New Breed Marketing in Vermont Attacking My Character Based on a Linkedin Post

New Breed Marketing in Vermont Attacking My Character Based on a Linkedin Post

hey guys I thought that I would give you an interesting look at what I deal with every day and how it relates to Magic the Gathering so Amanda who works for a competing digital marketing agency in Vermont if you truly can't come up with a better example then one that grossly objectifies women you clearly aren't qualified to be speaking about how to be a good marketer know your audience and maybe be a decent human being while you're at it in fact that this post has gotten so much praise despite the use of a blank Tinley miss genetic example is disappointing any free rating out of over a thousand people how can I be the only one trying to hold Tony go with me accountable you would think I said something ridiculous right but then why does a thousand people like it no one dislikes it and she's the only one that has a problem well this is classic marketing 101 and this is what happens with Magic the Gathering all the time this is what happened with too real so Newson they went on a witch hunt and started rallying so I will show you the post and its entirety so you can make a judgement whether or not this post was offensive to women and one person finds it offensive and then they go on a witch hunt and everyone grabs it pitchforks and so on but if a thousand people saw it and a thousand people liked it and why are you the only one to be offended and then suddenly you're so offended that now you want other people to be offended it's because you want to be popular this is one of the fastest ways to grow on social media is to find something that offends you even if it doesn't offend anyone except for you and make a big deal about it and let's go to war baby let's go to war because I've had enough of this I've seen this many times the same of Teresa Nielsen I'm offended that your wife like a post from a conservative person a shock jock radio host I'm offended that she liked a Donald Trump tweet and this kind of I hope that I can teach her a lesson because you don't go ahead and attack other marketers and expect to oh I'm gonna go viral I'm gonna go viral I'm gonna go viral I mean she's calling me out for a being a bad marketer which is questionable of course but be not being a decent human being even though she doesn't know anything about me so you make these very vague and inflammatory statements and then you get to rally your troops right you get lots of likes and retweets and you know it's embarrassing almost so I'm gonna bite back and that's what honestly if I had to criticize magic for good or whoever that Facebook group that got banned was they didn't fight back you just took it they just took the banning and left it that created what we now know as Emma and friends I believe that if someone stood up and said hey so this is my post you see a gorgeous girl at a party you went up to her and say I'm very rich marry me that's direct marketing you are at a party with a bunch of friends and see a gorgeous girl one of the your friends goes up to her and pointing at you says he is very rich marry him that's advertising you see a gorgeous girl at the party they go up you go up to her and get her telephone number next day you called her and say hi I'm very rich marry me that is telemarketing so according to this critic she probably wants me to use day like if you see I'd a are gorgeous day at a party you go up today and say I am very rich to marry me you are at a party with a bunch of friends and see a gorgeous day one of your friends goes up today and pointing to you says he is Vic I don't even know if I can identify he I I mean maybe identifies a day day is very rich marry day so my point is very simple and I'll continue on you guys can read this you see her you are at a party and see a beautiful girl you get up and straighten your tie you walk up to her and pour her a drink you open the door for her pick her up her bag after she drops it offers her ride and then say by the way I'm very rich will you marry me that's public relations you are at a party and see a gorgeous girl she walks up to you and says you are very rich that's brand recognition we see a gorgeous girl at a party you go up to her and say I'm very rich marry me she gives you a nice hard slap on your face that's customer feedback I don't know what's wrong with this and neither did a thousand plus people who liked the post until you got to her and now she found something that was really meant to be amusing and kind of funny and now she wants to hold me accountable and has deemed that I am an awful human being Wow the majority of people agreed with me and found that it was kind of funny does that remind you of something that has to happen recently where a meme Facebook group a private meme Facebook group and everyone got banned including tea woo who was a moderator of it he didn't really know what was going on you didn't like it he didn't comment on it and now it they're you know saying all these bad things about him and they took away his livelihood his ProTour he even had a plane ticket which Steve wanted to tax him which is ridiculous because he there was no reason for him to go in the plane because he wasn't allowed to go do pro tour so you have eleven thousand and ninety six likes or whatever they are called and Linkedin and one offended person and yet this one offended person has such a loud voice right and she's rallying all her fans and you know I I think if I just lie down and take a beating which I could write it's not fun to take a beating like that or I could say hey you're a marketer I'm a marketer let's go if you think I'm a terrible marketer let's go if you think I'm a terrible human being let's go right and at some point you have to draw the line and you say enough is enough what I mean how would she want me to Ward this to be acceptable to her when you do have females commenting you do have people who are enjoying it adding to it and so it's just fun it's a fun time I don't know why we need to take screenshots of it and then send it to Wizards of the coast and then that they would banned us all of us right through this my gosh I feel terrible for everyone in the comments cuz now everyone's gonna get banned anyway this is the problem with America right now just you're online please please realize that you are online bye guys


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  • This was illegal character assassination. There are hundreds if not thousands of individuals who posted similar content she could have been upset with. She could have gone after Gary V. since it was posted on his facebook page. Instead she chose to come after me because I am a small business and she works for a large business.

  • The gorgeous girl marketing post was copied.
    It has been around since at least The Indian Salesman and Other Jokes in 2005 by Frederick Alloysius. But perhaps earlier. Let me repeat that it was in a joke book…
    It has evolved since 2005 to include new forms of marketing. And survives on Linkedin with creative additions. I like the one about MLM for example.
    I didn't know who to attribute it to. I promise to do better for all future post.
    It's strange seeing someone despise you as much as New Breed for a repost.
    Without proof. They claim I
    "grossly objectifies women"
    "aren't qualified to speak about how to be a good marketer"
    "maybe try to be a decent human being while you are at it?"
    "pedaling misogynistic bull*hit."
    Many of you have followed me for some time.
    I had no intention to make a post that offended anyone. I found the post worth discussing.

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