking goa ma ur esidtrump and I are ner Go bac hn n partnt oransrtatio eit out camaor srt w e ou liv in thear East is mingrettmootyutficty veclesnd the lik Ts ie right a t i apprs you canithe go rthr you cano sth. R plty osunsneut the’sess saidhatt iineteigh evybod syool a btouegrsut tre. e can all rht e on oro Flida whe to ad moing talng aut how moronda Sanf fedelidsl a s coeren jetfromhis rning. Well goo morningt’s as aays I leo I recoizey ourur lie efctivdeletion F soutest Floda. p reesentavesagle represtati d alls o county cmission here in a weountt ur wlingnesso seeNot d wn yoget blue gel on your unty re we founatehat as many you knoo a and tn made a secdthe key ndfa. In cal yourount andt afcte tiretate of orida bringiinds rn ia life threening storm surge aoss sohwes Flori the dages stor becac inidesprea ultately in o state. When w came intorlyy office ianua we made a commitment to every community that have been impacted by thes d evethin we cou to he with an efd toy werere I announcin anothetept todasnnouncement we were faceot g recoryffortsith Irmaut thfreshecover eorts wh Miaelhichappene Fou nths beforeook offic dorthwe Frida i widespadhroughthetate thattorm s was o of ti stmshe sta h ever seen ho we we able to. Work to for thgsike deis whichentget aor s tho costs we delitated. F those local mucipalitiesndhen beyond th fty fivdays wot the Ouror t hurcane Michael hureds oillion of llar inelief f Flori’s areow it’s be todayeallyts hernw weouldn’ be here today if w had t the partmef ergen Moscow wch is he he’goin cleawhen we came ihat theo s a s y theoney was bei disperd t procd fothe counitieso apply I was nott need to bend so Jad erhaul allf that I we’ve moy o the dr sohatuntsf ople c usehat for recovery but Jared ialso been apicatnsome and workhese heing filitat ts a so andecau ofhose effts. This rentlt o get a 90% cost reduction air for. Hurricane Irma and so today I’m announcin that that I r i t we tt’s what he d witht his rrice Michael But it’ prty standard tt onc y reachis ts . Rus and regatio that is at it’s kd of a p forma present’s rponse on tha t but think that at. Is going to ppen and so th 9 cost st n doars. Irelief forf a huican Irm It so th’s realeallyie me othe sml mucipalities. Wld he debris costhatutstpped their eireperatiudge so to abl to have the deraeimburment is is a allyig dl s I’m glad at. We’reontinuin to ve forwar Iw the we have quieturrica that fks areo berepared. No we ve in orida recen ars. Throh the grill member afterllor or ve it s like manuawith it so stormthate havI any majohurrican hit tk decadee atef Florid in twenty sixteewhenw came tt effeed the ngressiol disict Ias presting othe ea coast d we d milonsf peop d mov into ourtate sce we had huI n e a D.. you know ey havaa lot greatesourc and wee put tngs onle y owt Flora dister dot g slao get alan. And better tbe e r t to me surehat folkswa dersta tt.ill say ough wn we did ourrade missn tosh ag givenppornity to t a ayer io the wtern wl. it inthisfter toogle odord spas fro hurricanes thi year so we’ e ifhat endp pray bee anered heo. But prared no matthat so Ie wa tbe I’m in inh the come up I’m in say a few efrts inhis spec. odg rning. I ao wheI was i rael Ilso put the se pray in e we l u justever know what you’r nna g here onews now maer fac this t perfe the new now seam is on you tomany ctinues all the way rough eight’clockonight so aga mo eas. Kristarson takhe PM tight s jt becse wetream a tt end here on televion on fox teextra doe not meathat ws now iover forhe day we ver a le breakg news as well as top sries so y ver kw what y’re gog to getet’s te one more look at how the stk mart is doi this is the D Jes but eenoday ming a prett od com back a pretty good rebouns suffed last wee all rht one more sry here on ws now on fe USS Azonaemorial at Pel Harbor i getti a brand new make l gaeredver th weekeo Hawaan lanark. In the lasnd cle. few eks groupsof nav vonteersave beenoming to the USS Arizona memorl. To help clean it in preparation for the ch anticipated re prervati ripe cancerhat en it getsestod and- and th all the focus on the fortseven. Fr paiingo scruing theesk thend volunteer say it’s an honor to be standing where they’re at. It doesn’t feel like a volunteer feels like. Like I won the lottery thousands of visitors still visit Pearl Harbor daily takg phos of thnational andistoric memori frot d re aga thehave instaed a brand new anchoring system and they’ve reset the dock as you can see. And next week they’re gonna woron putting the- ramp and- finishOurand clean work anopen more here real soon. ficis s Cajuwanto kn. I’ nevern been the e ritakin livlookowrialll re in Phoex Azona g aboua mite lt a st aomen agoews w is althe y uil eht olocks th valley takg a le lo mooon everyboe arn itin Someople e cleani this asonn on. Tt mean it’ustot showin up hr n dayox cs o oh ni fiftn theeak otheirneto dnesda theoing dnust little bithen yoseeur lost tperare the atne oh fivit’so e sure you cck o your ps o youreigr blk. And just sma out the. Thks aga for tchi newnown fo t extr I will e i y


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