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News Management Techniques – The Newsroom


15 thoughts on “News Management Techniques – The Newsroom”

  • The people that are fans of The Newsroom are a cut above the bulk of the audience for MSNBC and Sean Hannity. People like us need to be more demanding of our news sources. They have been failing us too often.

  • TerminalCarrion says:

    People can talk about bias all they want, but this show has a lot of good points about coverage and accountability that should go for all of the political spectrum. People in positions of power and responsibility shouldn’t be allowed to just shut out questions they don’t want to answer and not provide anything of substance. If they contradict themselves, they should be made to clarify. If they knowingly tell a falsehood they should be called out on it. The people we elect shouldn’t be allowed to keep us uninformed, they should have to answer to the people they represent

  • Bobby Torres says:

    Hate that bitch that purposefully positioned him a camera wrong. This is another problem with journalists, their ruthless, cut throat ambition gives them scruples onpar with the paparazzi, or anyone working for TMZ.

  • wendell worth says:

    This segment proves the premise that most. if not all, so called "journalists" are nothing more than political prostitutes. If you pay them a certain fee, you can get them to report anything you want. Sadly, it also adds weight to the old adage that "'A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME,…… IS STILL A ROSE".

  • aaron atwood says:

    Um, the major difference between Obamacare and Romneycare is that one was passed at the federal level, and one was passed at the state level. Romneycare was extremely successful because it was created specifically for Massachusetts. Obamacare operates with a "one size fits all" mentality. This is the wrong approach because, simply put, different states are different. Different states have different laws and regulations. What works for some states will not necessarily work for other states. The Romney campaign made this very clear. They never dodged questions like this.

  • ReviewForReel says:

    This is what people are talking about when people accuse this show of having a liberal bias. They way this storyline with Jim is presented, it is meant to say that this is a trade soley of Republicans and Mitt Romney in particular. Obama's White House is just as bad. Steve Thomma the former President of the White House Correspondents Association has stated that it it worse in the White House press room.

  • These whole sets of episodes, Jim came off as that annoying smart kid in class who would ask questions  just to parade how well he knows the material. I felt it was the same but here it's like he thinks he's the only one going for "cutting edge reporting"

  • Unlikable characters are essential to good television and movies. Look at Annie Corley as Mary Marsh in The West Wing pilot.

  • Constance Zimmer delivers her lines so well. Amazing actress, very memorable and somehow makes an unlikable character someone you want to see more on screen.

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