we're gonna have an open lobby real quick let's see a facecam will work for this chat oh my face cams always broke no it's not gonna work shit I really wanted to use it okay guys so before we get started boys I need to let you guys know right now I am hooking you guys up with some of the items shop skins the easiest way to get a gift from me is literally just hit that like button subscribe with notifications on to the channel and literally guys comments your epics like crazy I want you guys to do this now we are gonna send a few gifts to some of you lucky subscribers I appreciate all of you guys as well as we are doing a little special thing for people that are using my code if you guys use let's be Jimmy underscore whitey in the item shop we're hooking you guys up with me books so please come and I use your code in the comments once this is uploaded as a video you angel thank you for the 5 and welcome back but guys if you do not know what has been happening Teddy thank you for the dollar terrible thank you for the dollar yo you guys are all gonna be in the video that are donating right now cuz this is gonna upload as a video but I need to let you guys know for the past five days the Spear whatever you want to call it the orb that Kevin the cube the sphere Kevin the sphere whatever you want to call it has been updating big shout at the for Tory on Twitter you guys could go follow him big huge shout out to him for actually putting this little collage together but pretty much as you guys can see from day one to day 5 it is updated a ton and it just updated today so we are going right now in for night because I gotta show you guys what has happened over at the sphere whatever you want I've been calling it like Kevin the cube because it kind of gives a lot of cube vibes it makes the sound the cube does please use code lispy cuz we are gonna go check this as I live event with you guys like I said the whole point of this video is to show you guys what is updated in everything because today the sphere just updated and I'm gonna show you guys everything that is updated atmosphere so ready out guys code lispy please ready up chat I would very much appreciate it let's get maybe like 10 or 15 people in this game maybe even a hundred would be nice yeah but for tonight gamer we are doing one more gift for the chat so if any of you guys are interested right now please like the stream we're almost at 14 K likes there's some really cool skins in the item shop I do have enough ebooks to buy it myself but I really want to get this skin to you guys we are gonna gift one skin to the stream and bike up by the way I want to just say takes 48 hours some of you guys thinks gifts are instant but when I add you guys it takes 48 hours to send the gift just letting you know a little heads up but please ready up with code lists beyond solo n a nice please guys I'd very much appreciate it we have 82 people ready to up Scott thank you for the – I use your code Thank You Man appreciate it um what is the code it's code list fee you know no caps no nothing and we have a hundred and eighteen people I don't want to wait too long guys so we're gonna ready off we're gonna go check out loot Lake and I'm gonna show you guys what is going on in everything that is updated and as well as before I do end this video I want to show you guys inside the orb because there is a way actually to get inside of the Nexus and get inside the orb if you guys don't believe me I'm about to show you yo Helen you know about to be our 14th K like if you hit that like button you know what guys also since we're almost up 14k likes I feel like we should do something crazy we will give away a thousand five hundred V bucks to whoever hits a 14k like mile-marker it that would be insane if you guys can do that Marcus yeah thank you for liking the stream roblox like that self king master liked itself thank you dude and what's up Chad I see you guys and all the oh geez are here bro what's good we got some dope skins a I like that skin a lot buddy yo but yeah we got a sparkle specialist how's it going yo oh jeez kids love seeing it you you love to see it you love to see it so guys please everyone in this game make your way to loot lake and then after we show loot lake off whoa wait the birthday thing is out does wait the birthday challenges around we is this new guys I don't know if this is new birthday challenges are oh wait what wait wait am I just is that am i stupid or what wait chat I think birthday challenges are out and I just slow or was that today we birthday challenges are out what's that new her or am I just like am I just slow I guess I guess it already came out he's an owl oh that's not new oh dude literally this is like my first time coming onto fortnight all day all right so after we show everyone go into Lu Lake I am gonna show you guys exactly what is inside the or because I'm gonna show you guys exactly how to get inside the orb oh it's been there since today Oh dirt bike thank you for the dollar dude all right here we go dude so listen right now we are not doing a code right now we're not doing a code listen if you guys do not know how to get inside the orb you have to be in a creative mode you have to be an Arctic Island one and when you guys are an Arctic Island one build out here literally just get the player spawner it's one of the easiest glitches in the game you put the player spawner down you respawn and when you respawn you'll respawn out of the map and then after this like the glitch is pretty much set and easy why is everyone spamming F's in the chat why is everyone spamming F's in the chat alright anyways put the plane down get into the passenger side get some consumables aka porter rifts and hit it two times in a row and you're under the map that easy chat now all you need to do is go all the way over here wait my flight speed isn't turning off toxic it Bob thank you for the dollar dude alright so listen the orb is right here I'm gonna just show you guys real quick getting inside the orb everything like that we are one like away from 14k likes and have 14k likes guys we are giving away the gifts so good luck everyone good luck to you hit that like button subscribe so is good to see the orb kinda looks a lot like the rift that's the thing that's pretty interesting about this but this is the orb right here this is what we know so far about the orb if you guys come in here it makes you fly but if you're in creative in the face through walls glitch not face your walls but once you guys glitch inside of the main area you guys ready we're gonna go inside the orb we're gonna go inside the Nexus and then inside the orb first let's go around the Nexus I want to go around the Nexus area like literally we could chill over here chat we could show all under the mat it's pretty though obviously if we fall down here we could die dude this is pretty dope dirtbikes thank you for the dollar alright so this is the Nexus by the way it has updated guys like it used to be just white all around here now look at what the Nexus look look looks like man insane chat in sanity so we're gonna go inside real quick I think there's a death barrier right below that so this is inside as you guys can see and now inside the orb everybody hit the like button here we go so this is inside the orb chat so remember this didn't start like this by the way listen to it closely what does it sound like everyone commented so if you guys said it sounded like the cube you are correctamundo boys that is what we have no like that's what we have known so far at least as of right now in the next few days a lot it more is gonna be happening with this or make sure you guys are subscribed with notifications on so you get ready to call me fat whoever stays throughout this is gonna be I'm just gonna explain how the Wonder gift is going to work I'm gonna be gifting a wooden Wonder skin I don't know if you guys know about this game but I'll show you after everybody come in fat so with gaming I drink a lot of energy drinks and I cannot think enough bang energy bang energy literally has amazing flavors to choose from such as purple guava pear other flavors as well such as pina colada and this by far is one of my favorite flavors oh my god oh my god also blue razz is an amazing flavor to try as well if you guys are just now getting into bang energy mmm oh my god dude oh my god oh my god no joke right now you guys can 25% off any



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