36 thoughts on “News I Missed #002”

  • Somebody please tell me what exchange and how to purchase XRP. Having difficult time. Would like to do this directly with USD

    Thank you

  • Agree with your concerns of IOTA. You are spot on the emphasis seems to be on the tangle itself not the token and in the next technology such as LiFi or ternary hardware to increase usability of the tangle itself.

    Check the origins of this concept back to 2012. It was originally never about a token having appreciable value and it's getting hard to see that ever changed.

  • ETH its really the graveyard of SCAM ICO.s and thats why NEO will prevail for shure … ( JUST WATCH GUYS )

  • World Away From Home says:

    You recently spoke about the future of security tokens, which I also agree will replace ICOs. As we move towards security offerings, could you provide your thoughts on the Polymath token or perhaps do a video analyzing it? Thank you.

  • Peter Petrov says:

    It's funny how weird people think Bitcoin is expensive! A metric ton of gold is expensive (me thinks). It sounds ridiculous but BTC adoption may happen faster if the price was listed per satoshi! $0.00007215 is a steal of a deal…

  • Love the vidz brutha, i watch everybody thats relevant on YouTube regarding crypto, DataDash (speaks to fast), Bitcoin Ben, Jsnip, etc… And THIS channel is the Best! Informative and entertaining, because your opinions have substance that an educated person, like myself, can agree with! Keep em coming Kiddo! And maybe when this all takes off, you Can have a TMI international get together! 🏃 See U! ✌🏻

  • Do NOT touch those state coins. They'll just screw us with inflation all over again. Think of hoq great it would be if our governments couldn't inflate themselves out of debt. If they had to reign in thier irresponsible spending or explain to thier angry constituents that they need to raise taxes. 😢 Good luck with that! 😄

  • TheCynicsCynic says:

    I don't get it when people say "Bitcoin is slow". I just sent some BTC from Coinbase to an exchange. Took about 10-15 min. Sure it wasn't done in seconds, but that's still a short period of time. Total fee was only 0.36%

  • Johnny M Kool says:

    Eos has instant and free transactions.. try it out… don’t just hate.. lynx wallet in the AppStore cost $1.. you get an account worth at least $6

  • Michael York says:

    Adoption of IOTA's tangle will give the native token inherent speculation value. When IOTA runs the Internet of Things on the planet it's highly probable the token will be used extensively as an agreed upon transaction token worldwide. It only makes sense. This will be a multi trillion dollar platform.

  • SomethingRedundant says:

    Honestly, I see a world where merchants accept dozens of cryptos as a form of payment, not just bitcoin. $5,000 usd in dgb is the same as $5000 usd in btc, it just depends on which ones each party wants to use.

    To give a comparison, imagine a vendor accepting dozens of types of precious metals as payment for their goods. Payments will be subjective, but the best will likely win.

    What's dgb's chances? Lol

  • Jordan Belfort is the biggest douchbag on the planet. Ruined many lives I'm sure. I invested in cryto to hopefully give my family a better life. I believe in it like I believed in the internet and computers being the future in the 90s. Wasnt into investing then unfortunately.

  • Jason Gibson says:

    Countdown to 100k subs! You earned it. Best crypto news channel. Hands down. Deep info, days/hours before similar channels. Also you keep bias to a minimum. Love it!

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