Nenu Ammama || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

Nenu Ammama || Dhethadi || Tamada Media

How much for the ride?
– Rs. 250. – Let me get those. Rs. 250? Train fare from Nizamabad
to Hyderabad is Rs. 250 and you charge as much for this short ride?
– I'm charging according to the meter. Calm down, granny!
Here you go. Let's go.
Cost of living in Hyderabad is high. Aren't you using natural oil?
– This too is natural oil. Aloe Vera oil. People in this city
use this, so do I. What is Aloe Vera?
– Well, it is Indian Aloe. It doesn't cause hairfall, does it?
Your granddad loves my hair. No, it doesn't. Infact, it helps
prevent hair fall. That is why I use it. Use this oil and see how easily
you sweep granddad off his feet. In that case, buy a couple
of bottles of this oil. I'll take them back to Nizambad. Yeah, fine.
Now give this back to me. I promise, I'll buy you
a couple of these. Granny, bye! Granny, he is Naviketh
and Naviketh, she is my granny. You guys keep talking.
I'll go and freshen up. What is your name?
– Naviketh. – That I already know. She said it. What do you do?
– I'm Harika's colleague at work. After work, you should go home.
Why did you come to our home? Since it was late,
I thought I'd drop her home. Do you drop every girl home
after it is dark? Is that your day job?
– Good joke, granny. So, what are you both chatting about?
– I was telling her about our office. Are you asking him
who I get along with and who I quarrel with? Cool down, Harika!
Elderly people have seen a lot of life. Whatever they do is for our good.
Just respect elderly people. Trying to win her over, huh?
I'll kick you in your guts. Yours too..
– It is getting late. I'll leave. Stay back. Have dinner and then leave.
– Alright. Maybe you've some errands to run.
So, go home for now. Cute granny! Alright, I'll leave now.
– Yeah, bye! You spoiled all my reputation.
– I was only being strict with him. No, you were illiberal with him. I guess you are hungry.
That is why you are yelling at me. Right, I'm hungry.
So, get me something to eat. Hurry up! Just dal?
I thought you'd have made chicken. Don't push such huge morsels
down my throat! Stop being on the phone and have your meal.
– Let me play this game. Is playing that game so important?
Can't you put it aside for a little while? Wait, the game is at the end.
Because of you, I lost. Granny, I need a help.
– What? – I need Rs. 10,000. What for? You spent all your salary already?
– Just give me the money, will you? Why do you care what I do with my money?
– Yeah, right. So, I don't care giving you a penny. Now is not the time for comebacks, granny.
Are you giving me the money or not? Fine. I'll give you the money while leaving.
– I'm done. – Have some more! I'll take that pack of biscuits too.
Yes, the one below it. Yes, granny? – 'Where are you?'
– At the grocers next street. Why? 'While you are there,
get me the Aloe Vera oil I asked you.' 'I'll take it back to village.'
– Alright. – 'Don't forget.' Of course, I won't!
– 'Alright. Be back home soon.' She'll kill me if I don't buy that oil now.
One Aloe Vera oil, please. How much for this all? Granny, tell me some bed time tale,
just like the old days. I only remember one bedtime tale,
which my granny told me. Shall I tell that? Go ahead.
– Once upon a time, there was a king. And that king had seven sons
and the seven sons had seven fishes. I know that old story already.
Tell me something new. You ask me to tell you a story
and when I start telling you one, you don't let me. Alright. Say it.
– Once upon a time, there was a king. The king had seven sons
and they all went hunting and caught seven fishes. One of the seven fishes didn't dry up.
Upon asking that fish why it didn't dry up it said the thick grass cover blocked the sun out.
Upon asking the grass why it blocked out the sun it said the cow didn't come grazing.
Upon asking the grass why it didn't go grazing.. She is asleep already.
She asked me to tell a story but she is already asleep. Greetings, people! So, I tried showing
some of the things that happen between me and my granny. If you could relate, share it with your grannys.
I hope you all liked this video. Do like, share, comment
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