New Algorithm Update Coming To Google! | Digital & Technology News

New Algorithm Update Coming To Google! | Digital & Technology News

Welcome to this week’s Digital News
Roundup So why have Apple, thing and thing made the headlines this week?
Keep watching to find out. Google have rolled out a new algorithm
update earlier this week. Make sure you check your web analytics and reports
in the next few weeks to see if your site has been affected… Apple held its annual event earlier this week. Amongst the tech and gadgets announced was ‘Sign in with Apple’,
which takes trackable user data away from developers. Now I can finally hide my age from
Candy Crush… Instagram is now allowing advertisers to promote
influencer partnerships as ads. This means you could see content from Influencers,
regardless of whether you like them or not, I mean follow them or not A key issue in the podcast industry is discoverability Spotify are attempting to solve this by rolling out podcast
suggestions with a selection of key themes. Apple have announced a refresh to their Maps App
which will introduce more detail, and more content. But will it be enough to beat the
user-favourite Google Maps? Skype have introduced a new feature where you can share your
phone screen on IOS and Android devices. This will make it easier to share memes, and you know…
important business meeting stuff as well… Read the stories in full on the news section of our website.
Just click the link in the description or search ‘Sleeping Giant Media News’. Find a button, give us a share and let’s spread
some news, and don’t forget you- Hi guys, something new and exciting for
you guys. We’ve got these new brand new biodegradable,
100% compostable Sleeping Giant Media cups Oh, it would appear even the news isn’t safe
from influencer ads… I’ve been Shaun Staunton, for Digital News Roundup,
live at Giant Towers.


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