NEW GTA Online DLC The Diamond Casino & Resort SPENDING SPREE LIVE! - (New Vehicles, Casino, & MORE)

NEW GTA Online DLC The Diamond Casino & Resort SPENDING SPREE LIVE! – (New Vehicles, Casino, & MORE)

it's probably gone riving but even though it said it's not live there we go we should be live now so if you didn't know for whatever reason the new DLC comes out I should have planned out to start this you know while thinking yeah I'm gonna start streaming my place today going through everything that's all they're gonna be at MIT I've already cocked it up so that said out out the window welcome for joining us by the way early there's been quite a few people and that's to be expected because a new DLC is coming out that sweet Claude elite sniper's RF shout to him by the way I want to see some four-night content make sure to check him out used to make some GTA so it might do some GTA sometime in the future I don't know it soon I don't know what its gonna be doing but it was a GTA youtuber got minty thanks keeping the chat clean while was asleep all three hours sleep a lot because it was red ops doctor toilet paper – welcome dude push it for joining spider King and much tougher welcome dude appreciate for journalist well yeah shout outs to the mods in general for keeping the chat clean overnight coop dogs game and welcome dude ninja ninja realm welcome dude would appreciate you for joining yet again and booger Niklas welcome as well so today what exactly is gonna be in this DLC I've heard like numerous different things but I guess I guess we'll see today but it's mainly just like super and sports cars getting dropped I don't think there's going to be any guns when it comes to new modes I think there is anything like a new mode it's probably gonna be some new contact missions that's from what I've heard anyway but turn this down meat I saw really disconnected you kidding me oh well if she's back on now I mean that's annoying I don't know no I don't know why it does that I even switched to me over our drive so they didn't disconnect it I don't know it must be cable even though that cable when I used that over our drive that ain't me back up for my main our drive it works it's weird oh well I've run it about that long enough been bringing that up for months now when will it come out for the UK it'll come out at the same time worldwide I've got some info down below but basically it's around 10 a.m. BSC which is around 5 a.m. est and 2 a.m. yes I think we got that right 11:11 a.m. c EST 1 guard today in two years a direct feed it just jinxed us I guess I can do some stunts races and stuff or just get will get settled in first just apps really obviously me if you've just joined us governor already feel free to leave a like because if you could drop me a like this small more like little bit people watching this stream and that means there's any dickhead stream there but is it only dkg GTA YouTube streaming it anymore like with these fake shark card giveaway I don't pay attention but if there is that's the lesson that's less viewers for them that's all I'm bothered about but anyway who came here from Twitter well thanks thanks for coming from to it at least me tweets do something appreciate it how much cash have forgot enough oh shit you leave me session be smooth and it looked sure he cares in this DLC is he'd released images will go over and then I can't bring him up on stream so sorry about that but let me get foxes absolutely it's me he's ridiculously quiet I don't know what I've done I'm worried about focus listeners I don't know ice cream from a Macbook guys anomaly it's like because some stream in like the fan will kick up what the fans not kick it up it's not wrong it's at 45 degrees that Celsius so you got the important trade you outfit we're not bothered about these outfits our I guess these are new characters that going to be adding in so basically if you want to go to outfox snaps on Twitter CDs for yourselves you've got a load of new outfits in well at the top you've got the new models and new outfits and everything some weird masks they're like fart night masks they actually are though that's the thing all right it's a bit weird not gonna lie the chips machine so you basically got hot model sort stuff that's been added in collectibles to be able to place those in line I don't know um Rallos gets it vehicles there's tons artwork if you want to look at the artwork but will get to be will go to the bottom and will work as well right it's a fair few vehicle so hopefully not too many Street feed because it's nice to check it check out a variety of vehicles at the start of the DLC sorry I'm not able to read comments at the mixer basically as the Caracara to know actually what this involves but I'm guessing it's gonna be similar to the one we've already got dynasty dad that's Noah looking vehicle the drafter saw that in the trailer looks like you're gonna be able to customize that quite a bit um the amorous I believe that Santa Clara and Senna you got a muscle car the gauntlet three mini I'll be happy with that and then there's gauntlet for as well mint it's gonna be double happy with that then you got the Hellion which is it's it's Kane can do it for before type of thing not suing you not too old even then you've got the hd7 which basically looks like a rice it's got all of a mini-cooper and then you've got the juggler which each jag you is that Saudis one of the light spots jugulars you've got the courier looks pretty weird that I'm not sure well that's based off or she'll come to me eventually the locust that's pretty weird that's like another sports car type of thing nebulae that looks like an old moon makes me some like communist vehicle and then you've got the Neo never supercar but novak that's kind of like a I know so it's kind of a luxury car the Paragons some Bentley thing got the Paragons and then the the Paragon or ones ambit of one's not Paragons is the armored one then you've got the yet POF not said that in a while peer way I do I hope have said that right obviously me if you just joined by the way I will check out on comment soon in fact level now nebula reserved all about folks let him know much tougher the rocky that he's weird that's the closest you're gonna get to a rocket-powered faggio the SAT the car in the full mail I like those types of cars you know when the atom into GCS all right to do racism nothing the fraks that bugatti type wing it probably seeing it there's a on free another oldish looking car no job Russo and bloody El Rio so last one well that's that's another like super super cats at feel it's fucking it's got no roof but you know it's convertible or not I do not know anyway we've got people join us in the session right now any word when this drops normally it drops around 10 a.m. PST so that's in an hour's time hello guys it was here we go mint is with us oh no this I've never seen them in again before they're in the Oh Giada twenty thirty another right let's go see no because if you didn't know I said that's a casino right weird then you didn't know guys the casino is getting changed a lot of games these days like to do map updates and GTA well it looks like rockstars being spread by Allah and they're gonna be basically modernizing the casino that's right now it looks a bit I don't know I wouldn't real say it looks dated but it could look more luxurious I guess so basically just make me a lot more slightly more modern and more luxurious and I'm gonna get blowing up because this guy doesn't know what to do with his life everytime you get killed killed by somebody you know yeah I forgot I press them out too I like to know enable passing laws for this just remember at least at least you're not wasting your time flying around blowing people up to keep your GTA Kady pathetic month Eddy Dean welcome dude yeah it could be better I mean I've never really gave it much thought but it's nice to just see him sprucing things up be nice if they could finish that a big tower that's been built but I know there's a couple of missions that take place sir so I don't think that'd be possible from but it's not needed I don't I don't really think this is needed but it's just nice see see something like that happen spykor c8 it's weird that they added spike and I remember the using that card a lot in test drive and one method a first game really play test drive I listen to a bitch shit complex at first there's a man already here who else is here somebody I think that's B's no yeah it's be smooth it's got blown up let's jump over this stream in early it's two minutes early now welcome make me by the way people were in chat asking when I was three miss alright yeah it's all just said if you're not a bit earlier right no I must at nine the minutes are not right so if you don't know guys this is getting changed so the reason why all these things aria our first felt like maybe just getting ready to renovate and earrings in sight at finca see it's not open because it's nothing inside basically but that's not the case actually I want to say they're knocking it down it just looks like they're adding a few bits and bobs to it at me else like a different building if they were knocking it down as you know what screw that nobody cares you're just making a new building right the new car vet the new Corvette looks better than the last one I'm not a big fan of car vets but it does he expect than the last one so if you're a Corvette fan be excited to whenever that gets added into the game yeah the new mini looks alright slightly worried about the type of things people going to be doing without many I don't really want to see a bright pink mini you write a cosmetics blowing me up in GTA it's not that's not what I come on the game for anyway so you know guys are gonna be getting some new masks as well would they still say no a lot of people are into the masks on this game you've got some rather we had mousqueton added in like fortnight max tardiness that's the closest thing I can play it can't compare itself and annoy in orange so yeah yours is gonna be pink don't you turn into a Shirley getting like Mikey how much money will be needed I don't know I'm not even gonna speculate it's anywhere well I think he can't like arena was fingers we arena was the last DLC though is that many different variations of vehicles and stuff with the apocalypse versions and Mikey had multiple versions of the same vehicle it cost you a lot of money to own every single thing in that workday like over a hundred million I think I never works out myself but I did see it I can't remember off the top of my head ow much it cost for everything in the last DLC and I don't even know everything that's going to be coming out in this DLC so I'm not gonna give you a number that could not be accurate other people can I've not really gave it much far in fact so I need to make you a moderator there you William P should be a moderator type in chat see if it's works Jade and welcome d would appreciate it for joining welcome back 250 million and I know it was a lot I remember seeing it maybe the hundred mill was early on then I will be buying a decent amount of things I don't think we'll be doing everything on stream just because I don't know there'll be some things that people aren't really interested in so there's no point in really covering it yet those types of things everybody else a buddy all you see it terminate is here me what you done well your character Minny are you playing from his side area 51 looks like it some of them area 51 memes that's gotta be up there for it like best memes at ya some of them are a bit shit but I think they're just like made by kids that think I've made a decent mean yeah at least I tried I've got a fair bit saved up dude are no worries dude you extremes moral assault Samsonite as well making my Tricia richer they can't stop as all hey look after September 20th when I see an oppressor mat-su flying down mastery I hope this passive mode technology I like this cantilever I got rid of it that's an F in chat for that cell yet arena was 123 million thanks for letting us know elites now because I was farting out by the way dude enjoying it remember mate we're on it yesterday and the mate light explaining it more than put G but I'm making playbook G for the feet of Kings yeah that is me that's me GT thanks for letting him know dude well you've got to complete I've heard that you've got to complete a few missions and then you unlock something to do free mode job so it's a bit annoying that we've got some free mode jumps in again but at the same time it's not because if you enjoy doing them you've got some new free mode jobs for yourself and so yeah I'm sick of seeing him to be honest I'd rather and invest time in doing something else I just I don't know I've been doing him too long now but anyway it's something you like I said right I've not seen anything on 12 videos going on here you know GTA it's a weird will are they after us now yeah you know I've seen some stuff going around about GTA 6 as well might as well mention this I think it's ID I don't know what what let me restart it loaded back but he eats on YouTube and it's basically some like some trail with someone's made it it's well made some people have bought its thinking like oh yeah gta6 coming out next year it's no it's fate I some thought might as well mention that believe me just look good Matt welcome dude you got to do the first co-op missions like now deadly you're welcome if you haven't already guys feel free to leave like and also subscribe more content to come if you are enjoying GTA is like Compton its Compton we area51 sit you know next week that area 51 memes gonna get old it's already a bit old cuz I sold it like mainstream media and stuff it's going to be some idiots that turn up or with somebody light on a deaf which is something and they're just gonna rock up and just plow straight through game I would not be surprised I can't play any come to music so we'll get it strapped down can't have easy it's easy on blah blah we might not be able to change the radio let's go squats and I it's not on I put it on for beast mode though we can Eirik so got it knocked down I owe you a fortnight streamer its season 10 soon though short term like next week think I think it's season 2 I don't know I know there's that fortnight well cook thing going up and you've got people sweating in public lobbies thinking to go into it but they're not they just straight triads and publics okay now I ground up pretty soon yeah I've been thinking about that what they're gonna do when it comes to the online I think they'll have to start again unless they wanted because they're not called gta5 online is it it's like they planned it to be like continuous swing over multiple GTA's maybe when the next GTA comes out you'll have this map on it what games done Matt I know a games done that a Red Dead Redemption did it didn't I think it was recently if I know there's be more games have done that Mikey be welcome not at work what is the GC a stream when my QB is not at work watching gta streams sweating there when you can't play the DLC Craig welcome by the way now I'm not about to fly that like so thanks for folks that anyway but I want about you know like major maps like games like this open world games I don't even think new towels would I don't know why they keep remaking it you took the day off it's suit day off strollers even MA I'm DOMA Midas Dentistry what games is everyone into at minute them that isn't GTA because this doesn't been in the best spot for a for a while can't expect it to be oh this is old school this beastmode not done that in a while oh this games old now he expects it to die off a bit but with the lack of updates declined even more so a GT sport you know racing games aren't bad crude so I can imagine that a lot of people that are into GTA are also fans of racing games as well so that's understandable so it's quite a big community on this game nine kaftan roblox Minecraft and roblox roblox I'm not gonna lie roblox were a few mates is that's Pete gaming that is a fee for eighteen nice I think FIFA's gonna be all about each to their own overwatch never played it I have it were free to play play one game played one game got eight kills and died once and I played it again I didn't like it I thought it a bit weird so weird for me so I reck fest that's coming out on expert sewer make sure you're talking about our suite probably matter getting an invite only session you know just to make it easier robots robots are decently mates are some like weird game modes on there I mean is it is a kids game who you making with kids playing it but come on tell em you play the GTA mode that's better than natural disasters that I don't think you have imagined GTA natural disasters they do what welcome to doing it being good hopefully you others are all do division to I've got some people on my friends list that play Division two but I'm having I'm not a big division farmer I think if I want to play in it well you like me derive we're gonna crash cuz I'm reading chat thanks anyway now we're not in your name by only session not yet got blown up by some fair lending a presser mark too can we get out this way remember doing this going in and getting out like that only way out think I might be another way actually Kevin don't already feel free to it to leave a like on the stream because people more likes you get the YouTube puts it out more so then I don't know if any Bell and streamers start streaming that's doing state shark card giveaway is if that sort of thing like or earlier you get less viewers you sold all your casts or money I hope you'd open to get it then dude it's committed to new DLC yeah there's oh shit this has anything to do we've been waiting for this DLC for a while I'm glad it's like to come out today sooner than we all thought as well I'll fight got a bit first it because changed to new boss the first guest now I still hadn't used it and people for well news why I get sad a that sooo that means DLCs gonna come out to which I don't think that's case I think it's gonna most likely little bit about around ten market normal ease she this is why I shouldn't drive button reading chat there's new ten-car garage is it it's a garage actually where you can have car meets in so then people can't blow you up and then you can drive around in it pack up and everything and walk out it's area 51 I wonder if anyone's that I don't know you know if like US government actually had any alien so you really think that star on area 51 since everybody thinks the star aliens at area 51 well not everyone I think everyone most beautiful knows its bollocks like or thinks it's bollocks if they did have aliens it won't be at area 51 because everyone everyone's got a finger at area 51 so why are them there with Adam at some place you'd won't even know about but anyway that you be still in you don't like you're in for a second except passive mode yeah a lot of people in free mode says she's just like to ruin car meet so that's it's nice I don't think you can use your guns it got ages they either so that's the bonus as well I'm just gonna tweet that I'm live again to edit three times and the Munchkin dlcs remember those videos I miss it mr. boss by the way he's been cranking out uploads you know it's as its as if you like works in some kind of YouTube sweatshop that dominates a welcome do it appreciate appreciate Forgione it I don't think mansions will be any good it's not the ice being on I'm no s disappoints we not got a new the new soup that is a missed opportunity because I forgot to mention in that video as well there's only GT sport that has it in the game on console size there's you can get mods for the aina it's a ton of us on other games I think bought like know of a racing game as in so then there's a lot of people that would probably play GTA discuss that that is in the game and then it'll bring people back in a bit more wrap around game and then they'll be I don't know Maura buzzing community and I think a lot of people be up if it got added in regardless yeah it is a car everyone today I wants it's not an iconic but everyone's interested in it soon yeah the go kart will be will be decent not gonna lie surprised are not added one Ennis it's that type of vehicle that is D is different but it's not it's not bollocks likely oppressor mark to and then we can have a go kart races so then you've got new modes new modes and races for people to to take part in Ella could even ripoff Mario Kart and I did some bullshit power-ups for GTA races and go-karts don't mind that your little thumb mode yeah it's just a Zed fall I'm Engine and all are thought it's a Supra and a day I think if you're going out it in like I said in that video there needs to make it more like the some of the concepts of people are made that make it look more like original but it still looks new cities it looks more like a soup put it that way I think that'd be alright it's just it's just a nice car to look at thing concept one is far better than the actual production one not the FT Womble like concepts are like random artists have made to let make it look more like original I saw one about now we can do some races in a bit can do them in about five minutes we're just going over everything with this dlc now Venom's Venom's this guy Venom's right venoms messages me asking him to upload ecology to gameplay venoms I would upload your call jutsu gameplay but a dirt I don't know call of duty I make a call of duty video I do I can usually gameplay if you want you really want me to a can use your gameplay you let me drive again how do you I know dude I know I know give up venomous play destiny recently I know but funk thanks for giving me opportunity to use some of your caliber game for shit dudas odl get away from him man's got a scar like Kay sighs Lamborghini can't stand K sir what CL I'm just gonna just like for me Cheers Venom's did you ever get to max rank on Cod well wife too by the way sure with who you see this is why should we chat do actually like anyone you do like people I just don't like ksi I like we don't like on YouTube were like shroud I like black panther I like I like PewDiePie even I used to dislike purely player but now think he's alright like we're going about like 5 years I used to dislike him ever since 2070 you know this gonna make me really bad but ever since that bloody death to Jews video that he uploaded pretty sure everybody knows that controversy but I thought you know why it's not he's not too bad I mean yeah that or a bit of an edgy joke like what would on YouTube but it's not the type of guy I thought it was and that kind of proved it to me I'm like well maybe he's not over for it it was so I gave him another chance and it turned out to be all right so when he uploads a video I'm interested in I do I do watch it he's Minecraft likes play it's not bad actually you know reminisce on some of the old days playing Minecraft Mike laughing the boys as people say these days but yeah that video didn't a foot load of that video I mean yeah it's a joke and all that but YouTube take shit like that serious so because of that I'm gonna have to mention don't upload a video like that it was strong suit load a video like that they were last week when everyone was spamming Shane chat and now it's a report well not required on book banning now that were annoying anyway shall we do some races guys anyone want to do some races you didn't get you didn't get max ranking well what Silka Seaview not smoking ages right I'll sue some races with elf Paul Walker's turned up why are these people who's making familiar faces at least I don't know these two God knows never seen the game it's eggs in there I hate extreme snacks more lightly just people that are just randomly well let's go up maybe there is mates I don't know I've never seen him before I didn't like anyway let's do some racism if you want an invite solo soup for moderators put me game Italian chap thank you very much I have moderators for a reason I'm missing shit they need to click on that but we need to do you on that if I'd said but I've got a playlist I'm at the point list I did it get them platelets won't Oh baolian we've not played this in a while we're gonna live with this actually a break from the regular races we've got a mixer other jobs as well we've got races we've also got other things on I've just noticed that with something called play battle oh right lob is filling up quick got the moderators in quick get minty and meter of it mentally mint is got a reserved spot if he joins quick enough fellows this kind not got a reserved spot I don't know these are these oh I don't know who are these old people let me know because if you don't give me charity getting keeps that meant is in any way dove mother I've never seen him before never ever seen amateur a super your favorite car now it's not my favorite car but I've got mark a sir I like over the Supra but it is easy the the a 80s it's a good car the to Gio said it's a decent engine yeah I'm glad you in Duty so it's nice to have some of the the regulars and the games as well hey you're over revoke all right I've never seen you you know what did before anyway this is the squad we've got my QB with one already I don't get any of the yeah well fortnight players let's call them in the stream today snow I'm which spike so quiet around by kinda wrote that we don't get mean cuz it's a nine just spam shit right so this is you basically run them over yo down Ian you run them over I think they can snatch it out of them see the snipers are they've got RPGs the RPGs or RPGs oh shit I'm pressing my arm look that's me that's right that's me that's me a us driving to pinky to get a few kills of this you didn't know why's why some freaking Babji idea like it's two of them dead already No probably all be doing some are scenes on this day I'll see them sorry to those who didn't get in if anyone sent me a message 19 unread sorry dude let me know if you message me and if he didn't if enough missed it sewed it I'm more likely to see you comment if you want me so if anybody just asked me naming chap like you tagging me on Twitter or something it highlights it from it yeah sorry for not inviting you by the way I've not got not got makes message notifications I'm I miss what's just that once used up until week I miss saliz check in with Mikey anyway I can't believe it takes so long to load anything same area off that's awful Mikey oh that would perfectly sound as well I think he's still you know not sure what's going on here you got blitz big time I could get blowing up here I do and we just missed a bit late on that second one as well is York oh don't fall thrall Oh No go watch on it okay Ben watch one of these I'm gonna say it's dead now Shula MacCabe coming in with a shameless plug oh just about to say I can't believe a press why but I can I've never played it once before on stream ages ago not loading in this garment I mention every stream loading in this game should be about 30 minutes away from DLC fingers crossed now there we go I can't even bring it wet for me I sandwich to play this game now well weird can use first person just got that blur around it freaky now right I don't know how far to lead stuff on it please ease gun ague up rip a little cute yeah so like nice control now the update should be coming soon this is basically that a low reach now for going a bit weird it went straight round then what that worry I think it would me go up I'm not sure I know we both would have got you but I think it I think it was clay he just fired sooner than me Hey look stop cheese in it I thought we were gonna go outside then just some sneaky taxi play this mode enough times a nail over it where's he going play this mode enough times I'm reach I don't think that's gonna reach closer I sound like thing with this mode because it takes them so long to get back up on reach the Rosselli part beyond I just sent them backups itself their mom's cheese in here I'll fight it wrong way he's not going to come round anyway Judy I'll do it on here I miss that I should have looked for him coming down payment thank so much attention to him I think he's gonna come round back and get me like that that crazy with the game just meet you doing here about 25 minutes roughly if it's like anything like the previous DLCs we've had in GTA should be about 25 minutes – yeah I'm just gonna stand rockin soon I don't think the region doesn't want like it oh my kilt oh my god why is he not ended thank you oh my god it's a shame we got D around but we have been working his way back all 25 minutes time same with wire dude just might roll out slightly earlier and slightly later depending on where you are in world he'd sacrifice decent sacrifice to be honest we were GTA news well GTA online news r2 it out the update should go live in around 30 minutes time the cows is excused for money you know it's not even bother Mikey B are you gonna unbreak turn our second my shit I don't know what language my GTA 5 what he was in there we already been blowing up shit Oh No that's it just casually shut the door I'm dead here what on earth I wish well weird I just missed him so far you're gonna fire a rocket on it that will well weird then see that which sighting jumped up in air you fell off we have done the party that's oh you had to roll out way then that were closer and then he'll sell off edge and everything whoa cheese in it I don't even know a servo that falls to be honest never seen that thought gotta see him our cloaks at you shouldn't be doing that you just cooked quite clearly supposed to be dead if alkanes again just kill yourself in game that is and man still doing it there we go reason being because we sat choosing it like that like whoever designed this map clearly intended it so then if he drops off like you can survive fall well I would be sad that I don't know spoil yourself all because then people said getting annoyed what do you alright that's a big question they killed each other did you disconnect mint it I kind of want to do some razor now should I put too many rounds in this should just blow ourselves up we need two rounds of that's enough a thing if he puts us back in we're going after blow she's here loaded him by the way decent right sounds ourselves up I think its first two three rounds I think that's the default option you'd best be anyway because if it isn't to price elbows up again should have some races after this if it's not some race as it smells better than this I'll cut Mike Mike is on try adding it in crags oh I Germany's that he's not even gonna blow himself up someone remind me again why why is he a moderator it hit you deserve that there we go I'm actually loser well I'm getting you to a table from another look at ash said GTA at their GTA online care as we retweet in that phase bunks and gives a shit about young D&D or who cares sorry add some somewhat rancid in me right I'm not seeing anything to shit I'll keep you up though on two cars versus a PE off what the straight out of up so you know I didn't go through a random I can't ever remember doing that actually can't ever remember doing that that job that's just being up there but I'm guessing it's from the from the saddle it's the exact same thing or if not very similar so we're not doing it I welcome if you just joined us DLC should be coming out in about 15 minutes to almost that I think at five to what start checking for updates and stuff I've not seen any new info by the way guys I've even got time for its do a stunt race Saint minutes they'll be queen game but so can he captures in past week on this somewhat nom there's the classic game clip of Mikey getting absolutely destroyed you know I'm not even mentioned loading times right I've not seen anything by the way guys I'm not really seeing many people tweeting anything out under ashtec GTA online neither as foxy snap said anything never ever seen anything from any member of the GTA community see that post stuff regarding updates for GTA and use for GTA other than GTA new saying it's going to be coming soon well internment it start so you've also you got these screenshots that posted that were half an hour ago I don't know I guess that's every really screenshot of the new DLC so far it looks that way I'm not being seen chat because my chats not being refreshing if anybody has been refreshing chat it's happening chat hang on let me see how much messages I'd miss dear Oh No I've missed 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 20 missed 30 odd messages look YouTube pull your shit together man I'm not in a session yet dude sorry if somebody's asked for something yeah dude I can get you in sweet Claude now this is G this is this is old G's we've not got time for a race by the way guys cuz by the time I get in a lobby it'd be time to quit the game wait for the update I'm a downloads all right it's just when I download GTA stuff it stops and starts but I think that's just because everyone's trying to download it at the same time so like clogs up servers where I go up right if I'm not reading chat all or a sudden somebody met notify me on Twitter it's had me in a sweet symphony' our message with so I'll see you then she messaged me on Twitter I'll see it come up on me me well my phone turned on actually damn Oh idea what is going on here well will see me if you just joined us Rin an implement loading screen I think I think I'm being I don't know connecting to more averse I think I don't don't spam casino in too many times people don't want to see it it looks that way that or I'm connected since it more verse good news the fan kicks in so my Fanny's working something him to get out that screen I mean I'll be quitting game in three minutes anyway killer kid welcome yeah he's pretty annoying oh he gets me off with that invite boy I don't think it well for some reason benefactor Schleyer Long's benefactor schlagg and GTB now for now those been a while about ten minutes laughing we just quit the game anyway that ain't happening good luck eh all three rather than guys you let's have a look that is hang-up sidetracked hang on I don't think that's – on 4G support war faces shit I know there is a there is a piece yes or it I don't know well while we're waiting for GTA stuff but he wanting to pub G on ps4 and stuff like then anyone's into pub G on ps4 and xboxone and there's a pcs the pts probably test server is returning on July 23rd for this pts update you'll be able to test out new content features such as Adi you'll be a DM – Ledge grab feature improved gas cam quality of life improvements and law 4000 BP more than three hours of gameplay required what for 4000 BP I could earn 4000 BP by playing a couple of games at one man squads the menthol in both weeks also replace weapons you allege crap anyway yeah I mean well we're gonna be focusing on gtatyr there just got some it's a Chuck's play pub cheaters well sir no not yet not yet yeah he bought three hundred dollars worth of ebooks Christ I don't really like it it's one of those games where people just abusively they don't really have to be good at it can just I the building isn't that hard to grasp because you just you just press B and spin round on an eye sensitivity I mean that stuff's just muscle memory the stuff fly actually takes a bit of skill it's obsolete because there's other bullshit game mechanics that make it obsolete right nearly pristine install guys we're not gonna install how big is it is the HDD mine and eats that's all storage I've got to win is I've got me SSD in me I Drive an internal internal and our drive is 2.5 terabytes easy so but it's about 2.7 terabytes of thing 160 I don't have wondering 62 installed after 70 I don't know why off some of this stuff installed san andreas GTA for her robots that's looking agustin if you've just joined us gonna be checking out the GTA DLC when it is out like this it's not out quiet yet but it will be will be coming out relatively soon right eat knows I think yeah I think it's a bit above to be honest because they developers didn't you can't say that's what they hadn't had in mind for the game at all I mean the blooms it's always been a nine there's just been certain things that I've always been an iron in that game the community is I don't know but the key the community's childish so we can really well is childish and it's all the kids so we can't you can't really say too much about it because the our kids and it day but then there's all these I'd say for around sixteen sixteen that sort or age 16 to about 21 and they're carrying off like like they are about it I mean maybe you can let them off if they're 16 and so but that should be grown out that it's 16 and definitely about friggin to anyone let's be honest grease of sheets about some cartoony game at 2100 see see if I've got the up day now sets out say Casey you know like a lemon welcome first by the way I don't do any glitches be nice to see what cars are gonna be out today and which ones are gonna be into it feed so then we know what what future streams are going to be live when the tuneable is updating so soon we should be getting the the the update is 10:00 a.m. BST it's about the salmon the updates norm we drop them I'm not seeing anything though from anyone else if your updates not coming up guys it's best to go to manage games and apps if you're an Xbox check the update there I've got a few accounts of mine I've still not seen any news guys I guess you're wondering there's people are inside the casino at them enable mods and the posting their pictures on Twitter so if you don't want it spoiling down don't come on there I won't see me if you've just joined us if you haven't done already feel free to leave like if you're enjoying and also feel free to subscribe if you want to see more the beam the beam fixing god mode glitch a some God knows how long and even if it will delay for fifteen minutes I doubt that know why my streams buffering I'm a silly a guys let me know other family connects us at more diverse I might finally connects us to more diverse actually let me know how many guys updates out for you voices I'm still later have you guys got the update all right so now summary never gives me everyone's got update but me right shall I shall I restart the console that's gonna be right it will say it'll knock me off but I'm still here so just stay there you stay in chat my back on already I think Ambika or even 10 seconds and if you've never seen in Xbox one is loaded up that's what it looks like I can't get me if he's not working for you restart you can't so it should work don't know when the updates help for ps5 five years I don't know probably suing if it's peer saw there we go it's working it's not working what the bloody hell is going on with this controller mom I'm done I've gone with Tiffany Xbox oh no no but you can I give me feeling about it there we go come on stay on this term connect it's only there right well I think that's the that's the one of the glitches that's why you shouldn't get that preview thing basically because they add resent me console while it were on what up and what it bugged you controller out I'm guessing here and then because of that ug control it's turning on your xbox and it were thinking ah I need to turn on Xbox while it were already on and then console shits itself and were like um I'm running Windows no thanks and just died so me control wasn't it on someone to wait for it to load up first I know it's Albert I can't download it it's annoying I should have put a new tune or SSD in the Xbox or next to the honest they shouldn't have shipped sin we HD DS I know it would avoid price book oh well it's got neat SSD damn do that that must be right shouldn't be long now shouldn't be long at all does anybody ate the new YouTube – phone I'm pretty sure I mentioned this before but it is absolutely dog sheets right just give me tonight I need two semi controller back on don't you dare – my xbox oh it's going on any month there we go some minecraft exact seventh spot and company for a join me spark well it's not my strat and company it's my mate John makes Bank they feel free to do so right I'll turn on by doing this there we go skip don't want to use that cuz it sheets maybe kill fortnight my ways to play about no don't care there I'm gonna quickly switch counts I know right just bear with me guys I know there were should be back 10 who I would say we're talking they were doing some dating but can't see us never get will leave you light up you can see it in everyone must be streaming the GTA DLC today it's normally when DLCs come out we have more viewers in this but I'm glad the little trolls aren't lurking about I'm behind on my stream that's why I weren't so keen on making on the mind right I prefer this view when I'm looking at updates though yet to see me speed and everything its own year then you can't sell on and off that's what adds to do it's annoying it does it for me I don't know I think he's free on Xbox think it's to do with a year preview program I'm not sure that's the only explanation I can think of because other people get the update straight away and I don't I've gone to updates not queue I am an idiot somewhat I remember somebody was asking me it's like I've got you speed that quit brew it's wired so if anyone's wondering somebody probably is my Rainbow six siege isn't even work I need Sun install that I think I have actually I know I've only sold it because they were free to play for the weekend but my dis doesn't work anymore I don't know why maintenance fast it's got so it's got so got wide connection like we're saying wide connections Oh beemo you know everyone that's here gets to witness all right down world speed you know ps4 it downloads for ages I don't think that's because of their internet speed either I don't know why that well I do serves a not as good on ps4 we wrote about this recently actually like PlayStation russki and Xbox for tips or no the Xbox were helping out PlayStation with a service model now weird situation imagine not having ro box and you recently installed wait your Xbox that roblox alright here we go at least if not org got all the for tonight players crawling back to GTA after two years in this room today now live tweet that out oh just gone right going past him out to cry so I'm gonna doubt many people see you know guys are still at 53% is it doing that pausing thing for you because that's an eye on that it loads you they're not to you yeah I know a fair few people that just use the Rex foxes for that sack thing go up I'm not one of these again is there I feel like to do then they are every single oak day if I'm not even every single updates I'm done I've done that before recently now if it's not out for you restart you cancel sure 87 minutes left on your update Jesus so I'll just try and get him past him oh no I see what's gonna happen first you've just joined us we we have got it installed if you want to stick about and see you like I don't know no fate bullshit like mr. boss other win then oh here we go it's just you nation really welcome if you just joined us shopping or relax on the roof terrace and swing by the hot tubs an infinity pool the party doesn't have to stop spend your money principally by purchasing a luxury penthouse no I just want this to be over names private tables spa and an office penthouse owners can play high limit tables and chill in the VIP lounge with other people of a certain caliber give in to your whims and desires and an experience you'll never forget until you do private pristine impeccable the most exclusive casino and salmon or even skip this I've got a loading thing inside so I'm guessing it's putting me in a lobby I like showing me this see no does look better a guess Diamond Casino and Resorts all are sons of B C's not much use it out now laughs check that out bloody yell getting gassy mood he's likely already mom right brilliant start what's he doing near first to avoid a gunfight we'll check the website so as soon as possible our loading screens this is half of the DRC loading screens to nemours of escape like these cutscenes that start I just want to get on wid thing like you've already introduced me to so what's going on in here you've killed me two of these basic ladies characters aren't even like rain ray isn't the best in Ihram all right see Craig thanks joining us Merrick's welcome for sensing your name is Chuck yeah put shit see now so it's gonna be fun when you're doing it for the first time you're gonna get shot at by everyone I took quickly getting past him oh but thanks to I think it was DG by the wall me about it well it takes a very sanity LC I mean we've already watch one of these videos and it spawns you in it casino kind of like a second stack if you're interested in the real VIP experience you can purchase one of our exclusive penthouse condominiums we're talking black card premium great utterly unique luxury ice cone also quite a bit yeah chew it well folks the synapses post it do they just come out when an update you can't skip him though I would skip it but I'm pressing buttons to skip and I can now load it right look out about if she after we look at websites somebody wants to me to look at wow there's nothing you there you arena war CV and I'm gonna chair that put that on guessing there's no new stuck in here yeah unfortunate but not not surprised legendary motorsports probably gonna be something new in here and there is you got the big attic thing carrying the thumbnail that's going to be interesting to check out so you've got four new vehicles in legendary Motorsports it was out in a bit and also you've got the missus for the vapid Caracara for before and that's it for the launch week possibly but I'm guessing there's no new planes yes how do I know how do we buy this purchase membership now our membership why not write 10 hours us so you got about 10 hours as I'm guessing I roll flop one right here we go this is a bit weird to customize what even is that private table for blackjack and free well we'll have it on that as well course vibrant sharp or timeless timeless is alright that's a free one we'll go with sharp you don't want glow what we'll go with intricate next to get garage so you can't customize these I don't think you can customize like you know it's a bit weak in terms of customization stuff I think the main the main things you know at the start you could it's like those different options I think they're just presets of these like somebody's weren't included well by now I don't know is that clear I'll get to this book find out is it the elevator so this is a shared area then I can come in here with a people penthouse garage parking garage and move toes penthouse garage because we're going to be checking out the cars first down with so we might as well what cars does everyone want to see first by the way you can do what to join it in a bit all will check out everything first right by him all about honoring jump from by that in blue on roof we've got a new best race vehicle even buying a Bugatti right back in red and then the Caracara fall before so that's that ec thing is probably the most tuna thing with cop I think it's the over Garrett wake and drive it out in I don't think I'm a tramp out here but would be nice if you could drive around in your own garage no drive in and out of it so yeah well obviously me if you just joined us if you haven't already feel free to leave a like and also subscribe for more content to come if you are enjoying it's always annoying wait for your course they should come quicker our thing you know Nate's up sent nice he knew well welcome now I might be stood in one ear I'm about the way well get in whatever comes first year I don't think it is dude now here we go let's get in it let's go customize it now I can't drive around in there it must be the able girls check that out when we can this is an hourly mix with all that corresponding out of nowhere howdy mixed with something else I know probably a key or something whoops looks like something like off I don't know have his crushed reading chat rious let's just go and customize it now I don't know what could be under you now two out of five could say Jaguar I'm thinking I don't know what cars called are going to the manufacturer so manufacturer so he swings a bit sleepy right it's a shame we've got nowhere to customize it over there now you got something the DLC though so it's not all bun you saw my look at our phones put streets way around exhaust race exhaust I know I'm gonna like them already over anything else grill probably the sports grill it's nice don't feel I'm going to go with car there nods I'm gonna go with Street or either might go with Chu knurled that looks nice right liveries we'll have a look at you felt love look at those now can't see that well you can vaguely see those white stripes obese right that's the one you saw in the trailer I believe can't see that cuz guys white customers now live what I think we'll go with a blue eye thing with a ultra blue yeah kind of yeah kind of I long I didn't think of that car and then shows it will this go what else we got roof I think you put a roof scoop on chuner kids I feel like I should put you in a kiss on seats the changes the care up a bit and I think Phil I should put those up straight skirt that's a bit weird on that car we will have the big lip spoiler on there wind deflectors your painted ones them you know I'm I'm gonna leave those stuck because I like stock wheels put out smoke on that there we go that's that car yeah he's a ten-car garage effing shit sound off quite quick so that's the B obey ATF drafter sports car he is I don't know I don't sure about this guy I'll have to drive a bit more before I can't say anything about it now where do we get into the average Center I was just parked up there it's not what I came from surround it now is that the normal garage ah there we go I'll sure which one you want to go in sir alright dude right you know I think we should customize this just cuz it looks like can do few bits and bobs to this let's go do this one next we need to go check out the new outfits it will check out new outfits after this damn a just crush that gear I guess everyone's going to customize them you know this doesn't handle too bad definitely better than the last car this is it's a sports car as well this handles really well have you surrounded sit back I might put all upgrades on this you know I'm impressed what we need some new rims on this I don't know I'm not on Twitter I'm so on I wouldn't know right well no but you could do that and if is that nice proper right so Matt put that on I mean that that's proper rice I will leave that almost now we'll leave it do I count but secondary events on no one on one anyway that's pretty weird now we're going to put a livery on this I think I'm gonna go with that one we're going to respray it its crew color fatso don't yeah we'll go with that leave right roof you can put a smooth skin phone I put a roof scoop on side skirts you can remove the wing that looks pretty weird Street spoiler big wing or will go without because you've got the livery on that there will get primary suspension lower it wheels we need to go for some tuner wheels yes block them out there we go alright see dude right now we're gonna have a look at some some of the clothing items you know these cars that sooo bad so it's good if it blows at my car drove off right have we got anything you I'm just going to set outfits guys don't think we have I know there's new masks but I don't I'm not sure whether or not they're out I'll wait for confirmation on that then you've got an addiction already down yeah this guy's nobody at all kind of the shut that a little bit lost my fault now let's have a look at this parking area so this is the garage where you can basically set up car meets inside of it nobody's oh these loading screens man on GTA the real I need so answer you'd update some 15% damn I supposed to take a while that I don't I don't think we're gonna customize alt cars I will take a look at one of the others but I'll save them for a different stream because there's too much stuff to check out I don't want to be customizing alt cars because it gets too repetitive on stream I do want to check out variety of things is this even gonna work what is it going on really little loading screens here Rockstar freak you know well let me see if I can't see anything else my eyes are not working for free seats because they don't date free CC in the mall not update at 360 for 4 year main updates anyway as in I'm guessing there's double cash and a fee on some tapper air series why would the update 360 that's a better question to ask which one's the flux I don't know what's going on here this is pretty shit we've had nothing but issues with the loading screens today I've I got I've got a bloody well I know if I've forgotten it I just noticed that Bess been airing on the crack on me-tv it said cobweb John my QV Mikey be streaming – mixer spazzing out big time look at that well weird in this fantastic update I think I might have to restart your ever now something's happening hang on something's happening cuz they're loading thing is enough oh no its back Jesus Christ mom right that's annoying that is annoying that this update has been more of a pain than anything I'm I'm not gonna lie you online right let's wait for it to load up again right so not sure what's wrong with the parking garage but didn't let me in it let me know if you're able to access the parking garage unless it's just a glitch in the game where you can't access it for whatever reason and you just end up in a infinite loading screen like I just did yeah I know dude I went over it earlier there's two new Gowanus is pretty annoying though I would couldn't get in cuz now going to restart game and load it up again we'll go and check out the penthouse see your Watsa blur we've not been in it yet so level right well this is gonna take a while no Razoo enough sorry what evening your garage you know the one you were not the shared mom I don't think they did they need a clean version of that I'm annoyed that they haven't I mean I'm not checked so blatantly it doesn't look like it here we go well we know honey the last location oh I got it set surrounded now its location right let's go back hill than Adam you know it's not about to drive this I'm digging it there's the middle of it don't see too many people in there well let's go in my garage penthouse carriage this shouldn't take CY hopefully a fair enough we're loading it up for neo so we get through this door that's the way it's on either side right penthouse the gas a super you want me to gain the big a see dear oh we're getting big a see then jelly's place out first open when I got to these cutscenes freaking out okay woman he's back why not listen if you need any advice about anything but in particular business here Tom's the person to speak to and we can still send that guy killing me one at missions but it's not canon so that's why I still live thing I think it's not canon it's been ages since I just want to skip this I just want to walk around and see what's happening translator Oh whatever is happening it's the cutscenes it just made me say not bloody l another cutscene yeah I think depends is about six million but it depends depends on what extra things you throw in there like decorations the real problem is after he's destroyed this place and your apartment and my career in the process anyway welcome to scenes cutscenes cutscenes right I've had enough I don't know what to say what am I supposed to say nobody wants to watch Jim well let's have a look around right so this is a very changed am I stuck no I'm not thank God right I don't know it's just kind of like your generic living space reel ER in GCA I don't know why the waste of time we still fly this cuz nobody's bothered about stuff like this I'm not I don't think anybody else is I know some things in here that you can do not know if is this right but let's play this from 1997 all right street crimes and where do you know get that off I can't do anything can we play solo let's just quit that cus this is like a waste of time is this right well we're not havin any drinks now this is a cool place get a makeover now that's a cool room though that I like that right where's let's get on the roof let's have a look at what the roofs like get the lottery folks supposed to be like a luxury roof when I just in the wrong area I got wrong way up the calf I was appalled there mm my voice is all right I guess I don't see point coming here unless you're gonna be taking a few peaches you thought she saw a thing in GTA months Leone and now GG rock star change I don't want to do everything industry wanna save our anniversary I'm sicker they sorted it all right there we go what me Penn's house garage right we'll get in this roof aid then I know if Lester wasn't bad enough got female Western right which size it and I'm guessing there is well this is this is GTA all over as a French flag each side at vehicle will be room will be removing that I forget I'm not French you know that ISA vehicles better to drive than this I'm crushing cuz I'm locking it trap chat sites I don't like him forget his that is I'm thinking I'm driving that you see still that ec's got unbelievable traction compared to the other two vehicles we've checked out this DLC this being one of them right I think I might just go we all cab and stuff for this can't put Calvin on that so laughter they do it with that what are these exhausts on this update no put that on or just put weird stuff on this your liver is black strokes can't see yellow accents not the best flavor is in the world tarnish spoilers I said spoiler go with GT spoiler shall keep such stock stream on laughing well I want to keep you black because it didn't he looks all right as it is I think I know baguette is French yes I see I say I'd bring it I did well there we go already ruined it I do you want a French flag of Macao this is awful to drive awful there's no active spoiler why is there supposed to be an active spoiler on this car there's a limousine service how do you get that up if you have to phone this is gonna be an annoying character tell you that much limousine service is like a taxi now this limousine service is more interesting than this big asset sit down below our is the up there no no see it supper in the bugatti debo eyes one i've not seen it seen too much on the diva like I said I'm not too interested on it in it now this is this is interesting this is one of the better things about it in although remote I come from reg thank God so basically this is just like the taxi service that is already in the game use a to Tuggle worry on and off you don't have to all day yeah I'm quite disappointed on that in that I never really give it much horrible I hope they don't drag you out weeks on end because to be honest that's one of the better cars have added in Wow let's go go and have a look at the main to see you know that got some of the slot machines and etc um okay see you know or just leave that shit bag a system where I don't even know where I left it I do know my next Prime Minister when aiming his next prime minister over there's a fair few people in here 11:30 a.m. today new primer what is this right well it just automatically put me this way all right doesn't want you to go right twilight knife now let's see what this is about bet marks usually oh well I'm gonna lose all my shit here right well not doing that right I sit down here what is a freeware so now I know you can't run in these types of areas and I just some more I guess in here as these please at poker tables I'm guessing three-card poker right we're not playing on that patate is not my thing I think they are you know where the elite of son along the bet one that's to Dickie morrow about 2,000 it was ever gonna get that I've got 500 sheets who is actually going to get that we can go in first person for it look at that 500,000 he added we've already been in it there's nothing too exciting I think all the prophecies and stuff funnier it's just nothing too exciting real there is something it's a B no I don't play roulette scope it see what the truck is up there maybe that's where a B is it looks like it but I can't can't get in it bloody L is our Gifford right so get me out of it yeah I did get a car suit guess you can't get through the even use that one can't get through there either didn't look like it on the map but we might as well check all these dolls they count Romania now right I'm guessing we have to some mark chips so you get thousand bonus see it cost you five hundred fifty thousand us a lot bad then someone's gonna make ultimate money making guide on this right let's go down here ice is the arse racing thing innit we'll see what this is got a while so eight dead fun probably sounds like it's gonna win I know actually bet on that five to one may as well go beak is anyone enjoying the DLC I feel like this stuff this is listen my tax stuff I mean Chris LT gunner old yes nine lovely just tap it and it toggles it right we'll wait for this got two two and half minutes I don't know I feel like the only reason they did this DLC were just because they couldn't think of what to do and everyone were like we're talking like a few years right now I are casino DLC it should have been to be honest you are right clap back child is gonna win this telling you they gave you a free car it's gotta to give you I mean you get stuck with switch crime don't you I don't know something about freak ass somewhere else though did you win your bet won't see him anyway to the stream anyway Stephen just left did you know even watch it you got a free care front wheel spinner deactivate that wheel spin he's getting into it on my character this for a seconds I'm not gonna press I'm not gonna reduce it Bradley sat down like this I'm going first purse I did go there but it didn't let me do it I'll go back and you guys can let me know what I'm doing wrong here we go it's only he's doing that on purpose that's not gonna win it told you a bit whatever else you bet on it's gonna be him from at least one time in race to make you think oh my ass is gonna win final a few and it comes back up thinking yeah it's gonna win I see you look back end it's gonna be nowhere up there this is rigged that's not gonna win I told you oh wow it did I've got 55,000 I said card that I think think that we're gonna win that is a bit rigged it feels read this wheel what do you do how do you spin it how's he spun it what's he got for Seagram's I was just one that so many plays nearby so activate now there we go here we go what we're gonna get I'm gonna get nothing about 15,000 bloody chips right with a now one hundred and sixteen thousand five hundred chips what else could we have one is that like one of the worst things you could have one real at the Arby's 2500 RP he's won 40 grand last guy on foreground as well I think you just go here and then you trade them in so you go buy it you get your money a lot 116 flowers and safer confirm that I've just got one hundred and sixteen thousand but what's on the caps I'm not bothered about losing all chips by the way I'm bothered a rather share with that so no I'm not gonna go on any of these things again not now anyway it's got bloody that is cuz he just got a kit he's just got a car I just can't say much I've got oh well it don't tell you each carries one just to look shirokiya yeah anyway I think that's going to be it for today's stream we have checked out quite a lot of the new things in the update be going for a while now I've not checked out everything but we'll do that for another stream you know we've still got some cars to customise and everything by the hundred and fifty K champagne what a waste no you got the fraks nice well they're yacht look it ending it just saved him a few million I wished I wish was that god I didn't even look let's have a look two million three hundred twenty-five thousand you have to play pay 1.5 mil I still a lot cheaper than what it would have been yeah that is it in front of it anyway guys that's gonna be it for today quite disappointing not gonna lie and hopefully they'll be some some better things to come with this current drip feed content cycle and any marriage that could bring out further something that's worthwhile I've not done the job yet so well for their alright but will I'll save those for another serene so thanks for joining if younger already feel free to label I can also subscribe for more content to come and I'll see you guys in the next stream


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