Nenu Chusukunta ga.. | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

Nenu Chusukunta ga.. | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

‘Viewers of Wirally, please find and hit
the bell and never miss any notification from us.’ ‘Hurry up!
Do you think they did hit the bell?’ Wow! A sale is going on.
But other than the rent money, I’ve no money on me. Ravi said he’ll pay my rent too. So, I guess I can shop.
I’d rather confirm with him. Ravi, where are you? Onwer wants us
to pay the rent. When will you be back home? I’m just around the corner. I’ll be there in 10.
– Is it? Fine. Get here soon, else the owner will murder me. Don’t worry, bro. I’ll take care of it.
– Lovely! So, he is going to take care of it. So, now, I can use up all
my rent money on shopping. Pay the rent, my foot. If I go late,
Shiva would somehow pay off the owner his rent. Open up!
I said open up! What is it, sir? You’ve ruined my sleep.
– You don’t pay rent but still take naps? What? My buddy didn’t pay you the rent?
He said he’ll take care of the rent this month. You needn’t pay the rent anymore.
Just pack your bags and vacate. Right away! Sir, I swear. He said he’ll take care.
– Take care of what? Me? Get out of here. Vacate this place!
I don’t want to see your faces ever again in my life. Please, keep this ring until we pay the rent.
– I don’t want this ring. It won’t even fit. Pay the rent and take back your ring. What losers!
– Sir, can I have the ring back? I shouldn’t have trusted Ravi. You’ve been up all night and have been studying.
Are you preparing for government exams? I’ve a job interview today. It is like a dream job.
If I land the job, I’ll be set for life. Which company is it by the way?
– Tamada Media. Managers and HRs at Tamada Media are my homies.
– You should’ve told me before. I wouldn’t have stressed so much. I’ll put in a word for you with them. The job is yours.
– Thanks a lot, bro. He says the job is yours! So, you’re set for life.
– Now go to the interview, I’ll take care of it. Do you know whom you are stopping?
You’ll know soon. Step out of my way. Stop there. Who the duck are you?
– I’m the errand boy, sir. Go get me a coffee. Fetch.
– Who is he? Don’t waste your time, people.
Go home. This job is mine. Is Chaitanya here?
– That’s me. I’m coming. – That you should. You heard that? I’ve been called.
Get ready to go home. You better ask for permission before letting yourself in.
And don’t you spread your legs like that. Oh, cut it! Give me my offer letter. I’ve to go home.
– I didn’t even begin your interview. Didn’t my friend, and also your friend, not call you yet?
– Whom are you talking about? No one called me. Shut it and wait for your phone to ring.
– Is it? Alright. ‘Why doesn’t Ravi call yet?’
– We’ve waited enough. I think it is time you get out. S-Sir, let’s wait a little more. I’m sure he’ll call.
– Hey, security! Kick this retard out of here. Sir, please!
You idiot! You shattered my dreams! Sorry, bro. I fell asleep. – What!
– It is just an interview. Get a hold over yourself. If not this job, you’ll land another. I’ll take care of it.
– Bro, please, let me be. This guy is blushing.
Hey, why are you blushing? You like that girl? Yes, I’ve been trying to make a move for days now.
But, she doesn’t even look at me. She acts odd at times. She loves pets. She gets on the bus on the 199 route.
I love the way she has her ice cream while it rains! You should’ve told me before. I know that girl.
– What? You know that girl? Of course! We’re like good friends.
– Bro, could you please introduce me to her? Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.
You be right here. Excuse me? Hello!
– Yes? – My name is Ravi Teja. You look so pretty.
I’ve been watching you since many days right from there. He is telling her about me!
– I like even the very little things you do. He is hyping me up! Lovely!
– I love the way you eat ice cream while it rains. You hop on a 199 route bus. I take that bus too and follow you.
– Is it? There is a lot more I wanted to tell you.
But, too bad, I don’t have your number for that. Sure. Give me your number. Here is my number. I’ll ping.
– What a friend! Bye, then.
– Yeah, bye! Ravi, did you tell her about me?
– I’m sorry, Kiran. That girl says she is in love with me.
I tried telling her about you too. But she said she loves no one but me.
She even took my number. I’m so sorry, Kiran. This is what you meant by taking care?
You bloody backstabber. Won’t you ever change? Chaitu, where are you?
– I’m at home. – I’m at the police station. You’ve been locked up? Why?
– I signed on a Rs. 25 lakhs surety document for my friend. That friend is now absconding,
so I’ve been locked up. I’m scared, bro. I’ll try to do something and get you out.
– Please, bro, do something. Quick.. Sir, don’t! What is the matter?
– Shiva has been locked up. – Locked up? Don’t worry.
I can pull a few strings. I’ll take care. Please, do. I’ll go check on him.
– Yeah, sure. Hello? Who is this?
– Why do you care? Why did you arrest Shiva? You think you’re some tough guy?
You know who I’m friends with? I’m friends with the MLAs. How many years of service do you got?
Tell me your badge number. Track the call. – Tracking, sir.
– You think you’re big enough to pick up my friend? You better let Shiva go. Else, you’ll pay for it.
– Yes, sir. Sure, sir. I’ll let him go, sir. Did you trace his location?
– Yes, sir, I did. – Trace? Did they just trace my location?
I rather flee from here. Who is Shiva here?
– Sir, it is me. I’m Shiva. – I see. Who just rang up?
– Sir, he is my best friend. Sir, can I do the honours? ‘You think you’re big enough to pick up my friend?
– You’re dealing too lightly with him. I’ll show you. Take off your shirt!
– Y-Yes, sir. Shiva! Are you alright?
Did they beat you? That is a no-brainer. They beat the shit out of me
as if they are avenging something. What did you say to him on the phone?
– I didn’t. Ravi did. Bro, what’s the problem? Come sit here.
– Something is not right. Shiva get him some water.
– Calm down and relax. Here, have some water. So, tell us, what is the matter?
– My girlfriend and I were at a private space. A private space? So naughty!
– Her brother saw us doing it. He hired some goons and they are after me.
They’ll kill me if they spot me. I shouldn’t have taken an off from work today.
– Guys, please! Save me. You guys alone can! Save him? From what? – They’ll kill him?
– We shouldn’t have let him in. Please, save me!
– Ravi can take care! – Why are they all staring at me? ‘Shall we drag him into this?’
Ravi, come here. Yes, what’s the matter? Who is he?
– He is our friend. He was doing it with his girl..
– Wait! I’ll tell him what happened. Some guys were teasing a girl
and he tried to stop them. And now, they want to kill him. Kill him! How dare they! Who are they anyway?
– They are waiting right outside. Kiddo, don’t worry. I’ll take care of this.
– You alone should take care of this. Yes, I alone will! Yes? What is the matter? Speak up!
– Where did that guy go? That guy is my best friend. Why do you ask?
– We need to talk to him. Bring him out. If you want to talk to him,
first talk to me. Come on, speak up! What the.. Beat the shit out of him!
– What are you staring at? Speak up, pussy! Hey, please!
Don’t beat me! Please! I asked you to speak up, not beat up.
Is this how you treat people? I think you are plotting some revenge.
Step out of my way. What is the matter?
Tell me and I’ll take care. I’m sure you know people who are like me.
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