New UNVAULTING Event! The Drum Gun is back!

New UNVAULTING Event! The Drum Gun is back!

Judah's how old stuff my god who's behind you all right he's dead is that that that might let the guy that I oh he keeps it yeah I need to find a gun he's gonna get ugly I have one great chest you have any ammo what do you need any gun rather just somehow you can have this shot that means I have a pump and that's it guys push it up with that right there yeah man guy there's not enough time left in the game chatting normal free those normal remember remember the marshmallow event where yeah that part they basically put a full-stop on it okay we'll be alright the moment we've been waiting for gentlemen do doc oh my god yeah well it's kind of crazy to think that all this stuff has led up to this moment all these all these runes you know around the volcano to sacrifice the Matteson and ammo all the time and there's no one noticed I'm convinced but no one noticed that if you threw your masks down there it did that I just got sniped that's why I'm hiding in the box until it's time for me I'm just chill does somebody shadowy around us look out I've got I've got my two minutes just as a kid wake art occasions crazy you have your one or time one I'm sorry there are actual people who just kill people off spot in this oh just for th peak is little Jeffy's like 90 seconds 90 90 baby yeah keep you back this whole thing was bait debated you gotta baited I think it's gonna run over here I'm sitting I'm sitting in in the studio they're gonna run over they would dump with like a Gatorade I'm gonna tell you surprised I'm just floating in the air wait 60 minutes yep my HUDs gone oh okay so you can't die anymore take all weapons away thank God bro I was literally gonna say they probably take like the crime make is invincible or something but its words can you break that is making it difficult to see the thing they need to stop doing like this is blocking and Ibaka nap table you're blocking it but this guy right here is this loop wait is this you right you see I built up to get away from Wade God 20 seconds 20 seconds why decided happen in the sky sky just weighing the middle pane just dropped down whoa these dudes are floating right everybody is literally swarming for the light did see you boys later I'm going in to recon pretty sure you should go in join me gentlemen Yugos woody wig I'm inside you I'm going in cow oh my gosh this is for me yeah there's the boat there's loads wait it's down here it's down here yeah the boat oh look at how beautiful they are actually you want your the number of people that are after the Tommy gun right now is it er no the drum so many people W keys over there they're all W key door boxes Oh is there like a bar that's going up or anything no we get the trash absolutely look at the cracks on the other monoliths just like the bouncer has no cracks on it the time again our gosh Tommy good swingers oh my god no no no there's plenty other servers going in the bar higher servers there we load you left three times dude you don't do three drum guns what's your problem your god Umesh now we're gonna rock free drum guns middle it's about the kids but it's about to finish by the bone no oh maybe to eliminating it oh we're all floating up you know the entire map is getting we brought back the time it's complete anarchy dude cats and dogs living together necessary mistakes mistakes were made mistakes were made the ultimate battle royale experience you know they say Twitter this is what you get this is what you've done there's a huge crack in the side of the mountain I don't think it did anything though the entire map changed man if everything is different oh my god when it comes to these in-game events for tonight it's just like uncontested there's nothing we did have a single issue with this what have we done I mean that's oddly good instead of I wonder maybe dear Lord the tommy gun is back tilted over here how many other like servers one thing I hear into you that was an across-the-board they will show that and then have it not be the the the end result my I want to go see retail I mean I guess I'm just gonna go back out and see retailer over yeah but would be either quite got out of it is it one of the display at the server is there gonna be like for us to everything while I do yeah that's about up I mean it's I'm assuming this is just sitting here now you said now


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