16 thoughts on “News Now Stream 03/31/20 (FNN)”

  • How about pay people to stay home. When the area Meaning city County state is at a low percentage of infected reward them with money for staying inside. People would listen I would

  • 198 out of 16,636 tested what about the mild ones that are never tested or known this is looking more politically motivated all the time against our potus the demonrats said they would do anything to see trump fail.

  • When your goal is “only” 100 to 200 THOUSAND DEATHS, you have utterly FAILED YOUR COUNTRY. There is not a single person on earth who would have botched this crisis as badly as


    . That’s why we tried to remove him from office. To SAVE THE COUNTRY.


    voted “NO.”

  • American Patriot says:

    HOW IS YOUR F—G HEALTHCARE INSURANCE?! Obama promised the earth and the sky, and Trump promised "the best and cheapest healthcare"… Ready to get the hospital bills for the F—G coronavirus?!

  • Let’s get the men in tight quarters who are sick w COVID on the aircraft carrier, Roosevelt, Hydrochloroquine azithromyicin! FED EX to them if need be! We don’t want casualties! They may be having trouble breathing!! Is anyone out there who can help? There is NO

  • The next 2 weeks will be the worst. Hang in there. We are all in this together. This is gonna be a group effort. This will pass. Stay safe …..

  • Bernadette Almeida says:

    Excuse me my opinion on the two ships ? holland get buses to load them up to airport the planes are not flying to much during the day here . This needs to be done this is America , I can’t beleive what I’m hearing the governor and remarksM(meeting) they sound like dictator it’s scary who has the power in some of these states the governor is in a hard spot but do the right thing we are Americans if he can’t do the job call help to military ✊???

  • What is the legit way to help fund the Virginia store clerk held in jail for defending his store by shooting one of his assailants….Hamzeh Abushariah is clerks name???

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