News Now Stream 08/07/19 Part 1 (FNN)

News Now Stream 08/07/19 Part 1 (FNN)

Was earlier this morningnd we arhopi fors so mor. ay bk fmresint tmp insi is e data i wi fst respoers as well asurvirs a wele suld pot out thathat ihio’ govern thereetin the priden that’s Mik DeWine he’s gotome. mark the a he plshe predent cse to easiero o ick tughtse oious heutlid his idea for fulle pretn iverl bkground checkn l g ses. Is al vy rerks fm t predentAsesting.s wer the y go onl r en torroaftewhate’s arne. vera as he meets da tt asell survorshe of the shooting we expect some pretty emotional times here over t course of the next several hours I just didn’t wantg e Reblic congressm whoust sanghat he wl nowack i e pposahat com forward Capol Hlo ba aault yle weans basically what what what are we talki about there he said I’m a rong amdment becauf thnd violce.eems to grong. ouin for of th. Basillyce sily gng bko whe we yearsgo wn t asslt weapsan w i pr ont wita neplan so ‘s u simpxpirnd thi lot opeop were cio e kd ofow i would py tn ounation. Er sen and we smo hd now t conrsatn is bk there and welcome eveoneere at ten newsow Mikeage her alongside brown who tget you started heren thiedneay and y comeo thrigh pla re on box aextra bause ‘lle havinghe movements to plat in s entiret yhet jus so u know the way wos here it’seall interesting ban constant communication with me with a fox offices new headquarrs in Nework.nd ey’r constanyelling us a little more about whato pect so t predente believe. Has actually now In Dayton. But were told the- arnd ithe pe will the rn comi soo But e until hhas part. So that coulstit to snd onhe grod. Ihio absotely a here’ a live ok at wher predentrump ll beeavinghere. In Daytonne seee where wil be gog nextt’s At t visua image ridesow. th isome. Of the sriesbusy day. start to come forward so. Inside the Walmart. Survor me fwardo she histor. People who were on the ground on their knees begng for their lives as e guan didn’t care an when I lkp and ood ‘s just I mean it iso. And what. What this what this guy was. Keep in mind he itill alivhey’een to him and there’s goi to th he’snly had Alreadyr know a lot of thosetatis around there and a lot of racist motives and Indian date ws there’ still a lot of unanered queions the family thsame. Time they’re asking for privacy because not only. Did their son this horrible shooe lice to comeut oheir ughts did too. Because he killed her daughter can you imagine I mean tt wajust st rlly bizarre bizre set up I mean how can you know gog y’re ihe se car with your- sister you’re going to ts bar district to have. Some fun but you know in the ba your hdhenou’r abou to do rige going to let your sister going to that man this I mea. And at the same time and there’s this mystery person Simpso was probly the third person in the car. I sure in e coming days. Ashey try to piece togetr at w reay gog onn th moments in the hours. Rites d now let’s sayefor presentrom tral tOhio I skeo th mia le he derting sewhere hspoke to the media apple links for about a lot othings frothe econo to where he’s goi. To even. Joe Biden okay it’s all coming up right now there you go. We’re going toWill be etin withhe rely figure gradua somof e. e poce a lar board incribleealleone s . So my cricsre pitic peoe th drive theig bs. In ma ces ty’reunningor esident ty’re ty’reery lo in t polls a cple of th in pticula vy low in the pos n at w theerso tt. Bern Sanrs Im jus tpted Iuess yy ght nd. Thiis the ElizethWarr I t e Prident op s the are pele that are looking for political gain I don’t think they’re getting i add as much as possible I’ve tried to stay out of thatWell do ree t thi wave found i downe’veeen he be getng i lef and rig people I d’t knoouple o peop fmel e dog very wl. I. ess mebo saito me. Convertion wh thm n nir. Andhen goe and spok And I didt recei any cas sohey’reryin tmake potica point I d’t tnk word out bause y kno I woullikee litical fy. As I was. Sayi youus. Beie Sders. Noing tooo with. Bunos at. The. Beie Sande uld beery. d Ion’t ame abody’ve lads a sick peoe the l e mently disrbed this i medil proem. We’re going toe meetg we’rGoing I have th oneay aog. Oveting whf the lasi sothing’s ing bece re f it ‘re nna ce up th something. at’s goi to rlly ry. Goodeyon ythinghat’s en donso farWhate’ree wh we a weeali with les sa. I wl brghemteaderip rigw backBut hasw e t backoundhecks think do ckgrou checkare iorta don’ wt toutnto the handof mentally unstable. People are. Great you’re a- I politil aetite forhat is that t k yourwn fau likehereold do politil aeto legiatureut I wil made very strg aetit Ie thinwe canring u.t I Background checks likee’ve never had before I think both Republicans and Democrats. Are getting close a bilon . Rated zero by the free to play a lot more money for the United States as you know we’ve g. Sout Korean so ande’vers on. noing we t viuallgebt noing Sou Korea. An I paying aot meoney they’ ing to y lot mormone the retionid yes iwas vy uair oneee hey’ve aeedo pay a l a. Lomore than that. An pay ‘re wi them ll witthem. you have to have a political Aphrodite whin Congress. And far Iave not see tt I an I can onlyohat I c oppounit To somhing th regard to. Ming sure at mtally unable. Th willnly crye s stng as inow I hav not se it wi regard cerin types ofed y f veryigh up whether it. Whit supry otr kind remiscing ethe it’a divaheth ‘s any group. Of. Eight I am very concerned about it and do it al thinky rathert. t its a very. Oucountr is ing incribly wellhinas not ing lt s thathey’veeen currenc mapularirst te Ie armovi outf China by t see w it a worksBut itthousas as hato do at. Beuse ey United Stes hasomebo outd ke ite thinthe maet. I uld sa ahEvenore bultimaty it’s gng to muchigher an itver wod haveotten beuse ina th le if yore on . Withnfair trade des the ople tt allo propty. Getng you. rmerss alof thaand beuse th e the. e two ings tt they d’t wa. u goa lotf peopn one si and y have lot of peop andhey are the but canI haI e rit thi and Iill te u. We’ made lot of heway. lot ofhemYou en hpenings that the lauage y regrethat I Immiate doet abo illeg immiation is terrib thi for th ce gornmentegallydeally you people comg inecause man mpaniecomingnto r thinillegal migratn is ahator yI ve bad tng. think en borderare va ag t walis well dereeks cotructi the bigills tt e rapiy. We ed thawe need. migrie the government because we need them we have. Coming in from Japan all of theYeah there opening up here they nee peop ton is to bexpected bout of pect a b more. As just said we have to take on China. For forty five years ty have en de. u kn thetory tterhanybody you kno what tdo right hundredsOf geout of our cntry. Yo to prerty. One well g out Joe is a pretty good job but it got outight this the view th on alrdy so at how wset it. And y high in the first place. But Joe Biden is truly loves this restaurant that I get that right. That was president from speaking to the medi before hi he departed for Ohio and then later on in Texas there so that wajust elierhis morng and ey’reif Dayt Oo as wreaiting now fopresidt trum aboar airforce o on the sameoken a also waingor the yor of Dton Ohi to eak on what se vit.rom presint tru rlierodayill bringt to you all rw one he tod on ne notsy Lost andlsoy real mning not onl inhio bu also in el Paso Tas here’s aive look at the vigil justight outside of that Walmart where tragedy struck. twty pple wn a gunnehan ma pple still had t pri that oro of the lo k to first responders as well as some of theurvirs a wl. If we get any me movemts fr the president of course w rit he onewsnd n Il have a oneighe lcome bacere to ne now we waysry tbrinou ese p stories and headlin fromcre al hapning today aot o Demoats ae campgn traile’re talngn exctin aoe Benhen ttleit ler ithe hofthernessell s ‘llave tha forou comg up as we butet’so to Amy club which are she was i. Iowa a little bit earlier this morning les bring a tear. Histynr ture ahat’how wan to kp. A thasm re today. Ttalkbout a ttle rivalryetween mrs state a Ie you pri yourself on lot o thgs bng firstn.orn t g thiate. Thfood on a stick well okay so we first. We are fst isweetorn sugar beets pea a turys and there’s napping in Iowa likes to ke fun omore that hed it I undstant but e otr thing that both soon. Is our love of our state fairs and I’m very much looking forward to the Iowa state fair and I kindfhallge yeah. Challengome my coetits tha say I no ranger to stat fairs. The going way back to owing up and in fact I hav a booth at our own Minnesotatateair nehbor but m neibors clud hauedouse ned bootits- pork op o ts a litici m deck. Thr a ght sategally locat in frtf a ske zoo. So all fe o o thenake zoo a enup right inur arms that are both so we enj i but one thg whave in common o is t bettearvi. And I amr is sts okin very fwardo seng Iowa state fair I’m goi to cale to r prces the lkyay and her tlve urt e priesss all cvedn batter b. Inl e o o h us today is Karen. Kind caring leer tnk y vermuch. Asve. Big well as Dave Fredrickson area rit over here who is the former head of the national for me wn h riredn myme to rk atefficworkor mfor ars was a mentor tso my ung pele in r offi vehem evythi fro Miesota a cmissioner soc whe heust stepped dow so he lerae tirentarti and I- anIowa Iried bit. on is butif Iow mning but we oweo so right in re to ln th shadow. Of e trk tw thvery selagits hgingihiys frots da. And wnowhat thi g olence afftss evywhe Pa. Orn Io. d I jusorl nt tsave spe a f it importa before we t to r toc thawe tk abo everheres I ve imy hesot oy i u. stateOurirf e coage of theeople.his week wean m o look at ely shield h baby. Froh rself t gunot wous bu sheept here that happen in o hou so. We thind granddaughr the off dut showed sd chdrenway to safe we think of those first responders in both towns. But the ones in Dayton that got there within a nute nine pele had already been killedut ty got there to se so man liv thas coage tt’s t couge of ornary people dng extrrdinaryhingnd I lievehat tha crage has powerxtradina per iinary WashgtonC b o e cuentas not mathose firs rponds tt w s is wkendrhose oinar citizeheyid y ings and spped uo save live we ke bishat he paedhrou thhous of prestatis finayhis ar tnks to th anwaiting times andy billfn thhd victs o domticbuse. Andnd ocking tho bills right now MitcConll’s drste d thoseills rig nowre reallyn the esiden othe ited Stes Hous aft par lane a was seat righ t ke in Iow tt my state i Hous And actlly lk at theseroposd de sta rig are ty goin thin onefhe tngs thatd I rely sse pk when is atashangverr dsot motated aoss ts untrot jtheids i Flida reayll aoss t tion and ty talk to eir ds may tal the grapas theyalk toA huing iurouse but why can’eust pasd sef theensieills ts f thshif thareroug us ese gat rreseativ out Aby inindyightightereof Iaew rrn IowaBut it’partf th shiphate has th coury. A jushispweek I had so my state office the one I have bit more head which is. A county you known nearhe e right theorth Dakota nuer opeophow th a so chaes a o man stog here is a g own and huntndutdosmt like my ther my gndfaer of themre my dearestrieny gat gy t somemes o nee to ke a and. For sething oone andsor notng. we ne stand for sething And I ink we kn wt tt i we ne to and upor iigraneedo stdp e commity. Ane change ahat’ w Ihink it when u ld pe youe gog to armed th a my eatacts abo. About rural agriculture a what we can dond how we ve to make the case that food just people’sable rig. B Iw up on momeecau tsas g tthi hatartn Io rht not just set cornN yove de you tnk oorman Borlg I ye Graier movent wchook time b pow.o Iowa and s think w nee a wldoicd debate as we head io t nex few mr s oplehat ost wh us. justhinkin abohem iel Pasond date today.ut we’ rul Americ. undshat can doo mo forrdo I optistic Iikehatord th the man ithe ite use optisti. Ecomic agea me tha this junoesn enda forhe Mwestt means it’s an . g t I ve ste faisy th w becae ty bringe th get tseehere fdhen comes fm a see t theyeto be remded ohis people tt make theoodndonntionhn ke theuel aake a foour naon andhe peoeand that csume n divide fore h bn a ssion. I grew in the metro ea but I gwp velose memori o hanng out wity fries. Wk toomearms okaye thght me othemere hued b that’s a whoo. l my best fend whose name Amy of urse As she and I would as geo mi a c. Ty surcs w bi par of life inicayamil far a sheent onk y Yo Cy I going o n to a great cot things I’mnd so wehat was a big part of lif grong up a thd nninor oice rememr one my fst vl . Now e chaian of the hoe ag comtte e mass shooting that hapned o Sunde up to thnews saw another mass shooting that happened in our country just about twelve urs ter I’ll pass so you could e the president trump there Ai Forne n thearedy boarding ing be kingheir way over to el Paso. Texas to y tao so o the fste a respders the asd then thehot jt leav us ereut tha happed jus monts a hers anotr loo Whe Houf t aforce on the ght no so thi is what we ve on p f us weet any tape playbt n spit wl bri it to yo rit heron new nows wel inde of t cit hallrom Dayt wre wi thathe mor i gng tbe Toda with the presidentnd hi tvel to r cit the so wil feature tt for you as soon ahat ppenor y so a lot of moving parts here we lik to ep i right her as walwi theseivevents are happening. Rig her o new w isake it backut t keyannConw a prese. On iteouseiw of psidenr alOur o seven thoh th suemacsee tse ago aiiworld tre s ti sitis. cismigotry evilOne naon. Al this ying tunifynd he’ tak concte spsc pones are lkinabouhim lit scen and think erica es t screeas the do.any many ny timyave nce e two a a halyears on the rd toda meeti wit ctims’ grievg famies rst reonders medal profesonals to e grou in LaVegas.he Winterark. e s fo Bei thereor vicms of naral disters well. ity heang ehty ni to ThTV shoup tre fm the otr se of t aislend ask the predl byaws. Itant howe ca the ss shoingsarning ofp. u to . daers otrav to e Uned Stateso yoa overeactn. Tohem I dot get in thr cotriesn that regd. I thinit’s an sofars we ar vy safe trag trac plee if s can l of u and’m sur She can useo the but is is safe a weoming untry.nd’m vy glad tha my . Come to e Unit States. T enjowhan hethcares planng aajor spch nexmonth. Thr new to in oridyestdayOne s healcare aresses spifically aut Medare. toy itead yese weretn woing evy sing day he. Th morni on thpresidt’s hethealth re pla is etty impssive and even Tionare cover. Sto 1100% no negotiae so anydy ss the w. Anwelso ju wanofotheise u to me se ts rengthing animprovg protecd. Medo y miion oro American who ve no alth iurance t by psident bonne ty can ke theirlanKeep tir doctornd evee covege. porterhat me omisedn inrnatiol. d. pring i aiece othis a ugs ts is a ch mor aborate than at wre not he to peal a repla obamace we’vnh me the ly ielay a irony that thea Theye all st marchg towardsociize gornme run heahcar. Medica fraudy mes lessedicar for seors. Sif there not taing abo obacare w ould wbe. Warelso I’ re thayou’rell weang disee are decions. aalling in.r tholic. The esidt. quesonsSure and I glal ‘s misd heliferesint e deatpenaltI’ve sd and I’ say iagain. That the e mman resting iis domest terror he’seing broht uon the ssage chars anligible r the deh i e a t of oer peoe onhe othesidef tg i take action for the first me in s high on th actl muers. d I’ letou kwYour estis a Caolic and t ofuestns fore always aner any. The esiden said cat r a Catol Hior doi is at methin I bacround check see arinn aderthatead him to Decrat he’hearin from Washinon the oft is sixn aie chaers d fres of e everay pple ntoIa s potica appiten thi regard in tt n sang aftashifter ntiong. To sentyeventy sothing.nd t rean th keepaying k f anytng to doweethat an to mlify t da agon hiaddrs to the tionHe tald abouthe- aptite ty wo in ctainhaveevenen. atesWe know that chairman ahamnd satorBipaisan faion are lking athat he h put his impritur on atossibityepenng o at isaysn t end. ‘s talk to e ses ntiongo mes we. So ‘ll see whathe legislaon we’ see i tho who a suppos. Toen o shinon to dohat at’s u them. He’silling. The hihousthreening mrod Peop bei fornnn ivac sin youere exercing tir fst amenentight to h byonatg tohe Cada eir oicend thebein. meer of ngre who i scesOur pridenis tryg to tur. Dot by t crazi othe otr sideome thet fopolitil gainince. e- twty the. Unde% f t 1%2% s. Mahew ms twen foutwen n siof the. e main o erro youhoul a thi they should be eting he in shingt staing tomorrowo fi outow wcan spificly in is appite. r backoundheck Is a appetior whar l ich morwideangi. The aptite f fla. Two gine frany. Screing abo w. not beg do i t ne wn heas here. He’s lo tim f peoe to noia say. Two a a arrive. The esidens plans. certainly apeciate it r th housme mber. ThSena Replica. tr to. pitoill theoomFor e Decre takg do on eouse I. birtis briefing on issues thatffw longime ere’a ro in the So maybe wll bable to getut . an ternive ace. th s healcare pn. A in e meanti seen taing esidt Obam. Real ch so don’teed toother. meionethatou we he and I st senoy coitionsill op.akin re that eres morereed d healcare stems tt them and the govnment sse aren’e th have to ha. We al are eier thendividlandate penay is ge miion Amicans ying s You for th wondeul thi lled omacarehey’re wiing toayThat thawe need tput tk we ao are oking lthare dicaid strenheningedicar e making se thats here fothe pele forhom itas intend. Cl perctage othe cotry is the hundred thty milon ople ithis cntry. Siy millio of y hier forot on bombin re. Shld be. To explain t You’ not gng to Peopleo takeway. One hured senty sen milln Americs arh costwhich a expos to eery largest st t neceary. Thmoneta cost e moral fla essenally d many erican. Situion I anotr plac five ars ag st mon. JustRations he in a way that we end up waiting for. Amerans e happy. And you casee there that was the wheels of moment for president trump in airforce one now heading to el Paso Texas they’re leaving Ohio is you can see their- airforce one now in the sky heading. Over to el Paso as we can see this live shot this makeshift memorial right outside of the Walmart more than twenty people unfortunately lost their lives when a gunman. Started firing on Saturday afternoon there will have much more coverage of president trump’s travel on facts in Phoenix dot com Alys in s enretyhat’s thway weike too it. ile the da in th may ttalk president trump’s trave to city that’s cong up xt her news w yor a I aed ridents to brin the Sate andession this wee. s e housthe on on thfloor. Th to ando the erican pele he ll sig. Aftehe spokeWith. Th is do. The iter aed resides tl wi suppo. Coistent say weIt i mosy. Thats most tme on tI sa. ThThat is esntial becae Mediid matr so mh. The momy n door the polic ficers is takin the assaulweapon. e h heas hring you. Ihink ye will takaction’m hopgor e peoplehe dayhat h es. You kw senar nice Pleasehat g d focommonense g gislatn center. Thgs hav beenliticid Democts Republansoinr ea other Bharties to to fd a solutio theiing beevehat there been ss shootis at an Repubcandminisations Reblican for tee yea now. Yh a uf th Nhe natnal rifle sociatn theun lobby ges llions ofollars to spdsillions. Anmillionslan candd ainst mocratlike me. Th A we c’t get anythg done inhe Sene bause Mch McConnl there atesre in d withhe gun loy the’s aot of. Things wean woron to ke this wo bette. rt of is certaiyental h e is n. Tooanyuns theeth reetr theame pele to trto cut Medaid. T same the fordab Ce Acso. Beal honebout thi cons of ofhis aWe have a- poticas r t n bby you c call it. A t but it’s h ecial terestroups. This wa thahas lot. Thmayo you nator a usually if u were n t present y chang your nd I’m justondeng a l of the ericaneople fiel. Talk i mar we ly askede to comedevis te I cameecause tught to t predent about mental heal ig talko the pridenaboutto puingWhen senator Monnell to banh CongssOnce like paisan way to get beuse ofhe prent and tes the ngress passean asult. Weon ban t Leslatn forniveal Repuican Cgress d the hous one. Wean do at. I an this ts for oday a yo know we ju seeompletehopsoola in actio becse. ey’re waing justor time ople to forgetn Dayton because of a gu that wa to that should bit shod be lee poind out. The esiden n govern fk Dene vot for t asslt weaponan the s ‘re lookg f thoseeople Congrs to me togetr Amicangree sthis shodecaus the f ben acon da we’rgoing to s another mass shoong torrow o Fday. Prably bausen Washinon his es heeemed like meone whs ready ttake aion o so I don’think my abity totsinls look. his es gointo ge you anins meanStation he airrt I was ptty bre wakind of movi prett quicy. Tords uand it w like y kne the city ofayto people dang. Rlly loong forrd to se acon that’s wt you cado thelp us to t some aion onI y coerned out prident vide this etoric andlays e race rheric insraeli soety I remberresident Bush. Agre nt to ivatize cial secuty lin. Afr Seembe eleven Pro a moue a saysThe ited Stat terrot l elin of all t shootgs th in a talked. Tthe me feelingah not talk. Abouthate talk don’ knothe prident d-I whenou’re- I think was aple the go decisn. mean Ihink homany oyou we here f e Sund vislny ofou. of t angernd I’m- inne our counitk n anbusinesses i inrested inhe posion o inghere andou kno aot disivend tt’s the sty thing neede mmunits respse tod. But I mean hf y I dot kn so ke. Itr not From t hosv e e d would sa in ts comnity i extraoih nit it hpene witthe poceo. The. Resc peopl who show . The ty ather fifen subusot therey the esenceRespec forhe offi and a greaadmire. t they in townhat’sne of ee x ishow ree reason I’mhei t to wtappene in thtornad nd.he tri in in i here and we re.alling senato femt o wo. Tother I tryinto do toy about ese isss we talk f a m. nsions it watimeo spd a lot of me a go relatnshipe diff the iss of gu.e hope wean find so commoground havet. And. Whene tl people abo n distctnd in rms o burbs in tes of peoplfrom crsing theillingo goack. To thi t few ysRight will able toome inhis ishe loc cal buness oers wi restrants soot pele to me in d reay suppt the de hang se actities or the cong mons. Coown in laer andarger rm he more abo thae tohe datg funoday donat thataveeen rt. Numrwotion forhos you cacalld acti aroduns a alsoor th win T wd icomi scse they’l bmoveo yoknow cling calli caing aut’m from Dayto numbhree y can sport our lol bine Oreg. Diricts tho three ings ppo r maybalmostny pcen the ste. Of o indivual on callowned siness. Plans meeith e best famy have y reachm n and we ha a dmatic it’ fo eve singlfamilyYou know itheyo a u is is r famies ando we’re givintI dolan onGoing me of e stre this rning tweenvisitaon. e pridentrumpuppoers. oteste I can reall mment on it cause haven’ callinon cl cent Suny issu. Therarene hunedI have somRo ter I ll maner decedo date rht an a I taed to setor Scmer sce then hs f n I and I mea. To bakismon diction tthe moneynd he. r the y wh I he a-wo th we t for thUnitedstraig hourw Stes in is tow. is. What do youo to makour untr freeith ls . ank u so mucfor. T the Ohio governor and the mayor president ump’s visithere in Ohie gog on. d righnow wre going to go out to rgin righ n wd headquarters whe the w a police situation the were all of. The workers had to leave the ilding what’s gonna an update on what was happeni bere noon timtoday w got a ne o oneall from then that buiint ventnineiftyonesranch adhat a fmer eloyee was served in thbill. Armed with aeaponImmediely trol offerse ene and srtedo sech t builng. Thn aff fm our scial builng a whilehey aregeon arevacuang empyeeshey elten pla it’mporta not repea dnotave any repos o gug fired. Thiis aeryarge to te seval more urs to make a detminatif the to buildis als th best iormati I hav a ends but Iill ha updest r you later this me I’l ke youquestis. is is rerding text msagesere hearinthex ssageshat maindica vernme as weAs I repoed inhe begning w d aine onone ca.rom emplee w obserdn thenside theuix bud and med wi a wean have noerifie tt tha treang thi event as thoug haven acti shoer in thbuildi. To ben the sa de forveryoninvolv. Please Ian’te evuationlan a againt althe ploys Sltonny that plac and I pro e madehis tuatn veryext th searcs. no onis. Gog to bmisintifd. e informion Is was aex empyee tt w caotonfi if there are her busessehat ase havehat inrmatio. th the ciumstans of.eing a ex peon rigow.nd ain as safeTweetThe peon. Wind e guy wi the ske in at thrgh theirport. ven’t nfirmethat rht now. at wile of ts but ave tre is is al uil wlimina all t- socit t ere but we donow that rert that came andaid w d an ex emploe armedith a weon ande hav to treat madehe ne one e call hav u been ving aonversatn. th thaterson see what th saw. I’m n at libty to dilge ouinvestation tive athis te. I don ninene one cler r woulI ever rean earlr weere tdt wasn thisime if tres ao at builng forther binesseb leases e opera so I n’t aner thatCorrt ty d is the anyo you’r archin for athisoint i rticul or yes there is a personfe searing foright n. Iill t discse thatnfortion thi timuntil – veri th thapersons. m not gog to eculat on. This we operangn theestgthe formatn frothe ne one oncall and we’ treatg this a reas solvedhere’sothing els one ll is e ninene one ca that dicad. seval of yr colld ere isocialediaax flying out tres e Hofull when this iresoed fely tnk youery mu that huned and 15 greesi one ofe level lod o here tArizon now no I can m not one n w all kw in theummemont here. Can get beuse of Novber Decembery here January all t way tough Marchheir sing training wraps up the more li all righte kno t hea i coming hi ever weather back to news now wl contn thes top sries and hdlines fr acros theountry Acally the marke rightow well thn t the y and now y canee ey hav crawl back to only do abouteventyive points there in the rnd weill se it gets oser to the final hour ofradi how the all ake out Rht the b is en ausy d her o new now havpresp avel to io to endome mehere wit the survors th trac sotin tha happednunday ma e isctuayn their on Air Forcene hding to el Pas. Texarighnow do e sa Be in ane wk beuse theinthereOnt were rlly waseallust twelveoursparthen u’re talkg aut Oo. A el Pas ere witthe atholl or irty there so sad and no doubt about it when you look at g get tho comniti. T comeogetr alw at’s the actuallan tre o the esid from him before he went. In travel today let’s bring that to you here on news now. wee going to. Dayt first d th we’ goi to ja so. And will bmeetin with the first responders l enforcemen. Some of the wee going to jl so. Antne’re ll b meengith e firs respdersaw t me othe ctimanddayy wi theirstady. e rird e opptuni rlly gure adua somof t. e only do wasncreble ally ise So mcrits are pitical. oplehat ivehe bigoys. In mancasei r presidenthey’ they’ in t polls If u looktw suorted guessou wou s.ay tt wast Thiss thbest. Good don’t drop so the are pple tt are looking for political gain I don’t thin they’ getti I agree but tnk we vet. lladd e leftnd rig fro evebody. ny othe ople Ion’t kno aoupl of oplerom. Tas litil peop fromaxes Gus the is someby sa to . Wavery neWith t and ys I triedo call well spok And I dn’t recve any cas sot t – yoknow I wld le to sy out ofhe ps I s. ying you jt ca ito you ay witthe fan of.d yHe f Beie Sders Ezabetharre thing do wi. Bunobo er mtions at. Ther. AnI don blamenybo’ve are ople thaare relye mentlyll a y sturb. The mtal proem going to be meeting with membs oe d and Iave th oneay aog erhe lt fe day and I inkometng’s goi to comeoreor iwe’rgonn gog toe reayery. Gocomep wi soms do so far. ate’reonna wi ldershirighnow. do knowour us. For is iue dieren. I ll bri them ck. Buit haso beou kno we havto e th. Tother the. But you lookver the st thiy yes no polical appite forhatot a t s is thatu u yourwn fauikehere’s no politic appete bther om t standint o the gislate b I wil certnlyring thauw a ere’s a gre aetit and I made aer. I ink canring u. Baground checks like we’ve never had before I think both Republicans and Democrats. Are getting close to a bill on . tedero he free play a lot re mon for t Unite ates. Thirtywo thousand abt eity t yeaAnd wehem rl genothing we t viuall nothg inoud e payi a l mormoney th’re go one wt I felt all alone for outhreeears it s a rynfair wor so.hey’ agreed to y aot me an ey wl agreeo pay . Lot more than that. And we’re with ha thave politicalem. Soou me I can only do at I cte witnod opportity. To sething th regardTo makg sure at mtally stableThis ll oy car gun I I’v seen iwith regd to certainn thes abt the re of an gro Hey I don’t like it any group of eight I have whether it’s- white. No my lettedoes it al it briseoplogethe ourvy cotry is doingncrediy well. Chinl you lk at t great Chi esThe dathathey’re gog to g. rst te that evereen lds e movi outf Chinby the see how itll worBut to woulmaket aundr. Th year. Ofhe Uh well. With fairTrade als thpeoplehat alw that. I kn what ey werdoing. e hundre ofs oureal intlectua I’ll bconvcing. For e twoting ye lot opeople on e side aa th are tre but can. th to theighthing ae You d the. The lanage yo regrethe i n g h of t threeeeks ahe wle beg built A rapipace ws wel uers ed thawe nee. migrion laws b wwon’t low lliof pele t governnt becse we em we hav Coming in from Japan alof the. Yeah they’re opening up herehey need lounemoyme rate so. We have to have the legal immigration not delivere . Get our propertyWe wte dn. We ha money f you. John is losing losing. As . Th is the V. o that we t it. And I would rate it a very high in the first place. But Joe. Biden is truly loves this vessel that I get that. So those are the comments in thprocessarlier thist trp went tOhio thais it sincappes up in the air heading now into el Paso Texas here’s a live look at that at the makeshift memorial tere right outside of the Walmart on the tragedy that happened. On Saturday afternoon. If we get any more movements om thereside of cose we wi bringhat to ur right here on x and tion wl also have x tePhoenix dot comet’s tak look athe marks right now sling oe again down one hured an thirteight pots theren w we wilbe back more news now. Up x e n Fran. theebraa bord in. hnsoho hded me he binocula a saik rougthesshe ys ts is . e kihen thTwo fo ar oldsnd wanto rire the wa To the kihen.y Kitchen is under water she said we bought this farm it’d been the’s ill course here in the plaster. Andhen I said well where did the water come from is this the right here. Regis by th water she says no nol cleMy ne chae ialltome is aboutnd Iee tt the th our wsite. Itomes fron the heah inedib innation an workg wi. Wi e ergy outere in Iowaou think anye ha with. Asn and oer ings I c maka hu diffenceThroughn and what I thinke nee t do causI’m tual reay Huhreyappyarrior w. urt know w cane. Inedib wilrighnow moveome . aded is isealition ty reurceandTodashe Weeedt ithisoge allees y knowne o theschalnges oa trade war this heating even Weave clo theoor a I. a. roomwherthers . Atome andhey’reust wel ta thimoneWe wan yh to b ableo e y fore us wan. Or t years wod counits. a cinours asawnso what we edo dom ing f imane onef the making. Sure you keep in ace somef the ha. Safety net that we have. I hav be the hs aeally good thineachimt weeed how cane imove the fety netSo wre n dependenon feige rk f tooong dendent o foign oil. We alwa greed and ntin manymallIn t lasfew yes. Se. e chleng littleommotiesraceand makingure these programs are and bennin fmersndowned fms suree are provisionshat heOr hard and aresking ity stro it means chging r- mething thatIt rlly ju. e en of st weeto dohe lse oit aall. their rmsnd re ornize whenhey lls eciay importa rht n th ts terr f thigoing on wh we wld heo co with bilactuly. In trode iand pass it t i a conquencef the we should be king. Itasie pructsbroa. rmereir produce t fooyoure feeding. A theneedxpor marks. ss and ain. On ts wh it mes tthesterrort whe did.nd Ian s ing a meaclear orhoul tangHere. onicly Icyn haened tt yosee . Injt the White Hoe. We also.ave suprt ourew a gting Ste Unersi study swed thathe a os ntin to riseixte. ners weroverhe af sixtfivehich iy rcenge pnts gherhan st tenearsgoI biest chlenges inewntly hrd some farmerfaceurd d capal.lan expd aess capalnd lns for small expands the sysms a Traing binnia y farms thconctratnThe rket has rulten an creangly cpetive seveeen donell yo that natnwid y wa a mement. In e starte righ. rr stl. Want to s a cnge he our s. en y losweig. me ptisamovent iwas. tionn thSherma senor erman was Repubcan natofrom. ght. e re rld mpans bause the re. Makg itarder for farms to getting things come maet. So I don’t see this as a partisan issue but I see it as an issue where we’ve seen a lack of leadershipTeamember the t ofAnd am rdy tmake. As many cool yeahYou ould be haens so prmactican it’s also it’s also railing trsportion b alsakennnt sure. That we don’t have something tt we canfforde okay so the first part of the- mix of this second part coervati and rewable engy. Anworldommunies are u hihad too more to protecour. Wi ayerfor e faly memrs Governor Ggg e esident trump visit in work. Wead hrings we ce with ggestis tt lead lossnd I’mroud tsay th Iigned. enty fe proposs in t e termatof thehootinat Santa . Ourw silar relve a simar shoong thatook pce her anI’ll passo. essues with. Dostic troristWe’r supremist. ‘re deing wi racismWe’re dling wit haveo be tkled. Ths it coerns domesc terrorm erere cerin thing that makeure ppens at the mea like. Su is havin the Texasel d terrists. Idenfying tel groups. Ii cists for a type race anyby. We wl work als. who who o inteet or onne socl medie sed sis. ere rasm or Incling tryinto aembl. Grps tha. Ca hel us mt thosehalle aders fr GooglFacebo. Alother line sesWe nee to work the ws to ban thin likec post is mafesto. need ok oBroadebased sues as statend aa peleTo reduceacismi To pmote me unit. We nd. also sureThe ns or noin theands. Bob deraed kiersLikehe m who coitted thiseino crime. El PasWhe time ensing tt constitionalightng e ishatThere’much tbe done. And e . thisrocessWe wano letin th at th media grievg proces easn nol to bin theound tles. I set ol begi the roundables is mohProbab as so as th doome oanizinto maksureo that wwie d tabl one wl takelace i stin. But welsoant at el Po. ese wi be round in taes witexpertt all ese chlenginfeels. Expertho havet e e that I cake. B things n do theedia oy. make But ndidlyo makell Texans sar. Oujob is the y Texansay. tb seously. We wl act iftly. overe the most popultionsAnd ag. potician in e ste a ‘ve ha thesepen round tae befe aft Santaeut some othere gin by ose rnd tabs like r flag e e prosed wer oeah I tnk. Not not ld th push back othat so gen thowucholitic capit are y willi o t gin by tse routables ae placeecaut To maksure a cri like iscan. doesn’hn unrstandg th in in tse. Weow whe peoe of Tex ve been victized by seral mass se r stance accorng to e informion I . to intify ys thawe woutut beble tooot ou. e shoote cld be i we’rgonna we’reonna b oking to evethin. Too erything wcan toake se that we et allexas se. Froanothe ent li thisHow are you manper pole and piticia sponding tthat n. You kn whaI gotttellou. Elecd oicialsn Texas or dieren. facehallens chalnges wsaw th afterd wenite f e shooti in nta Fe. We ught afterhat haened wh hurrican’ el Po. The membs of tin Paso degationThey ce so mucabou. Bulso th care abt the th areettinghe exaley to t how Texan come tether thatone th time soI’m rry what ds it mno peopleerehat e s g m peop whoanted toe here surether pplehe one he ople w may n want thi stind ofhe natur Of th tuatio. I thk it i if t zes. Did thiis an ise. Athe natiol leve. So you kn aboutad conrsatio boith the psidenthe vice psidento affirmheir cmitmen to assistg Tag o rwardo taki tm up o ateveresourc they can deal with thicatastroe. And thpiecesack tother. e livesnhe ce pele of el Pa and how did. Yoget go. Thereasexas governor abbot there speaking before president trump comes t vr reectshere t. The victims andhenf t doest lves he oka ou last break he o newnow ll be back. re news fects evyone cler ttheinalour ofe as it’s geg tring hi everyon my pag inhat wan to go to.for is iepreseativlija Cummgs and spa ncheonet’s lten to a littleit ofs no. And coolenceto t famili. d ao wanto thk our rst responders. Thoswho int Dangouse ves I tha god f you. I’m truly hetbroke. But he’s milies andommuniti was suering at e handof gun olenceI’m sry butnce again are . Ofhose w were stenrom us before ey rch the tentiaorbidestin. Gun boun ne. Nine a school. shpingall. A vie eate art ahurch. dly ly t onlyhingthatave chged. I’a maof deefait. And Is locion. the erican people e begging us. For re tn thghts and ayerThey wt acti and ess wh thewant inow a critical moment inur histy. ato sponsored bipaisan woulreque bagroundhecks e farmransrsetween pass the hse and call on To te it ua bit raightell. the meuren wa to asWe mt ao submit he pullny e in t highe levelof the behaorIt only eates re and vision amongs. As severy limitsuo getheror the common od a cntry. We finallyight were donwith t hateful rhoric. That we are ne wit the ma shoings. Thate are done wh the white supremists desc terrorts. at trorizing r coury inightinagainst everhing Arica stasor and evythil wh I’mpeakg of bad I d justemind a. ConversationI’m ju remind of a cd th meighte yo nie this weend. e’s agly li taineeo’neill Oaey Lyj arthey gng to t us i cages. m goa puus i ges. This comg fr a ten must snd togherith the. We thoswhom wdisagr with.who we dnh And recoge e serates We allhink o isWe allant dency and reect dency and resct. We protted. And weant al to liven ar chdren aafe wheI go t e mall. to thWalmart or to t localchool. We mt You ow onef the ings tttand ite. I’ve aayn g wh you hav. A govnment. Gee at I sd freight I’m here t f governmo switchhat arnd when the governnte ople. AnI ha somold hand hd bec. ere’s so many pple at he in everyity inhis untr e watcng. e cmunities And we a griing wi the. ePason . We feeyo. We fl it. Asou ppare t bury yr oy e ing wh Americans nmally do. ey’re pain d we are in paini thou muscome psionAnd fr thapassiowe musdo our puose. We wh if bk pain io acon. And demanded intent on kiing. Frompeoe obining ns andut in t is senlessiolenc. w let meurn ton fotoday. will tch upo is. Doinand trng to Toee elimine w. o effos to aress ctical isesLike pscriptn drug pric. I wl atta. My communi inet to divi us as countAnd to distras and Iant to the unite u and cbat the ngers at ourountryaces. I s born in oualong withy. Farmea sisters. In Btimore. Edated d stillive in Baltimor. AnI wanty neigors tonow. ha mo andll god am so proud. d e t ngresshe Unid Stat of Amera. Thank you Baimor thk you. name my larg working a derving ople I espeally o natiol leads. Shld be proud the men a eir cotrymennd wom. peop Tex or io. Orn anywherelse inur great naon. have honest and hesite tcritiq a weo no otests wt we a is lackg Thescriticms a is . Fothey are members being ound constctive chge. At the sameime however whe our bg there trepresentati Elija mmin there at the national Cong uat t end doehere. hava lge areas with a evie whas cing nex airfor o shod blanding in Tas in abou an ur one cloc our te w wl shting thahapped or th weekd an g whtheargeecycng plaut in California hashut wn and it wr s wh theeft fashis wheh the younew methn ght absolutely all rhthat is a muc more coming up here onews nowe’ll hav som re movents fm presidt trp to call our ss in e Paso taa ok at the Dow minghat come bk look like itight eninish gre her Folks whent was dowlmost fe hundrepoinr e day what a ral on Wal reet tayet’s take one facts guess whyot we goreooklsoy hundreandeven f tomorro prett much goio be the sametory. r the xt t dar I hen the ns now though for a whher they’t asell wel at’s gngo dot for he todayn foxen era than youo mug e bi moreOf a larger mics. Vong rhts. Crinal jtice reform on yo to use eac onof these issueare ar t myeartAnd have bn addresng them ye was on the rising costs of pre heardrom a ther I missed Listen to ishis ishe first tnessd before my committee as chairman


100 thoughts on “News Now Stream 08/07/19 Part 1 (FNN)”

  • Donald J. Trump and Melania Trump truly ARE our great nation's Commander in Chief and FIRST Lady! SO gracious! Make me PROUD to have them as President and First Lady.

  • Webson Chilomo says:

    These are people who don't read and hear for themselves, these are the people who have been fade with lies by the media which hates president Trump and American people, especially CNN lies.
    President Trump is not a racist don't be cheated by the media lies.
    Am black and a person of all races like president Trump.

  • Webson Chilomo says:

    These are the people who have not accepted to be Americans , why do they always think of negatives to themselves if they are true Americans.
    Why talking of racism and protesting if they feel they are Americans.

  • And for the ones the not happy with my people is because you need to learn to work hard 😓 and be happy with God “I Love you too”

  • How they get those shirts that fast? Pres Trump is doing right by visiting the families. Illegal immigration is what the president talks about with the walls. He hates no one. This is pandering baloney from the Left. Hollywood and media spin these vulnerable people. God Bless All.

  • Not only do the citizens of El Paso and Dayton not want this vile excuse for a human being to visit, they join us in wanting to see this racist bigot, thief , Gone from the WH.

  • Both sides of the political aisle agree that mass murderers are bad and mourn the loss of life. This is not a divide issue.

  • There was a H U U U G E turnout of support for President Trump & the victims & survivors in El Paso. Thank you President Trump.

  • Freddie Hinote says:

    You people are spreading hateful feelings towards anyone who has love for our nation and President, you are not loving people, you are bad people with a political grudge, hateful people should leave and not be welcomed into any community or Country, you are the racist lying people who divide our Nation, HATEFUL BUNCH! The violence is in hearts like yours, Trump is not the problem, your ignorance is!

  • Atlantic Beach says:

    I wish I could send the people of Dayton and El Paso my thoughts and prayers.
    I believe their loved ones will always be with them. Maybe they won't be able to see them or hear them but, a part of them will always be with you. They will live on in your heart &
    memories. If I could I would send my condolences to each and everyone of you.
    I don't know you but,
    you all are in my prayers. When you feel a soft breeze or maybe a soft touch on your cheek think of them, they're thinking of you. When you dream of them, thank God for letting them visit with you. God bless and comfort each of you.

  • Uranus Subscribe says:

    It is not good to rely on 1 person. The leader is not a god who has miracles that bring happiness to everyone. But a good leader is someone who has a love for the people, giving strength and the ability for everyone's life. But leadership only has moral words but acts inadequately, only good at speaking, benefiting a part of the population and harming the rest, is a dangerous leader. Only lazy and bad people support such leaders. Trump is not the president of my country, but he is devoted to the people of the United States, because of the United States, I wish our country's leaders a small part of his virtue. American people treat him well and fair. Trump is a good president, very few good people like him. Many leaders are opportunists, lies and citizens

  • Socialist Democrats and their minions are filled with such stupidity, hatred and destruction. What exactly are they protesting and who is paying them. Nobody decided to just have balloon made of Trump for the heck of it. Somebody paid for this and it wasn't your average Joe Blow with time on his hands. Who's financing the hate?

  • I guess the Looney leftist forgot about Madonna saying she wanted to blow the white house or the red headed broad holding a severed head of the PREZ or the fact that George Soros had ads in Craig's list paying rioters to burn limos and break store front windows during the inauguration… What a bunch of hypulocrits . Plus this was a false flag just like Sandy Hook one man proved was not operational and one of the supposed victims was pictured with Obama and one of the supposed victims was played both the part of grieving parent and swat team member. This was all by design.

  • in canada many die waiting for an MRI, surgery and organ transplants. I seen 4 people die waiting in the emergency ward of a local hospital !!!! usually 10 hours to get medical attention and many die before then . 5 years for an MRI and worse !! so dont model after the canadian health care system

  • 1:54:39 The dumb b1tches are out too. Dem party made up now a majority of stupid women, Gays, Socialist and weak men. American couldn't get any weaker with that combo.

  • 4:41:00 They hate America and the american economy…..ooops forgot they don't work. They are living in concentration camps on the Americans dime.

  • Oooooh Look Trump is engaging with people of color…….He's Soooooo racist! ….according to the Race Bait'n, America Hate'n, Anti America demonstrate'n, Pro Segregate'n Socialist pigs.


  • Last year, 69K Canadians came to the US for healthcare due to the 19 week average wait time for poor healthcare there.

  • Private Private says:

    It is not a Dem or Rep thing when people are murdered because of Trump hate rallies. It's right or wrong. Trump is wrong.

  • All of our hearts go out to El Paso and Dayton Ohio. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We have dealt with mass shootings for many many years. It will continue. It has nothing to do with guns. It is the psychological being of mentally unstable brains. PEOPLE quit blaming the President! You sound like ignorant trash. Stupid. Looking for anything and everything to blame. STOP

  • Ephesians 6:12 King James Version (KJV)

    12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  • The irony is palpable with the signs that say, "no room for hate," held by people that throw the worse, most vile hatred for their own country, countrymen and President. If it wasn't so nauseating, it would be funny.

  • I would just like to say that I love and respect Donald Trump. He is the cheif in command of our country and I will continue to respect his authority. I stood up for Trump when most wouldn't and I will continue to honor his presidency. I am not trying to steal the spotlight from him… I am just working hard to make my dreams come true with my team. I know im not his most favorite person in the world but I will respect his authority. I hope in the future we can work together and make America great again 💓 💓

  • The leftists liberal are hypocrites. The talked of love, but in reality they are the most hateful and racist people. They are now introducing Islam in America. The leftists are against Christians, and are now supporting Islam. This is crazy. This shouldn’t be allowed to continue.

  • A vote for trump or any repunklican is a vote against your children going to school without fear of someone with an assault weapon; it's a vote against attending an outdoor festival or concert, or shopping at walmark with your family. BOYCOTT WALMARK IT'S THE LARGEST RETAILER OF ASSAULT WEAPONS IN AMERICA. A VOTE FOR THEM IS A VOTE AGAINST YOUR CHILDREN YOUR FAMILY, YOURSELF, GOD, AND COMMON SENSE.

  • Leo Podstanicky says:

    I was in military and know to shoot many guns including machine gun, but I don´t own any, it is simply useless and stupid, lots of problems like with kids etc.

  • America’s White supremacist and thief is occupying the White House. United We Stand. Under trump we all will fall

  • We need to keep our second amendment a build the wall!
    Then roundup the illegals and the Democrats and put them on the other side!

  • Facts First: This is false. While both Brown and Whaley criticized Trump's past rhetoric, they were only complimentary about his visit to the hospital.
    At a press conference following their joint hospital visit with Trump, Brown said Trump was "received well by the patients," was "comforting" and "did the right things." At the press conference and in an interview with CNN, Whaley said victims were "grateful" to see Trump and that he was "treated well by the victims, for sure."
    Brown did call Trump and his past rhetoric "racist." Whaley called Trump's past rhetoric "divisive" and said it was good he did not visit the district where the shooting occurred because of local "anger" about him.
    But neither of the two Democrats alleged that Trump was badly received at the hospital.
    When Whaley was later shown the Trump tweet in which he accused her of "totally misrepresenting what took place inside of the hospital," she responded, "I'm really confused."
    "We said he was treated really well. I don't know what you could talk about misrepresenting, so. Oh well, you know. He lives in his world of Twitter," Whaley said in a video posted on Twitter by the Cincinnati Enquirer.

  • background checks are waste time I don't think any of the last two Shooters have a criminal record they going to have to watch social media Facebook and other sites that's just my opinion

  • This totally misinformed woman and her reprobate boss both sound a lot like my grandfather who had dementia … but I love him … not so with these other two

  • How rude from those protesting victims of the by Trump fuelled White Supremacy terrorism. Melania mainly came to show off her new Prada high heels and Gucci designer dress.

  • My nineteen year old just paid $1000.00 for just a semester of her University's healthcare plan. Because, she wont be accepted in school without healthcare. They made her buy a plan she can't afford and is too expensive for her to use. She would have to pay $25 per doctor's visit plus 20% of the office cost. Not to mention the huge cost of going to an emergency room.

  • President Donald Trump was not exactly welcomed with open arms this week in El Paso, Texas, where his attempts to meet with injured victims of the mass shooting that killed 22 people were turned down, according to multiple news reports.
    The exact number of recovering victims who declined to meet with the president is unclear. A spokesman for the city’s University Medical Center said that the eight victims there on Wednesday — five in critical condition and three in serious — all did not meet with Trump.

  • Why was his first response to praise their great respect for the office of the president when he got back. It’s like he blatantly tells everyone his greatest fears while pretending they don’t exist and aren’t an issue. They straight up protested him. He’s like everyone knows who you are to that guy and tells him he could be a movie star and he’s just forced to nod and say yes sir. You can’t make this up.

  • Great camera work on Air Force One landing, FOX 10.
    Thanks for not cutting away! 👍
    Not everyone gets to see that in person.

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