News Now Stream 06/06/19 (FNN)

News Now Stream 06/06/19 (FNN)

go today hand always we are honoring the heroes. From Normandy France and Europe as well as allied forces so many from in the United States so young soldiers at eighteen nineteen years old. Going to fight. For that day and that day forward and when you really think about it. It was this day seventy five years ago that really turned the tide of World War two and put the Germans on their heels it was this day. The momentum for the allied forces began to go in our favor. So that we can preserve our way of life right here in United States and for the rest of the world planning for the operation began back in nineteen forty three inthe months. Leading up to the invasion the allies conducted a substantial military deception code named operation bodyguard to mislead the Germans as to the date and location of the main allied landings the weather I do day was far from ideal. And the operation had to be delayed twenty four hours a further postponement would have meant a delay of at least two weeks as the invasion planners. Had requirements for the phase of the moon the tides in the time of day that meant only a few days each month were deemed. Suitable and when it was all said and done June sixth nineteen forty four would be that day where allied forces would storm. The beaches there in France to take back World War two and take back. The world. So it did not fall into the hands. Of Hitler one was all said and done. Forty four hundred confirmed deaths from allied casualties on this day. We remember them always welcome everyone here to news now very special moment here. Seventy five years ago with the D. day. Moment there and thank you so much for joining us here as we will continue to bring you coverage of from Normandy a little bit later we will show you president trump’s. Full speech it’s twenty eight minutes and it is a very powerful even CNN and MSNBC today saying that this was one of president trump’s biggest moments. As president there for the speech take a look at this flyover that happened. Earlier as well just fantastic this was right over the ceremony there in Normandy look at that I’ve never seen it so beautiful there there were. Red white and blue looking so great flying over one more time there in Normandy France paying respect. To so many of the fallen they gave their lives just eighteen nineteen years ol. They knew they had a mission. They knew it was to preserve the way of life here in America and for the rest of the world so it didn’t. Fall victim — Unfortunately. To the **** alright folks we are going to give you — More coverage of that in just a little bit everyone but we do have some breaking news to get. To be so fox ten news alert. We’re gonna go out live right now it’s to Chicago where there was a train derailment about thirty minutes ago and this is a live sky facts pictures there this is a CTT green line in your forty seventh street station. On the city’s south side we are seeing multiple rescues taking place from this — Chicago firefighter right truck right now in the latter so — This is the situation we know that there are several injuries right now we’re hoping that that will be the worst of it and we’ll see of sky fax could pan. For us and show us this store derailment on on the city’s south side there this is the Green Line there and they have. Another read the Orange Line out there as well the CDA is advising Green Line writers to seek alternative routes cause is going to be shut down quite. For sometimes they figure out — Why this happened in the first place but more importantly they got to get all these people now off the tracks safely — Taking a look here the great firefighters in Chicago doing an amazing job once again really firefighters all over the country. Always doing a great job — Showing us through this. So we’ll keep an eye on this no doubt here for you more news now on that coming up next here on news now all right we’ll keep an eye on that. Now we’ll go out to west point here where we are awaiting a news conference out of there there was a tragedy that happened on the west point and grounds today — One cadet killed twenty two injured in this training mission exercise that somehow went terribly terribly want wrong will bring that to you here — News now as well when we get this some very powerful new. Images coming out of the Arlington National Cemetery right now on the seventy fifth anniversary of the D. day invasion host the burial of World War two veteran Carl man who died. Back on March thirtieth at the age of ninety six man a native of Indiana was among the troops stormed all my beach on D. day. During the landings in Normandy France throughout his years of military service as a member of the U. S. third. Man was awarded seven brown stars in three purple hearts. This is a very powerful moment right there is you are taking a look there of the World War. Two veteran that passed away back on March thirtieth and now being honored their at Arlington National City. Cemetery let’s take a listen if we can hear if they have any — Audio here. Has earned his place. In these hallowed ground. But before we render him military honors. But as far as command them to our god. With our for name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit. And then the lord be with you. A brother call has gone to is rest in the peace of Christ. May the lord now welcome him to the table of god’s children and haven’t. And with bait and hoping to turn a life. Let us a system with our prayer. But also but us pray for ourselves. May we who mourn the one day reunited with our brother. When we meet together our lord Jesus Christ? Who is our life when the appears on ■toor? We read in sacred scripture. Com you are blessed of my fathe. Inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. But as far. Lord Jesus Christ by your own three days in the tomb view of how of the graves of all who believe in you. And so I have made the grave of sign of hope. That promises resurrection. Even as a claims are more full body. Grant that our brother may sleep here and please. Until you awaken in the glory. For you are the resurrection and the life. Then he will see you face to face and in your life see light. And of the splendor of god. For you live in rain for ever and ever. Amen. At the shore and certain hope. Of the resurrection to eternal life through our lord Jesus Christ. We commend to almighty god since upon him. And give him the now with longing for the coming of god’s kingdom let us join together in a prayer that our savior spot. Our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom Come. Thy will be done on earth as it is yeah. Give us this day our daily bread [inaudible] As we the US has against us. And lead us not into temptation [inaudible] The man. Lord god who stays or without and in whose mercies are beyond counting. Let your spirit guide our days on earth in the ways of holiness and justice. That we may serve you in union with the whole church. Shore invade. Strong in hold. A perfected in love. And when are we journey is ende. Lead US rejoicing your kingdom. For you live and reign for ever and ever. Amen. The lord be with you — Bow down to receive god bless. Merciful lord. You know the anguish of the star for you are attentive to the prayers of the humble. Here your people who cry out to you and their needs. And strengthen their hope in your last in goodness. We ask this he’s of god which is beyond all understanding. Fill your hearts and minds with the love of god. And of his son Jesus Christ. Male mighty god bless. Father son Holy Spirit [inaudible] Sergeant. The man. Searches country honorably during the second World War. Including going ashore the second way ahead Omaha beach. At Normandy. On June sixth. Nineteen forty four seventy five years ago this very day. Sergeant man is the recipient of many awards and decorations. Including seven bronze star medals. And three Purple Heart medal. So while many have served their nation admirably. Sergeant man shed his blood. For the freedoms that we put so much trust in today. And therefore he shall ever be revered by his fellow countryme. So on this day. Our nation bestows military honors to our comrade in arms. Sergeant Carl W. man. In life. The honored the flag. Our death. The flag will honor them. Family and friends firing parties off you’re right they’re going to fire three volleys please stand for honors . However it looks like unfortunately — The shot froze up right there we wanted to see the flag being presented. To the family there always are very very he motional. Funeral service there obviously when there are military honors in this veteran a D. day veteran Carl man who died back on March thirtieth twenty nineteen was. One of the very brave souls — That — Really stormed Omaha beach seventy five years ago today which we had that shot I but it just froze on us unfortunately. So what we’ll do right now is will take a quick break right now but we can never ever. Thank these veterans enough for everything that they have done and continue. To do or for our great country will be right back here more news now coming up next everyone [inaudible] Yeah [inaudible] Yeah share — This happened earr on the city’s south side a train derailed there in now you are seeing a live look. Of rescue operations under way as we continue to get this live feed in this is near the forty seventh street station if you are familiar with Chicago this is happening on the city’s. South side right now we can tell you this though there are several injured right now and they are trying to pull everybody. Out of that — Car right there connected with the train of one once we get some more updates of course we will bring that to yo. Right here on and news now but will continue with a more breaking news right now. Fox ten news alert. Alright everybody we now we are going to go out to west point where we are just now moments away from getting a live. Day from officials there this is what we can tell you. At this moment earlier today there was a deadly training accident that happened at the west point military academy a cadet was killed. After a multi vehicle accident near the U. S. military academy a U. S. defense official confirmed. To fox news around six forty five local time a five ton truck with roughly twenty cadets and some a U. S. army soldiers. Aboard overturn during summer training near the camp natural bridge facility in upstate New York the cadets. And two army soldiers were wounded in the accident which occurred off route to ninety three and were transported to local hospitals. New York state police troopers were assisting. West point personnel responding to the accident which comes nearly two weeks after vice president Mike pence spoke at west points graduation ceremony. Each summer thousands of west pointcadets take part in summer military training on the sprawling sixteen thousand acre campus of west point. Each year roughly one thousand cadets are commissioned as U. S. army officers upon graduation from the U. S. military academy. Which is founded back in eighteen oh two and chiffon shortly ago president trump — Took to Twitter saying so sorry to hear about the terrible accident involving are great west point cadets we mourn the loss of life and pray for the injured god bless them all. Also getting into the mix was New York governor Andrew Cuomo in a statement says that his heart breaks for all those involved in the terrible. Accident these courageous cadets in soldiers represent the best of New York state and our country and we owe them a debt of gratitude. For their bravery in choosing to serve our country and protect our freedom the governor [inaudible] Later say. So looks like we are getting closer and closer to this on news conference trying to get a nother update here and it looks like it could be coming at any. Moment right now stay were with a news now for continuing coverage on this as we try to get this alive news update here for you. In just a little bit — Angel como also said that he was are grateful for first responders who were on the scene right now and directing and the state of office of emergency management to provide any resources necessary to assist. He added on behalf of all new Yorkers we pray for a speedy recovery for those involved in we share in the sorrow. Experienced by their loved ones during this very extremely difficult situation so as soon as we get an update or see somebody there at the podium or we’ll bring it to your right here. On news our everybody let’s go out back out to Chicago right now continuing to get you. These alive aerials that are happening right now — You could see this all taking place with this train derailment that happening early this morning so you can see here on news now we have a lot. Of going on here today a lot of moving parts will try to get it all in here for you thank you so much for joining us here today as we always try to bring you. Events that are happening from across the country and unfortunately a lot of times those are breaking news events in your saying this live here foggy day looks like there. And boy you are seeing on the first responders doing just and another great job. There in Chicago getting other people off that train can you imagine what they must be thinking and going through. At that moment we’re not hearing of any metallic he’s at right now that’s the best part here we are we do know. Several injured and we’ve been seeing people taken into the hospital and the in the ambulances there. Can you see they’re just doing that one ladder truck right now just taking them one by. One because there’s no way to get them off right now you’re seeing multiple cars there derailed. On the city’s south side. So that is a live lok right now in the city of Chicago we continue. To wait for that and as soon as we get more updates of course. We’re going to bring that to you here on news now as well. In other news here let’s get to know what the markets are doing right now up seventy seven points there in the green. Twenty five thousand six hundred and sixteen there so we will continue to take a look at that for you on fox. Ten extra as well throughout the day it’s going to be a busy one stay right here with those folks we’re just gonna take. A quick two minute break we’ll be right back with you with more news and updates awaiting. That live news conference out of west point the deadly accident that killed one cadet injuring some twenty two others as we wait to learn some more additional details of what exactly. What was this training mission and how this all just went so terribly? Bad more news now next of D. dar welcome back to news now as we continue to always bring you these top stories and headlines from across the country. Still waiting on that live update out of west point there for an update on the terrible situation that happened earlier this morning where there was a military training exercise. That went wrong one kid that killed twenty two others injured were waiting on that news conference as soon as we get it we’ll bring it to your right here. On news now but we’re gonna keep in DC right now to show you a little bit of a ceremony that happened earlier this morning at the World War two memorial honoring. DJ seventy five years ago [inaudible] Memorial. Lord. On this day so long ago on the beaches of Normandy the allies invade western Europe in the largest and most successful amphibious attack. In the history of modern warfare operation over lord. The heroism bravery dedication and sacrifice of these valiant young men resulted in the liberation of western Europe. From **** German control. Thank you lord for sustaining in strengthening our allied sons for the fight. Thank you for your watch care over them. And thank you for their righteous victory. Tierney was suppressed that freedom and liberty might rain. All mighty. One we do thank you for all of our World War two veterans. Especially those here today. Who served on land in the air? On the C. an under the sea. We express our special gratitude and we bless the memory of those who paid the ultimate price. Who made the supreme sacrifice? The giving of their lives. They died. But not in vain. God of our fathers. May we who now serve demonstrate the same courage and conviction of those referred to as the greatest generation. We close this per asking that you would bewith our brave service members men and women. Men even now deployed and in harm’s way. Guard them. Guide them and grant them your peace. Eternal one once again we invite your presence here today. And we give you thanks this we ask in your most holy name [inaudible] Amen. Ladies and gentlemen please be seated. The friends of the national World War two memorial is proud to work to honor and preserve the national memory of will go. To for these very special ceremonies. At the World War two memorial. Friends is currently in the midst of a four year World War two the seventy fifth anniversary commemoration. The began on the seventy fifth anniversary. Of the attack on Pearl Harbor in two thousand and sixteen I will continue for the seventy fifth anniversary of VJ day. In two thousand and twenty friends is the only organization marking every major battle in which American troops participated. During World War. Two here at the national World War two memorial. The friends of the national World War two memorial is also organizing to create the next greatest generation. Americans throughout community service pro focused education programs. Friends is proud to have at its helm Mr decide bunting with the chairman of the board. Of the friends of the national World War two memorial. Also. Educator Vietnam veteran and the former superintendent of his alma matter. The Virginia military institute. Please welcome Mister Josiah bunting. Thank you Alex. The important thing today. Well we are honoring those who. Made the supreme sacrifice on the day. In all who served in the greatest generation. Our mission today is to make sure. There we embody in our own lives our own character. The virtues of patriotism honor. Self sacrifice and bravery. The characterized that generation. And particularly those who waited ashore. On the day. That is our mission. I am especially happy is all of us most pleased to see. So many young Americans. In your own allies. People here today. Because it is you who are carried the torch forward. Into another century. God bless us. God bless those who served on the day. Who led us through the war? And god bless America thank you. The friends of the national World War two memorial is proud to partner with the National Park Service. The kick the caretakers. Of this magnificent memorial. It is now my pleasure to introduce the acting superintendent of the national mall. And memorial parks Mister Jeffrey Ryan bolts [inaudible] Good morning. Three after the National Park Service it is my pleasure to welcome you. To the World War two memorial. On the seventy fifth anniversar. Of Operation Overlord. The invasion of Normandy France which marked the beginning. Of the liberation of Europe. And foreshadowed the end of the second World War. I would like to offer a special welcome to our distinguished guests. Members of the armed services and diplomatic corps. And most of all. To our veteran. Their families and their friend. I am humbled to be with you. On this day. Which commemorates one of the most extraordinary days of the twentieth century. I would also like to thank the friends. The national World War two memorial. The national park service’s partner in the care of a special place. For sponsoring today’s event. It is a privilege and an honor to work with you. To ensure that the sacrifices in the accomplishments of the millions of Americans who fought that wa. Will never be forgotten. Today we pause to remember the allied armies. Who joined in the battle on the beaches of Normandy? They parachuted from this guy and charged a sure and beaches call Utah [inaudible] Omaha [inaudible] Gold [inaudible] Juno [inaudible] And sort. The free continent and to stop. One of the greatest forces of evil the world is known. More than four thousand men. In the invasion force made the supreme sacrifice. On the beaches. And in the hedge rows of Normandy. The following were father’s [inaudible] And signs [inaudible] And husband’s. We honor their sacrifice. Any knowledge the gaping hole left in their families. And in their communities. Those who did return. Were changed forever. He’s a young man many of them just. Eighteen nineteen twenty years old. Who answered the call and took up arms? And an awesome responsibility far beyond their years. They were the true sons in saviors of democracy. Their bravery still inspires us. Many years later. Today we are privileged to have with us some of those young men. And to our veterans. The passage of time. Has not dimmed the deeds of your heroism. For the memory of your accomplishments. We in the National Park Service along with our volunteers and our partners. Are committed. To sharing your stories and ensuring that the more than four million visitors. Who come to this memorial each year? I understand how the America we know today. And the blessings we enjoy as a free people. Were shaped by your deeds. As we look around at this magnificent memorial. We noticed references to the momentous events. That occurred on the beaches of France. Three quarters of a century ago. From the bomb relief of that yo- In order to remove their honoring the so many. Was a very brave and young soldiers. March those beaches seventy five years ago paying tribute to them at the World War two memorial there the national. One in Washington DC all right looks like we’re getting some sort of update. Out of all west point here looks like this could be coming up at any moment here. I’m gonna take a short break just so we can get it all in for you without taking any breaks here for you. More news now coming up next. We’ll have the full update right here for you. Well I general William to provide an opening statement. And then we’ll take about four five questions from there. Will be all the information that we can put all will be from here the next step after today. We twenty four hours later will be point training accident one d that killed. More than twenty injured now we’re gonna we’re going to be getting this a live update just moments away. Hi this is all coming after a very sad tragic accident earlier this morning at the west point. Military academy after a multi vehicle accident — Near the academy a U. S. defense official confirmed to fox news around six forty five this time. This in this morning local time there a five ton truck with roughly twenty cadets and some U. S. army soldiers of board overturned during summer training. Near the camp natural bridge facility in upstate New York. The kid that’s into army soldiers were wounded in the accident which of her off route choose two ninety three and were transported. To local hospitals New York state police troopers were assisting west point personnel responding to the accident which comes nearly two weeks after vice president Mike pence spoke. How was points graduation ceremony? Each summer thousands of west point cadets take part in summer military training on the sprawling sixteen thousand acre campus of west point. And each year roughly one thousand cadets are commissioned as a U. S. army officers upon graduation. From the U. S. military academy moments ago president trump tweeting out saying that he is was so sorry to hear about the terrible accident involving are great west point cadets. We mourn the loss of life and pray for the injured god bless them all in looks like we do have the officials now coming u. To the podium so we will be getting this live up — To eight just seconds away everyone New York. Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a statement that his heart breaks for all those involved in a tragic accident those these courageous cadets and soldiers represent the best of New York state. And our country and we owe them a debt of gratitude for their bravery in choosing to serve our country and protect our freedom so we’re gonna go to the podium now. Mike’s up here we go live update from west point [inaudible] Good afternoon. Today was a tragic day. The west point community in our United States Army. Early this morning a troupe vehicle. Kerry twenty cadets operated by two soldiers. Was traveling to a land navigation training site. It was involved in a roll aroun. That’s one of all the standard training exercises occurs as a part of their military training program here in west point. One could it is confirmed to cease. Ten fifty eight AM. The other injured personnel receive care killer army community hospital. And various other regional medical facilities. Their injuries are not life threatening. Our thoughts and prayers. With the families of the deceased. And are injured. I would like to come in. The exceptional for X.. Shows. Of the first responders and medical personnel. And thank our great New York state police. Had our mutual aid partners. We are working we are working actively. To notify next of kin. I will provide more information. When the notification is complete? We’ll take a few questions. Army soldiers it was a soldier yes whistled. The nature of all the injuries or if you could give us. Yeah so I can give you all of the hospital commander give you some sense of the nature of the minor injuries. But when I prepared to go into the nature of the injuries around. The hospital commander — So the entries range from facial versions of broken arm. But as a general mention their all life and non life threatening injuries. Where was he situation? I’m not prepared to talk about this he’s good at this time [inaudible] Back. Those concerns the accident actually seniors at west point as we call first. Rising seniors class of twenty twenty they were in. The training exercise their right. So the our seniors — You know we train very heavily here — It was point in the training they do is part of our normal see or training that been doing this for some time now. And they were headed to land navigation training. Well there in the back of the the truck they were being. Transferred to the navigate the training site and also — When the vehicle have the axe? Were they from the training sit- Not that for the for all was in like it was ten kilometers away they were close [inaudible] Comment. Three no it is not common for these vehicles to turn over the to it’s very. I think you should wait for the investigation. To where was the victims. The only man twelve passengers. To address the strong I mean this is the United States Army were strong — We stronger it was going to communities come together very. Very nicely as I talked about the medical support and all the Greek officials we have here along with our partners as I mentioned so responded. Extremely quickly I came out early this morning when I found out. And are great partners in New York for here already intending to own thank you very much [inaudible] Social media. All right the media’s and shouting out questions they’re very hard therefore the officials right now is — They are just hours removed from this tragedy that happened out to west point there one kid that killed we have twelve more than. Twenty injured right there and they’re not going to give too many specific details out right now because they are still trying to track down the family there and alert them you got to give them at least twenty four hours. Before — Giving the name out to the public there are breaks for that family that will be learning the very tragic news family and friends — That just lost a loved one there at such a young age there are no doubt now right folks are going to continue on here on news now we got stories a lot of on today we’re gonna go — Back out to Chicago ight now — This time R. Kelly back in court today the singer facing a new charges on as sexual assault allegations let’s bring this to you here. This is what his attorney and publicists had to say after the hearing [inaudible] Three he was a rain. This. Is just. It’s the same [inaudible] The same. The same result. I can’t. Speculate about why prosecutors do something I deal with. You it’s the same acts. The same everyone in the Chargers originally right [inaudible] Leverage maybe. Have some other evidence that we don’t know. We deal with. We know now and and and we expect that it’s going to be the same result. I was concerned [inaudible] Every single [inaudible] He he scored. There’s no reason [inaudible] Somebody [inaudible] And and to decide which case. We want you. We want to do this. It’s usually the way it works the judge made. Procedure one of we don’t have [inaudible] Three I don’t expect anything [inaudible] This is. I don’t know what they were [inaudible] In. This past weekend. He was very good. Got a lot of talent. I’m sorry I we every [inaudible] Imagine . There was an award show this weekend [inaudible] One every minute. I’ve never sn. Twenty minutes trying to maintain. We we do. He’s getting ready. And that’s all we can say he’s. Here’s the difference [inaudible] Mr [inaudible] He knows . A great team. All right so the singer and there are. Facing Levin new charges on sexual assault pleading not guilty to those and that was the publicists speaking and then before that that was his lawyer as well so we’ll continue to follow. That case here for your right here on news now on when we get more details from upcoming court cases let’s check out live right now to Oklahoma. City right now where they are once again dealing with major flooding in that city they have just been getting absolutely. Pummeled this — One last may and now it’s going right ito June again take a look at this as they are. Major flooding concerns there as fire officials say a busy intersection in west Oklahoma City a shut down due to high water and vehicles trying to drive through or the arrow and we all know it folks we see that here. Even in Arizona you just can’t drive through these things you don’t know how deep they are firefighters are also working to rescue a second vehicle in a ditch. In a high water situation just south of Reno. One person died – Did need medical assistance but no other details were released there but once again they are just getting a pommel there looks like. It is going to be. The situation that they had in may turning right in the June on them so we’ll keep an eye on that if we get. Any update still will bring those two year old boy boy this is just been a busy busy day here. Hi news now we’re going to keep it going into the next hour on in news now will take you out to Normandy. France from earlier this morning where president trump spoke on the seventy fifth anniversary of D. day and before we go to break I just want to show you this amazing flyover. That happened earlier today their enormity absolutely beautiful that is a moment ther. You see you see few flyovers like that I as I say every flyover is great but when you add the red white and blue right there. Nothing nothing is better. Stay right here with those folks more coverage of the seventy fifth anniversary of D. day coming up D. day. Thousands of Americans died on that day some didn’t know if they were going to make it the our some didn’t know if they were going to make it. That day and many paid the ultimate sacrifice. Because they knew in the mission it was just so. So intense and they knew it was his soul. But all. That changed the course of World War two and indeed it was if it was in FOR D. day what. What happened to the world of? The thousands of allied forces Dinning storm those beaches in France what would the world look like today. We honor those. Amazing Americans and allied forces had that storm the beaches to take [inaudible] Over. The World War two and really change the course. Of the war a really put. Hitler and the Germans on their heels as they marched backwards and we really showed strength not only for the U. S. but are allied forces. As well in unfortunately this. Is the end results these every marker there represents. A name Hey Rick represents a soldier but more importantly. Represents. A moment. That was taken too short for so many Americans think about that eighteen and nineteen twenty year olds. Going into war going into really a hell’s own. Because they knew that the mission was so important. Each marker there represents a life taken way too soon. Dreams the aspirations of so many soldiers gone instantly. On those beaches. In France today we honor them. Please seventy five years ago of the D. day landings. It’s amazing to think what would happen if it wasn’t. For those very brave American man and that storm those beaches there Omaha. And so many others it’s amazing and we pay so much respect to them on this day thank you so much. For joining us here today for a very special moment a very special hour here on news now we’re gonna take you back earlier today. President trump the paying his respects at Normandy France for the seventy fifth anniversary we’re going to show you his full speech in full that’s what we like to do here on news now we don’t show up. Twenty second sound bite. A fifteen second sound bite no. When the show tia in its entirety just like if you? Were part of that moment — In France earlier today this is something very powerful. Even M. S. N. B. C. and D. and C. N. and both sad today this was a powerful speech. By the president. Dunn’s a miss you miss suit does not J. trump plaza down does it doesn’t . President my crown. This is my crown. And the people of France. To the First Lady. Of the United States. And members of the United States Congress. Two distinguished guests veterans. And my fellow Americans. We are gathered here on freedoms alter. On the shores all these bluffs on this day seventy five years ago. Ten thousand men shed their blood. And thousand sacrificed their lives. For their brothers for their country’s [inaudible] And for the survival of liberty. Today we remember those who fell and we honor. All who fought. Right here in Normandy. They won back this ground for civilization. Two more than one hundred and seventy veterans of the second World War. Who joined us today you are among the very greatest Americans? Who will ever live? Your the pride of our nation. You are the glory of our Republic. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts . Here with you are over sixty veterans who landed on D. day. Our debt to you is everlasting. Today we express our undying gratitude. When you were young these men and listed their lives in a great? Crusade one of the greatest of all times. Their mission is the story of an epic battle. And the ferocious eternal struggle between good and evil. On the sixth of June. Nineteen forty four they joined a liberation force of awesome power. And breathtaking scale. After months of planning the allies chosen this agent coastline. To mount their campaign to vanquish. The wicked tyranny of the **** empire. From the face of the earth. The battle began in the skies above us. In those first tense midnight hours. One thousand aircraft roared overhead. With seventeen thousand allied airborne troops preparing to leap into the dark just beyond these trees. Then came dawn. The end of may who had occupied these heights. So the largest naval armada in the history of the world. Just a few miles off shore where seven thousand vessels bearing one hundred and thirty thousand warriors. They were the citizens of free and independent nations United by their duty. To their compatriots into millions yet unborn. There were the British. Whose nobility and fortitude saw them through. The worst of done Kirk. And the London blitz. The full violence of **** fury was no match. For the full grand year of British pride [inaudible] Thank you. There were the Canadians whose robust sense of honor and loyalty. Compel them to take up arms along side Britain from the very very beginning. There were the fighting polls. The tough Norwegians. And the intrepid Ozzy’s. There were the gallant French commandos soon to be met. By thousands of their brave cut you’ve been ready to write a new chapter in the lon history. Of French valor. And finally there were [inaudible] The Americans. They came from the farms of a vast Hartland. The streets of glowing cities. And the forges of mighty industrial towns. Before the war many had never ventured beyond. Their own community. Now they had come to offer their lives. Half a world from home [inaudible] This speech. Code named. Omaha. Was defended by the ****. With monsters fire power. Thousands and thousands of mines spikes driven into the sand so deeply. It was here that tens of thousands of the Americans came. The G. — Is who boarded the landing craft that morning. New that they carried on their shoulders not yes the pack of a soldier. But the fate of the world. Colonel George Taylor. Who sixteenth infantry regiment? Would join in the first wave. Was asked. What would happen? If the Germans stopped. Right then and there. Cold and the beach just stop them what would happen. This great American replied why the eighteenth infantry is coming in right behind us. The twenty sixth infantry. Will come on to then there is the second infantry division. Already a float. And the ninth division at the second armored had the third armored. And all the rest maybe the sixteenth won’t make it. But someone will. One of those men. In Taylor’s sixteenth regiment. Was army medic ray Lambert. Ray was only twenty three but he had already here and three purple hearts and two silver stars fighting in North Africa and Sicily. Where he and his brother bill no longer with us? Served side by side. In the early morning hours. The two brothers stood together on the deck. Of the USS and Ricco. Before boarding two separate Hagens landing craft. If I don’t make it bill said. Please please. Take care of my family. Ray asked his brother to do the same. Of the thirty one man. One raise landing craft. Only ray and six others. Made it to the beach. There were only a few of them left. They came to the sector right here below us. Easy read it was called. Again and again ray ran back into the water. He dragged out. One man after [inaudible] Another. He was shot. Through the arm. His leg was ripped open [inaudible] By shrapnel. His back was broken. He nearly drowned. He had been on the beach for hours bleeding and saving lives. When he finally lost consciousness? He wokeup. The next day on a cot. Beside another badly wounded soldier. He looked over. And saw his brother bill. They made it they made it they made it. At ninety eight years old ray is here with us today. With his fourth Purple Heart and is third Silver Star. From all my Rafe the free world salutes you . Thank you read . Nearly two hours in. Unrelenting fire from these bluffs kept the Americans pinned down on the sand now read. With our heroes blood. Then. Just a few hundred yards from where I’m standing. A breakthrough came. The battle turned. And with it. History. Down on the beach. Captain Joe Dawson. The son of a Texas preacher. Lead company G. through a mine field. To a natural fold. In the hillside still here. Just be on this path to my righ. Captain Dustin snuck beneath an enemy machine gun perch. And tossed his grenades. Soon American troops. Were charging up Dawson’s raw. What a job he did? What bravery he showed? Lieutenant Spaulding and the men from company he moved on to crush the enemy strong points. On the far side of this cemetery [inaudible] And stop [inaudible] The slaughter. On the beach below. Countless more Americans poured out across this ground. All over the country so. They joined fellow American warriors from Utah beach. And allies from Juno. Sort in gold. Along with the airborne. And the French patriots. Private first class Russell picket. Of the twenty ninth divisions famed one hundred and sixteenth infantry regiment. Had been wounded in the first wave that landed on Omaha beach. At a hospital in England private picket vowed to return to battle I’m going to return he said I’m going to return. Six days after D. day. He rejoined his company. Two thirds had been killed already. Many had been wounded. Within fifteen minutes of the invasion. They lost nineteen just from the small town of Bedford Virginia alone [inaudible] Before long. A grenade left private pick it. And he was gravely wounded. So badly wounded. Again he chose to return he didn’t care. He had to be here. He was then wounded a third tim. And laid unconscious for twelve days they thought he was gun they thought he had no chance [inaudible] Russell picket. Is the last known survivor. Of the legendary company a and two day believe it or not. He has returned once more. To the shores. To be with his comrades. Private packet. You honor us all. With your presence [inaudible] Tough guy. By the fourth week [inaudible] Of August. Paris was liberated. Some landed here pushed all the way to the center of Germany. Some threw open the gates of **** concentration camps deliberate Jews. Who would suffered? The bottom was horrors of the Holocaust. And so warriors fell on of the fields of battle returning. To rest on this soil for eternity. Before this place was. The credit to history. The land was owned by a French farmer. A member of the French. Resistance these were great people. These were strong and tough people. His terrified wife waited out the day. In a nearby house holding tight. To their little baby girl. The next day a soldier appears. I’m an American he said. I’m here to help. The French woman was overcome with emotion and cried. Days later she laid flowers on fresh American graves. Today her granddaughter Stephanie. Serves as a guide at this cemetery [inaudible] This week. Stephanie led ninety two year old. Marion when of California. To see the grave of her brother don for the very first time. Marion and Stephanie are both with us today. And we thank you for keeping alive the memories of our precious heroes [inaudible] Thank you [inaudible] Nine thousand three hundred and eighty eight young Americans rest beneath. The white crosses and stars of David [inaudible] Raid. All these beautiful grounds. Each one has been adopted by a French family. That thinks of him as their own. They come from all over France to look. After our boys. They Neil they cried they pray. They place flowers. And they never forget [inaudible] Today. America embraces the French people. And thanks you for honoring our beloved dead [inaudible] Thank you [inaudible] Thank you. To all of our friends and partners. Our cherished alliance was forged. In the heat of battle. Tested in the trials of war. And proven in the blessings of peace. Our bond is unbreakable. From across the earth Americans are drawn to this place as though it were. A part of our very souls. We come not only because of wha. They did here. We come because of who they wer. They were young men. With their entire lives before them. They were husband’s you said goodbye. To their young brides and took their duty. As their fate. They were fathers who would never meet their infant sons and daughters. Because they had a job to do. And with god is there witness. They were going to get it done. They came wave after wave. Without question. Without hesitation. And without complaint [inaudible] More powerful. Then the strength of American arms. Was the strength of American hearts. These men ran through the fires of hell. Moved by a force no weapon could destroy. The fierce patriotism of a free proud and sovereign people [inaudible] They battled. Not for control and domination. But for liberty democracy and self rule. They pressed on for love and home in country. The main streets the school yards the churches. And neighbors the families and communities that gave us. Menu such as these. They were sustained by the confidence that America can do anything. Because we are a noble nation. With a virtuous people. Praying to a righteous god. The exceptional might. Came from. A truly exceptional spirit. The abundance of courage came from an abundance of faith. The great deeds of an armed. Came from the great depths of their love. As they confronted their fate the Americans of the yeah. Place themselves into the palm. Of god’s hand. The man behind me will tell you. That they are just the lucky ones. As one of them recently put it. All the heroes. Are buried here. But we know what these men did. We knew how brave they were. They came here and save freedom [inaudible] And then. They went home and showed us al. What freedom? Is all about. The American sons and daughters who saw us to victory were no less. Extraordinary in peace. They build families. They built industries [inaudible] They built. A national culture. That inspired the entire world. In the decades that followed. American defeated communism. Secured civil rights [inaudible] Revolutionize science. Launched a man to the moon. And then kept on pushing to new frontiers [inaudible] And today. America is stronger. Than ever before. Seven decades ago. The warriors of the day FOR a sinister enemy who spoke of a thousand year empire. In defeating that evil. They left a legacy that will last not only for a thousand years. But for all time. For as long as the sole knows of duty and hono. For as long as freedom keeps its hold on the human heart. To the men who sit behind me. And to the boys who rest. In the field. Before me. Your examples will never. Ever grow old. Your legend will never die [inaudible] Your spirit [inaudible] Brave unyielding and true. Will never die. The blood that they spelled. The tears that they shed. The lives that they gave the sacrifice that they made. Did not just when a battle. It did not just what a war. Those who for here one a future for our nation. They won the survival. Of our civilization. And they showed us. The way to love cherish and defend our way of life. For many centuries to come. Today is we stand together upon this sacred. We pledge that our nation. Will forever be strong and United. We will forever be [inaudible] Together. Our people will forever be bold. Our hearts will forever be loya. And our children and their children will for ever. And always be free. May god bless. Our great veterans. May god bless our ally. May god bless the heroes of the day. And may god bless. America thank you thank you . In order in remembrance of the fallen who gave their lives in the service of right now our coe seventy fifth anniversary of D. day we’re gonna take it now out to Virginia — Were earlier today vice president Mike pence made some remarks. The general said by the holds. And prayers of liberty loving people everywhere. Okay downtown Phoenix they knew the options. They knew the enemy. They knew the enemy would fight savagely to defend that crucial stronghold. Every soldier who stepped ashore was as private first class Chuck neighbor said. A visitor to help. But the men of D. day press. For the chaos of battle the bravery of men like. Private first class Hillman. Press stringent private first class building Sisk shown through. There were men like Carol reed’. Corporal overall break. Supplying equipping this and of brothers as they headed for the beaches There was a second class petty officer Samuel merry. Leaping from his landing craft to swim to shore. And second class petty officer Vincent Korda. Who was caring for the wounded as? Bullets whistled by. All of them risk. All. To win a great victory. In all of them. By god’s grace. Are here with us today. To these another D. day veterans among us I say. Gentlemen you honor us with your presence. And I want to assure you we see you not just as you are. But as you wore. And seeing that we Marvel. It’s the courage that you showed as young men. You storm the beaches and face the shadow of death [inaudible] Without fear. As president trump said today in Normandy. To those who fought on the day. In his words you are among the very greatest Americans who will ever live your the pride of our nation and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts so think of others. From this very community. Who were among the ranks on that fateful day? Forty four boys who had never strayed far from home. Mustered out to England. And some to eternity. They were home town folk. Who became national heroes? And they will forever. He remembered the history. As the best football has. Since the earliest days of our Republic Bedford. Like every other community in this land. This given its finest to defend American about. But for Bedford. The day was different. Well most of this town was still asleep in bed. First lieutenant rain dance was racing across the sands. Dodging mortar rounds tracer fire. While the morning bells of the Presbyterian church were ringin. Private first class sticky Overstreet was nursing his wounds. Along the very sea wall that he had been determined to reach. Well fifty women work late in the night at the county library. Rolling ninety thousand bandage. For our sons and brothers overseas. Technical sergeant rays Stevens had already fallen. After leading his men on Omaha beach. It was only a few days later that his twin brother Roy. FOIUND rays dog tags on across. In a makeshift graveyard. Not far from the beach they both landed on that night the people of the Bedford and all of America heard President Roosevelt ask almighty god. To let our hearts be style. To wait out the long travail to bear sorrows that may come. And they did come. On the day twenty in Bedford boys with a hundred and sixteenth infantry. Stormed Omaha beach. And fell in the defense of freedom. This such a small town would make such a sacrifice. Seems almost beyond belief. Is the author Alex Kershaw road. There’s a story of one small American town that went to war. And died on Omaha beach. To honor their sacrifice. And the sacrifice of all those brave Americans. Who died on that day? This national D. day memorial was constructed. Here in Bedford. As a tribute to all who gave the last full measure of devotion. On the longest day. It is a profound honor for me to stand with you. On this day. At this memorial. But I think all of you gathered here now. The true memorial to the Bedford boys and all the courageous Americans who charge the beaches of France seventy five years ago today. Is our freedom the freedom they fought and sacrificed so much to defend. So god bless the Bedford border. And all the nine thousand three hundred and eighty eight Americans — Lie in that quiet field overlooking the beach is they took seventy five years ago today. God bless all the heroes for just on the day of days. Who fought and came home to the families and the land they love? And on the seventy fifth anniversary when you have sensitive skin. On behalf of a grateful nation. To those brave veterans. Gathered here who fought so long ago and to all those looking on from glory we say one more time. Thank you for your service. Thank you for our freedom. God bless you. God bless our armed forces. The United States [inaudible] America. What a beautiful moment that was as well in Bedford Virginia I at the sight of the D. day? Memorial there that honors the Bedford boys thirty five men from the Virginia. Town who participated in the allied invasion in Normandy twenty men from Bedford or the surrounding area were killed on D. day. In nineteen fell while trying to take Omaha beach as member of company. A of the one hundred and sixteen image infantry regiment the twentieth man was in a differen. Company so we pay their respects and we honor all of those details heroes. Right there in Bedford Virginia and really all over. The country more news now up next some of the sights and sous they’re all very and while a great fly over once again in Normandy France earlier today — Vintage World War two planes honoring all of the great D. day heroes part of that magnificent ceremony there great flyovers that we’ve been seeing. All day right here on fox ten extra well it’s been a really emotional day no doubt seventy five years since one of the greatest. Greatest allied forces came together on the beaches there of France to begin to take over World War two was a great moment there. But it’s it costs a lot of American lives there and no doubt seeing and even today or we were honoring at Arlington National so cemetery. There was a D. day veteran and that passed away — At the end of March of this year but he was buried at Arlington today was really emotional — Moment there we want to play that for you one more time — Now welcome to the table of god’s children and one with base on hoping to turn a life. Let us a system with our friend. But also but us pray for ourselves. May we who mourn the one day reunited with our brother. When we meet together our lord Jesus Christ? Who is our life when the appears on ■toor? We read in sacred scripture. Com you are blessed of my fathe. The kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the worl. But as far. Lord Jesus Christ by your own three days in the tomb view of hollow the graves of all who believe in you. And so I have made the grave of sign of hope. That promises resurrection. Even as the claims are more full body. Grant that our brother may sleep here in peace. Until you awaken in the glory. For you are the resurrection and the life. Then he will see you face to face and in your life see light. And of the splendor of god. For you live in rain for ever and ever. Amen. At the shore and certain hope. Directions to a rural life your lord Jesus Christ. We commend to almighty god. For never. It has. To Dustin the DOT. The lord bless him and keep the. The lord. Make his face shine upon him and gracious unto him. The lord lift up his countenance upon him. And give him. Now with longing for the coming of god’s kingdom let us join together [inaudible] The man. Tuesday’s or without and in whose mercies are beyond counting. Let your spirit guide our days on earth in the ways of holiness and justice. That we may serve you union with the whole church. Shore invade. Strong in hold. A perfected in love. And when are we journey is ende. Lead US rejoicing your kingdom. For you live and reign for ever and ever. Amen. The lord be with you. About on to receive god bless. Merciful or do. You know the anguish of us are full you are attentive to the prayers of the humble. Your people who cry out to you and their needs. And strengthen all understandin. Will your hearts and minds with a lot of god. Of the sun this privacy. May almighty god bless. Father son Holy Spirit [inaudible] Sergeant. The man who served his country honorably during the second World War. Including going ashore the second wave. Normandy. On June sixth. Nineteen forty four this very day. Sergeant man is the recipient of many awards and decorations. Seven bronze star medals. And three Purple Heart medal. So while many have served their nation admirably. Sergeant man shed his blood. For the freedoms that we put so much trust in today. And therefore he shall ever be revered by his fellow countryme. So on this day. Our nation bestows military honors to our comrade in arms. Sergeant Carl W.. In life. The honored the five now a deat. The flag will honor him . Carl man — Became a hero on that day. Seventy five years ago today we will remember call man who passed away on March thirtieth of this year not only was he hero. On that day but I hero for the rest of his life in we will remember and honor him. Forever thank you so much. The soldier Karl man however wep stories from all across the country you know a lot of people say it’s prescription drug abuse as well to our opioid crisis here in America. Well one of the top stories I have for you is about an Ohio doctor charge in twenty five overdose deaths and still have that one as well as a caught on cam situation going to head to Long Beach California where there was unfortunately a robbery and beating that took. Place somebody caught that on camera and then the last thing you want to hear people in Florida is that a crocodile was on board a boat. That was also another caught on video that we have while there we go Florida always in the mix somehow with news looking for that and much more. Coming up next here on fox ten Phoenix dot com we do appreciate it drugs in a little bit later on fox ten about three o’clock here is on a time will take you out to Atlanta Joe Biden expected. To speak in their at a fund raiser will bring in see alive as that happens a lot in the mix still to join us fox ten Phoenix dot counting so much for joining us here today was really emotional moment with the day. Seventy five years ago today on my page to go. Have a great day everyone


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  • Hermina Pacocha says:

    It appears SWAT shot the man. The gunshot by the window first appeared, and then shortly later the man was shot by side door. They showed the swat truck with sniper perched on top still holding gun straight towards the line of site.

  • brennan clarahan says:

    Suspect goes down at 9:42:00, it looks like SWAT shot him as there looks to be a shot fired after he falls

  • brennan clarahan says:

    It doesn't even look like what he dropped was a gun, I think swat shot him from the street on other side of fence falsely thinking it was a gun. Then they let the dog go and chew on him? What the hell, horrible conflict resolution

  • Saoirse Dove says:

    For anyone who cares to be morbid – the guy kills himself at 9:43:19. You can see him collapse in the door and something black (probably his hat) falls onto the ground. After that you can see the blood puddle growing. Sorry to be THAT person, but there it is.

  • This is about the Uber story,

    if this happened in January why is it just now on 06/06/19 five months later being aired on FOX 10 ??
    Just wondering….

  • 1st off, I thought all 1st responder's did excellant,

     I don't know all ways this could have gone down,
    but I thought all was handled like a pro.

    I'd like to point out that at 9:43:18 subject appears to get on hands and knees,
    at 9:43:20 his hat flies down steps to the ground.
    At 9:43:29 blood can be seen running off the top step to the second step,
    by 9:43:39 the blood is dripping to the bottom.
    I didn't see any smoke from gun fire,
    but if he put the gun under his chin that may have caused the smoke
    to go into him.

    I don't know if this is any help or not.
    Might be what made hit hat fly off like it did

    Any way God bless all who was involved Everybody seemed to do their job well,
    from local PD, FD, SWAT, SO and 1st responder's.
    Also pray for this guy's family, their going to need help and support to get through.

    I'm going to forget News Now FOX10 PHOENIX for their great coverage of live news,
    they are good at getting live stories.

  • Glad the bastard is dead. They sent Rin Tin Tin in to bite his ass a few times to be sure.
    One less useless thug in this world to worry about.
    At 9:43:19 he gets shot and falls to the ground, along with his hat, the you see the blood start to flow out onto the steps on the left side of the house, and his head next to the red cooler. Then the close-up at 9:46:36.

  • Worst reporters ever. You can find other videos of this event with the correct information, even as it happened live. The guy came out of the door on the left with a gun and was immediately shot by police, all while these reporters were rambling on and on as they so cleverly do when they have no idea what's happening. Shame

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