21 thoughts on “Neighbors From Hell | 20/20 | ABC News”

  • Stephen Phillips says:

    If we don't have an immediate law violation we can't do anything about it fml…well I suggest you make something up like yous always do云不

  • go hunting humans is the only way. yo stupid cops they ARE threatening her and soon it they will kill her pets then it would be her family then what you mightarrest the nutcase drugy and his drug house? the township should have taken his house away from him after the first swat raid!! plus all townships should have interveiws before people are allowed to buy homes in that town-harsh I know but there should be background checks on all sides. second half get the neighbors and their pitch forks and fire and run him out of town.

  • Sometimes you need to invest in a kid who knows how to keep his mouth shut, a can of gas with a box of matches and you and the wife take a trip for the weekend at the same time the assholes car / truck / shed / garage /boat or whatever burns. Not his house don't want to hurt anybody. Yet!!

  • Im happy our neighbours are so friendly and inviting! The first day we moved in our neighbours through a party for us and gave us some furniture and soaps as a welcome!

  • Bottom Line: if your neighbor has a SWAT team breaking into their house, put your house up for sale the next day and move some renters in there, also immediately. Do not wait for anything else to occur that you may have to disclose and which would lower the property value.

  • Reverent Consciousness says:

    Police are useless… we had to take our neighbor from hell to court. I'm now in process of collecting evidence for next court date. Courts have better common sense.

    My neighbor from hell was allowed to file a false report, while I had a TRO on them. Police didn't even bother to come out… We can't sell, no one wants to buy!!! They at one point, pointed a gun at my house… Police did nothing (???). Courts are only way… Cameras, pictures, evidence…

  • Christopher Smith says:

    Fing bully killing innocent animals to throw on their property. I guarantee if grab him by the neck he will shat himself. Big coward

  • Polly Stamper says:

    There have been some cases the neighbors have been so crazy they have killed. It's scary and no one should have to deal with the bullshit

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