New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News


100 thoughts on “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News”

  • Robert Ramirez Miranda says:

    Your prayers love and the corona ? will die if you my people return to the lord the lord will protect you bless be New York because NY repent and prayed to the one and only living God ……removed the one is not good before the lord and replace him for the one is good before the Lord said The Lord …….NY you will be bless if you return to The Lord…..He is a good Governor…… and Cuomo is and will be a man of God…..repent

  • This Corona virus is Malaria people are dying and suffering from malaria take the goddam drug for malaria do the research

  • Why governor, seriously? Why are the people of color, the poor, the oppressed paying the highest price with their lives? It's called CAPITALISM, governor,, that's why! Duh.

  • thomas maroti says:

    Our State was woefully unprepared for this because King Coumo ignored a ‘15 warning from his health dept on medical supply shortages. Sanctuary state & city policies, no bail, limited arrests. He’s overtaxed & overregulated most manufacturing out of NY. He sounds impressive because he’s never questioned, by anyone, media or otherwise.

  • DeAnn Eisenhauer says:

    Here we go Watch, Listen for the 'Socialist Agenda' poor ppl, blacks. Hispanic, not much different death rate but Research PROVES They have Higher incidence Hypertension, Diabetes, pre diabetes, heart disease, Way over weight, DIET HUGE PART, COMMON SENSE, SO NOW A POLITICAL ISSUE, Oh, HIGH TECH REPLACE HUMANS, DO THE RESEARCH ID2020, BIOMETRICS.COM, Wake up Sheeple, AGENDA 21, ALL THE CORRUPT DEMOCRATS FAVORITE ISSUES, Blame AMERICA 1st, Environmental EXTREMISM, Pelosi tried put Abortion payment into Careact, Cuomo sai a whole lot but sid NOTHING TO PREPARE EXCEPT COMPLAIN, BLAME POTUS GOT 0 Additional Hospital ready didnt buy ANY PPE, VENTILATORS, ETC. US FED, TRUMP, Had to Send Fema, Comfort ship, build 4 add hospital etc etc STILL NOT ENUF HE KEPT COMPLAINING DOING. NOTHING HIMSELF TG POTUS GETS IT DONE, #TRUMP2020 #DRAINTHESWAMP.

  • Thank you Governor for showing the pictures of some of the people who have passed away from this disease. I hope that when we are on the other side of this, that there will be a a dedicated website where we can share our losses and celebrate our gains and record the oral and video diary/history from those who want to share.

  • Robert Hernandez says:

    We need a commander and chief like Gov. Cuomo. I appreciate all the time and devotion you have given & your efforts to handle this unprecedented situation are something we needed – To all – Stay safe & Take care.

  • Fatima Mensen-Potter says:

    Gov. Cuomo is just brilliant in my opinion. He has put in words exactly what I was thinking and talking to my husband yesterday. Where will we go after coronavirus. Is there "after" or we need to learn with it? Nothing can be the same. Nothing.

  • Everyone on this Instagram video @pantratova916 needs to be fined by including the medical professionals. If the governor is serious about fining people all you have to do is look into Instagram to see moronic NYers who refuse to listen to social distancing.

  • Does the fine apply to Hasidic people? Because they should be fined as well. Not congregating which they continue to do

  • Jenny Borahae says:

    As much as wishing the best for the Jewish community is very important , I wish gov. Cuomo also spoke up about the violence and hate crimes targeted towards the Asian and Asian American communities during this time. I wish he brought light on it and brought attention to it, by also showing positivity and concern.

  • Why is anyone surprised that people of color are disproportionately affected? Really? Never heard of institutional racism? How people of color were systematically deprived by the feds of good housing, the primarily vehicle for wealth accumulation in the second half of the 20th century. Leading to poverty, high exposure to industrial pollutants, high blood pressure from the daily stress of racism, poverty, etc.Oh yeah, then mass incarceration, the inequities of the justice system, etc. Does Cuomo read, is he as a Governor not intimately aware of these things? He was acting like it was perplexing.

  • So much talk nothing coming out this say to get a sand sharks for every person United States and I think and I think the envelope

  • bortlethetortle says:

    Can these top tier reporters start actually using some logic and critically think about whats being said??? Gov Cuomo admits he is not technical, but his answers to most of the reporter's questions seem obvious.

  • If he had lockdown NY like California did, thousands of lives would have been saved. He does not appear to have a good sense of what had been happening with the rest of the world.

  • This is the new normal there is no going back to life before this event. People's behaviors and daily routines must change in order to adapt to this new way of life to have any hope. That is the message the Governor keeps reiterating and rightfully so.

  • I just admire his approach he makes since We need to listen so much. Even though I don't live in New York I listen to him.


    UK need Cuomo… He is sensible, very smart, charismatic, a great leader and hopefully he will be president day if American people start to have those qualities.

  • brooklynzf1nest says:

    He sounds so disappointed to announce we’ve flattened the curve and didn’t meet his death expectations. ?

  • Cuomo had an opportunity to lock down all of these issues but he went against Government warnings and brought in patients from the cruise and Canada. Now he's stockpiling resources while they're needed. He refused Remington Arms using their unused factory in NY to make equipment needed. Which if he went with could've had 8000 essential workers working on grounds producing masks. Then he didn't stop any spring break flight leaving NY even when other flight restrictions were being put up. This man is setting people up for some reason.

  • User619 TLSDCA says:

    The General Surgeon s warning of THIS WEEKs uprising of deaths as higher then previous must be of trying out all the meds and other experimental ones on the severe COVID patients… Its all I WANT TO SAY, SO NEWS MEDIA CAN TAKE THIS AND USE TO ASKS THE QUESTIONS WE MUST KNOW…

  • Daily deaths by the hundreds is horrifying and it's not over, not by far. God bless America and the rest of the world.

  • Gov. Cuomo looks so stressed out. He just looks drained! Bless his heart. He started out so strong & confident. I thought he would mk a great President of the US! … It seems the ppl staying longer in the hospital are the ones passing. So maybe you shouldn't go to the hospital!! More access to the virus there. How are the ppl dying getting buried who didn't have life insurance??! My question of the day.

  • Cuomo is a psychopath! He is restricting access of life saving medications to coronavirus victims! Every Dr should have the freedom to prescribe hydroxychloroquine (and zinc) & azithromycin to their coronavirus patients!

  • Digital divide…lack or incorrect information about the virus transmission . Lack of water, crowded conditions at home. Not enough soap or laundry facilities to wash clothes after one use. No masks. Obesity due to lack of transportation to access supermarkets with fresh produce, cost of fresh produce higher than potato chips – lead to all sorts of underlying conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure, circulatory issues, etc.) Pastors insisting on providing services because “Jesus will protect you” (forgetting to tell parishioners they need to help poor overloaded-with-requests Jesus). All factors associated with poverty aggravate transmission of virus in Latino and African-American communities. You don’t need to spend money to find this out.

  • Cuomo got people killed by NOT ordering VENTILATORS for PANDEMIC PREPAREDNESS back in 2015!

  • The 5G signal doesn't travel through trees or houses very well so they want us home so we dont all drop at once

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  • What a leader Gov. Cuomo is, he gives information, cares has compassion, smart, gives leadership and guidance – truly cares. Blessing to New York – Stay safe and wish all well in this difficult time.

  • People are disgusting ?every year some schmuck has brought the flu into my workplace because they burned all their days off either partying or not being sick so they come to work and will be like all I got the flu ? talking straight at you getting their breath all over every molecule as their breath atomizes. We need stricter stay home when you're sick rules at work. Even if that means proving you're sick every time. Especially in places like McDonald's

  • I wouldn't be surprised if a so-called conspiracy theorists over this 5 g and how much money is wrapped up into it become grease spots, just for telling the truth

  • segundo Davila says:

    This virus is here to stay. Is SAD that we have very few leaders on this world that can guide the people out of this crisis. We are the smartest creature in the planet. If you see the leader of your country lose , Is your job to step up. don't just seat at home doing nothing. INNOVATE , THINK , SHARE , BE SAFE , PROTECT YOUR SELF , PROTECT OTHERS , We on the whole entire world are on the same situation, This virus does not see rich or por, does not see beauty o ugliness. does not see skin color. We must learn to live with this virus in order to overcome it. ANY ONE THAT HAS IDEAS, PLESE SHARE IT. You can save some ones life with your idea

  • segundo Davila says:

    When pumping gas, grab the blue paper towel , and with that paper towel grab the gas nozzle, with the same paper on hand punch your code numbers. while using any type of drive thru TURN OFF the fan in your car, so if you have de virus you do not blow the air from your car on to the attending person face. On the store buying fruits and vegetables, grab the clear plastic from the dispenser and use it as a globe to choose your vegetable. (Remember if you can leave a finger print you can leave a virus) Protect your self, and protect others. Please if you have ideas, share it. For now it is the only weapon we have against this virus

  • Majority of the people infected are non-asians in New York.
    But, people blame the virus came from the Chinese.
    Hms. The origins of the virus should be researched closely.

  • when they are counting every death related to Corona and its not … you need to wake up!!!! RESTART THE ECONOMY !!!! Lies – heart attacks & strokes are now corona ? since when – 1,000 people day die from Heart Attacks…

  • I know plenty of poor unprivileged white people. I myself is included in that I have had to work tooth and nail

  • There are plenty of trailer parks with all colors in them working some b***** slave type job save me the tacky politics

  • it's got more to do with people calling in on Saturday after a night of partying on Friday and then coming to work with the flu when they can't afford to lose their job than anything elseI've got point stacked up because I don't miss work unless I'm really sick

  • judith robinson says:


  • I mean come on he's acting like every other doctor isnt Asian what you got to be black to work in retail? Boohoo minorities, if you work for it you can accomplish thingsno matter what color you are it's not like you're in a different tax bracket because of your skin

  • Also it’s personal hygiene habits are important. Take a shower at least once a day or take a shower when u come home from outside. parents must being an example and teach their kids why hand washing is important. Don’t wear shoes inside the house!

  • I think this whole virus thing probably boils down to Hillary Clinton thinks that if we all have to vote from home and she can get on the internet and do a little do skardu in cheat easier than if we go to the actual poles

  • Linton Claude Samuels says:

    People, we need to stay home and if we go out, we need to keep away from people. Please be safe guys. Watch this link, it is a link of hope.

  • Nob the Knave says:

    You're saving thousands now by sacrificing millions later to famine and economic disaster. Good job.

    Steal any more ventilators lately thief?

  • The New world order and the majority fear GodI mean if you look around it's like they read the Bible in there trying straight up to head us into Armageddon everything from a computer chip in your arm for currency to the Muslims invadingwho made decide one night to go door-to-door greasing as many people as they possibly can before the morning going to look at the statistics dude we white American Christians are the minority now, once again white really ain't got nothing to do with it. But if you want us to feel bad about being born and loving Christ for dying on the cross to save us from our sins you got it all wrong. We're all equals under God. And those that believe I'll see my brothers( of all colors) in heaven

  • So what do you have to say about the discrepancy between MSM and all the citizens out there who are up loading videos of slow, if not EMPTY hospitals? EVEN the one supposedly in the epicenter. And interestingly, they have even used footage from a hospital in France and said it was New York. LIARS get BUSTED.

  • Artem Rodichkin says:

    forget ventilators, use HBOT see article:

  • I think the lockdown is absolutely beautiful for the first time in four years of my son's life I've been able to spend a week with him, the way our system is setup no one can afford to take off time to raise their child right they would rather dope their kids up then pray for them. We need God in America ?

  • LOL should we use Broadway as an indicator for when to allow mass gatherings? Please DO NOT take medical advice from actors, musicians or dancers.

  • A HAPPY STORY: A 98 year old woman (going on 99) has recovered from covid-19. She was hospitalised in Dundee, Scotland when she became ill with the virus. Her son, who has looked after her for the last twenty years after his father died, said that the National Health Service (NHS) were brilliant. They phoned him four times a day to up-date him on his mother's condition and such was their care he felt that his mother was the only patient in the hospital. His mother is now back at home recuperating and is engaged in her favourite pass time – playing the piano. And for those of you who don't know – the NHS is the FREE health service in the U.K.

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