Netflix recommended a movie about the dangers of social media (so i watched it)

Netflix recommended a movie about the dangers of social media (so i watched it)

how is it goin troublemakers welcome into another movie commentary Monday as you're watching this this is gonna be down all this is gonna be gone I'm gonna be on the road just like the famous book the famous American novel on the road by dr. Seuss I'm not a hundred percent certain dr. Seuss wrote it but I think there's a line in that book that says I want green eggs and ham Here I am on the road again if that's not from the book then I just made that up and that is some great poetry they say poetry is dead why is this video a wild already I don't know I'm sorry nuts cos it's gonna get worse because I'm watching a movie that I think is gonna be awful because Netflix has been pushing this on me it's not something that I really want to do what Netflix just keeps being like hey check this out keeps giving me notifications for this shit it's like hey remember this thing's still here you can watch it any time now you know Haiti it's called reality hi at one point I looked at the synopsis didn't remember it it doesn't doesn't matter doesn't matter it's a bad high school movie right it's actually crazy though that thinking that you guys will be watching this while I'm moving last time I moved last time I moved I'm you guys gave me a lot of flack because I'm pale hopefully that'll get fixed soon but I am so pale that driving through Arizona I got sunburned from sitting in my car the Sun was like coming through my window I got sunburned just on my left arm true story because I had said birches from the Sun coming through the window there's a hashtag in the title hashtag then why not just then why not just thank God Cameron Drake wants to meet you and the boys got it at midnight to make out put Meg out with the Vladimir Putin she'd even kiss it all so no offense no offense this boy right here you had an opportunity to actually get a kiss you know like she accepted your invite to come kiss you no offence EMI do but I don't I just don't think you're gonna have many opportunities take the opportunity while you got it instead of pranking ah yeah that's a face that is a face don't high-five when we break through oh shit hiss that's how you suspend your account just scroll down just scroll done suspended that wasn't me leaving in anger and I'm not at that point yet no I would retain her to at night I can't talk oh the Russian Gaul grown up did they Wow that young actress I think that young actress modeled her accent after hers her accent is kind of it's like a little bit janky but like I feel like the young girl saw that she had like this is what she's gonna grow up to be so she had to admit that young actress good job kink is in this are you fucking kidding me holy Hillary Clinton she's not wearing that do not hate on that outfit whatever I gotta go get Freddie disappointed I think he's I'm let me just guess I'm gonna guess right now he's the gay best friend really hope he's straight I just don't want him to be the stereotypical gay best friend character you know the bleachers are the best place to work out Thanksgiving came early are you talking about the best place to work out where did you get those you carry the dumbbells out to the bleachers just so you can peep on girls what other equipment do you have what do you what is it what is your workout regimen do deduce hash take kill yourself man fuck you god yes good I'm so happy that I have an excuse to dislike this guy now he went out of his way to shame her hashtag Fashion Police hashtag kill yourself good fucking hate you fuck my life could you deliver that line anymore for the audience stood up now you Fame whore fucker she does she have an assistant does she have a thirty-year-old assistant really dawg where do you have to be in your life to escort a teenager girl through high school day oh that's the Russian could sui is my service dog oh wait she's Spanish my knight really Oh followers will love to know dogs and disabled people what is this camera that you're using using your iPhone camera right so this what program are you using your shooting vertical yet somehow it's widescreen and what's this thing in the mitt what up bitches shut your fucking mouth sniffing this magic marker this is an outrage and I deny all charges trying too hard not the actor okay okay yeah I like this character I feel like they're trying to do too much with him just let him let him be in the scene and then make jokes you know work is always miss Barnes oh yes good grades are hilarious Danny I don't think that that is what they're laughing at their own homage Danny their feet gloves actually we're laughing at her I kind of wish they weren't I wish I wish she had like a victim mentality like she always thinks everyone's after her but no one really really cares about her that would actually be a good plot for a movie actually isn't that Ciera Burgess hey hey today no bro can you be a little more with how you're checking around wow you really know what you're doing yeah she's fucking and employed there I don't wear a retainer yeah you do what it glows in the dark why is he so out of it like I will not allow you to deny the retainer fucking come from the other side of the building she wears a motherfucking retainer huh put some respect on that retainer fucking chill big dog hi there see you Oh best and prettiest oh I'm not gonna make fun of her her daughter committed suicide I really wanna make fun of her though the streaks in her hair the pink streaks high school so maybe just I'm gonna punch that kid so fucking bad gives a girlfriend he's a girlfriend why is she so excited girlfriend hey ask her out I'm working on something what facial hair fuck you dog some people don't grow this fast you're with her coz she's the hottest girl in school hey this guy's acting I hate this guy's acting I feel like he's trying too hard with this body Dawg just stand there and deliver your lines like Darwin said no bro dude just look to your left the dude right there is doing a good job science science RAM is making a mean white russian I really hope he's straight just because I want him to be after her and I want him to be jealous Sun snow I never just say Danny Danny who's Danny oh I shouldn't pay attention to names it's not her fault she sees a doggy door for well so there is a Russian wait I don't I don't know is there a Russian and then a Hispanic person I mean here don't you usually spend your nights at the kennels with the other bitches Cameron told me what you did forget suya stay away from my boyfriend of my dog pig breath is that the same girl is that the same girl but she just can't figure out her own accents is that what's happening or are there two different girls cuz they're two distinct accents in my head I guess maybe I'm hearing a weird Danielle oh yeah yes yes yes yes he's into her but did you notice before she's taller than him it's just not gonna work out I don't make the rules I'm sorry it's just not gonna happen you can't be the prime love interest and also be shorter than her it's just not how it works first I gotta tell you something mr. shott if you lose it now I just got first painting Calvin Harris's agents son used to be best friends with a kid I pray to God Calvin Harris is not actually in this please tell me Calvin Harris doesn't make a cameo Please Please Calvin Harris I like your music I will never listen to another song of yours ever if you are in this movie who's Alexa wait Alexa like his Amazon just Amazon's breaking up with him Alexa Mende Mende no mandingo what's her name 8.2 million followers before the movie you said 9 million you fucking liar my name is Nick I'm a huge dad okay see that's stupid that's stupid you did it just for the bit dad comes in make it feel organic like make it feel like dad was actually there for a reason you didn't just open the door just to get a laugh from the audience that's about execution actually it's not about joke I'm a big slut he s he's coming in but then it's just the next day look summer go to camera last night and guess who she's dating Suzie I love this gang oh no no you are not oh girl Aleksey you are in for a ride you've had a crush on Cameron since the fourth grade remember that song we used to sing Cameron cam oh it's a pretty lame song that song we used to sing what would the lyrics again oh that's right Cameron Cameron Cameron Cameron Cameron Cameron was the next part again oh yeah Cameron Cameron like he couldn't come up with some lyrics to that song not even oMG you guys stop no one says oMG no adult ever has said oMG in a non ironic way whoa you see the difference the difference yo I'm sorry it's not gonna work like oh he looks high he looks so high I can't wear my interview outfit to a party my dad gave me his credit card oh all you have come to the right place you're gonna allow this 45 year old single woman who has streaks of pink and white in her hair to make fashion choices for you shouldn't you get there at night it's not a night party it's a day party or did you just arrive early nice earring I like that earring I didn't tell you right no you didn't you did forget to mention that sir three months dude this is your fault this is so your fault also no offense but have you ever seen a swimmer before without a six-pack I'm just saying I'm not body shaming I'm just saying for the role he's like an Olympic level swimmer do should be shredded to high hell is that never been dig Danny never been nicked Danny can you stop stop with the physical acting Jimbo fucking day high school parties to these happen they don't happen in Wisconsin well I just wasn't invited to them no I'm watching a Jay operas vlog I can't swim Betty teaches her let me teach you I don't think he's super short he's probably five seven that's not bad plenty of girls five three five four that you can go after a five nine girl though I don't oh please please do not do slow-mo as she takes off her rope and then shocked face shocked face watch this I already know it's evidence oh yeah cue the music Oh slow-mo that's a positive shocked face there it is this that's why what it said shocked face right in the script this whole thing is lit like a music video every single scene has been lit like a music video man they are too saturated that was the most fun I've had in the water in a long time Bob's Big Boy that sounds xxx shit is that fouseytube is that fucking fouseytube he better not fucking oh boy oh boy just make sure you get my ass in the shot okay of course oh my god that's fousey with sis thanks for spelling it out for me I had no idea I've been in since I was a kid corny as it sounds my dreams to study marine biology I fucking knew it we found two things you love no he isn't love swimming he said before he's like his most fun I had in the water in a long time that doesn't even like swimming love swimming my bad he just wants me to go to Olympus and take over his dealership why does every rich fucking person have a dealership god damn it I hate that I fucking said that because I'm running a book and in the first chapter the rich kid his father owns a dealership I'm not to change that you know fuck it when the book comes out you guys can watch this video be like I we know you the first person I ever brought here I must be special you are you are oh fuck yo I love you to go to the bonfire with me yes I would huge have a fire so be damnit even from a distance he's overacting bro calm keep your ass your side or something Suzie don't Alexa to remind you about the Bar Mitzvah yes I remember she ain't going to that then you forget your first paying gig ha ha we'll see I was thinking that maybe after the baronet's value and I could go to big E's you like 5/6 look at that sight line look at him look at his eyes look at him looking down yeah those are some nice shoes oh thank you may I escort you to class you may sit cringe I think they're both good people and everything but I kind of hope they don't end up together because of that that was awkward well he can't get the girl either cuz he ran in like that ah sit your big ass down wait what is this what is this dog none of the characters in the movie are a part of the cheerleading crew there is no point to it whatsoever this is so awkward are she crying she had a heart we're supposed to feel sorry for her she's been so one-dimensional allmovie can't to say sorry people we're doing the same thing to me that I have been doing to you when you're not even recording you're not even recording yeah when you're recording it's a square I won't ask to be friends again mother per Sunday should we like something so we'd like a hoggin or something yeah hi yes I enjoyed a hug can we be friends again I got to get out of here why wouldn't you like stay to hang out for a little bit or something I don't know so sketch there's nothing like inherently wrong with this movie what your policy yikes just as I was saying it there's nothing like inherently wrong with the movie it's just it's just boring you know there's nothing really happening that's important that I really care about doors in my evil why is there a cameraman following her around does she have a reality show or something Netflix Netflix Netflix this movies already long enough as it is I can't have it slowed down this bad kid inks party tonight you don't have to sell me on kid ink you really do Freddy again just owe me ta where the hell are ya she forgot I almost predicted that oh wait no I did predict that good job Dylan no actually it's not good job Yulin that's bad job movie oh my god is that kidding you're kidding he looks like Chris Brown if Chris Brown got punched in the face of lunch as a kid he short – yeah you can't get with her dude well nice to meet you Danny yeah just handshake stop stop okay I can't I can't watch this dude on the screen anymore I'm not close my eyes every scene he's in that I can see what camera likes you oh is that weird to bring up get the fuck out of here Baldy we don't need your midnight snacks I really don't want the the social media girl to be a villain you just kind of see that plot coming where she's gonna get a revenge on the girl who stole her boyfriend you know but I want the plot to not be so predictable I guess I always feel like someone's recording me when they're holding the phone say hey man what's up what's up yeah no no I'm not not recording I'm paranoid though so this is the break up the friendship breakup friends are you high again already been crying you might have been crying one second I was in Malibu shopping and the next I was freaking kidding oh don't you just sound like you're rubbing it in like one second I was getting a bunch of free clothes in another second I was at at this celebrity party I mean I had a tough weekend too I'm sorry you know how I said I didn't want Alexa to be a villain you sure okay the actors to shut up so I can talk cuz I don't care about their friendship whatsoever so if Alexa's not the villain I don't really care what happens to anyone I don't care what happens to anyone if a plane just came out of the sky and crashing to school and then it was like an explosion and then the hashtag reality hi just kind of faded on the screen and it was like end I'd be like okay that's fine you wanted me to skip hanging out with kid ink so that I could drive you to some thirteen year olds birthday party I just had the best night of my life why can't you just be happy for me because you said you were gonna fucking drive me bitch just because they're cool and you're not Freddie doesn't mean they're fake no she should be apologizing you've clearly bailed that they're saying you were gonna be there for him that's that's on you hello oh my god I'm gonna be on hashtag reality hide this week what is hashtag reality hi we've literally never addressed this what is this you've literally gone the whole movie never explaining what reality high is duh we have 30 minutes left and it's the name of the movie shockingly I've been paying attention to this movie the whole time I need to check out I need to just check my brain out she brought them to the fucking is she drunk you've built this program to national prominence one stroke at a time by missing my meet the showing up drunk okay Alexa you're bitching about all your options you don't get what's going on with you ah this is like an after-school special now you're drinking during the day I don't think we should date anymore eyes closed we lost the venue for the adoption event because you didn't submit the permit well I meant to do it but I just forgot I mean you just forgot I was out having fun what's your Excuse I was having fun okay don't blame me for missing your stupid pet adoption agency thing because I was out having fun and what's more important than fun nothing zero bitch you guys ready oh okay okay okay I know what's gonna happen she's gonna get a really bad cut she's gonna be made into like a bad guy yeah yeah P up into her reality hi vlog oh it's a YouTube video why they are watching their phones can she like hook it up to the TV and watch it I'll say you know II I mean what that wasn't the audio piss everyone off cuz it's gonna be off like like my fraction of a second under my wing yeah okay see just what I predicted but guess what the sister was recording the thing before when Alexa came over to make up with her but that gets leaked I'm obsessed with her life watch YouTube she has a drinking problem she was recording before oh I just just registering that now she was recording with the camera fucking called that shit man that's why it's good to be paranoid haha now getting in here government I can't believe I was stupid enough to trust you get out you leave now you're calling with your acting me that's it bro you've been all over the fucking screen the whole movie and now you're gonna be like you need to go what I can't believe you fell for it thank you okay that is a middle-aged woman what is she doing in class I'm sorry like I don't mean to call it the wrinkles on your face but you are at least 40 years old this woman is 40 dog dog we really couldn't get a regular extra we couldn't get a teenage extra that was really messed up even for you I'm out of here oh wait why did I not say this earlier we have another gay best friend character I knew the movies gonna do one of them hey baby girl hi dad come in are you gonna have importance in this movie you've been absent for a present father you have been shockingly absent in your daughter's life you have had no screen time don't come in try to drop wisdom no no how are you doing I noticed a lot of stuff around here I just don't say anything I stay in the shadows everyone at school thinks I'm some obsessed stalker but you're not right right so who cares if I was a dad I'd be like are you cuz that was a very non-committal answer you're not stalker are you no not right right when you graduate you won't see it half of those people ever again half I haven't seen anyone from my high school in forever they might all be dead I don't know I haven't seen him I'm sorry for not driving you to the bar mitzva sketch that's sketch you you ditch him you're like you're not cool enough for me anymore so you ditch him but now that your popularity has sunk to the point of infamy now you want him as a friend again if I was him I'd be like no you only want me as a friend because you don't have anyone else in anymore and I'm sorry I was a jerk too not really you were justified I'm Danny Barnes most of you know me as Alexa MIDI watching you just started your live who's on your notifications like I gotta watch that right away none of your haters why not make a video and then release it you know to get likes from a bunch of people that I don't even like before it was like angry faces and stuff but now everyone's like one over it's all like hearts and Smiley's and thumbs up even weirdest fuck I lost myself get the fuck out of here no one is could know what you don't understand how social media works they will bash you until you have irrefutable proof that you are innocent until then people are sunk into their opinions you are still stalker girl you've done nothing to disprove that for a movie about social media you have to understand social media I'm not I'm not even gonna pat myself on the back for calling it cuz it's like a terrible movie like I want to be right on my predictions and good movies cuz good movies don't follow a formula but the girl wasn't even recording before you saw her you saw her it was the red circle you have to press that in order to start recording god dammit why he quit making this slower oh no why why are you choppy now I'm never gonna get through this movie Netflix Netflix is just straight being like fuck you I know it because they didn't telling y'all yeah I need to go hit up my homegirl Danny's PS 390 followers watching his life 390 viewers how many of those people are in the area maybe one kidding sent one person so thanks kidding for sending one fucking person to this place to the pet adoptions 390 people below they estimated kidding fanbase if he goes live 390 people tops all the bonfire holy shit there's still whole fucking thing to do the movie has way bigger sins than that still hate you yeah down by the ocean being a pensive little bitch I am my virgin what dingleberry started that rumor about that's hooking up in his Mustang but I never even got in his car after that a lot of guys started noticing me so why are you giving her a whole arc in the last 11 minutes 11 minutes ago and now she had this like malicious rumor spread about how she hooked up with a guy that she never even got into his car why are you bringing this in now her character doesn't need it don't try to flush the character out with five minutes to go before the credits dawg I hope there's no credits on this movie because no one deserves credit for this demerits I hope there's a demerit section who did the shittiest he's brooding gives good advice and it's not the best woman have you seen him why does it sound like you're talking in a tunnel listen to this audio especially dogs gives good advice in it why what this isn't the prat no because obviously we're on the ocean it's hard to get good clean audio cuz the waves like they really like overtake the voices not the best in the wind so I can actually dubbing it but why did you dub it and make it sound like this in that case you're welcome why is there that like ring to it you're outdoors it sounds like they just like literally set up in someone's living room to record the audio you got to get into a booth the record you never lost me you broke up with her I'm saying I don't think we should be together never quit creeping dog oh no eating carbs that's how you know she's lost as a villain if you eat carbs it's over what's that grandma doing here oh thank you thank you thank you thank you so much for being over okay you think that's enough punishment I mean entertainment for today I hope you guys enjoyed this one next week there's gonna be another one I recorded it a few weeks ago that I'll upload and then after that I think it's gonna be just new apartment remove a commentary Monday so different backgrounds I'm gonna try to something cool cuz this one was always just like a temporary thing so I hope you guys stick around and see a new one I put together ok guys this movie commentary is over it's completed it's it's done no more commentary I love you guys and I will see you around


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