News Now Stream 06/21/19 (FNN)

News Now Stream 06/21/19 (FNN)

come to an news now on fox. Ten this is an Arizona department of transportation camera this is the sixty Seventh Avenue and I ten on the west side of town we have learned. That we have two teenage girls critically injured after a rollover DPS was first on the scene and then we had firefighters arrived in ambulances thehave taken those girls. To a local trauma center again we are hearing sixty Seventh Avenue and I-10 this A is off of sixty Seventh Avenue I-10 again seventeen year old girl and a nineteen year old girl DPS will be investigating the cause here. That’s exactly what happened when and if we learn any new information we will let you know right here on news now again good morning everybody my name is people are areas I’m currently joined by Ron who run happy Friday yes we made it to the end of the week. And of course we’re talking politics were inching closer and closer to twty twenty the race for e Whe Hoe anhings could really get shaken up in this next week because we’re finally going to see. Some actual debates. So I were actually set the T. meure it didn’t miss ite we So tt’s . Later this week theractually me o therere man subplsg to t one the mt intesting we aeady kw thatory Boerht is spoky ainstoe Bid for h marksbout wkingith seegatiosts i theast d appantly tre was ahone ca beten t t Josh st nightne of o e said tt you t enoh of at god The ry Booke basicly fee. Theamel h Amicaneople sof ts wil ve an pact on the upcomin debatey afterim wshallee. Yeere curntly takin ok atideo fm earli thi mornin ag pridentiandida for in Miamiloride e And Beie Sanrs on the rht handidd that becau whyun. Well ‘s vernteresting that thendf lasteek th fir atod poame out there beea couple oothl nfirme it now. That – Ezabeth more in es yeah don’t thi y want a lo waysehindoe Ben.sti Bu she’s gaing enoh Andhiss comi o of that-ti in th. of a to reset s mh is jt ying tdefinehat h ide of sociasm are driing ay fro h aeople lile bit in towar Elibeth Warreny reesents the leral wg of Joe Bid is more condered tren h bn good f-ut the izabet for t been tee polls in to enou positn now to llrron selfecondt a righfacend nknd nec ce thaay allhange by th d of ts nxteek soluteo we will pying thr comnts in full tt’s thbeauty of newsow the each spe from thieen to fifen minute. r e peat- Gentm alws afraiof sayingie Finay andhen I’mrying ink I ve. Anclothes are okay s’s nnesota ght she is and she’s alln surpse he the candates are aparie ce againou look at isap hello ary t esiden. just suca crucl stat I couny- Younow yove got coasthat arbasically Blume mu of the mdle the countr isad. Buthen youeot a cple o those atea s exhib one a and mbe thin predent tmp’s hing he c winn but thlatestollshow him down dedo mocrs by a pretty Ye absutel so aine wi have theirn n se fend riner an anytime you ightenedomeeoplight ah aolutyou’v see thi fine news pture we dhown you othe earlie-hen th fireas ging thrgh thi refinyor the moste i theiown fir briga right on si? Unpected of azend claed wnn th quickly apossle youver own in arod the yogover a bndusial areand y seehy u rit tre ts ishe sgletks rges Oilo garefiry. wi themount of find pduct thatomn evydayasis. tual ld to me pblem some supyrobn t r a pricp soind ofrive en thougwe’ve beeneein Theek an then youad this So oil been trding uit’ssituion. dollars.iloan of ve eseolks whatheyo is they ke t while ty weind inhe golin werwatcng thos pris clate. ah aoluty syou wer falitys it ane hundrntningow lgs fiftyearld x very o as welasou c An it wahreelarmire aage t age s its aknd oa dia gano pun iende Wi repts onhe fire andng u. boomroun s moing s pple outhere latelyt liky extmely hearg and whathey’reayin u kw all these rinerie t oldeah wee tking we’r ing bao almo -ou kno tohe err rht aer the cil when so of t t earlst petleuu anheren the U. gohose pts of nnsyania like aund. of usave estaishe oil depots youl l cotry tt’s Tex a Oklamaight wl herthey a tf thr su does ke paoe autil – sensthat filling would be. On ofhef nothe first e of the final sites anywhere in our country’sistory yeah foll up to store thaMike bad on Tueaye le to do that le t Thiss hugerug bust th is also iny d over one billion dollars street value sevenen and a half ts cocne Tuday tha it ppen andnt thenunda ts nferce a the saithat e amnt tt yore sing theris oy o r Homuchhe seas ando we Wereying Sh. Ye I meait sws you what they’re t grt work. om – From stom andorde protectioe e amnt odrugff t strts and ‘s Ieanu . Anwe’r gonnaisua busines wher pi. Ju senng a thaoutnd y this isnven hahis bare auart s in pspecti yeah thi it how much ey’rep agaitn terms of h t the said sixndividls consringo posssver fiverge withf kilos. cocai on a rgo sp in Amica fedal chae cares ximum sentee oife in pron we bein told aix not a threa tflee t areasredus n so. Take aisten in thatews confert an I jus wanto menon rely. Qukly Ro whad a constrtion aident news we’reearing tt — The cotructi workerell thirt et fro aoverpa under cotructi and ts is Hris Countyexe thiss theam Houstonarkway t AT as and o course i ey tri to sa hisrer or wom yesknow i it’s man en youeehis viond y see e trafc in e Housn Brotrs conructio se o-area preyl surve it th certaly is d sto butt doesighlig w. to many parts of thcountr you okround youay how can t ive othesereews. Becaus he ithe a y start this gmentff by shing y tha. Maive cotructi sites. Aven ithe I- f that gth sectio of s a l xass one othose other rar stes thabuilds aot of threway as. Inn efrt ttry tkeep u of stes forhe don do thatnk d we’rtraffi just get rse aorse andorse as the Thr efrts to try impve e roads ere. st aan a wom. cose is Fray a y got AnI’veot tt inrvie in ll b befe plad ishere y hiligh lik to int out well I Is ther are a coue of the quesonsuth isow ds the presidt. You can y can jus tell in his gut he doesn’t want to go to war meahe sd a few wks ago wars hard ecomies andhis is a ps. twty on a ve strg econo intestinh fox st night sd ifeo to war with Iran? wil cost thpresent his th’s morIngrenttwenty So h doehaveo thad t nele bause youan’tust let whatapy t wa to cala i You kno to ere u’re path in thwarnd tt’s the the cose a I talk about aeo right perfectly got that for you right now and he’s not run again . See u Mond okay l righ. By Chr Wf i h . The esiden didn’ yestday sing he fnd i inteional t.that atas an An did reminrs tha he caaigned o getti of thesendless n morng tha thereas a rikeerhaps ithe works d ever president inprom sohen Iot. ma voice fmovish tk hawkis. An these a the kin of mes thinkhat rely do t esiden i theval ofce so presenton that s in a ve tough. OnI I thihat hs goto send a cle o whatis respoes becse i that phote yesterday on the oneand t d They made a g mtake and he made it und quite threatening like he was going to act and then as you say he kind of gave them out and said well. Maybe it was somebody down the line who acted on his own now we have a report that he in fact did order a strike up about on measured strike against. Iranian missile batteries and radar that the ships were in place the planes were in the air ready to go and at the last minute the order came to stand do. We don know why weon’t know if the president just cnged his n intervening aan. But are you can be sure that and see what happens on Sday we’o Hawk in Coressn Iran evene ter tt the mingf thos o tanks in e Gul oOman – Last week he sd he tught that the. S.hould te milita response ‘ll be cour we don’tnow whasof goingo happ betwe nownd Suay morning there might be military sikehere mightot. We’lsee wt hapns wt will thathat’s a goo point smuch n uoldetween now a Suay so. Allight uer t Democrats for thfie iteems le theuy the walls are at least partially. Coming off Biden Joe Biden refuses Cory Booker’s call for him to apologize so will this episode Chriss you think about it. For Biden be a net plus as vh messag was let’s get my partisanship back to Washington or more of the net nativ. tha bringing u shs he out of uch.rationin any t wo acrs the ale a youd to can tk about conservative Repuice . But to it to make the argument about we got to work with other people and a speak fondl of ing business with rock card. gregation alive and segregatio as like a he’s London Talmadge back in the seventies one I think a look in the African American vote is a very important vote in democratic primaries and I don’t think that it in deer is. The the vice president to them – And in addition you know wh issu of a Bid’s age in tha Washgtoncene. Fowhat alst fifty yea so I I it’ll be aissue in theebatest wt on Wedneay andhursda o the other cdidate are goi go aer aft a bite as a g front rner. Leads by doubl dig’ nna btalkin oSunday t e of t candites w won’t be othe y block Cada a hgot io lak cours Enouoney to geai. fromnough candate tget him about.sta willalk to wuch of liality it is that hwonk ansecond — Bob J Biden and t qus ingfter each other you kno Atta eachther Iemembe t andarackbamalary Cnton enfterach other too and na for mntains and it dn’t hu Barac Obama -Betty wt to get elted psident s didn’tead n wh somef the her Republans wt ae. I priryontesthould to aard foht I tnk of anhingt jtappens up the entual ninee yeah all rig ‘s goi to bereate Chri thank y ae g and N or oneillion Annie win ovee did all bhimself. is sty five stars going all the waacro the botto. Andhen asox And isixtyive stacksoing to t top. In showing uhis masrpiece threfoot sen inc tall ma ramid. Three years start to finish — Ting timoff yearsnsteadf stasnght make pyram with atcid to brally haduild a sller o rty onthousa penni on sk in my offe and I thoht th was pretty g inial ople. record I’m like is n a wor I’llake it onee stuc to hi al ping pnies o secon me unt setting a N World rerd. The worlrecordas a l aller and I start building and tn I und o theorld So Iust pt gng to tha onmilln 300-003-0015 penns worthn He cated a you tube annel lled pny buiingoolso docume it at last videosr with.t like this Almo a hundr thousd news in four da Houst is now waing to get t officl confmation from e Guinss bookf worl recds. Here rdy kno ws to do once hgets his tle’m gonnag this pyramid and tn wee gonna take it to the credit dollarsut ahe On aotf pele Steanie all ow f tenews Is aot owork a lot of th b theay Steanielmos fromox tet e t t ses le theparent of ansportaon has come up with a w way. To taxrivers of bridnd electric rs t stat legistn charginghose drirs based on heren Capil Hl lawmaksup ar talng abo thedea of argingou notased un the sax tha y pay to fill up the tank in your car. But instead how many miles you drive on the roads tToby the Do thi Uhepartmt of. transptationa prram thawould chge electric hybrid and fuel efficient vehicles based on how many miles they drive on the electric and hybrids would be part of this program right now we all pay attacks when we buy gasoline. milee forur eleric andy taou dt sayhat’sy paying gas impactin road reprs. They’re oposin this n per mi chae we’ree’re tryg as fee based onow mh you e t sysm if you noticed posing chae of pnt zero one five cents per mile based on GPS. So if u trav tenhousan mile s a flIA quibbng twin electc yourlan o wt do youis ancipate makin i mandatory there are. with trogrrto questions y’ve got says it of will start with volunteers to work out the Kinks. al conductg pilot projes are lawmaker sgested making ery vehie the legislature wilultitely deci. e S.. gre potenal implicions forung geral Ieallyike thein inciple of theaxes that ar youpace doot ss it pns to have t ogrameady by Octobe and then snis . t hil Winslow foxhirteen neou tnll rht sying job is sttered aer a ve teens pen explode hisouth. Doors here a primary children say they’ve never seen an accident quite like this as for the mher we to ing her son all e way to theospital her. Laniurton son’s mou aft e hear a popng noi fro anotheroom in their house in Nevada. Th then came ang these other son Ausn waed in e ro. And othe ks. Going. docts tol ithe dage depital s tooxtensihey wod need tgo to is d no ia tt theyens cld even dthisoi outultipl tth.losilew Sptting Atin’s Joho two centeter chunkissing I mean we saw see Josh fractures like this after mor vicle coisionsou know gh sed crashe the th broke this child’s job. In a new study doctor Russell says it’s a dangerous alternative to smoking the study shows more than two thousand people were sent to the emergency room in the last two years with vaping related injuries K. Lani ss the accident changed her son’s fe Hesed too out wh frndsyle. at home w docrs sayheres e moreental sgery awesome Isomplelyinauble]n order. Sohey d tgo fm Neda to lt Le Cyor tatment for that boy there. fr ourighbs tohe northy frightee a man comes home to find soone’ been drinking his beer. Fox’s L. Thomas spoke to e man whfound a stranger in his home reading is dogs. It’s not what you would expect to see when you walk into your n hou I walk raight ind then s we on theounter juslooking at you now lking rhtt at I mn thi is at Rn clustinight when he goth Saltake apartme early this morning I felt lika chai hostly I eve when lay do placed h shoes neatl byhe or. And made herlf at ho she when my fridge. She opened a drink shdrink . You- eives here anI tornado this is mineome my pce she I noced theags massueslothes quicinterration plea doin worry e ur ne she started a laughing Ryan learn she didn’t. Come for a beer or the couch one she came for the dogs she heard omission one of the come up MCSO si id. Not souch as a guard dog very friendly she was — Pettinhim thh ised stay and tolder no you goto you t to lve. Or I’m gonna cl plse s Ththing sheidn’t e theaugd. frt doornd Rn doe’t liv on t firs I n’t know shoot star limping off initiated fines are running. Call the cops and chased after on the other side of the gas station that’s where police car her. They couldn’t get a straight answer either. How wel thastorhay leingommuties iNewoong redent in mbern owate vels are risingTo t ceilingsasems mmuny members desrate lyinon talks forelie. Fox news is Kelly rule has more on the recovery efforts. This was downtown Lumberton township. Day it’s a water with a splash of downtown this portion of creek road just looks like creek flood waters almost swallowing mailboxes engulfing basements and rising to front doorstep. Neighborhoods like this one near downtown just lk li floing beenutt’s it it’s pretty ba. Lumber to volunteer fire fighter jets in Cardi let us tag along as they continue to ma rous to the evening Trsda to eckn their community and neighboring town. You got to remember that this is peoples — You know pride enjoy their home their vehicles. Because the people staying put and flooded homes in the township battle tested veteran. Wonder. What we cover Jane Donnelly is one of them she had to take a boatith thhelpf someind threst othe ar we live in paradise so you know what. You get what you you know if you have a little bad with some goo. It’s a trade off township leaders say they got close to six inches of rain overnight and the water crested over top the Medford township public dammit Kirby’s mill causing most of the flooding. They open their emergency operations center just after five AM. the waterisinin hisasementhe noe caughup wit h on thway to get another sump pump be a boat thank god for someone’s going right now so. got leix eight inches as a new homeowner he’s not as used ev for them the clean up won’t be easy the peoe he are ankf the sta. Versusindeike rdiakin things ifour fe y can replace yo. In Ciforahe btle over a coinuesox’s Doug Johnson has more both sid are sing about S. l Two ven six those unnecessar naudle] Bacally. Choose between h educat. f o thstate catol today to speak ain says. The two seventy six winners and Beuse e ne sho.previous vaccine. On the other side dozens of senar Rhard p roadPwoate seventsix y paed the Sate today bad testifng bore e assembly alth comttee. Met withrotests from dience of parents ainst Anexplains theill’soal vaccatio. torackown on called b vacne Eaier th weekanned the bi to in suprtromen govern News say evenf theill doeset gned into law. Bill still fighting for where the moslikely. inease vcinaon res n. sevel pantsold f for scoleforthey stay the ipasshe m self a man who identifd himself by only Chrispher scribehe momt hfound out hriend.r ol a delamoseas arrted in coectionith the dth of a Sacramento police officer well that’s him. Why? Why would he do that? don’t underand we al get angry we all get d things happ Yos faly problems just befe noon Wednesday Sacramento police were called out for a domestic disturbance bween man and a mant a home on Espanza drive. A fours later officer were callee woman gathered belongings from home here on redwood Avenue. Thas . Striking tnty siyearld Saamento polic offer t sullivanho ler dd fm I sa f pole offers dhernjurs. run. tern edge wat a I heard a bunch . d then I heard throughout the night the suspect identied by lice as forty fe year old del Rame continue firing off shoo take himnto custody. anoushard to sleep you can get in old with all the noise going on those all the anxiety. Sacramento police say five during ts indent thoseir weapons officersre n on id As neibors here y they’re remembering t sacrice of th young officer canver ing at yng wan bk Policrosthe une thinng the approach tthe dictnpidemi afox new ne initiatives to get peopleepoe into recovery. Police are often the last people those struggling with drug addiction one when counter the police took us to come in and say Hey listen sit down and talk what me say Hey listen we want to help but support — Twas it That intactionhange Tshan Perrmew almost fouyear intoecovery he voe assted addiction and recovery initiative. Reaching out to those whohoes he was once in. No no not t Boston poli rightut I sd no n aually yoll hav. To be arresd bause y he aiseaseolice deptments across t e e epemic toughrogrsike Exndinatiol voluners li tou on o base of lice counitseople canomenheir surrender their drugs and get fer to treatment. No queions or s anne cou cou fl int i r whater rean a we ed to be carit d we n’te cat do poli stations onef the few ples in the communi that’ open t. So if yo need help whe dyou rn Mewhil ineatt in contversialovef stop chargg people withrug possession all together including heroin in math well itics say it cou e up worseng thr ndy Dickinn thinks anges To beade i hisricall people he assoated. Law enfoement raer than recovery so I lov this idea of merging and creating a new sry forasha on it’s all abo giving ople ho with. th polic.won work th don’ g to il Jtinat u Massacsett aloy y eighhundrewereor to trtmenente. nuershrouout t countse In Bton r vs . Alright welmerr Pbody a her sbang lo it that’s when atore helphem.bove a beydo Fox’s rra her ws hashe story Larry came homith a gand surpri h ly cameome Ananded the tket a sa p this a saf place. hured llarinniottee ticket that her husband bought at the what he spot here in southeast Portland. At hundred and forty eig than Starkey scan your ticket and this thing sho how much the one a so fth and it sa to ttery adquarrs manage dina Te . o they puld out the envele with t . Th searcd evewherend were tur to e lucpotcouldn findy theytillad it sheaid it’s no he. Younow wch Ion’t hav she sd ouraybe sebody will loooe tonit. Ni and we’re never gonna find this ticket. Sold at that point wroad office . Th iwhere e tlve hundred doar tict was in he. Wa did t mn searcng in eir tra cans oro dumter dingent thugh erythin anhas bught all t tra andnde sd n d and artedoing throu it on One that is ectlyhat Thoon did I. e eventually fouhe ndlen a haystack for forty eight hours was just so excited Iouldn’t She didt have tdo athinge to for a so thugh the gbage and lk for th ticke. d if s did fd a tiet. Shcould cracter d she’s honest lovy person li we wothe ttertwice thcoup stunn by the azin activcustomer svice. seco tughts out wt she di tt day to he tm find their nno y Wow ware headingut live to San Francisco California where the cific smit psented by Kaer Pmanent explong t cultal and sialrendsic at arehapinghe world a a liste whe we retn next Ever crical sectoincludg mafacturg whie alwa ment aboutorgettg thisoment in y the Uted Stes of Amica isot parcularlinaudie] Some say it’ unpcedentSurpring. we’ve veri like i [indible] Otrs that. Ju do aursory revw o our hioryo bter and Folk here in e bay area tha u Jim wonrment for ornizinghis inhe bay are uncil Becae fourays ag The rcenta oforeign born inhe Unid Stat of Amica. Justour da agoew came o Of Amecans areoreignorn.ith a nn Th’s the highest. Since the le. Eighte eighties inw eighen niny at fourtnthe point 8% te int. Seven y do Iring ts up. Beuse in ghteeninety had serie otheronditis. That l claimTo thf polism. at iso domant tod in ou litics. fact in ehteen venty ree we had t h Wead a gat dression the eighen sevenesighteen ghtiesnto Eiteen nety inheighteen sevents s ople a fedp with initutio. Large d small the was. Trendo ititutial apay Theyhoughthe sysm wasPeoplen tre ried [indible] Ancorrup ereas grong aiety in. e eightn seveies a eiteen ehties aund income inequa. cord res d it s auyy theame of Deis touey. Who to advantage otht naudib] It’s ierestiinaudie] Toda] . Neareak imgratio. Comingut ofhe e cessio. Neareak. crash [inauble] Inme iqualy a te when we don tru y initutio Certainl Conesshe legil ] That w missnk. takedvanta and eloit those Ere washatuy. In t eigeen eitiesa thworkg men’party [iudible He sd. Atvery opptunity. That nmatterhao afr thcrimthe ess [inaudible] As fake. Initutio as rate and corrupt. Inc stss. as the leading cau o Heiagnos a of tty Chine musto.see d the He beg andnded eve c ateverlse weo. righhere [audibl d it m Calirnia. ‘s bayrea ridentsfter all. It’s j. The are ere were tod e seind ofemagogueomes along fla. Expltingusli areere to ki us xicansre her. Toell ta your jobs a yo facrieshinesean take e simiritiesre ratr markab We nd to betudentofto history. To I al want to mark this point of vi becau it gs deepo your cversad . Thers notng at guantees tha globalizatio cono . It w hardl unique. Tthe popusm.ashat ki of Go bk yr history booksee arou te What happeng ithe U. K. it’sn the ad of e Irisin the U. . pulism is ive anwell i strali wt happsith populi’s glole d s Is t one tng atar puup Nothg i guanteed don’tis terce. unrestimatthis ment e cultal andconomi xiety. the digod tt comes ong to expit. . Don’ jus accept thiss an abnormi. Thers a sectauce her a The her st up in thise. mont. And th’s why’m pro of my Becae thasxactly wha we ardoinge don tolere o versit we celrate. It’soint of ide inointdiveity. princle. We are Ameri’s comg tracons e futu happe hereirst from a thnologal pspecti an yes fm a demraphic pepectiv. world Io bieve is looking to us. danc togetr bye tprospe gether. This is pfoundl imptant mont inur hisry. A hin momt and e an osizeole in soill play l righ –e were listeng to Ciforn c mmit inan Francisco gonna ta you o now le to thow Jones. Instrial big brd is wt we ca it. Stocore t green and red day bute wasalking abo th enomy so wee takg a lo at h stos are dng here theew e in New Yk City where it is there. One forty fi PM tre and s aining for t day for the week will be enng in just a cole hours but lookt that we are very close to the twenty seven ousand mark will we or will we had it today. What do you think y canoin on YouTubeo chat wh our ws hours abo you tughts if you’dike asell wching Fortienow ijust moments awayn T? we’h esidenti candite fum and just momts o covereut mosy sny coitions and who knows which onof tho ships might be ken o over e weeke for anxcursi butertain. Prettyool ley pictes wcan on new now all righto Miam or Florit now wre they’re hl caidate for. Athe Temundo cenr s thi is the trty sih annl nferen of the presintial candate form first stop. Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders welcome. It’s newir [indibl u have. u wa me toor youkay. at is t USnd l me sa e labe forhe ermousl imrtant wk? That you do in thi crical a frigeningoment Amerin histor. It. t countrt the e ofevente ry lite education nmoney Couldn’t spe aord of all the English. I am will ld and discu ms rism and his dayut I areside of thrs that can.e To erytng The d t fear that so my a perienngnd andhe dame. We wilefeatroblemecause we will ing. All und a agend. Onhas afforbleousing and livesit. l Over the pas coupl of yea e trum admintratio h that h resuld in thdeaths of at ast sev childn’s o untlesseparaon of findg these. Dember foring fued by fear s creat a humanarian amazg ctribion oy aut the and w we ng sw they a ts to thUs e succs of o natio. If youecome h woul y set tecordime stight for aommuty and h soon. and would y nameany Lanos for yod ank yofor thqueson. canno have rea immration rerm. Unss whave peoe. athe tab. work t of the immrati migratn refo terall ang theirsteek. We areoing tuseullhe powers o t f . e immiant.e mfatheras an Troubl wanto thr out e the llion the conruction induss t I’m t quite se what lot ofami. . long have.heir ks wou no Sohat weave go tdo is That is wng he is And oes with demagoes always. To a what. Today thainorits the imgrantommuni. Try. Asian and bringg peopl [inaudle] Agnst. Oneommuni blame Agaiour appach is dicall differt were goi to ok at t rea . y lowages. For ecation portuny out othe street.leingal Crinal crges how do yo reore rpectnd dnity t nationdeustoday ain of fu whewe do thentervi e exclive interviewith th esiden Heall u craznd tired h we stored and chae the lo Yoalled for i do extly. He ao. Does. oll donizedsmmigras So tt he canet a f more votes. Wh we dos talkbout? Reity. America tod wasreated b ur parts and mfault [inaible]s ithis cntry He iginable. mo [audie] We allut allurmmigrants we e prou. All ou we alundersnd tha alrdy. Of immigrants. We dnot denized immrants we arece sacrifes they de is coury. Thank u so mh [audibl xt. back tthe noittle nferen ank yo now wre askg ts questi ofs od timor in is iss is. the Lino cmunitynd t r orgazation iparticular next yrl exrience a conitutiolly requir d. e th reseahers pctitiors anfederacourtsave sa ll rult ianndercot especily of L. t sayst will he alrdy occurr t whatill yodo to medy it wl you storent a how edibily a integty to the since Evenefor we woy abo a b who afr . Wehould lk about whate mighte abh ne sever month. d tt is theongresas the abity. To ps lguage whi sae willot oneomethi. methin ia limited rht on that or the yea d I tnk iwas a good ea to say. On t money forhe serces of Lauage.item solute. Get ouservic. So think you mightant ve stad. I thk if countreasur and the ttle psident poly me that In. Edit. Ther are nerousxamplef socialeded e world w knowhat you believ thet . Wh a the wknesse a how wod you redyhem in yr healthlan ? w We are t only morountry on eah not a guaraee healtare tovery m wom and cld. Peop of another natione a spendh I beliehatealthce ia I will t allow thirtthousaght. ericaneveryear. Beuse th don’tave acss to wit d I wl in the iide of e people. Pt hospal whin oureach i buding. Anrk. Americaoday.ion hlthcar in Is to ke blions in ofits for e insunce comnies a ease. Were goingo end e i Full healtare sysm wch guaranes m won andhild. And stillse theverae mone. Tonswer youruestion. Well e a tional hlthcare pgram fl hang proems nare althca anyhangin What want everody tonogy. Is litally srting sterda e iurance cpaniesndhe other dg ca stting to spen. Tens and tens ofo llars to fit agast Medica. All thpeoplenhis country ha the rig to hethcarend in thend Senar wou youncluleven llioundocunted. Beg a hunight. Lastime I ard ion . . I d a ve emotial meeting. Three wes agon Calirnia s online documt you peopl ung people tee and remar esiden tru in a sense. On his ren d it i rlly que believle an unspeakae. And me of juscampaithis rhoric tru is noseriou. Let us ni chdren from e arm otheir mome ago.s yoindicad a on dumentetheomprehsive theave . Reinating theegal stus. Tmigrio. e one pntight mlion yog peoplen Dhak poli.g a hanen boarall Will b at thffice l of my te o yes. We wlrrange besminds in thimmigrt commity tother llo was bght. La. On who the terriblterriblency. damage This presint is ill nojust. The . e . Alrit erybodye have live look at mpe tow lakfrom i izonaepartmt o Thout the lp to two an cera McClinck t e go plentyf sunsne outere in thea. My hd y na is tieedar a I’m the director of field operations for U. S. customs d border otecon. At this te I wld le to cogne Jarro Whit Hou druzar and y her law eorcent ptner prest he ty . t ofennsvani inveigatio Philalphiar scialgenn Cot Grd cmanderil US. Cost disict. Phadelia pice departme.sione have been problyroteingThe n an. thAmeran pple at o bords for twoa irty yrs accolishmes for the C. P. team he in Pladehia. our iticalomelansecuriof ssion. Naonal secury remai onef CDP’s pe safeard t natn’s surity by intert arved aour borrs andut r portof entry. with ourederal state a locthis . w enfoement lleagu. Today can ro. cocaez histoc amoun of fact theargestocaine thir year story.dr and With aestimad wr senteen d a hf times in a stet val of or bilon dollar. La Suny nht a mul agenc team con. meland security invesgation Boded thembassy gate l. anchorag The am detted amaliesnd the vesl to its birth inevera ce Philadelphia EarlMond mning and expanded teamo inude r loca lawnd thvessel. Toontinuthe Fibeopticcopes narcoc deteor dogsn a C. P. ay scanng tck itially rifiednomalind sev ntainers. tranorted to U centrontaersere aminatntationhere t am disvereetween twelve francsacked eachontain. For thfr caine. By theime we compled specti those sen contairs we e it fiftn thound bris wghing apoximaty trty fi ousandound. Thirty ve thousa poua In atreetalue of ov a biionollarss hardo concepaliz Youee her wh us tods only quartea izure. All the break coved distae ofbout t and aalf mil. Foabout frowhere you’r standi tom ally is justncredie. Thiss a tmes a commment of C. B..t our rtner w enfoementgencie. I wanto thaomeland serity invtigatis. S Cot Gud inveigatewareay. rvice Philalphiaolice partmeelawar ste pole nnsylvia sta police. Pennsylvia officof t torn General beau of naotics invesgati and man more fh dung this hisricvent Weouldot hai thout ur suprt. CB ctinueso inect t valvwhich ly to std watry Ameraneopland r w ofhe Thanyou. And nomarliniller ll adess yo [inaudie] First. For inl s Profsional psecutos.le] To ts histical szure ofs.ce an i over sevs of caine. Ansix arsts. inveigativservices.ard I woullikeo n thfollowg state andocal law enrcd tother. To ctribut substaially . Thpoliceepartmt. Compx of rignatis.e. Delare state polic. Policeepartm. In t mid Aantic. Inhe cane unit from ntgomery Countsheriff’ partment. Poce deptment. lice dartmt. department. Fourays ag. Border eorceme surity sk foe alonith. localaw forcemt partns.rdn oustd search of a moreggresse guyend e and f a In t course of e days lon. operion wl for somteams in e five mbershi ctainer. Sotatuesf Saddam my eigeen or neteen was cd. The stues addr As wel acustom viotions also forc total. distbution mufacring.n Seionf illel narcics d I li. comndll theaw enforcemt agcies . In this moment of seizur of cocae in thportf Phadelia. Please.tory’sinaudie] over US Thmid Atnticegion. be he toda – Staardnd it aeal ho Specia agent from Cst Guaed tbes inveigs m stion’hiladehia and Overl fif one bauseor personne re serate uni fm fourtates The ccess of thnspeion prove collaration and informionn agenes wor. parcular. Joint sk force he’. whic rulted in one othes laest cooki Caesar’s in. histo. Uns throuout thnation work wi our federtate. remo safet secury aound to vironmtaltewardship of ou terway thiso take tru.aseike Hioric amotf illit dru f the reets. Yoto levage eve ol at ouisposa to stem the anremain ready relevantts responsiveo the rvice emericapeoplehank y. Thisver tohe Uattoey miss. The rning othe on sway inOne th. Thanyou fojoininus her day r ports are critil asss o e Unit Stas th for ourontinu secury. Anfor e growthf our economy. at’s why law enforcement agentsork tirelessl often bend the snesnd outf the spotlit. On Je seveeenth hever ty. otligh. Whenederaltatend loc l The MSE Imen board? ad outhis msive In stunng drug seizu. One histylarst in r naon’s you kno fedal ages scover an ulmatelyees. Apoximatel sevteen ts of kilo with an apoximat stree valuo llars. The sp arris at theacker mane ternal- Making vaous spsn Sout Ameca. Centralmericand the ribbea. The vesse itsel ove thr otballields in lgth carg desnedor the Unid Stat and eewhere. Inuding rope. Inhe folwing day s Wererresteand chged w thos oyouf eing pss tranaren ande try to she much infmation whou and wi the plic asossibl. canay now at is early stage I aI inhe invtigati thiis inveigatio it’s mple it’sly aeni large be infoation tt I am ablto share wi. Astated icourearlie this Thos sixefendas w have be arresd are e folling. [inaible]sevendge Sure.audle] Alexanr sko Mkovi [indibl Lu.ive a T. a sag. six ited Stes certy With oneount oknowingly aven oh inntionay coniring And witothers to ssess more thann boar is as sjecto the risdtion oour cotry Specically t. Ea of the defendant fac a possib] Seence. lifen pron ere u hea it li in pron eh of the six dendants thereor the Phadelph druust t reet vue ofhe caine ss over e billn dollaith the B we will ar fro sator izabet Warre a tha esidenal cdidate fum In Mia Flod. There are sen i repsent At t feder defenrs offe. Whic isn Ror irepresend it’s go to se evl mine for your probab noo n heres a caidate r presidt payccko paycck filya familyhat struged I’m by I hav tee old broths when Dano fferentobs When hhad aeart aack w he wor for aong ng time? I remeera ki to ize lose r famiar. And co g I wahed myarents struge dot wanto do everying they could. I have a dream grong up Myreamas esident ream. Wa tbe aublischool teache Colleg and we dot have t ney focollegapplicions ch less sende off to ur years t The orye] opped t of sool. I fally hey chan it wa a commer t fiy dolls a semter. And th’s howe actulyial needs tcher Iave e funmental questn in e twentywe. Isabla goverent wos For gornmentets ainimum ge it’s theifferenceetween whher a fily casuccee or When govnmentnvestsn higherducati ‘s theifferee betwe ether orot a k ts ahance finishi up to teacr. come a publ schoo Wh t goverent wor just for thnert p to cl.pure andimple we need In a twenty enty wneedo governnt work om hom. Questi y c. Raer tn lettg o side t how soocan toampaig deliv plan oimmigratnnd cou answ abouthis yoknow abou iigraon anytherthi blicolicy ats Stepn of o value stem what is thawe’re And fore on is one it’ prty clear. We wanto havan immration pocy is good forur ecomy in agnme witour vaes. is We sta. stnger noteaker.on mak u immiationystem tha pitalis on let’salk abou at thais. The rst obvioly is need and at mea a phway teere tizensp. Weeed to protect ourreamer weeed to ke famils ouvalues is goodor theith Uned State ofmericae nd to refm e stat g to ay herocted tegrat intcommunies a That’s iortantor u Welso need tlook at the stemat proems in th them.jusstart with e of Andhat is t fact that syst. Six of t incarration imin jticeystem dn our migrationm ght n the are gnt compans profi e %. the pple w are crently detained. Prof.dle]atus a held with for pfit detenti ceers? Created a oup. ‘s money by seng peopl lockedpndo Lawseep bcking o more This is at Iean wheI say ho Washiton works f we [inaible]hree o pple’ The argeeople eig dollarso somo. a nute to us telhone rvices. Pele r confencing filieo. with their lov ones.h Onone twconvicd of arime. Wa to be pt of eir milies a part their counitie I say no re on th no no. e . reas thetore i bause ore anover. We’ve t in Whington. Gove. You n hirehe armies of loyists Ares lawye me the bi campai coni. c id forxperts [audibl re. co y book Hda’s wen.o he On to thotht sitehetocaloming from e highes ot is just ain ug With o hand. And tg peop again worki pple. It tsay to evybody in th gonnaf you ha a I’m jt e scho has ge ou. Gog o for y and y can’t afford aouse. Pling theminaudie] Sounlike y the same ple youere bo cause so lo aDonald Tmp Can tn worng peoe ainstin the R. rkinpeople thenhey fire runng th countch andho’so oneot. naudible] I’m no. Thnext qstionrom senor we’re ask. twen twentcensus aowe wodou resreredibility So the sre sayin I uerstan w deep imptanthis is we ne tan accate cou. We neeand we . nding r healcare and edation wneed a so wean have. Thee neednd s that all oour peopleeres arcounte precily t nstituon decres rfectlclearow The innt of thtrump Thernoonger eve out th. It’s n ** maihe who pot. tohe csuss to try toip qstion All theesponsndhe expes sayhat’s ectly wt it’s gng. Std on ts one rit now. Suprem Cou make s decion. New eve a ] Potics All nd whait is at the trp adminisation is tryg to do s qution. The Supre Crt to ke a Do younderstdhis if edecisi. SupremCour. t . suppss theespons iwill This onend I wl have a pla We this rlly imrtant. Th i Senator youave ti now for Than you for iiting here day. This rlly is fundental questionn slic.also t war forhin. But s babdaughter h a chance chaa e . r present of thUnit State. Al bause someby invtedn opportunt . 1 jus. Twoents. Still togetr we cn Chilcare in iversalre. for al ofg e preschl teacher a child car Making thnical schl in urall enne for yr benvesng. Two nsesollege tuionrd p e or shoul we do what we kw is rt wantto make sure [indible] TwcentsOne of our ks has a chan tmake iin lif. ThAmericur besvalues. We have an. I’so gteful tbe he. and to ght hard. To at’s we iane ar gngo join sretary o ate Mike Pomii livefter releef thewenty ghteene anal rept onnternaonal ligiou freed. nows nexright here on news ank yo ndcuff. Dung jai [audibl Evenilled Forheirecisn to belve e . teacr and a acon imyool church a l of fksnsid thel to millnsof Aricans and llions opeoplecrosshe world to lf aigher power often humbl rlect a guy ough is guede to this Thk abo house Arican have be blessnto thunfetted exercise . r fit libey. In the UniteStates. But muchf the rld’s Governntsnd t a alienae righ Evenilledor the decisn to belve . Fowashinorshipng For achinghe chiren aut their fau e belies in blic. r gatherg i pr. y the ble t TorahFor th ran. Gontony mquen thehurch. Anthe tele Can u hea the se thing intorances deep wrong. admistrati is proted befooufreedo likeever our feign picy agda ven our ownreat freoms Invery nion’s blic squar’s aistn today’m pased tannoun th here the ste depament.or eleting t fice ointernional offi of t speci envoy.ohe monitor m Effeive immedtely. Ea of esewo offes wil portirectl to thnder Secrary.or civian surity mocracand hun righ m Broback thembassar at lae foreligio freedom wl contin o me. is rrganizion andas parership bh whins our agcyd . carrout thr importantter ndates [indible] Send. Please to nounce the rigios theelease of the rigious For o thound eigeen it’s- like ae. tras counies to see ho ll the respeed thi ndamentahuman ght. I’ll srt with. k stil remns to one bere the fit t. couny of pticulaconcer a is ptear. Thgovernntassed ligioufreedo road p. Fifteehad au isoner haveeen frd. And sixen tha re blalisted for tir regious filiatio areow allowe Tol lookorward to seei legal reformn quiremtso moreruesoma worshifree. An se chilen mayray in moues wi theirarents. In Paktan. Th Sreme Crtcquitt I shoulde be a asphem. Sparger the dea palty in pson. Fomorehan forty hersemain jaile f lifer facexecuon on at vy sam char ontinue to ca forheir lease a encougehe govement to point an envoy address the vario religus freed. Anin Tury sidentrums uing the releaspastorw y fait.ned on count his We contie to thinkhe relse f Of t hockey semary near Weelcomell o these gmmers ofrogresbut dand mucmore. Two thn unfounatel wasar fro As in eviousears aeport commted oppreiveegimes.supposls Vilest d dividu citizs. F all the the roughsh ove ligioufreedoall s this. Th Unid State is tching an you will held accou Th rege’srackdo on e hight Chrti. d oths connues tshock thconscice. certnly a Harle brand i rroris as a trties confcate theropert d thenhreatenetheir falies. In Bur Burnn breakg the violce at e handof the mitary. Hundre of thsandsf letteri intes persetionf many ce exhit extme hostity to lfallinos religisi be cled ofod.hat it one we are se b uortunalyanceo meetm That w inn effo tsries.stChese a cument thetaggerg sco o Chane’ve added speciohn ction tthis yr’s Cha report storyill no be silt abo of lerty le oursecorde.thesebuss Bu Il jt menon oneore reon this port mter s much wl spaonversions leing u to ousecond annua freem tt’ll beostingo he in miJuly. Th yearelcome u to e thousa indiw f f them ossinghe days offy lendaraiting for ts last ye was theirst te in Thers bn such foreighistor. minist on le reesentaves and aivists and rigio rtuallvery cner o the unit pplef all fthswf stding u forhe mos basic ofll hum right. It was ssuccessfn d the next ar on e veryay. Thgood wk thawas done di’t stop the e of tt conferce Both the Uted amb. Ev it’s anti want donstrate In thenternaonal rigious and giveroup the tools toreedo o millns of llars.cved I’ookingorward to is inspedinterialeing d I kn that it wi be frie and o ambasdorto my large f intl regiousreedom Samrownba take ur queions suf thiamoback mhtot thetleit wd weend for any of uasebl fansherei out and what we’re talking about eken enttainnt erybo Hell my name ars’veeen yr ho for e day appciat youeing re wh us on f t ext you canlway r t fi o’cck ts aerno What wre talkie t goicha Dixonn AZ AM. t tell us ot r th wkend tt a lot of mberf thfamily are probably gonna want to see naudle] Okay the sryor rht now I kn that half theudience because e story for my daughter said laly night ye Why dothey ju yh? This ifun. This is wonderful family film — Toy story. Two scoring 8098% of critics 95% of audiences the cast includes Tom Hanks Tim Allen and the blood scale Reeves llo sack what’s best about the film the story is inventive. Wildly inventive thecript is fast clever and tiedtever wandero a rehash oold sty lines this is fresht rings te oevery level. Th go on t road. The the rest of the toy box really doesn’t have that much to do they bring them in for Boysown super there’s left less ehasis on all the toys said that — There’s a n aracteorty a fty is a expect tasure bausee was marom tn Hehinks he’s Trachsel not yhat’s a story line who was it’sery ry clever thiis.ield Pixe are now look thi animation. . Forty incrediblehe animation is in the colors of the finion I mean ‘s wderf — And the school was very fast you knowe talk lot about how important a storys fit of all. I wantverybody to see take them kids Ion’t care what else you’re planning tdo thi Ifou c’tay aa maerree. if Looking amovi tgo s thi we at a. afteoonya pling ke ery fe mites s. The dentor surise thi iso rreshgodn’te And ere’s o y th but tee ks mov I’veeenatel r twtime wn. ople are making fun of ttle squeaks and things like that you need to do that this is A frh fik e Disy tditis. Wonderfu chacteree . ve fir the Azonaumanee ciet has deployets dister resnse tea to th would vys to grow. H. as is assisting he like unty animal ctrolith settg u an emergency shelter inrmediate school this is Miami Arizona we’re talking about now. They have arail full of supplies to help pets in nd a team ofeventaff members includg medical an animal ce peonne a wl as the emergency animal medical technicians are they are to help care for and support the animal. And people affected by the fire remember this fire now and has prompted some of accusations in e . Cle e o it r crond HSE L Cntyniml i intermediate schoolor tse o you i izon or tching us oine. Ths off o it oks le Res roa Rean’s road tre wrapp.ll rig we’reonna on ns nowisteni tonee caidat t reor t Whil use forwenttwen belve or t the ection icomi up Veryoons e trngo do all thecan next up ito pronounce Pete who judge. Near w. ank youave one mutes for you opening remarks. This [inaudible] oppounity andrint for the work thayou do. I’running f president becae I beg at moment of su seriousness and ‘ diffent tha what’s at sta right . Th nexthree or fouyearsut the whe . Wi dece h Ameca funcons for texto fortand ithat ctest I thk morehan athing. We need fall ck on r vaes. Secuty democracy but ao withble] th and my rty mu insis. These va. . haveome ofhis.e and I don’t Hoe. We are oanizing diffent kinde th moment calls for dierent mesnger which byr cogne that am — A mide assayorromhe Amecan dustri Mwest fm a n At momt wn Ameri ndsenerati. w genation oleaderip t steporward — When my pty neso denstrat that can likeine — Sty i livgome town prf that there is nouch built around the wd agai. I thind in so doing be re likely to n. a parties than if wtry to mail sou bend diana the CD with e Lati popation makeure th day othend you commitd immie ling in e cit t it comnity rident ct basicay tt idenficaonhy washis a conser a msure like ese. Nationit prident y thank youhiss a priotys a prioty f so my in the mmunit — have growi d vibnt Latino community in uth bend. As you said it’s approaching 15% as aayors in fact nnlyty citizens but to residents the mo we reize we had many resints things of e rest of us ke for gr? To pk up arescriionhe idea at youanerify tt y re thearent of child yore picki up fm dayre – Ma end in an teractn wh the poce the abity to establh who you are sometng important f residents but al for law enfceme to le to do theob. and aivists said a you can didn haveo waitn thet we federagoveme gornment To lve this problem we uld establish local municipD card — Not only for undocumtedesidents someing wld beery usefu r undocumented resentsnd s I do bieve it is the govement tmake sure aone.ponbill Whoivef a means to demonstrate that th ar who thesay they are? On the pn befo we to to yeerday inteiew with thpresidt — Wh? the lls and t youould ba great ua was looking to see to believit whhe rl acti today. As gener rule when t esiden says somhing t posite itends to true guesit’s vy goodews unr circutances andolicie. at practitners resrchers andven s A li ofnder ctacts — Is filly Coness ilookg at Sectn is aeady wt w alady ha them a seqnce. All rhth g yorestorintegrity. An credility in the census you’ shini light ontportant becae it one procs things tme is nsidered on glamous and don’t g thettenti that it desves. know is a mor how important it iso have an acrate cens te and spoken tgrowing Lati commutyn soh ben — We are pro i an dustri city o ths afterhe ftories lefa prouthat wwere rling tay youemove t role at immiationas pyed — at prouof in r cityould b so ze it wod be ft lin. And iwe dont r counity than e peop livin our cmunityille shor relyd in housanways tt vitay imptant fis is mmunits like ours use thescour proceings thisow frovif manipulas be motived racially And politallyt is wng. An we must resist that buts u said the te the new preside tas ofce itillaken place – The are ctainlyeasuren a rwardooking bas as th xt predent cannderta benning with itrying in la. e princal the youan on if u waithe censufor poticaldvantage And t wouldever introce a everten yearo ma a- We’ herelso the smany oerference bas forms of ci beeen the timatehe mbershat the iginal le onof a l of th decisn mang thawe mak and lal that pple unrstand tsurevernnt. portan of being cnted at’s whyhis Aten. Iniative iso vital portan and Iledge to e surehat evyone uerstanave the iortag thselves counted to dilute t distortingffects othese manipulationso maer what the cou. Thk yo. Isoing to me fro e stat Senat psident to a ttle wker CEa Demoat estion may from e veten mayor omo other ank yofor yo rvice. Well t natio is eerienc a l Lati wes areot risgndny In modernechnoly drive Andhe suation forSve. Port Ricos If elect psident wha policiouldoo e portunyo full parcipate the twey firs centu onom and wor force tough od js. Th earn wes thacan hp themealizehe Americadream. Thk you and thank y f your rviceo the untry ando Your cmber i the a yrthe pele i- statis doi- h t me menon of a few things tha I te have task ouelves w i it e G is rising? is wt it ise’re counting os o the onomy is rkin. Foand as you said many are we u polic makers neeowth find ws to ke thewenty rst century enomy work For myge or unger gerationre th is. professions mor oft than myg So of these solions will be complex. Findin ways to have a pe if you he a cbination of gigs And part time js youave as All ght -Whate’re going t d thehow her wuy Fawke fi it ntinso gr is inlace as of thiorningt’s evacul to t northstprea five les ficial sayin it’now 4 peop mehan ttorking ocontaid whd on i pase join un air a lineave greatriday you.oonveryon we wilsee Moay hava greaweeken


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