NEW GTA5 MONEY GLITCH ( Arena War Car Glitch)-Working

NEW GTA5 MONEY GLITCH ( Arena War Car Glitch)-Working

what's going on guys look back to the video on the channel its poco today I'm gonna be showing you guys how to do a money glitch to their providers during the war a friend and you know yeah it requires you to listen to pay attention to every close step and you will need at least it rocks our social club so then you can get elegies for free you won't need the arena war with the Benny's inside of it and you will need a friend that is willing to help you throughout the whole thing the friend is really easy to help with and let's get straight to the video alright so right here you want to press right on the d-pad when you're in the workshop you want to make sure you fill it up with LEDs so then you get profit with just using free cars now you want to make sure your friend is right next to your car so that this works and then you want to exit the vehicle on foot you want to exit vehicle the second option like right here exit the vehicle now my friend goes into options he goes into job she goes into play job and then he goes into rocks are created he goes to missions and then he goes to tighten up a job and as you seem to spear as soon as you see your friend disappear like that you want to go in the car press retina d-pad go to sell and then press it once and then you want to join your friend for the party and you want to wait until he gets out and he tells you honor your honor he's on foot and then you want to treble double top one to you and when you see the second one you want to click an X and if you do it correctly should see that and you should be back in here for your house now if you usually want to modify go back this is the easiest part trust me you will not be buying it upgrade what you want to do is you want to click Benny to unclick at once you want to back out and then you want to exit workshop and boom you make a quick $900,000 from doing that glitch easy-peasy now if we keep doing this over and over you should be able to do it 14 times since there's only like fourteen sell limit there's a sell delay whatever you want to call it but you should be able to make millions of dollars off of this and you can help your friend get the workshop and you can reap I'm back now Steve thought this was helpful mixture to subscribe share this with your friends and you know please don't report me and you're welcome for the money you are getting from this glitch make sure to subscribe put notifications tell your friends to subscribe to me I'm really trying to you know get it out there and I just want to help everyone make money just in case there's a heist update that comes out one day or just an update in general there's a prepared for it or if you don't have the penthouse you can buy it so peace


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