New Solo: A Star Wars Story Images and Information Revealed by Entertainment Weekly

New Solo: A Star Wars Story Images and Information Revealed by Entertainment Weekly

Now that we’ve seen some footage of Solo: A Star Wars story, it looks like Lucasfilm is ready to market the film hard in the three and a half months before its release. Entertainment Weekly’s Anthony Breznican revealed some new images and information about the film so I’m gonna run through all of it real fast, talk about that new stuff and speculate a bit on what some of it means. If you’re trying to avoid everything about the movie, even speculation, this is your potential spoiler warning. The first images of Han and Chewie on the Falcon. Lawrence Kasdan says that Solo is a secret bromance, a love story between Han and Chewie. I’m all about that. I really loved seeing Finn and Poe meet and bond and become friends in The Force Awakens, which Kasdan also wrote. If Han and Chewie budding friendship is anything like that, I’m gonna love it. Kasdan also says that wookies don’t make it easy for you to get in to me. That says that Chewie might initially not be crazy about Han. Which is interesting. In the old Legends book The Hutt Gambit, we get to see the months after Chewie swore a life debt to Han and it’s Han who doesn’t want Chewie following him. We might see a bit of a role reversal in this movie. The next picture is all about Han. The article says this film is a combination noir and Western with buddy comedy elements. Again that all sounds good. But it also says that Han is more of an idealist in Solo. I was not expecting that. If I have to guess I think Han will get burned after he makes a selfless decision and that’ll influence who he becomes by the time of A New Hope. This is just another image of Lando and confirmation that he’s playing sabacc in this scene. Nothing else to say really. But Donald Glover continues to look great in the role. Moving on we get to see Qi’ra, Emilia Clark’s character. She’s said to be the galactic noir’s mystery woman and the picture is even captioned the femme fatale. She and Han apparently grew up on the streets together and while she appears to be very elegant in the film, she’s hiding a rough past. Remember my guess earlier about Han making a selfless decision and getting burned for it? Considering what we know about noir movies and the role of the femme fatale, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Qi’ra is at the center of that. If Han gets betrayed by one of his oldest friends that would be enough to make anyone a little jaded. Here we have Han and Chewie on the back of the train which is confirmed to be part of a heist. We don’t know what they’re stealing, but we do know that the double-sided train is called The Conveyex. Also, the aurebesh just translates to hitch joint. Han, Chewie and Woody Harrelson’s character, Tobias Beckett, sit in the Falcon discussing their upcoming heist. Beckett is said to be a mentor to Han, who grew up without a father. Han was an orphan in Legends and that seems to have always been the intent of George Lucas according to Lucasfilm’s notes surrounding his past. Next up we take a look at the Falcon’s exterior. Ron Howard teases that there is a reason for its new look, but we’ll just have to wait and see what that reason is. The new droids designation is L3-37. I wonder if they’ll call her Leet for short. She’s said to have more personality than most droids – more emotional and less rigid. And they seemed a hint that she’s been built from various cobbled together parts. The final picture is from the planet Mimban. That planets first appearance was in the very first Star Wars novel, Splinter of the Mind’s Eye. It’s a Legends story now, but the planet was already made canon by The Clone Wars. When the trailers came out, I guessed that the Imperial admissions facility and the streets Han raced through were all on Corellia. It looks like that all is actually Mimban. It all seems to match the articles description as perpetually overcast. That could mean that Han’s desire to join the Empire is part of a con job after all. If all of that is on the same planet, but right now, that’s anyone’s guess. Those are all the new images, and if you want to read the article for yourself, I’ve linked to it in the description. More information is coming out from Entertainment Weekly tomorrow and Friday and I’ll keep you updated on Twitter at the very least and here if I think the news is big enough. If you haven’t already, please like this video, subscribe to the channel follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and consider checking out my patreon page. As always, thanks for watching and may the Force be with you.


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  • Christopher Lutz says:

    So, Kamino is a world where it rains all the time, and Mimban is a world where it looks like it’s going to rain all the time 😆

  • My excitement is growing steadily. I never wanted this originally, but the funny thing is, if this blows me away I feel like I could go for a whole series of young Han Solo adventures.

  • Love A.C. Haven't read a mass market paper back in a long time. Hoping this movie does honor a lot of canon and other sources for the back story

  • Wtf Han!? What did u do to the falcon, it was clean and lando took very good care of it.ik he made 'modifications' but he messed up the inside.


    The reason for the new look is right here someone has leaked the footage … …The idea has been taken from a line of Kenner toys that where never made check out 3:39 …

  • Harry Lobaczewski says:

    In the legends book The Millennium Falcon Owner's Workshop Manual it says that the large piece on the front of the falcon is an optional extra for the YT-1300 that adds extra armour.

  • Thurgor Supreme says:

    L337? Really? Leetspeak wasn't even cool 14 years ago when it was actually a thing. I guess that's what happens when an old fart tries to appeal to a younger audience…

  • Thurgor Supreme says:

    So not only do we get a super cringy outdated leetspeak reference for the droid, but we also can't have the droid be Leebo and spin off into a Dash Rendar movie or TV series. Lame…

  • I just realized that this flat dish design could be a call back to ROTJ. Lando was entrusted the Falcon by Han and later Lando flys the ship when he accidentally knocks the dish off. At the time it seemed like a funny gag to when Lando promised Han "she won't get a scratch". Solo adds another layer to that, I think, because Lando is probably used to flying the Falcon with a flater profile. So going back to ROTJ, in Lando's mind he thought the Falcon could fit into certain places when in actuality he forgot about the dish Han put in place of Lando's.

  • Based on TFA concept art which implied the front of the falcon is shaped like it is to carry cargo containers, I have no doubt that the filled in front is just a sleeker cargo hold…so that Han just literally drop his cargo at the first sign of trouble.

  • I could have sworn there was some kind of train in Splinter of the minds eye novel or maybe I confused it with a train from Shadows of the Empire or just the train in the Clone Wars series on Ilum???????? Anyone………

  • I think Chewie swearing a life debt to Han in the movie would really take away from their relationship. I think they should be friends out of choice rather than a binding oath that Chewie swears.

  • Maybe its not the Falcon? that inside is SOOOO clean, the lights above the chess board are different, there is no way, you can make it that dirty that quick, until ANH. Even being a huge bachelor, and a pig. the cushions are cut differently too

  • Please let their be a cameo of Thall Joben and Jord Dusat and/or Zebulon Dak(Zebulon Dak Speeder Corporation) and Thall's racing speeder the White Witch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm just here to say that all these speculations about SW movies based on a minute long trailer are what caused retards to think TLJ was a terrible movie. Everyone gets super hyped up and they already have their own version of the movie in their heads before it's even out and then they're all disappointed.

  • Ok, we must admit that these images look AWESOME. And the one with Alden in full costume is AMAZING as well. This diminishes my worries and gets me really excited!!

  • I love Finn & Poe as Bromance but I do not Like it as Romance Im hoping Finn Hooks Up Rose and Rey With Poe Dameron sorry you can still be diverse without upsetting people

  • Potential SPOILER::

    There's a supposed "production footage leak" that shows the falcon in space looking all brand new with some kind of cargo container attaching itself to the front between the mandibles.
    The container looks an awful lot like a segment of that train.
    It looks like someone at Lucasfilm took a cel phone video of a screen in a post production room.
    It could be fake but If it is it's the best faked footage I've ever seen.

    (It was on YouTube a couple days ago but it may have been taken down or re-named.
    I added it to my "watch later" list but it vanished lol now there's one video on my list that I can't access that says, "private video" with a generic gray thumbnail. 😢)

  • Do you think those post apocalyptic looking people in the trailer are possibly related to captain phasma? Or maybe the same species as grevious?

  • I think that the Falcon's "new look" is actually it's factory version. It's all shiny and new, and from pictures I've seen from the new Lego sets, has less armament. I think it later gets beat up and modified by Han.

  • Judging by leaked LEGO sets, I believe the speeder bike chase takes place on Correllia because both of the sets relating to that scene include "Correllian Hounds"

  • for Q+A: Do you think there will be any more announcements like GoT writers doing new films in the next few years while these films are being produced or wait until this run of however many films they plan on doing is over?

  • Im excited for this now, I was skeptical at first because i honestly didn't care about Han especially since he is now dead, but I am all for it Solo A Star Wars Story now!

  • Walking into this film, I at least expect Han in the movie to look and sound plenty like Harrison Ford. I'll be looking and listening for as many differences as possible.

  • I have a question for you? Do you think that with so many Star Wars movies and content coming out, that the magic of Star Wars will become less powerful and meaningful? Do you think Disney is changing Star Wars into something that is completely unrecognizable from the original universe? Recently I have begun to feel that Disney is just pushing so much down our throats that the magic of Star Wars for me is slowly fading. Just my thoughts, and I was wondering what you think about that.

  • Unrelated, but I wanted to ask you something. Since Snoke isn't exactly a Sith and he takes elements from the Dark and the Light, is it possible that he could come back as a Force Ghost? Or is he completely Dark Side and can never achieve that power?

  • I like the fact they recycled the name, Kira. Very George Lucas. He was always recycling ideas that didn't make it into earlier films. Heck even TFA is based off of some early drafts for ANH.

  • SugarPlum Fairy says:

    Wait I'm confused by something you said is Corellia and Kessel in here ?? or you don't know? Cause they were already canon we just haven't seen them. I knew I loved this magazine for a reason. Been getting it for 11 years

  • So something from Splinter actually matters here, despite Han not being in it? I don't know anymore. You tricked me on multiple levels now.

  • Grand Admiral Thrawn says:

    Hey SWE, I'm not sure if you heard about this yet or not, but the French publishers of Star Wars books and graphic novels have been forced by Disney to stop all republication of Legends material in the French translation in the country. The previous publishers were "Pocket" and "Delcourt" for the comics and they had been doing this since 1992 when Heir to the Empire was brought into France. There has been no news over whether or not the rights was going to be moved to another publisher, but according to fans it seems unlikely. The current canon books and comics are still able to be translated and published just not Legends. There is no other word other than censorship for this act, and I don't throw that word around lightly. I bring this to your attention because I know that you love all of Star Wars and respect the fan base. I hope that you can spread the word around due to your large following. I know that the current fan base is a little toxic right now with people taking sides and being angry over each other with their opinions, but I think that if this is brought to attention then a large number of fans can see that this is wrong. That this move by Disney to stop people from enjoying all of Star Wars and forcing what they want is wrong.
    Here are some links that help to explain the situation there that has occurred over the past month. I hope that you read this and help to bring this out in the open because the Star Wars homepage and Facebook group have not.

  • Hey Alex, I don't know much about the Aurebesh alphabet or language. I assumed it was a 1:1 translation–like a decoder ring situation. Is that the case? Also, do they use the English alphabet in Star Wars? If not, L337 might not look similar to LEET–given that Aurebesh uses different letter characters.

  • Disney and FemiNazi Kathleen's attempt to backpedal from their last fuckup, I'll just pass go and collect my 200 galactic credits……when it comes to Redbox then yeah, I guess I will watch it.

  • In one of the speeder lego sets, it can be seen that the species of one of the creatures is credited as a "corellian hound", so i think those scenes do take place on corellia.

  • I know this might be nitpicking but Qi'Ra's style of dress does not suit the Star universe at all. Not even Queens wear jewelry in Star Wars!

  • I'm really not sure that the setting for the street racing is Mimban. The lego leaks we've seen show that both sets featuring those speeders also include Corellian Hound figures.

  • Can you do nimbus commandos for next video and Star Wars legends super weapons turn into canon now mass shadow generator,omega frost,asteroid dreadnought and sphere torpedo it in Star Wars wiki new images for your next video !?

  • Okay. It’s getting my attention. Still a massive waste in my opinion. My favorite character…yeah…the standards are high.

  • I'm going to get so much hate for this but, I'm not going to just go hate on Solo because everybody's boycotting Disney Star Wars. Yes I hated how Han and Luke left Leia by herself with the psychopath in TFA and I hated TLJ even more, but I want to see for myself how Solo turns out before I judge it. After all, I'm so much like Leia and I love Han Solo 😀

  • Please oh please be wrong about Han and Chewie becoming INSTANT BFF like Peo and Finn, Really you´ll like the instant BFF??? I call BS on that, is was such a shallow scene of bonding, it's like an Elmo Sesame Street scene. I expect at least 4 or 5 scenes. I mean even if he rescues Chewie from slavery or something, one thing its to owe someone your life another thing is friendship, the first one he is bond or obligated by honour code or costume (hey you maybe don't even like the person that saved you), the second is a free choice to trust and care for another person in an relationship between equals

  • Just my wishful thinking, I would not mind at all if this movie has a Ocean's Eleven thing going on or an old western Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

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