News in 90 with Jessica Barron – Money Management

News in 90 with Jessica Barron – Money Management

What’s up bulls! I’m Jessica and this is News in 90. Besides studying for classes, one of the biggest
worries for students is managing money and learning to budget. Mostly like going out with friends and then
spending more than I expected. So the hardest part for me is really just
keeping consistent after I get my refund. What I wanna learn about money is conservation
and how to be frugal in the right ways. Handling money from scholarships and financial
aid can be overwhelming and intimidating. Luckily there are programs on campus that
teach students how to address their financial concerns. News in 90 Correspondent Candace Williamson
tells us what one program is doing for students. Bull2Bull is the number one financial aid
counseling program in the country. They offer free workshops and peer-to-peer
coaching sessions for topics such as managing your credit and student loans. Here at Bull2Bull we offer a range of different
types of services. We can serve as your accountability partner
we can help you come up with a plan, a budget plan that works well for you. Peer-to-peer way of teaching, it makes a lot
of difference in the terms that you can really like look at the person you’re talking to
in the eye and understand where they’re coming from, because you’re the same generation, going
through the same things. When you come to a coaching session you’re
entered for a chance to win a $500 scholarship. Visit the Bull2Bull website for more information. I’m Candace Williamson with News in 90. By utilizing the resources on campus, you
can get the skills to become confident in managing your money. I’m Jessica Barron with Housing and Residential
Education. We are the best place to live, best place
to work and the best place to learn. Until next time, go bulls!


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