33 thoughts on “New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo holds a news conference on coronavirus response – 3/9/2020”

  • jordanimated streaming says:

    1st time I've heard any real talk about worker compensation for self quarantine. It's not illegal to go to work with a contagious disease, and many must work just to make ends meet each month, so it's crazy to think people will stay home if they are facing eviction and homelessness.

  • If a student tests positive that means they've had it for 2-3 weeks and could be spreading it. Why not be proactive and close schools now for a week?

  • Cuomo does a good job of transparency in general BUT this virus is overall going to be MUCH more dealy than Ebola because it will
    spread much more widely.
    "If you don't test, you don't see cases" (Trump's philosophy)
    This is possibly worse than the word wars or Great Depression. Maybe
    60% of humanity will get infected. World pop about 8 billion now, so
    that is 4 billion 800 million infected.
    Of those 2% will die. That's 96 million. (Spanish flu killed 50-100 million).
    But the WORST part is 15% will have severe complications and have to be hospitalized. The health care systems will be rapidly overwhelmed, and the death rate will increase.

    In the US we have 398 million people. 60% infected means 198,600,000.
    2% of that means 3,972,000 deaths.

    The number of intensive care hospital beds needed is 15% of 198,600,000.
    That's 29,700,000 special beds we need. Hown many nurses and doctors- uninfected, not under self-isolation- do we need? How much protctive equipment, nearly all made in China? How many ancillary medicines, like for other
    ailments such as bacterial pneumonia? We have apparently 116,000 beds of that type….and only 24 really safe beds for this type of thing with very severe cases.

  • Michael Christensen says:

    Maybe allow the market to work. If the price goes up, people will crank out the hand sanitizer. What a joke. The government doesn't need to start making hand sanitizer. This is unreal.

  • Michael Christensen says:

    Why are tax dollars being used to make a product that competes with privately produced items that do the exact same thing? Did he say 100,000 gallons? Yeah that will last two seconds in a state of 10 million+ people.

  • Electronic Chronic says:

    If it's not worse than the flu then how come you don't quarantine cities because of a handful of cases of the flu?

  • Was he ask a question by a reporter about where that hand sanitizer is being made and did he ask if it was a particular prison private prison? Did I hear that correctly and he ignored the question? Just asking because I’m not sure I heard that correctly did anyone else hear what I heard?

  • people are worried because the infection is super fast… persons sitting near the infected person in the bus confirmed positive from china…one positive person in the bus end up infecting 11 people…the infected person got off the but and the next person sat next to the seat the infected person was sitting….then got infected..airborne….the mask is needed.

  • Kevin Remillard says:

    The Governor may want to examine price and markets in this context.
    Munger on Price Gouging

    Jan 8 2007

    Mike Munger of Duke University recounts the harrowing (and fascinating) experience of being in the path of a hurricane and the economic forces that were set in motion as a result. One of the most important is the import of urgent supplies when thousands of people are without electricity.

    "Progressives" have an implicit bias when it comes to capitalism. Particularly when price becomes a factor in the distribution of products. The governor uses inmates (slave labor) to compete with businesses for what he call "price gouging", but misunderstands.

  • I'm going to start panicking, because the career politician on the talking picture is someone I can trust and believe every word he says. You know you can trust a leader in NYS, one of the poorest, most corrupt in the country. Home to Buffalo, second poorest city in America.

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