Never Break Into SSundee’s Impossible Minecraft House!

Never Break Into SSundee’s Impossible Minecraft House!

this is something’s impossible now you
don’t mean never to break into it but really how impossible can it be you’re
gonna give me blindness Fiero Oh death it’s nothing personal would you
look at that audience sund’ys impossible house Oh with a
built-in defense mechanism to keep us out what is this if you guys didn’t see
it we did an episode we broke into noob one two three four s impossible house it
was very easy but knowing Sunday who is also a pro at
Minecraft this is going to be much more difficult what do these fresh Oh so
walking on pressure plates ah so this using pressure plates is how
Sundy gets past this lob a pitch trap so we need to put items on these pressure
plates so we can keep them activated and then walk over the glass hopefully
reaching his ax fortress this this might be one of the biggest minecraft houses
I’ve ever seen in my entire life it’s absolutely massive does anybody find it
a little funny that we’re throwing oak planks on top of oak plank pressure
plates I find it to be kind of funny okay
using this we have now successfully travelled across the lava pit but what
other secrets are inside of his house or outside of his house for for all we know
the question now is how do we get inside of this fortress because this place is
massive he’s got to have some kind of like sewage or drainage system right
like every house has one of those even impossible houses have to have a
drainage system something along those lines so we can get inside of the house
bingo audience check this out definitely the entrance to some kind of sewage
system and I bet you there is a button hidden nearby that’s going to let us get
inside Oh would you look at that are you kidding this is like the most obvious
button placement what if somebody wants us to find this button and he’s actually
luring us into a dangerous trap no come on Sonny would never do that right like
he’s like one of our best YouTube buddies this tunnel is big like this is
a very very fair this is bigger than my house oh whoa check it out wait a second
some kind of lever combination dude these are my least favorite a minecraft
guys if you want to help me figure out this puzzle please leave a like on this
video so I can have some encouragement oh boy this is a
mess I don’t even know which ones depress and what combination there is
this what is this okay there is a suspicious looking lapis block and it’s
it’s kind of creeping me out Oh what what did you guys just see it we
just had a book get pooped out of this block whoa and then I right-click it and
this opened oh now I’m creeped out I would really like to make it out of this
house alive ladies and gentlemen I don’t want to die here we are not allowed to
lose the Sundy this is not going to happen I loved him but I’m a very
competitive person as anybody else watching this video very competitive by
Nature I can’t help it okay that’s just how God made me I’m a competitive little
lava boy oh I actually want you guys to do me a favor comment down below which
youtuber impossible house you would like to see me break into next it could be
jelly it could be dantdm could be unspeakable
oh that would be a really good one I’m approved to all these youtubers that
nobody’s impossible house can withstand Preston plays ladies and gentlemen
piglet and I have some very good news if you buy the ice cream hoodie and the
frozen fire hoodie you will get a free original fire t-shirt go to press the
south back huh I’m the wall we’ve got to be getting close to sundaes impossible
house I bet you it’s on the wait whoa wait a second hold on TNT is dropping
from the sky okay sunday has set up a lot of traps
and defenses for us ladies oh no no no no no no no I’m not gonna take any
damage I’m gonna try to do this entire thing without taking any damage it might
not be possible we’ve gotta wait for these next wave of arrows I am just
gonna sneak past these Oh what is this Naruto not jokers oh no we’re not gonna
be able to dodge these oh oh I just jumped over it bro we didn’t even take
any damage wait a second wait a second no no Joker’s stop it stop it this is
not fair some and right now shoulders come on
Sunday how much is 22nd what is something doing
up there stop come on one more we just gotta get this
to run into the wall okay and jump Sunday is typing up a storm of messages
in the chat choose correctly on each question and you move on to the next
challenge does Sunday really think I’m going to
fail these questions come on guys I am a professional minecraft youtuber
these questions are gonna be easy-peasy question 1 how many subscribers do I
have okay I’m not going to cheat I could use my phone right now but I’m not going
to however I am gonna ask you guys to use your device turn it like this make
that red subscribe button gray enable us notifications and I want you guys to
follow along with these questions comment down below which one you think
it is I am 95% sure he’s at 13 and a half million subscribers yes let’s go
question number two what is my favorite game to play clash royale minecraft
roblox or runescape okay well we can i love runescape but it’s definitely not
runescape definitely not clash Royale I really think it’s between roblox and
minecraft by the way I do have a roblox channel if you guys search on YouTube
press and roblox just say and by the way okay oh it’s gotta be between these two
but Sundy did start making youtube videos on minecraft so I’m just gonna
answer my graph and what what’s his favorite game isn’t minecraft you gotta
be kidding me okay then we’re now we’re forced to go with option number two it’s
gotta be roblox I had no idea Sundy barely posts roblox videos wait a second
question three who is my favorite TV and our player
Breanna plays myself me one two three four or cactus Jones if it’s not me I am
going to be so mad Sunday what it’s not me hold on so if I’m not your favorite
player no don’t tell me it’s noob one two three four
did you really pick new one two three four I chose noob over myself and
Breanna I have never been so offended in my entire life right now I’m so offended
that you guys need to go foe my to grab that they can feel better okay
you know what I feel better we’re moving on oh no do I
know exactly what’s about to happen right now
this is definitely this is like a Colosseum limited edition of Preston
Stiles fire zip up hoodies signed it by yours truly giant fire logo in the back
had depressive sass that come good news is over you’re gonna give me blindness
fighting in an arena just sit Oh bro this is so not fair I mean I’m still
going to crush this challenge because let’s be honest zombies are easy-peasy
and even us I can’t even see the skeletons where am I getting shot from
oh yeah come over here buckaroo come over here you beat sack garbage take a
couple of these whacks if minecraft had an arrow repellant potion I think that
would be so cool Mojang if you’re watching this video
give us an arrow repellent ocean that would be epic gamer status where is this
last mob huh I know it’s in here somewhere
nothing but a silverfish remains come there silverfish Oh what is this another
star renamed as the arena keys what did I say audience suddenly can’t keep us
from breaking into his impossible house we’re gonna get into this nonsense no
matter how many deaths and Danks find the button exit the room no turning back
I am the words that find the button Maps sund’ys even egging me on in the chat he
knows how much I dislike find the button maps to be honest I don’t dislike them I
actually have a lot of fun with them but I’m not very good at them I used to do
this with Lachlan and Vic star all the time if you guys remember those videos
and I feel like I lost every find a button challenge where button where I
know you’re I know you are nearby button are you inside of this painting hey wait
I’m pretty sure you cannot wait a second isn’t this illegal a pretty sure you
can’t put a button on a chest in Minecraft I feel like I’ve tried to do
that before and it does not work did I just spawn in front of the next button
that was easy look why did he spot me in front of the button not bad but let’s
make this round a bit more challenging this time you will need to find the
correct button to press oh great so basically we’ve got a bajillion buttons
that we’re just going to need to spam click until we end up finding the right
one so here’s how we’re gonna make this work guys this is called the process of
elimination we’re going to eliminate buttons room by room one at a time until
we manage to find the right one and because this is gonna take so long don’t
forget if you get to one of my videos within the first hour I read and feature
your comments right here so if you get here in the first 60 minutes you have a
chance to get your comment feature if you guys want to I think it’s pretty
awesome where is this button a Preston only has so much patience alright my
patience is running a very thin right now come on buttons come on what yeah
let go oh no what is this why is there a gym room it’s sunny is Sunday calling me
fat there’s also a floating barbell wait over here we’re just gonna ignore the
giant floating barbell to our rights we’ve got a soccer goal over here ooh
bow and arrow oh wait what is this is this bowling I think this is bowling I
haven’t I have no idea what this is these look like diving podiums but
there’s no pool down here so it can’t be that is this a soccer this is a soccer
field but it looks very much so like a looks like a basketball field I can’t I
can’t tell exactly which one is which okay let’s focus on the targets at hand
quite literally we’ve got three bullseye targets in front of us easy peasy lemons
are squeezy ooh what is this one dummy practice blow him up wait who’s the
dummy oh it’s a Sunday dummy wait a second oh this is gonna be so easy
okay I say that but I’ve used a lot of my snowballs Oh bingo let’s go I might
not be the most athletic person in real life well let me tell you something when
it comes to video games okay and somewhat of a professional sweaty
athlete oh part dude Sunday really think parkour is gonna keep me
from getting into your impossible house this is literally my Olympic sport if if
there was a minecraft parkour Olympics I would crush it every time well okay I
don’t to say every time for the majority of it wait a second shulker box jump oh
goodness this is gonna be a tough one guys this
is not going to be easy come on boo oh dude I never want to do that again that
was terrifying Oh No two in a row is it really necessary to have two
shulker boxes in a row ooh okay we’re good we’re good
okay into the mine wait do we really want to go into the minecart I feel like
going into the minecart means almost certain death I think I’m okay with
being outside of it okay now we’re gliding some ladders all
right we got to shimmy the oh oh oh hey here we go wait I knew it
I knew there would be a dropper I just knew it come on we got this we got this
nothing stopping us now audience laughs let’s go oh mitt that miss dude I miss
doing dropper maps if you guys want to see dropper maps come back to the
channel leave a like on this video and come and
drop her now we’ve got what is this pad oh no a pathfinder compass that leads to
the end of the maze dude I don’t know how much I don’t like maces I’m gonna be
the first person to say that I genuinely I don’t enjoy mazes okay I feel like
mazes are infuriating they are just so annoying to do but I’m gonna do I’m
gonna prove to Sundy that not even his impossible maze is
going to keep me out of his impossible house we gotta be oh I think we’re close
Sundy doesn’t want to admit it but I feel like we are on the edge of glory Oh
would you Oh would you look at that ladies and gentlemen the end
near how do I know because that can smell it just like how I could smell
chick-fil-a Nuggets a mile away those things are delicious okay
they’ve been out to be the best for you but they are so good what why did I just
get teleported back to the dropper this room is very scary looking oh wait wait
hold on how do we get we got to open this door we need a redstone dust to
enter well just so happens to be ladies and gentlemen I take that diamond
chestplate hashtag furry hashtag I am literally being a dirty
looter right now but there’s got to be way this guy B redstone somewhere oh
yeah I bet it’s hidden in the brewing stance ah I knew it was hitting in the
brewing stance too easy ladies and gentlemen Oh way to say oh
we’ve got another no we’ve got another room this time we need to find a diamond
I don’t think it’s gonna be in the chest because that’s just like way too obvious
and I know Sundy is too clever man he’s handsome he’s clever and he’s got a lot
of subs which by the way you guys haven’t subbed to Sunday’s channel you
need to cuz I love him but I know it’s out of here somewhere there is it why
hold on wait can I break stuff wait a second what is it I didn’t even know
this whole time I could just break stuff okay I thought that was cheating I guess
when you’re breaking into somebody’s impossible house you can never
technically cheat what is inside of this you need lapis to enter ok so lapis is
required we are allowed to break things I bet this one is complicated I feel
like this is the last secret room we have to get through and then we are
Gucci so being the last room I bet this lapis is extra extra sneaky and there’s
some very way there is some suspicious-looking chests back here wait
what is that ok there’s is there anything in the
chest ladies and gentlemen I can confirm these
chests back here are clean nothing inside of them
I don’t know why but I think it’s on the ceiling like do you guys see anything do
you guys see anything that’s kind of weird
maybe it’s near the bookshelves I didn’t wait we need some we need a lapis block
we just need one piece of lapis to enter and we all know people use lapis when in
chanting I’ve got a feeling it’s near the enchantment table and all the
bookshelves I don’t know I knew it it’s in the water I was like 900 million
percent sure the lapis block was gonna be somewhere in the wall actually I
thought it was gonna be one piece of lapis not an entire block wait are we
gonna get the block or is this thing gonna just break um please don’t break
please drop please oh no I think I ruined the house I don’t know if there’s
any other lapis wait a second oh no no we’re fine the door opened okay no this
looks suspicious does anybody else they these dispensers right here next to the
ladders look very very suspicious may be filled with fireballs arrows or poison
potions I knew it I I called it look at this okay we can do this these are
actually really slow oh okay I’m still taking damage come on okay all right
okay I’m not taking that much damage but I did get shot twice in the city I got
shot twice in the same foot my poor left foot is about to fall off
from all the damage it just took from those arrows oh this is very spooky
looking very long staircase all white big portal at the end I don’t know about
that one chief whoo it’s the poop master itself mr. Sunday you’ve made it to the
very end something I didn’t expect final challenge find the eight dead
bushes hidden in my garden and bring them to me and maybe I’ll let you leave
Oh bro I will 1v1 PvP you any time of the week Sunday okay so eight dead
bushes that’s all got a fight I feel like that’s gonna blow seek reliever
when you press the lever you get a dead Bush so there’s a little bit more than
this than meets the eye huh so what if there’s buttons that also give me levers
but what is noob doing here why why is he holding yo I need those bushes I’m
sorry noob what what are you even doing here did something trap you – I love you
noob but I don’t know why you’re here oh hold on we got a dead Bush right up
here sitting in a plant potted area that’s half of them baby a bow and arrow
to find a bush that seems very sketchy to me I don’t know how I feel about that
one right now alright we got to keep our eyes open for something that we
apparently have to shoot to follow speaking of the dead bushes another one
has been spotted ladies and gentlemen give me that jab give me that bush yeah
buddy look me some bushes oh two bushes for
the price of one up here Oh what about this the greenhouse yup I see a dead
Bush I’d take a dead Bush wait there’s two wait a second we’ve got a dead
bushes just like Jimmy Neutron I’m having a brain blast
legend has it in Minecraft since the very first version of alpha you could
make the garden the reason nobody knows about this graphing recipe is because it
requires dead bushes and nobody would think to use them but when you surround
them with an arrow you get the arrow of death and arrow forged from dead
butchers has extremely powerful knock back abilities which means if we play
our cards right we’ve only got one shot Sunday
it’s nothing personal I’m sorry wait a second did I just sit him to Mars he’s
gone ladies and gentlemen sunday is literally
gone he is no longer in the area in the vicinity well I think that’s a perfect
place to end this video I think I am going to claim Sunday’s impossible house
as my own do me a favor click either one of these YouTube videos YouTube is
recommending you have a wonderful fun safe blessed day keep watching your
I will see you all next time goodbye everybody


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