New Media Across Government

New Media Across Government

Mr. Phillips:
President Obama ran for office
committed to changing the way Washington works, calling for an
unprecedented level of openness in government. He began delivering on that
change as soon as he took office, signing Executive Orders
and Memoranda that call for openness, transparency,
and engagement throughout government. As one part of this commitment,
your government is delivering online content in new ways and
in new venues as technology impacts how and where
people consume content. Let me show you some examples. First, there’s It gives you a direct line
to the administration. We have a blog where you’ll find
the key content for our site, a new way for Americans to stay
on top of what the President and the executive branch are
doing to deliver change. More and more the blog looks
behind the scenes at how the White House operates. Every Saturday, the President
addresses the public on an issue of national importance. Historically, these have been
pushed out on the radio, but we’ve started releasing
them as web videos as well. You can find them at or through our official podcast that
includes other videos. About three months
after inauguration, the President conducted the
first ever online town hall from the White House. Using a feature called “Open for
Questions” people from across the country submitted and voted
on questions for the President about the economy. The President then answered a
bunch of these top questions during a nationally
televised online town hall. We’re also live-streaming events on the web so you can watch events as they happen
at the White House. One of our first big efforts was
streaming all of the breakout sessions for the White
House health care summit — opening up that process
for everyone to see. The White House is only one
piece of the government’s growing online presence. Innovative federal agencies
are using New Media to open up government and
engage the public. In its ongoing effort to meet
citizens where they are, the General Services
Administration has launched the US Government video channel
at From this central hub, you can
get to videos from more than 25 federal agencies. You can easily discover things
from all corners of the government and go on
to interact from there. Explore the ocean’s
floor, travel to space, find service opportunities,
“take a seat” at the State Department’s
international meetings, learn how to apply for
government benefits, or find out about
various government jobs. You may have also
heard of, the website that offers citizens
the ability to track the spending and impact of the
Economic Recovery Act. This is an important effort to
open up and standardize data so that the public can carefully
analyze how tax dollars are being spent. But it’s not just about
connecting people with numbers — the web also allows us to
connect people with people. Take the Department of Defense’s TroopTube, a video-sharing site to help connect military service men and women and their families and supporters. The President called all
Americans to service when he recently signed a landmark
public service bill. And through, the
Corporation for National and Community Service is providing
an easy way for the public to find volunteer opportunities
and chip in and improve their communities. And the Government blogs! More than 30 agencies are
blogging so far and that number keeps growing. The Transportation Security
Administration’s “Evolution of Security” blog facilitates an
online conversation between TSA security personnel and
airline passengers. Through a team of straight-talking and knowledgeable bloggers and a very vocal public, TSA takes in the valuable public input and solves potential service problems. The government
also shares photos. Find amazing photos at the
Library of Congress’ photo stream on Flickr. At the Patent and Trademark
Office, the Peer-to-Patent project enables the public
to submit information and commentary relevant to hundreds
of pending patent applications. This organized public
participation improves the quality of issued patents. In ongoing efforts to
make government easy, offers online chat — in addition to email and phone — to answer all your questions
about the government. The FBI is among those agencies
offering widgets to spread important information, such as
photos of missing persons and the most wanted fugitives. In terms of social media, one
of your best bets is to join thousands of others following on Twitter, for short and timely government
messages, emergency updates, and links to videos. You can also follow the State
Department’s DipNote blog on Twitter. A lot of people in government
are also finding that existing online communities present
unique opportunities. The National Park Service
developed a Facebook application to allow you to share stories
and photos from trips to National Parks. The State Department uses
Facebook to engage the public in discussions surrounding
worldwide meetings and diplomatic events. In addition to ongoing
new media channels, agencies are also finding ways
to generate excitement and engagement around
specific events. On Earth Day, the EPA launched
Pick 5 for the Environment, asking you to commit to
5 actions to protect the environment and then share
your stories, photos, and videos on their
website, There is so much potential for
how government uses the web — but it won’t be realized unless
you step up and participate. So, join your government —
at their websites and blogs, through videos and photos,
in social networks, through widgets, and
podcasts, and much more.


100 thoughts on “New Media Across Government”

  • People should show some decency and respect when sharing their views, and realize we're all trying to get the same thing. Let's stop attacking each other's character. We aren't accomplishing anything by bickering like little children. We're only spreading cynicism, hatred and bigotry, which is only poisoning our culture and destroying any unity we have. We reflect our character and self control in the way we treat others, even in debating, so I urge you to show restraint and some civility.

  • balderdash707 says:

    Medieval serfs were extremely poor, and they still had to pay their lords. The poorest in our country don't pay taxes, they get welfare checks.

    We voted for everything else that happened, so if you don't like it just convince America to stop voting for candidates supported by special interest groups. The government hasn't done anything criminal regarding the tax laws in this country, the people were just stupid.

  • Hey, maybe we should put a bunch of live-feed video cameras in all rooms in the White House. I mean, that would be transparent.

  • FLSTF014EVER says:

    Yeah…tell that to your King who had a press conference the other day and blamed every thing in history short of the plague on the Bush administration. Get a grip.

  • when is the gov gunna stop lying?
    when will the gov be held accountable for the crimes they commit?

    they wont investigate the lies the politicians tell us covering up their crimes but then suggest we need a preventive detention setup?

  • Jared Peters says:

    Yes Yes Yes !!!! This is exactly what Obama articulated in his platform. Government CAN be more effective and our tax dollars can be spent more efficiently. This is a great start.

  • yay! big government just keeps getting bigger! soon enough we'll have thought crime and cameras in every house 😀 oh such wonderful change. i'll take this new dictatorship because he has us in mind! how nice. you know the more control, the more the swell honest guys in congress can protect us from dangerous things such as free speech. prosecuting the ungrateful people such as Alex Jones for investigating into governmental corruption and affairs when we just know that the government is so honest

  • and he was set up to be everything america loved. one big celebrity who was changing history, breaking down racial barriers and going to stop corruption. a hero that makes superman look like a wussy. signing bills left and right, with every stroke of the pen, another freedom is laid to waste. do you know congress' plans to take away gun rights? to make illegal speech against sexual orientation? granted that kind of protesting is calling many people's way of life wrong, but it's still free speech

  • hein122, actualy there has been no talk of taking away guns, and there is no talk of making gaybashing illegal, I don't know where you get your info from unless its Glenn Beck, or Limbaugh, or anyone else on faux news. If you want to cling to your guns and gaybashing then feel free to. Obama won't take away your "freedom" to do "whatever you want", because that's what America is all about right? We can do whatever we want, because that's freedom.

  • Lester Vecsey says:

    The britains got talent channel here is actually properly split up by season, episode, and act. I was hoping the government channel would be a more specific with state, and local governments.

    Hint: Americans don't even know who their legislators are.

  • Can I find information on this channel about where to enroll my child in the youth brigade?

    Can I get information on where to turn in my guns, or where to report my neighbors who are openly supporting the Constitution?

    Does this site have a link where I can send donations directly to poor bankers who have had their bonus reduced?

    Can I find info on this site about how to report my neighbors who are not eating genetically modified foods and who are IN FACT growing their own organic food?

  • not censoring comments on this video, but they are censoring videos on youtube and channels. Alex Jones' channel was removed, but recently put back on. Google's working with the government.

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  • Thefreeheart says:

    We the people feel the same! DC needs to get with the program of OUR GRASS ROOTS! Or they can be pulled like weeds!

  • Could you tell me what type of camera you are using specifically at about the 57 second mark on this clip. I love the shallow depth of field, and the color space. Also do you have CTO blue gels on those ARRI lights, great lighting set up as well. Please let me about what camera that is, because it looks beautiful. Great Job! Go Obama

  • Admiral Rusty Schackleford says:

    No dumbass, Hitler was whats called a "national socialist", that is, a socialist with an emphasis on ones own nation rather than a global view of socialism. I have done research on this issue and I do not make statements on issues on which I am ignorant. Maybe your dumb ass is the ignorant fuck that should take their own advice.

  • Admiral Rusty Schackleford says:

    Are you still talking about that? That was fucking yesterday! Geez, get a fucking life. New topic: Which is better, bacon or sleep? I say sleep.

  • Jack Daniels says:

    People attack socialisim without understanding what they are talking about. In the UK we have socialised national health system which works and also a private system. normally the private system is paid for by your employer. The private system uses the national healthcare systyems facilities this allows people who are rich enough to go private while still allowing the poorest to have universal care.The rich still pay for NH care incase they need to fall back on it!

  • U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker of San Francisco warned the Obama administration on Friday of severe sanctions if it does not comply with the courts order to turn over a secret document an Islamic group says proves they were illegally spied upon.

  • following the law would be a start for change.

    we dont like how you put yourself above the law

    quit lying to us everyday

  • President Barack Obama sends more troops and aid to quell a growing insurgency, there's been no detailed public accounting of where the money has gone and how effectively it's being spent.

    Obama lies again

  • I love propaganda…your government loves you..and wants to take care of you…Constitution..what's that? Quit saying change and hope…buzz words for the weakminded and sheeple…your hope and change can derelict my balls!

  • The DOJ wants to dissolve the agreement because it is dissatisfied with the editorial quality of one of the papers, the Daily Mail.

    violation of the 1st amendment by obama's judiciary dept.

  • Hey lets close down the dealerships that were making the most profits and destroy America. Lets throw The American people on the streets and then sell there houses to foreigners for 50% off

    US govenrment your a Disgrace to the American People and most of you should be put in jail for high treason trying to destroy America Forming the North American Union

    Lets steal your Childrens Childrens wealth and enslave America

    Now your childrens Future Belongs to the BANKSTERS THAT RUN THE FED

  • María Jaramillo says:

    The car companies did it to themselves and have been bailed out before. They deserve what is happeneing to them. Unfortunately people are going to need to train in another industry as most of us have had to go to school to specialize in a certain area. The money came too fast too easy and the reconning is now upon us. We will servive this and the many tests of time. We are a young diverse country with much intelligence and creativity. Reach down and find it-we will succeed!

  • what??? GM and there bosses that run the company were bailed out. They then washed this money and put it into foreign banks aka stealing the bailout money. two months later they wanted another bailout. The delerships that have been around for over 50 years get the shaft. While GMs bosses contemplait hat private jet should they buy should we buy the 20 million dollar jet or the 50 million dollar private jets that has a hottub and steam room Hmmm???

  • Scott Foster says:


  • I see a lot of self righteousness and attacks on other people's character, but where is the respect? Where is the civility? Where is the common decency? We're all americans, and while we may have honest disagreements on policy we need to at least show respect for the people we disagree with. Besides, it reflects your character in how you debate others you disagree with.

  • Thefreeheart says:

    We the people feel the same! DC needs to get with the program of OUR GRASS ROOTS! Or they can be pulled like weeds!

  • 1.take ur middle finger and put on ur nose.
    2.say a name of someone u like.
    3.that person will ask u out or say they love u tomarrow.
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    dnt read this(cuz it really wrks). u will gt kissd on the nearest frieday by the love of ur life. 2mara wll b the bst day of ur life hwever if you dnt post ths comment 2 at least 3 vids u will die withn 2 days… sorry i hate these things

  • Bryan Chandler says:

    Transparency huh? But we dint allow the the congress long enough to read the legislation prior to voting, real transparent!!

  • Jeremy Benson says:

    God does ask those who have more to help those who are week, but the government should not be mandating it. It should be up to the individuals. There is some government assistance needed, but the liberal government takes it too far.

  • I do not mean to offend you plutocracy101, but I think that the refugees in Gaza face a much more dire situation than we do. I know that america can't always act with a bleeding heart, but I think we can put things in perspective. America is still a superpower and with this power comes responsibility, and I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but what makes the life of a Palestinian child less than that of an American child. Don't get me wrong though, I don't support Palestine or China's actions.

  • its obvious this govt is in for a CHANGE. CHANGE from republic to soicialist paradise!! pres B.O. took over banks, GM, other co. that dared to take bailout.
    CHANGE from USA to USSA United Socialist States of America

  • wow. i really can't believe this. You actually stereotype that much?! Wow. i didn't know that someone with a head full of hot air, and a stick up their ass could talk so clearly.

  • People, we still have to be skeptical about the real power behind the US Gov. It has been hijacked for over a century, warcrafting us into collapse. Nations and Empires come and go, but the occupations rarely do. Bankers.

  • Obama is a toy of the banks like all the other presidents since JFK who was killed by the elite behind the banks.
    Why did he give the control from the CES to the FED?
    This is crazy! Make the banks completely control the banks. This is no conspiracy. This is madness. We have to defend our freedom. You in america, we in europe!

  • I like the ZEITGEIST videos and became part of the movement. The "Obama Deception" is to much conspiracy in one package. And it´s also smear attack at some points. But none the less. The Banks control him. But i think he doesn´t know yet. He thinks he is the bright guy who knows all the answers. His energy and healthcare politics are ok. But it doesn´t help if he screws up in economics. He does not know what fiat money is and where it comes from it seems. Or is he more evil then bush?

  • You know what people? The stock market has been going up for what 3+ months now. I dont care HOW it happened whether it was natural or government but things will get better. So shut up you fuckers. FUCK Republicans, FUCK Democrats, just think in your own way for gods sake.
    Communism isn't evil. There is no true communist nation. NO GOV'T

    Capitalism is praised WAY too much especially with patriotic conservatives. I hate patriotic people.There is no good and evil only ignorance

  • Government Media isn't New Media.

    Independent Media is New Media.

    If I wanted Government Media, I'd watch TV News Media or read the Paper…

  • Democracy isn't all good either because whats popular isn't always right. A Republic is what we need and pretty much have..

  • you guys wana help the poorer nations.. the answer is not hard or political.. learn to live with less. be happy with simple things. dont waste or give ur money to corporations. they will soon die off and so will all companies/political systems/media that act as an automated program and not as individual humans. when they die off they wont go fucking other countries up

  • TheSourceOfLife says:

    Where is the openness? Why does DHS want to track the innocent? NO VERICHIP! Where did WE The People's money GO? Answer that 1st Obama – No Lies or teleprompters!!

  • Use my tax-payer money more wisely and stop spending them on media propaganda! Internet belongs to the people, hands off!

  • John Stone's Makings. says:

    Austrailia. I'm not hating on you but they are waaaaaaaaay more like how the U.S should be minus the corruption of both supreme parties we have.

  • Now I get relax , the remaining is the Nobel Prize .Then I will put you the money for Business , and I will relax for ever , so help me my God .

  • I already gave you too many ideas and your using them against me to keep my settlement and that's known as a hostile takeover

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