19 thoughts on “New Magnum 257 with Echo and Talkback”

  • Fleetwood Brougham says:

    I tried to purchase one recently. I see many vendors that state they are discontinued but a new version is coming soon. What is this about? Any updated info about this Radio? Hey CB radio magazine. Whats the Scoop?


  • Ozkar García says:

    i'm mexican and i gotta tell you, a lot of people here use that echo thing and i fkin HATE it, so i agree with you…

  • Soulboy Craig says:

    Ive just bought one of these,it is pre owned and although it seems well made and has good power,mine has to have the volume turned right up just to hear anybody.
    It is same on FM as it is on SSB .
    Even with an external speaker that i used on my other rig and was really good,the Magnum has low volume.
    Anybody tell me what to do please?
    Cheers,and good DX. 26FB079.

  • I am now hearing that the pins located on the modification board are cut off and you have to solder to get the pins together. IS THIS TRUE? Why ruin a good thing?

  • Wish it had CW (morse code) capability. Could save your life! lol Really tho, the quality of some of these types of radios has a lot to be desired. Other than that, I like 'em. Thanks for the review. Mizuho MX-28S wish you could find those!

  • I bought one of those Extreme 2018 mics……I paid $50 for it new and it lasted about 2 weeks before it started malfunctioning…..first it started not keying up unless you pressed hard on the key up lever….then the echo delay knob went out…now it plain does not work….3 other cbers in my area had the exact same thing go wrong with their extreme 2018….no thanks.

  • fordbroncodave says:

    very nice. thanks for the review as always.

    have you given any though about a galaxy saturn turbo review? maybe even a 2995dx review?

  • I wonder if this mic with the talkback will work with a II generation Blue face MAG 257 ? I like the fact that it feeds off the plug in and doesn't need the battery for the mic .

  • I AGREE ! I love it . I have been using a RF limited EC2018 Extreme with mine . Great features with these radios ONCE I learned HOW to operate it ! LOL

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