100 thoughts on “Newly Released Mueller Memos Show Trump Campaign Chair Pushed Ukraine Theory | NBC Nightly News”

  • WTH had Mueller investigation done to the country. It cost tax payers millions for nothing. What waste. He should have presented the findings as his team has found. Not defer the decision to congress & doj

  • The GOP with Trump represents a perfect storm of grifters, liars, conmen, and delusion. I predict a whole industry of books, movies and TV series that will be unpacking the story of the most corrupt and deplorable crooks in a single 4 year presidential term in the history of the USA. The Era of the Great Abomination 2016 – 2020.

  • Sounds like the Trump Campaign New Biden and His Son are Snakes… Uranium One Deal…? Iran Nuclear Deal…? How Much Money did Hillary Clinton Launder through Ukraine…?

  • Is this where the morons gather? The emails were leaked NOT hacked! That is a proven FACT! The meta-data of the material itself is the proof!

  • Lol liberals must have forgotten that's its already been proven that Ukraine tried to help Hillary get elected. And a lot of the liberal talking points come from Ukraine.

    "Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump by publicly questioning his fitness for office. They also disseminated documents implicating a top Trump aide in corruption and suggested they were investigating the matter"

  • Everything is so clear and blatant that we have to investigate everything in secret while reading complete falsehoods into Congressional Record, all the while citing BuzzFeed. Seth Rich was right.

  • Joe bragging about it on tv isnt a theory and you got 4 demo Congresss men sending threatening letter to Ukraine for dirt on manifort. Shaheen Menendez and durbin sent the letter. And trump didn't fund the money he cant ,Congress has control of the money and they refuse to pass the bill silly leftist media

  • I just want the destruction to end. When wages are being cut by companies with huge profits, this president fails at his job. He violates the Constitution instead of protecting it and he breaks the law instead of enforcing it. He regulates the people and corporations have zero accountability. With companies borrowing money at zero interests and banks dont have enough money to cover everyone that has an account and the government owes way more than its making… that means the business man failed. He has done enough damage. Whatever agendas are left are in for a huge wake up call… we will see how you all react when the people are affected by it all.

  • No Limits Amputee says:

    Notice how we have FIRST HAND accounts of real professionals on the call who heard and understood that what Trump was doing was improper at least and illegal and impeachable right behind it. Yet, Republicans are still yelling about the whistleblower. It's crazy! All of these Trump administration employees including the whistleblower, were alarmed at what was happening and went through the exact proper channels to report their concerns up the chain. If there had been no issue, the IG would have said the whistleblower was not correct and filed the complaint away. But Trump's own IG did see something terribly wrong and finally alerted congress. If this was all a misunderstanding or political hit job, why won't Pence, Pompeio, Trump, Rick Perry, Rudy come under oath and tell us what really happened? They are all refusing even documents be turned over. They all know they can't go under oath. If they lie, they go to prison. If they tell the truth, their political lives are finished. But, the will have no choice in the Senate trial. The courts will not allow it by that point. The evasive maneuver will only work until the court orders the to appear. At this point I expect them to plead the 5th (if you can even do that when it's not a criminal trial) or save their own skin. Those loyal to Trump are running out of room on the Trump life raft. There will only be one person left on that boat and it won't be Trump's fixers and toadies. Trump will push each and everyone one of them overboard to feed the Sharks. 1 by 1 they will crack. The regular national security team members have already jump the ship to uphold their oath of office. Bolton is the next domino and his testimony will signal to others that their protecting Trump is going to ultimately fail.

  • Buzzfeed the people that brought us that fake Dossier that was illegal used to get FISA warrants to spy on Trump. Looks like the Ukrainian phone call is not really working out lol.

  • Another non story. "Pressure the Ukrainians", you mean to say, "do foreign policy". What was obama doing when he sent the Iranians all that money? Was that a quid pro quo? You dont build nukes, and we'll give you money.-some solid stuff there. The Bidens are in trouble anyway you look at it. Ha-ha

  • Secret Asian Man says:

    All this stems from the fact that democrats can't believe their queen of corruption lost to the orange man. You will suffer the same in 2020, while middle america rejoices.

  • the only reason that stupid people think that this Ukrainian thing is a big deal is because it has been blown out of all context by a bitter and twisted group of people that thought they had something and found they had nothing

  • Jeffries Crambo says:

    What a joke. This is overt propaganda. The company that decided Russia was behind it was a company hired by the DNC, lol. And that company got caught lying about it. MSM doesn't even hide their allegiance to the DNC.

  • BUZZFEED? LOL you have to be kidding….Great source of FAKE NEWS…Just like NBC….LOL TRUMP for 4 more years….SAD that you would even publish this nonsense….

  • Я знаю, что вы, наверное, смеетесь над нашей страной, но, пожалуйста, просто удалите эти комментарии и оставьте нас в покое.

  • Watch them tilt says:

    I repeat, Buzzfeed news IS NOT Please check your facts. Buzzfeed news reporters have been twice pullitzer finalists while can only dream of any such recognition.

  • Ah buzzfeed. Using their trite trash click bait to fund real investigations that won't get a fraction of the attention.
    All of you. Real news is boring and dispassionate, as a result you aren't interested. 7 million people will watch a guy play with a fidget spinner. A few thousand a careful analysis of a sequence of events that lead to a result. You, are broken, and why the world is on fire.

  • They definitely got the smoking gun this time right? This is completely different from the other times they told us they had him lol

  • I never seen someone comment crimes with a room full of all kinds of evidence whether it's investigated , snitching , or self inflicted and this orange fool is still not locked up wtf

  • What 18 angry Democrats is he even talking about??

    Does he not know that Robert Mueller is a lifelong Republican? Let alone like six or so other members of his team that were also Republicans?

    Or is 'democrat' just a general negative term to use against anyone who disagrees with trump or questions him in any way whatsoever?

  • What NBC didn't tell you is that there were four members of Trumps national security staff that were Obama hold overs.

    Those four had illegally worked with Alexandra Chalupa from the Ukrainian embassy to help dig up dirt on Trump in the campaign.

    Two of those four shortly before the fake whistleblower came forward went to go work with Democrat Adam Schiff.

    Colonel Vindman had been warned multiple times to stop engaging in such extreme partisan anti-Trump behavior because he is in the military.

    Another one of the four was Eric Cairamella (the fake whistle blower) who was forced off the national security staff because of his anti-trump behavior who went back to CIA.

    These four were responsible for most of the early illegal national security leaks coming from the Trump White House.

    All of this information is published on Real Clear Investigations. NBC knows all of this but decided you didn't need to know.

  • It's truly amazing how NBC and other mainstream media networks spin things. They're good at what they do: Deceive. It's easy to see why so many believe this "fake" stuff. We really shouldn't call it news because it isn't. I used to not understand why people believe them. Now, I know. Satan is the greatest decevier of all. Why would they want to work for him???

  • Koh Mong Poo Sam says:

    President Trump is total corrupt and cheat in the first election and have succeeded, and he again doing for his 2020 re-election. He lied to his supporters and deceived his Republican Party and tried to play a victim targeted by the Democrats. He claims to a billionaire . God knows. He hide his tax returns . He bid for presidency in order to rip corruption for his personal and business gain . I believe President Trump is in deep financial debts and trouble , and that’s why he fighting to cling on his presidency to rip the state and leverage for personal gain and business as much as he can while. in office . Jared and Ivanka too are there for the same purpose . Trump supporters and the republicans will soon regret and shock that it is too late to know Trump has deceived and lied to them through and through . Wake up
    Republican senators convict and remover trump from his office to save yourself and the county .

  • This story makes no sense, NBC is pushing this like is somehow proof but its not even really related. Its like they're expecting viewers to be dumb enough to just hear keywords Trump, Ukraine, Mueller, Russia and then make a story out of it. When did news become mad libs… what kind of a joke is this.

  • Trump has turned USA into the greatest Banana Republic in the World. Americans, save your democracy, save your republic: Remove Trump from Office!

  • So what if he ask for a investigation , Joe Biden ,his son and Obama got big money. Hillary is the one that went to the Russian and got help for the election.

  • I heard Pelosi say All there is in the Trump call is a Quid Which She says is all They need to Get Trump LOL and Now they are Digging up OLD News in the Mueller Report Which was Totally Discredited by Everyone Except Socialist Democrats. This just Show's How Desperate the Socialist Democrats Are. Time will soon show that Shifty Schiff Orchestrated The Entire Plot to Impeach President Trump with the So Called Whistle Blower that is a Far Leftist that worked for Biden and the Deep State. Heads are About to Roll and Schiff is #1 on the List. Trump 2020

  • Trump is a CORPORATE SOCIALIST. Capitalism for the rest of us, Socialism for the rich. Dont be stupid. This guy does not care about regular people, poor, black, white, middle class. He DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. All this division between red and blue is a divisive tactic. Do not fall for it.

  • Libs hate Trump because he works hard and makes a fortune, while they're lazy and broke. They think that rich people who employ the bulk of the nation and pay 70% of the taxes should pay for their free healthcare. LOL . Meanwhile they voted for Crooked Hillary, who made her fortune off selling government favors to our foreign enemies, including Putin and even Al Qaeda. Pathetic.

  • What is wrong with people? Has anyone else ever said "it was a PERFECT conversation"? This is absolutely ridiculous that we should still be going on about it as though there were any chance of reasonable doubt. The president is a spoiled child.

  • Bannon is the shitbag who started the illicit ball rolling in Trump's old school corporate-minded camp.

    People are focused on the "perfect phone call" — but I happen to believe the Hole is far deeper.
    Something we will know once the material evidence is outed.

  • What a load of bollocks, anyone can read the transcript of the Presidents phone call. Joe Biden joked about his quid pro quo and you can watch it today if you wish, he evens swears, what a loser.

  • trump claims he is so intelligent but he gets away with the Russia investigation and the next day go after Ukraine. I don't think that was at a genius level…..

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