39 thoughts on “News Now Stream 03/20/20 (FNN)”

  • Biblical SmackDown says:

    I am an American Patriot Citizen, and I can understand checking me if I'm out and about doing things you come to my door thinking you're going to check me check again I have rights get your ass off my property!


  • Margaret Clarke says:

    I feel as a shut in that im in another world looking in on whats going on in my own world and trying to make sense of it all. Its scary to see what's happening. Im glad ive got my kitty here to talk to it helps with the isolation

  • David Hatchell says:

    I want them to just go ahead and give that corona virus to me so that I can get over it and go about my business again! I’m tired of this nonsense! I’ve had all kinds of colds and flu viruses and it makes you feel like crap for a week or two; then you’re over it!

  • If somebody don't show me some dead bodies on the streets !! I'm going to go outside and start coughing on something and start my own damn pandemic !! Feel me !!! &))) :)) 😉 ??

  • What these not fully developed minds are essentially doing is nothing short of cutting down the money. By invoking this virus to fester in ones parents is virtually the same thing. What our immature collage students are not grasping is the concept of who gives them money and pays school tuition. It will in fact be extremely difficult to get money from someone 6 feet under the ground, locked in a metal casket, not to keep them in but in fact others out. i RATE THIS A DIFFICULTY FACTOR OF 10 the scale 1-10 10 being the greatest.

  • Nathanal Whitaker says:

    Our politicians have created this mess with China. Of course China is responsible for the outbreak, but our politicians have created the rest. They have sucked the Cobb of Communism, trying to make the whore, a house wife.

  • Don’t trust that doctor, there are two prescription drugs used in Australia that cure 70% of cases within 7 days, Trump is being very truthful.

  • Galahad Graves says:

    Note that New Cases in China have come to cease and maybe even desist. China decided to punish the world. They are an enemy state. It will be a strange world when Arab and Chinese combine to fight Russia and USA and Australia.

  • Michael DeSilvio says:

    all amerikan ex president united state baracka hussein o bomb forbid you to vote for Trump. all amerikan ex president united state baracka hussein o bomb demand you to vote for bootey shorts!

    1) it's a Democrat "hoax"
    2) no big deal, it'll be over by April 
    3) "I take no responsibility!"?
    4) China did it, blame them!
    5) Pandemic team unneeded?
    6) I'll put Pence in charge….hell yea!
    7) Oooops, Americans are dying
    8) Hey, Google's building us a site!
    9) Google : no we aren't!
    10) "Its all under control now"
    11) Trump : "we have plenty of kits!"
    12) Dr. Fauci : no we don't!
    13) Here's $1000, let's forget it all?

  • If the coronavirus comes in contact with toxic Masculinity it can become extremely lethal to strong independent women. Protect them by refusing to help, and remind them: they don't need a Man.

  • Please stop the stupidity. This b s is so ignorant. Virtually no one is dying of this crap. Those college kids should be allowed to have spring break and grandma can wear a mask when junior comes home. The death rate is almost non-existent. The death rate will only go down.

  • Chester cleveland jr says:

    Fema head Peter gaynor as a n.y
    er I'm not going to sit back & have trump or YOU take ANY Credit for what's happening in n.y OUR Gov stepped up & did what he had to BECAUSE YOU WON'T . Gov Cuomo got us what we GOT & I'm not going to let you or trump B – LS- -T the american people at Gov .CUOMO expense ?

  • ​Good news: Morgantown, West Virginia Mylan Plant to Restart Production of Anti-Malaria Drug Hydroxychloroquine for Coronavirus Treatment and Israel's Teva will donate 10 million doses to US hospitals

  • Trump is an idiot and 1/3 of you American people, god bless you. Except for Trump, he could have saved you month ago.

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