Networks keep booking Trump guests who can’t disparage Trump

Networks keep booking Trump guests who can’t disparage Trump

-Did you sign a non-disclosure
agreement with the campaign? Were you compensated
for your departure? -Yeah, that’s internal politics,
and nobody really cares. -Did you sign a non-disclosure
agreement? -I said what I would do
is keep confidential information confidential, and I signed a document
to that degree. -All of us who wanted to work
for the campaign, even volunteers, were signing
this non-disclosure, non-disparaging agreement. -Everyone was asked
to sign NDAs. -Everyone who worked on
that campaign and was part of it signed a non-disclosure agreement
to begin with. It’s standard operating
procedure. -It was standard
operating procedure and went with
joining the campaign. -It was a standard practice.
-I signed a non-disclosure agreement
with the Trump Organization. -I signed a non-disclosure
agreement back in 2003 for “The Apprentice.” I also signed one
for the campaign. I never signed
that Draconian NDA that they presented to me when
I walked into the White House. -Did White House staff,
including Steve, have to sign
non-disclosure agreements when they came to work
at the White House? -Uh, there’s an ethics
agreement. Beyond that, I can’t get into
any additional details. -Did you sign an NDA regarding
your campaign experience or your White House
experience? -I think everybody
signed an NDA. -Did you? -Yes, I think everybody
had to sign an NDA. -We’ve all signed one
in the West Wing. We have confidentiality
agreements in the West Wing. Absolutely, we do.
And why wouldn’t we? -Did you sign one
in the White House? -Uh, I believe I did, yes. -I did, in fact, sign a
non-disclosure agreement in May. -There was no anti-disparagement
document that I signed. -How is it that you didn’t sign
a non-disclosure agreement? -With America First?
-No, with the White House. -Well, what Omarosa’s charge
was that when I left the White House,
I “took hush money and signed a non-disclosure
agreement when I left.” I did not.
-Have you signed an NDA? -Uh, I’m not gonna get
into the back-and-forth on who has signed an NDA here
at the White House. I can tell you that it’s common in a lot of places
for employees to sign NDAs. -You work on the Trump
2020 advisory committee, and therefore,
you have signed an NDA that includes
an non-disparagement clause. So you can’t really
tell me then. -Did you ever sign
an NDA with Trump? -Yes, I did actually. -So basically, if you have
heard him say the n-word, you wouldn’t tell me
about it anyway. -No, I’m telling you the truth.


100 thoughts on “Networks keep booking Trump guests who can’t disparage Trump”

  • What are these people going to say when Don starts going down like the Titanic? To be the head of the free world requires a brain —–Let me suggest Don has been lining his pockets with Russian mob money for his condos for decades and getting away with it. Now he thinks he can bullshit his way through anything. He's not practiced at playing it straight. When it starts hitting the fan he's going to go bananas. What kind of normal person behaves like Don? What will all his faithful followers say when things start going to hell? Ho HO HO HO HO

  • That means all this network can’t invite this ppl anymore coz they will not give you accurate information and will always sing praises for Trump. So you’re basically booking a yes man/woman.

  • So I don't get this when reputable news stations invite these asses on there shows I get why there called fake news because all they do is lie anyone who signed an NDA should not be invited on these show's and they won't be called fake news come on CNN and MSNBC and other network's stop just stop there are many people out there with good honest opinion that you canbook

  • Good thing CNN isn't lying about Lanny Davis having "no comment" about a fake story he was the source on. You might actually have to cover it, not cover it UP

  • Sherri Greeydelinarez says:

    Trump the Father of Lies and his little demons Lying, lying, lying. These People are working for Trump INC. if they signed it therefore they are "Not Really working for America but the Trump Organization". Trump is the man of Lawlessness and he is changing Everything to his advantage and taking away the Power from America's institutions and it's People. Dictator Class #101. Wake Up America! Now we can "Fire their butt for not doing their job and collecting a Federal paycheck paid for by the Citizens of the United States!

  • Then stop wasting the viewers' time….we want fair and honest reporting, not BS….to put someone on that will defend every misstep or lie without question, is blatant propaganda.

  • Blink Once on Sunday! says:

    Signing an NDA for the President is unconstitutional and illegal. White House employees are not paid by Trump. Their employer is the American government and US taxpayers. The American people deserve to know the good and the bad that happens in the White House. That's called Democracy. This is grounds for Impeachment as well.

  • Out of The Heart, The Mouth Speaks, Int'l says:

    45 wanted his whole cabinet to sign that NDA. That why he new he couldn't get Comey to sign it, he just asked for mob boss loyalty from the FBI?????

  • I have worked alot of jobs. Never ever have I had to sign such a stupid thing. Since you are all Public Servants. It is Illegal for you to do so. Based on the grounds you work for the public. We have a right to know if you are not holding up to the standards that have been put forth by our republic.

    Deep State means covering up of illegal and immoral activities. NDA is the covering up of illegal and immoral activities. Trump and his Campaign have excepted foriegn funding! That was illegally Funneled to the Trump Campaign. And disguised because it is Illegal.

    Now add the Russian secret meetings. Now add the Obstruction attempts by Not only Trump but the entire GOP. Now add the Abuses of Power. F*CK THESE TRAITORS!

  • Why do government employees have to sign NDA? Is that normal? I believe they are all hiding stuff from the public and they are protecting a crooked man who lies and they have to validate those lies to keep their jobs.


  • This failure to disclose is what Trump was getting at when he said the media is dishonest. I hate it when he's right but we all now know that democracy in America is a thing of the past. The USA is a fascist state.

  • It might be normal in some corporations to sign NDA's. But when you work for the public, there is nothing that can be kept secret other than classified information. Make the blue wave a tidal wave and end this embarrassment.

  • The Washington Post is the propaganda media mouth piece for the Democratic Party and Deep State. The Deep State are Democrats and Never Trumpers in Government that want to undermine President Trump to protect the race baitors and the globalists.

  • NDA in this administration stands for National Disgrace Agreement….the agreement explicitly says they will get to grasp the brass ring but they are required to act like pieces of feces while they do.

  • These networks put them on coz they bring ratings with the nonsense they spew and by creating drama!

    They rake in billions by bastardizing their profession of honest journalism by making a sport out of it! Shame on these news networks!

  • Liberals now want to control what Trump supporters say, as I said before Liberals are the True Fascists and want to stop free speech ?

  • madboyreadynow28 says:

    To all who fall for thos fake news know this is all a marketing seem for ratings. CNN has hired many people from Fox News. The day after Trump became President he had all the top executives at Trump tower for a meeting where he became executive producer of all networks. 24/7 is all Trump. News. I am starting to believe this Muller investigation is just like another TV show.

  • This is not really a surprise. Lies are still lies even when supported by an NDA. It is the only way NOT to want to disparage Spanky. Fake news at it's best when objectivity is off the table.

  • The sane Americans know this was weird, and not legally binding. Good luck Trump supporters. Delusions of Hillary won't save your Traitor from impeachment. Also, do people still believe these idiots? They can't tell the truth…

  • NDAs are not enforceable in criminal cases. And the attempt to enforce an NDA against a witness would be evidence of obstruction of justice or conspiracy to hinder prosecution, both felonies. As far as protecting Trump in either criminal court or impeachment hearings, they are nullities.

  • You're a goverment employee, but you have to sign this paper that says you cannot talk about your public job… Trump world is crazy, the end of the video says it all… ??

  • Thanks so much for posting this, originally I couldn't understand why these people keep sticking to the party line, felt very inauthentic. It turns out these MOFOs really are fake as hell. Thanks again for the confirmation. I guess it's for good ratings or something.

  • Are NDAs covering their time in the WH actually legally binding? Is there law or court decisions that invalidate these agreements? I could google this but that would require opening a new tab, and chrome is ram greedy.

  • Wow! Forced not to be transparent; in effect deceiving the American people. They’d be attacked and sued for telling the truth. That donald j. trump is a seriously sick corrupt bastard. Enough of his nonsense America!

  • If you’re going to have these people on, please advise the audience before and after that these people have signed NDAs and have restrictions on what they can say.

  • Nothing that Trump's toadies say is credible and it is absolutely ridiculous for networks to continue giving them airtime. No other administration or campaign has ever required volunteers or staff to sign a Non-disparage agreement. None. Ever. And because Trump can't enforce the NDA/ND agreement he coerced White House staff to sign, his re-election committee hires each of them when they leave so that they will be bound by the NEW Campaign non-disparage agreement. It's obvious and insidious.

  • I'm almost as sick of the media as I am of the incumbent. Most everyone's flirting around the line where journalism starts and ratings plummet. Sure, CNN and MSNBC posture against trump, but they make a lot of money as they normalize him. As for the WaPo, its owner is the world's richest man and he can't afford to take down the paywall?

  • I would start every interview with, does this interview fall under the perview of the nondisparagment agreement. Then everytime they lie or sound like it I'd say how do we know it's the truth. Your pound by law to not tell us. Then ask them to leave.

  • Wow US, its a public office serving the people. This not only embarrassing US but also dangerous to your very democracy! Mind-blowing!

  • The networks book these lying morons because they generate ratings. It's unimportant to them whether they can, or will, speak candidly as long as the You Tube clip can be labled, "Chris Cuomo Schools Trump Troll" or some such nonsense.

  • I work for Deloitte. The worlds largest CPA firm. We all sign a NDA and a non competitive agreement. Most of the corporate world works that way.

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