News Now Stream  07/05/19 (FNN)

News Now Stream 07/05/19 (FNN)

reaso add lines from all over the country thank you so much for being part of news now I’m like page brown hoon. Two more hours of nonstop coverage for yeah obviously even though it’s Friday it’s not casual work Friday for a sharpen that’s to my thank you Ron yeah. Right after the holidays yeah was dress up game turn over a new leaf — Sell — We are glad you’re with us because we’re gonna roll of four year just a second here on interrupted the entire. Donald Trump of and at the south lawn of the White House the rotor blades our goal and but this is the way news conferences are done now. I mean. Sir Sanders she said bye bye more — No more for news conferences we do have the new – Press secretary by the way from Arizona the preservation Klay likes people hear what he has to say from his mouth and he doesn’t I have to say. He is able to come to direct the conversation to today’s headlines meaning he’s going to talk about jobs he’s going to talk about well what does he think exactly what input does he have after. His salute to serve him and to which from everything I saw got really good reviews. Last night he’s also going to talk about Joe Biden and their brand new interview by Biden called in some names early stating — It’s all coming up all right he on newnow yes let’s show it just like if you were right outside of the White House to along with the press. taing tohe media tmpwey Ye.aible] I neededhat. Our job numbers is so good. Theilitary has a hard time getting people andeally th. I heard a t ofeoplcall againinauble] pla. I think we showed th las. We had great numbers this morning. Two hundred twenty four thousand jobs [inaudible] Really unexpectedly. r cotry continues to do really. u would ve a rket ship when no bomb the president [iudib]ero me imuch tterhan ‘s ever been. last night was spectacular yes . announcing something. Very shortly a favored nations clause. Asou know r yes and years other naons. Then we do sometimes by 6070%. We’re gng to and we’re rkinon irigh [indibl Where ? She wasery ch. Taken advantage of the system for a long time. So we’reorki on right [inaudible] Naon ianywre ithe rld Welln thse] e jue. Rorts.esct f jusce Heaid.idt. ck. alddeddditiol.ense get In aot of things iludingnve cis. execivl . I juston’tike. Beg tan advantage forhe by thway Weeleasinaudie]ble] Whetr it’s and ne relationship is a good relationship [inaudible] Sure you. I say ty ca in legally. Throh thcoursystem we have. [inaudible] Removing people. ese oplever the ars bodytronr there noby thats a lita anyere clos As y knon ndredolls wn I ok ove the lita. Wead b I mean st. Nowe hehe fest i the world the thiy fi the F ease a new. One weave. Fothe kes Almade ithe A sot’s a uble is all de n. A j goo gat j numrs toda boa of e mitary. b whavehat e greate in e worl. bodyhey me. Ju abo theest. ere’nobodyhat cos cle To t right l thatou s a lot of people Everyone of em Hse. I uldctuay saand want To aittle e We had lotf rain. In the rainina] ing on so I could have said. Three right theiddlof at I dot know whathe nal. That wr t . I dohis ve wel. was actuay hard to look at anyway. But deite the rain. And sting thk ople reall hadt. And thina lot ou kn. tuatn aot of ople a goingo be joy navyirfoe. is iabouhatur stem i thatboutet’. Yocan’t that 50200-00 [audie]l Everyinauble]ner e g Evenhen yo [indible] ‘s azinginaudie] This g . The deal with you. ‘ll sewhat hpensith an Ve inrestin proem thatheya vy I n’t te you aut a wh ere waa probm out ere will gwith t what e problewas. [inauble] Is bng pice. xicos dog far re en theemocratse alknow. ny of em the nowas the utheordethere southe bord. Our ste ma borr th you tnk of sixty ousan thsands th a bigacto abt a wk. bn there r at actlly hapned at is at ifor members of back? T. d yoll seehe numbers Real doing goojob.exo — Doomef the ples theare Late.. [inaudible]the mocratwill n We hav [indible] ny But ny oheir incredible there ally wl ruI’ll tl you y. And I id y to e boer [inaible Did] Is that s. Li they’ nev comup..nd great b [inauble] Deloping. We’retarting th t M. irteene we’ nev. Threas they me up th [iudible ey wt. ey do a great b wi [inaudle] Onee Because wou say ts — obably every twelve the United Stas ss that. Becae it smt I understand. Away that. t wee a wtevethey did we he a ve. t it seems that every. In the United States so what Well e . Pfer mbers of Cgress very ry bly. Fothe mtart ey’rvery rpect by iger’s but Cgresay vy d things a liv. Hi border patrol. e Attorney General we have a nume can use l ofhem e. One we’re doing very well o thatn doars Find o evethinabou everyby [inau] Please. This.ou a citizen. Is. Always been that. ghtiery rd ainstis syst The irty geral [inauble] r whenou nd itor many Yoneed. how ny peoe artherun gng Theris [audibl What? Th justhink he’s gat hs very. [inaible]a gre job A t. saific a lo be dngey thisut thewan- . Bu theeopl the f leade ally le her lot prident ama [audibly Thene so en. Weave a emendo. Th wan to getn therwant takadvaage ofhe i ThreI knowhat [audibl Present am. y Thknowbout tt [audie] By They tirw Yo becau we dierent [inaudible] Theyidn’t ve a ce . And rit now e . a . Th weryou Righnow everhing. newsonferee oside of e ite useeforreside trum traled.o y r ba we’re gna he so breang ns out. Ofhe UThom. uden thahappedasteek ‘re nna ingt toou i fullhat reakw ppeng. st ments ay of macnzie. Wict as e wastudent Murded lasteek let’sistenwas fo. inere on ns nowet you tion dea ank yovery mh. Pleaseote torrow. Chf duty distrt attorn ank you for ing he. And thk you e is morng. the we. Ofhis trag. I am relied drief sicken to port Mackzie look om Log canyowe hav. Iay last wk we connue cloc.his ca arounthe Inopes tt weoulde able to pvide t look mily [inaudle] Our communy. An ery pice dertment emoyee ts clost and vestigion.ectiork We recoved. The bo on o six a wee able tfriend confied. Itas a I ske wit ckenzis fami this rning. Anher. Devaating ll. Deite thr grie We hop this ll helthem fd some c. And stice r mackzie. Wesk f contied resct f eir pvacy. Fr theedia and the commuty. Has a dl witthis trible tredy [audible] Grbing Dna. the lt LakCity piceas tonglh ag. department. An thealt Lakcounty dirict aorney’office. We als statcrime b.k thetah Thcashounty eriff’s fice. assied in is caslhose who would persolly like to coand thcharacrs. Poli deparent’svidencin Perserance andedicatio.crime lar As they s case. Ov the lt two wks they ha dropp theirersona ves. Anorks thousdsf hourto As aolice ief there are nouso t. word. And couldn’t b proer.ings. Of theomes Whener ourommuni. Exriencea lossike th. Thtragic circumsnces hav e pottial ttear athe fabr of r commity. I amere tosk u [inaible] The ght kt nate tstful. communy is whe . Youave rayogethebehind e look famy rough the rough is tri. AnIave fel tt I hope at weake the teg sport. this weenr . An work gether to lp prevencrimem Thank youinauble] thank theayor foror her suort thi policepartmt duri e specifation matr. ank yoso muc know I like to turn the time over to her to see if you worse. Thanyou.auble] circstance a It a scerio yan’t even imaginhappeng Inour fe hope t information today ings aitionalosureo mackene’s fas suppt as you grievnd see justice chief bwn and the membersfe to our pice department for tir work. The lice dartment has been And achief bro mention they have this rk. An it ain exelifies [iudible] w tremdously Woered am to be a part of this pice deptment. Which isne of e best in the cotry. I bieve this casehows how seriou we takerime in Salt Lake City. And I personal wan texpress thisrocesstinuo go tough. grievg. Andetting gof youloved Onnot vy tgic ciumstance. Please notwe are here foyou Thk you.] Whe — Chf- My me is m go I’morrt t I wa to ta a secd to peonallyhanky frie and throh thisrocess.n We havbeen in t Andhisas truly been a teon. effort. a suortinghis oning effort. And I y knowdge t suprt of th ime l. Bu but more psonall cef thank yod yo team rough ts whol condolces tGreg and Dna. The ltlo mylf andlack nhing me Spoke ieflyith th as wl.s mning. Anthey st their heafelt apprecti- m thisommuni androm ts — [inaudib]ment — Fily Pleaseote. Th continu to ben open instigation. is n uncmon for investigive effor to coinue ashe cas progrses oblitions. Tohe disvery of trh. d thengoing rponsibity to clectlb Thisatteras bn brout to foscreeng ofharges as we ve bondhe rt to r screeng funcon. Its cticall impornt to no wle an rest h been made. ce and a suspect haseen boed into jai. Boing spes onlo allegatis in ouyo innocence appes tall o mmunit and tharesumpon As indicedarlierhe chi.pplien tl Makingorh this d let mjust tsay that woingogethe with the Ds officendf thSalt Le Cityolice dertment e prodt of our effor oppounity d eht this was clerly rlly vetted and it ses to incate that weay be able locate t posble reins th mkenzieewis. Wednesy Julyhirdation onwhat lee Athis sta we ll mov rwardith our scref o earlpart o next wee.n An we wilthen mov — To forwarwl ocess. Of t hyity o policefft.e ta a departme t homice ut dd Mchell and a all tse folks o A so jt to agn reitera at thehief h alrea asked. Plea at is tim w to respt trivacy of And ve the some ace a tye looka. go thrg. u i ints tod but is makina strong col coinue tlook a it forou througut. On fox tenxtra but the onl down n I said to take a look att hi everyone my teacher welme back alys bng y the topue.o stories and headlinesrom all ov the coury ialwa gre to be with youo thank y all for inin uheren ts Friday m be l. The d o from MA a post July fourth cebraon tnk y so much for joining us is we always n Really a the breakg ne as ty areoingn tt’s oneou of t poww e o und bitonna shohe whole ents herlike i you wer goutight nowo Houstonwe’re gna xas where the roa. To twey twty ctinu senator Bnieandepeakg therlet’s e y programsn prencesh Gettg paid as th learn h soetyillis of jobs.s yog peop if ty ha theatre avaabe ntorg The sistcehat th nee andhats Weave to cide as a natn ry spleoint wn wealk out we tal aut t rights worng pple. Ye aoung m right wre is it nothat doou tnk. We ctinue tsy we youan getreat althre. Yoget noing. causonce y have ur paents. t you’ n gonna be le to spding othe hlthcare In dgompaes lt ye madst. desperely ed.medine eyixty ni bf Becaus thecan’ affh e t uninsud wder sht tt isopl whI belie In aedice Singleay off m Ameran will vereedom o choiceegah ey go. Theyo. To tre wilbe no. Itsntshey t.exnseso. wherI li in nadaom Inne foror anots thugho the wld we l. tllowthe insurce need.eealtcarehat eyans to makee So. In my ew whapolitil revoluon. d if. volution is ing to the tradunio. . Toecausehe onl way t okers a going tbe abl t ke iinto t middle css. As the coi i ploys troduc legislaon wch I ll ileme apresidt the aced the workplace democcy negoate strg firs conacts we e gog poin the nional labor latisoardhat prests works notust large corpatio. l rit so we ed wre goi do ay byhe wayn th legiatio Way ] . So whayou’re looki at i mebody who h beepart o That all can remberecause wosor all of us andot just isboutais whathisampan So apartf th form thenteabout the issues thate wah I ke tcall Sne Smirom?e cal you nter cters foraking Die uAC applaudtheillay – at denre just lked aut – your pport the pro as — Bubill tt wilhopefull peal s f bad disions thughouthe yea. Th I’ve riousl limited – ions ality to ganize membship. presenour The biest ise our uon contctorsaindepeentication at’sevelopsush f lower anloweruilding cos o large prect. . Geral coractor and bcontrtors have wer wages Many subcoractor utili laborroker t large ale wa fastystewe to Mainly ommigra worke who believey s . There for ke. Whether laws. uld you tn ple t anncree per worke tohtenolleiveg gani Wellet mnswe t fir rt of ur questioI shld mentn tha. Becae o the t workpce democry ace inoduced we dawayith thi wholbusi n . Yoknowhat at’s aut. you onhe pay rol makgureaof argg befits andedice befits at y hava minimu wag whatmploye s cotry. tnly theuildgrade li Heyongratulatns yr l ov thi s ow an indepeent ntract Withnythin at e socl securi anded y an can expit you went away thout th is The mply lel o wagesd nefi f worng pple in thisountry. Inermsf ornizi Ihink u wilfind theot oy is the commaee lita b the oaniz in ief f theaborovemenin this powe. To ke ieasieror works tjoiu woing pple’ountri want join at’s n everydy but Kn wel o thempedents to roso gehown fmsike a rit and u wa Movi to ying. har thas illal whout ishat haens Wellou kw wh youill t three years o ay w don’t evebodynows at. clas ds n grounle the everhing we can. make at happ. Doou kw and le yo enty tee for eighthank u for ing he withs toda rns — Senor Sders – O the bgest iues tt we ar hat’that what ey fee goodbout. e lookt the Milley wh the withhe Gman prenceshr progm. It is. Anwhathey sa we gotnd e sterypes y’re ing t prtice youan wk wi danolleg or n let’grea. sang o pern isetter tn the otr. What we ed tdo ao?nt. Is is evethinselat t erytng ee younow when yore a sator y reali evythi’s rated t everytnglse. ll you a sto. And she said woing cla hig schoo. . These ds whyou le to op t ofigh scol. d end up on strt coers doin drugt t ayhat need tthe ief Ok whaTo d is tsay tohis outf l. evy kid inchoo we ll n low you To toughhe ccks there i ss can and y can maka dent Apentishiprogromesn All rit so we ki Th mea somebodre in hool Comefrom famil whe g paycck Yodon’haveo de druo ke aivin all rht tt is ormoly inopulionou knowany opleee Workg witolder ople. Geany n featus thate need. There f reac outo the ki and s Youronna py aimpoant. Part in ren e trning tt you’ goingo get real s. Arconcerd abouyou In anvironnt ir e I nto play stron role y knowhat’s e . is is ur cmuni mirityommuties. Toakeeh o to e sure thathe trning a the ecatihat ey didomeompanynd 10%. caus thitoucsn erythi it touch othe needor wker. e itic nee in is cntry lso dls wh the ual imin justi if let the kids.hreehe ccks that’ one oble. stearatoulde. thk cenr f allhe worto rits -Doc anti pasto vit studentsnd workeore tn onmilliopeople he nefitefrom tse proctions an theserotectnsre o syem our cenror ts is Manyecipientsf GPSorking clest r cotructi anduild t not permant solionnd are we’r fightit cizenspor theeaso for th recipies of tserogram analso inclung dab- works becombowlin ball tot ptect unrupulous gedy eloyers to thenorke becomeore fearful to speakp aut subandard ouon saf worki cdition. Leadinton ofnteres Dandrge the protecons ad on cover a fction of e cument cmunity s senat I plan to fit for cprehenveould ku immigr. And tha woueado and that cizensp.clude a phwayo Thank you so tha youery muFor yo imptantuestn. Nuer of e usef goal. So went to a mmunitalle e Moey nthl For all wn. And what ey areamou fors grad a m does at e up. Onour haurgers and Mo otheeople th arell exoite. a theall ve I ntedo std witthos workso get bettewages and auallwe had some ccess.ewors t’s see you rse aumbe of iues. One on dumendnd h n legarights. a ckee c be thlelyn exoited causwe’rgoing to Alrighinauble] Was y c be artraril If you’ra won y cou be xual harsed [audibl l righ. So what we he g to s to dersnd by the w thehe DOT ly n on docunt tt it every Ameran is eloye and Ian p you know s seo n Bus and l rig. So iimpasveryborive wagedownt eryby tonow. of tne poi eht milon hisacism is young oplel. Rely lik0% of e Ameran younpeople. atus of oseeoplehine In my ew wexpa Dr As ] Mostmportaly inedible tss mi andgoto anndhis bigoy. admistrati let msay word Onwhat. Is doing iwhat demagues the ason. This idemagogu alwaythe thworkg css whes warriorsf Istruging wte w hav f r t l pelehyo weave a msive leve ofncoh equaty. Whis alrdy desuction out at iss pele fled.u undumend His em l. The erican p. Rit bas onhat. I was dng owherweould sexu oriention.i o d I ways rember is. I n’tnow tohanguch ia Ishat is g is a right.ate ke M. So we’ gp getherith thAmeric peop that in. . Thats sgreat.s of pele out It is disguing b s pridenfhe Unid State or oall ofhs e Ameran peoe wanthat th nt is. Toove tard mprensivemmigraoneform and a th . Whathey al wan? Toe is a young mn policand r the desrate. Was seing asym Ca motrs andhildren so doe’s lot ofork. Toe But l of is getacko bringi our pe Annot allingso be videhat busess haslway like t white also.eone Wh we std togher And fig a suprte d s esidt. Melisslocal [audibl you.eeseventeight ank Thk yofor bein here first I know he had mtionf al blicchoo in that — T queson I ht publ educaon [indible Very snific. c scols I had very od educatninaud] . s s righ d wt thateans ithat Instd of speing onhek. To miliry. the hd and th in ne Ineadf allong aituati toxist wh the ready struggng in a de uyou know. with kid m have thmahousi is ane poutionith th driing ter manot bcleane l righthat’she fir Just out in thseco rlity inveingn publ educaon. inoducinaudie]vto Charr schosecau I wt e money toe going io publducaon e riereet iestorsven fitor t teaers tget the saries at th thedeserv. My min that at lex ousandollars year ‘re nna troue findg ‘re gon trieunding for Inommon ds.lserve.e It not trust whater thtducati aI hourare eig to ree Moay throh Fr. hundd yourickets in yo uld you ke to gog out Righ in t summeime als t. od ecati andecreiona oppounitie for ks w nd strengthen after school programs we appciated I’m you’rs Mi patientslways so gat to be he wh you as we would bring you these top stories and headlines fm acrs. The coury and going to start Ne. tenewslert [audie] You set up [inaudible] Do. At least. Three people were stabbed in more than a dozen injured. In a subsequent the stampede after panic broke out at Chicago’s navy pier. On July fourth following a fourth of July fireworks show the stabbings came after an argument broke out. On the pier around ten PM local time in a looks like we’re getting that live news conference right now from the Let’s listen in f a nntendent. detas You ly We alrdy. Inhe offices othe reet Plea also sees [indible]ly thir. Toy e re of ly trd to the. We als neeto cnge ou crimin justr ThanChico trsit CCA is e bestay . fteehundd adtional CCA so wasrimes. To keep The invidus arthe on thound cams system why. e otr majoritie Carasnd seeothing n Two alogameras Insttly plac by ew . An othe tracks Thr six eightracke sisix hured the eltricy naudle] Thnation Fivsix siplea ay saf [indible] Sheverye iolved in st nighs inde. Pa sportthisveni and th time ne whawe kno. Wead a sbbingncidt aer ese twondividls beg Thyoung n pulled out knife anstab In theicinitof jusoutse e sameimef the abbi. Ling outereinaudie] Celeatio. As m otionstarted. sevel millnrm repts serity all tt wasign in aingl. Inhe a thereas nev an active d no o was Thiy one w that we aer t arges. Includg On aace oa manho w in theicinit of thname her en this incint hapned. Sethe and Iinois ste swi. You. lile pardonsfforin Secr serce. Take fewuestns iyou ve. [inaible]t theyere [indible timthat She ated [inaubln is . Wead a thealls plee [inaible The . Weannocontl soone Anale. at’s sethinghat. ways hav t medicatn. To ehe surity. wean dis lk athe sety asur in ace [inaudible] Thank you he forou bter yet wAREkend we ae rldwe on fox ten phoix.c Miage we’re gon connue twty tnty verage we heardroll oo om Bnie Sdersittle bit o nowe’reonnao o to Iowa and hr e n g Io. chilen whore facinin.r eatain and dabily aveled. ouratios falies foremovghe childd fromne rm otheouse t Is gre efft But avelTo oation’ pitalTo eure tha the pele a the vce of t peopas hrd at ppen dyou gu rember wasctuay the.Sene wl I At aut I tnk is oundwo o’cloc in. ere thenitedtate Coness in lar pe No [inaudie] Tooar.le] Tang awaour althre. Thisdminisationnauble] younpeoplealled promis Rememb te acon for cldhoodrrival id for tse yng ppleany of whomer. He bore ey couldalk o blesou if ey td u arval not ty a livg aroducteor li my of om a iturns Goin to lleg worki intar. forte fives s . depoation and whatid thi minirationoming to. Americs prosg . But c equ indendent brah our goverent our docracy lled the judicl bnch. Nope y’ve f ink abt tole of e I a cvinc tha hay ndepeent prs. Goneown tohe borr.o allow e Ameco wiess. Huma rhts abe. Begommitt b thenite a licy ttake childn andes govnms serate tm fromheir pents. The pro wiesshat birtis way. a vy Would t hav sod u wit trag and said. This i ctrar to rs o stopnd at ast on per it stped [indible] So. Ou docracy a the design o ou docracy is ing teed t if youhink oit lika So of e shinglesre falng.e. off b y. we rlectnhe iependees of ouration. d as weeflect. Onllhosetars and sipes Let’rememb ere’a lot goo. For d pa of what s there a loto. beautyf thee natuf whoere. As natn iit w allbout e pele. at dignas sing it’ out thpeople e peopnd in t peoplis An it is byndor t peoehe por. that a got thatur democcy is iactnd it i tht r it Sioucity d and so tat. wha is bore us i Twen twenty are.[inaudle] So tel you litt my bacrounn term ofhis th w grew up pt ofhe way gre up s s And her hbandony ithere [inaudle] Here. But th way m and I we rai werectuall raise by pantsho met whe they we active. Inhe civ rigs movent in thninete sixti. And w jesnd thatw f ultsho spentull ti rchi and suting. About is thi cac o – Wh were fightg forhe t idealsf o? e lawys.hatxist werthe Thgoodarshall in Crles motl a the iividls w Baker dersod the sll of e professi of a thpassio from t streeo the cot r. w mu consttly b done remindg fol oi articated in arell a shod btread.e As eals s thas w I decideI want r d o uld aaysay lk the Is gng to beased on the impact y. e theas nev any questn. In ter of t way we we rais tt yoe o at is out seice. And h mothe wash l fivfeet tal- But if you ever mter y wou have thghthe w sen to n feetall. An s washe kd of pent If you evee mplaing. Our moer wou lik itoo often wh o. Sheould s wl whatre you gog to dabout it decid trun fo Soet’salkabouthe crent. occupa o r Let’do thatley [inauble] theurrent occupt of the Came i on campan th said. Makemen ] d so. Herend tn it is you wanto turn b. Ma Ameca gre aga doe th mean bac befe the voting rights act Back befe roe Wade.. Wh’se talkg autake Americgreat a. o Righnow And l’s aee. bahe cck we’ notoingThate’re n n cke are t gog naudib] For . abo everythin tha must be doo mo forwa. a littl bitorel’s rlect On wt wee beenayi. This is a person whoame io ficeake it alkinds omises Tthe Amecan pple inmerica famy d he h betyed pele. Heas betyed pele. heren thisreat ste of wa. tweengaged in tra polic byay th. Infoed b ego t worng witour ales. Whh has resued in farrs ren Iowa loong a Wh soybesottein ban?ptcy. Many owhom n e tim and the hd work io cultivin er a dade. Th oy beut o from th. No weee Chi’s goingo Brazil t bys A peonhoampaig sayg h s goin to ta car o Amican familsnd tir healthare. affoable Cect and is w lking aut tryg to dit Andasical elinate the bann. pre esting nditio. th sere estatin that ave a esidh ny as sen huned thoand au worke in ou count Becae o tt so cald tdend policyhicm American filies cuentl e spenng o point four lliodollara mont. Moreor evethino toashingachine. Heas betrad themerica ople. Ano as fars I’m ccerned Is to precutehe case ainst So.dthat [inauble]Trump. A little bit me aboumy backgr. takin the g bks.sivel Wh pred o homeoers durin e forlosurerisis tha wread hac o? e Who eyed oseniores. have sucssfull tenn orgazation whoreyed onansniona l I kn credito. An weave a predatoiving e WhitHouse. And predaty natu.s. An t thingbout pdators. Ishisinaudie] Credits. theirature entify a then ey on e vulnerle. T. Thosho aren nee or mabe despate. e [iudible edator ey onhose who neehelp. the ite use.eed a predatoinrs a. Weon’t wt. e and so t’s lo at e rap sht. Ju tcontueith t task man.ce swhat are weooking We’reookingt seone w famies a wking peoplg t thenasses tax bil. biggt corpationsn this cotryast year six of the biest cporatis the Unid Statesaie Let’look athe rasheet. Lo at itdminisation tt had aolicy outemovin cldren om their milies admintratiohat has. Conducd trae and miniration. Wh hasotiftedp peoe but instea an way tts abou beati peopleown a t? So it’ tim To tu theage. Anit’s te to writehe nex apternhe hisry of r nation cause ‘s kin of obous ouof yr by liv to n tim Theuy who currely they’ ne neeto be therenymo. Okay. So lt chapr. ourmerica let tk abo arision.or erican thawe kno and And at thalooks like. Beuse ll tlou theay that Ihink a. . E Th a looki at me caly what htalkA am anda’ll te y. ree younow wh thats rht at’shen weake upt thre the mning. Righ witthat tught t’ en wghinon andhis llor the vasmajori ous. When wwat ? 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Anour tehers vaee naying tm thr u knowhis is kinof grad tcherrs Francis Wilnl to t god st. Atnded mlaw scol graduaon. achers are stor le that some tcher Alon t s weere spial. Th tds we we and spial. belie. Under e g abt who ght bthe xt So here’ wha I’m ppared tt of t. ightin for t Amerie believin. pl behe fireder invesent twve thoand twhundredl belong t. doars a ar pepectiv Twee thound two hured doars aear that’ e yearwith t mortge paymen. Tweeo yearwith t groce bills. Twve thoand twhundre debt.cant dtn studtoana Whh isne ofhe greest rriers star udentsoming t d enting a prossion for whh theyave a ssion. I don’ put e . I stnglyelieve. You shld jud a s. Bad on w it tats it ildren. e of t gatest pressis of le. Th a socty c extentoward itchildr. Iso instn tir edution abouin Ameca we bieve i. byxtenl In Ameri we belve and we wi acknoedge tt clate chge is al at we’ been seei comin t of is admintratio w of sence bkedcti insad extentia threa. Toho w e as a scies In tsecedenant ansaw th ooding That itakinglace. I was o e f . e a The land w devasted.. Thiss a re s d o thi sject Iill y. Wenow tt ie do nct. And takthis f . And is o of t mosrgentand asonshy we ed in e Let’talk abo our moresidt of t . our Arica in thAmeric belie in ne of r babi. And I an our ementl . s g how theyayeed toiden the clet i theventhat the is a mas st llways of eir scol y ds ts hao haen Suoset ldersn Waingtont ofhe rs? DC. Wh havfail to ha the coage? Treje a fse eier ifavo ofhe secd endmt or y wan to ke everne’s gue failed. To hehe couge. To age. Bute need rsonae go huing. fety ls in is coury incling uverd ecks in the ddle othe so. Withhie Herehe tng oneight a Whare ey takg soong toll. d? They’rwaitinfor traged. We’ve m mig as wel a ey waing for aood id. No. in ft my o m colaguesehad haveeallyreat ides and o whsnhee pport m a not lking f good ids. What wre lacng is peop t he’s whaI’m prared tdo? When ect? I wl givehenited Stas Coress one hdred dso pu tir aogethen ts subjecnd put m sk forignatu andf they doot. I wiltake ecutive aion. Wh wille th most reiremen I will quire?ck Th the a TFake the lenses of gune laand yoguys suld no 9 of the gsh cre or sout jus5% of e dealer. Soe t a lile bitore gog on tt *-*-. And Im prered to ta ecutiv actio. To n t imrtatiof asslt wpons countrscntryrom foren e Ameri tt we lieve i inmericaFor ouhildre to sool. have fear ing Let’s talk about our American h. Trying to spot them we saw them just as we were going to commercial break there just spotted in their brush I’ve see. One fox news is telling us that there might be a couple more as well there you go you see that brochure is moving ever so gently. Bears want to get a little closer to the homes and sky fax capturing it all now there looks like there. I’m trying to come up with a little bed there for an afternoon nap. A hide from. The highs on there they are playing right there some copies. Right there having fun on this Friday we’ll keep an eye on tt r yoere on news w le s mu foroini us mea does Mikeage ways bring you the top stories and headlinesrom across theountry wre aays Apprectehen you’rwith us herend o it’s a l of year eende holida wee cah upn what is happeng allcros g ne. Toyappeng –s pside trum left t h o boding mare oneo l’s – Given tyos abou twenty minus unloading Joe Biden and former president Barack Obama. Th mitarhas aard me getting people and reay th. I hea agn [audible] pla. I think wehowethatast. We hadreatumbe this mornin. Two hundred and for four. Really unexpectedly good. Our country continues tdo ally well really really well. About it I think we’re going. To we’re goi to breing Ana loof ieres in the sun necessary but we don’t ha a doin. Buwe you wld have a rocket [iudible] Zero ifhpresent The Decrat. B. announcing something. Very shortly a favored nations clause. otr naons.r yearsnd yrs Then we do sometimes by 6070%. Whe we?ation clae. Why? She s ve much last Taken advantage ofne othe wean ditveour five ys The y iit wth tnkin abou. ll ithe nse [indibl The dge. A loof rpect. t he dn’t [indibl So wll seehat haens we get In aot of ingsnclung an Right order [audie] The lleyt all juston’t ke Being ken advaage or t wey thway. llarin The ming i . The people whe we haveegally. Throh thct naudle] movi people. These people over the years. Illegally we arremong. ll donhink of i rms of thawhic is lebring our count b nody tha aa mitaryre’s Asou kw wepent seven hundd doars wheI to ove the mili. . Nowe hav theinest in e worl the trty ve t FHA ease aew. Onwe he. r thlikeof whicwithhata. Budingepare doublet’s l ma now. job gooreatob nbers military.embe of e tt thgreatestn And our mitary. Justbout t bes. e grt shaveur military now is in great shape. ll I c tel youhoseeopl thatou sep e Everyone of them. I uld actually say anI want. a ltle prection t medigenerall. had lotf ra. the rai [inaudibl Going so I could have sai. Three right in the middle of that. don’t kn what e fil. That one all the way bk tohe Washinononumt And guess e rain. I knewhis ry wl [inaudle] yway. Despite the rain. ople really had it. d I ink lot peoe yo I’m gonna get [audiblnow. She [inau] And youan’t do at o system is that abo tha ourystem i thatbc . 50200-00inaudie] One Evenhen yo inaudie] It’s azing . I ll s whatappensith th Veryery caful [indible] Ye so at t probl was About week ] Iseing pice. Meco idoinfar re Thenhe Demrats . soutrn borr thersouthee Ou southerordehich is th in borr that y thinkf siy thound and twey one thsand ithat aig facr u’ve aays been ere for out week. Buif tt ishe mbers o ck. Toack. Thnumber srted t vernme vy wellecause to signing ahat n thMexico- Real db y e ruing. Anreli frothee havenot. naudible Many. there ally wl run I’ tel you at Ad patrol. Did not The rses a the bol a . Like they’veeverome . A grt joinauble] velong. What Thousas of M [audibl [inaible]ty ca up with Th want [inaudible] One because a little. Seen their little family there yeah. Top and on to the news now second we might. We might have the job — We might have take to it was just last year that we had a bear in a pool in the LA area well there happen this block wall there they might be hadn’t to cool of. For all my people. From Chicago out here in Arizona now and there’s a Chicago bear right there and then a little Chicago could be not far behind so take a look at that and while really are. Talking on that. Wall now this time it just like there is let’s see of the Cup now will follow and say well come on dad or mom I could do this. To interesting it makes you wonder how familiar they are the area of the been there before what exactly looking for food shelter. I know the homeowners are probably thinking I hope they haven’t been here before. But you never know and you did say earlier blur that there was a pool there so maybe they’re thinking Hey I’m want to take a dip yeah absolutely will definitely keep a close eye on on the stream coming up here. Yes we well all right our what we said above we’re gonna be heading over to Houston they’re gonna be holding the national educionssoction is hosting a presidential candidate forum for the Democrats running for e White House and twenty twenty and as we definitely have that is called. The stro public schoolsarm and then speaking of Hston ey h a similarncidt jus likee h e roer tri to rob a fireworks stand and washot bthe rson nninthattand. oneach goers in utheupte point four magnide.that x Truly the news out there in southern California no down yea. Thanks so much flyer and will continue to have breaking news when it happens right here on fox ten one last video here before we go take a look at this. Some the White House side toward group really got a tree today as they got a special surprise one night. None other than president trump there take a look at their surprise everyone had their phones out that’s going to do it for us on this holiday week. Thank you so much for joining us we’ll see a on Monday


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  • ANGEL IN DALLAS#INK Getso says:


  • This is what he said…
    “…. our army manned the air, it ranned the ramparts, it took over the airports….”
    What an idiot!

  • yo boys sub to omqtt on YouTube to be entered into a 25$ visa gift card giveaway rolling it at 330 subs 298 atm

  • I hope all the people memeing about wanting California gone realize if we were to actually be gone, it would have repercussions far beyond just our state.

  • Always wondered, move out of building and onto street, then what…. wait for building parts to fall on you? No where to go, should bus ppl out immediatly

  • Americain today is not as same Americain before , please don't try the war on the world. if American start the War will be a poor country than before . more ways to care we are our world.Please pity our earth !

  • Pray for the people of California. Pray for the saved and the unsaved alike. Pray the unsaved consider God and repent. Pray for our brothers and sisters that they are safe and ministering to the lost in these times of crisis and uncertainty.

  • They don't let me give live comments I talk about the end and Jesus, that is there loss because they know what is going on in the world more then most, and do they want to take a chance if there is a god ,guess what every thing in revelations has been coming true, well anyways I don't know if anyone will get this comment but they want Russia and USA to go to war and the west, look most of Russia are Christians 30 thousand churches, and in the USA there is still lots of Christian but not like before percentage wise, and the west to, look who usually fights in wars Christians Catholic to defend good but if there were a war against Russia, it's like destroying our selves, mr, Donald, the big T man,, so you have to let Putin know this Putin you have to let Donald Trump know this and each peoples country people have to know this and talk and not fight, no war no war against each other

  • Andrea Panepucci says:

    Hey!! Fox!!! Time to get rid of sell out Mike Wallace…with the new mgmt Murdock….he is doing a lausy job…😡👇💩👇👿👇👇👇👇

  • Edwin Carlson says:

    I got the perfect solution to save cali.just fill the fault line with human feces and dirty needles.problem solved.

  • Don Emigholz Jr. says:

    The GOP is all about getting Conglomerates the free use of our military for tax free profit from sovereign nation's confiscated oil facilities… Fascism, The GOP is a Fascist political party that without the motive of free military use would fold soon after.
    Tax Conglomerate War profits and try giving peace a chance.

  • Senders to old to be a President
    Hi stacks in the 70th and with Russia communist party
    Ask uncle Bernie who's going to pay for the free ?
    Trump 2020

  • Donnie said that Alexander Graham Bell was the greatest American ever. He was born in Scotland and he invented the telephone in Canada. What a douchebag Donnie is!

  • Bernie is a nincompoop. We already have unions. The gov needs to stop getting involved in private companies and their unions. I have a union where I work in Or.

  • Bernard Ryan says:

    Can we all please not mention Fl. we don't want California's here. Unwashed skinny jeans wearing transient antifa pillow biters are not welcome


  • California will eventually fall into Pacific. Mexicans are glad US stole California as a result of US Mexican war.

  • Silence Dogood says:

    Kamal toe Harris's great grandfather owned 86 slaves…I guess she forgot after inhaling all that good Jamaican weed….

  • Mchungaji Jesse says:

    I came to check up what's up…I think … President Trump congratulations… You have won free ticket in the mind of the DEM's to campaign for you…bravo Trump… Your speech was nice…I learnt things…it was an eye opener… My suggest …you keep make things happen against DEM's wishes and willingness those which can't comply to change… so as they raise to fight you you would have secured all their relied platforms and win their abstemiousness mind

  • Mchungaji Jesse says:

    Sen.Kamala …that's laziness policy… Work hard should propagated… Two or more job is not problem especially if you want see your plans actualized

  • customvideo454 says:

    Funny how YouTube hides, and removes all the top comments with thousands of thumbs up !!
    Lol !!! The real facist !!!

  • Mchungaji Jesse says:

    Rich people are not enemies…bcz any proposed payment someone is paying and that is rich in my sense…socialism is difficult way

  • Good Morning Everyone! Here is TOILET TRUMP FROM UNITED STATES OF AMERSHITCA! I wish U will kick my ass and enjoy Ur Toilet Journey in New Juicy!

  • wheelmanstan says:

    What idiot would expect the border patrol facilities to be in great shape and not overcrowded when record numbers of illegals are pouring in. This was all done by design via the democrats. First they called it a manufactured crisis to make Trump look like a liar that was ruling on fear, and now they're trying to paint him as the ruler of concentration camps because they encouraged, enticed, instructed illegals to come on down. But yeah if the dems want to cater to minorities and now illegals while ignoring the majority of Americans..then that's another loss.

  • queen Bitch Alvarez says:

    Donald Trump for 2020 president🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏

  • david charles smith says:

    They cheered for the President in French pub at the Women’s Soccer championship!
    It sounded like Fun Trump Fun Trump fun !!

  • Nana-Marie Thomas says:

    I wonder what distracting they will create to cover for Epstein's child porn and human trafficking thing going on with #45?

  • Hana Ayo Alemayehu says:

    Politics aside. Trump is a disgusting old pasty sack, stuffed with lard and spray painted orange topped with a wig. A truly offensive sight. Don't u think ? These women can't be lying . Why would anyone admit to being touched by him. And those denture ! Good Lord !

  • why do american people put up with these lies, come on, lies from the pits of hell, trump will win in next election and the Democrats will be put in jail,where they belong. remember we are the last generation and Jesus returns soon so the the devil through people will want to spread hate, kill, and these bad people will only answer to there father the devil,,,Wake up America and come to the truth, please before it is too late, god bless America, love from Ireland,,,,,,,,,

  • 鄭子祈 says:


  • Trump please give California to the Mexican people Deport al of them back to California and Build the walls around California. They city is rotten to the core anyway

  • Healthcare would be great again if we returned to the basic capitalism with some common sense rules and laws to be followed by the insurance companies. We the People paid a lot for some servers and online access, lets use that as "the market" for all health insurance with all costs listed (that alone would start a competition between the companies) and stop the "mandatory coverage garbage". I have no reason to pay for half of the crap they want to include in every policy. Why does a person without kids pay for coverage for a kid? So they can claim to use that to cover a child of someone else…that is not right. I should not have to pay for someone else if I chose not to. Time to stop the socialism and buying votes the left is doing. Someone let Bernie know that Canada's system is ranked 9th from the lowest out of 11 so using it as any example of what we want is just outright wrong. We need to go back to Free market under common sense regulation of the industry not the patient/doctor side like now. I got a Jones fracture, had to wait almost 10 days for the insurance to approve the cast. Ya, 10 days without cast and healing under ACA.

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