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  • CaliforniaCheez says:

    So where is the charge? Investigating corruption?!! They have zero evidence. This joker can't even articulate a bit of evidence. If it gets to the Senate the President will get to bring up the the fake Steele document, the FISA court abuse, the bugging of the Trump campaign, the false information that started the Mueller team of socialists investigation, the leaks that were lie after lie, etc. The Senate won't call it a rush to judgement, they will call it the rush to lie. The Senate will go on the offensive against the swamp and publicly embarrass the socialists. The American people will see how Schiff, and all the socialists lied. There is no way they can spin the disaster. There comes a time to put up or shut up. The socialists are going to have to shut up DURING AN ELECTION YEAR!! With no removal from office possible, you have to wonder why the socialists are even doing this. They know they can't win and will lose badly.

  • Don't forget he's funneling public tax money into his business by having military and representatives stay at his resorts and various properties

  • miguel. A Zaragoza says:

    Looking at chiff n nuñez. Is like looking at good vs evil ! Republicans are all corrupt = evil! Democrats = good! Will defeat all the evil trump organizations

  • michael armstrong says:

    No matter how many American voters are disgusted with Trump, how do we guarantee he doesn't win through fraud again. On the other hand if a new President does get elected and Trump is found guilty after he leaves officr then its is far less likely he would get a pardon if that is even possible for Income Tax fraud

  • Carolyn Gregory says:

    Trump LOST the Popular Vote in 2016 … What is to stop the Electoral College from installing him as President again?

  • Why isn't anyone curious as to what the President of Ukraine would say regarding this whole circus. I figure it would be the first measure of truth whether or not Trump was guilty, coming directly from the person on the other end of the phone call. I haven't seen anything after the President of Ukraine and Trump were on that press conference a while back.

  • Jean Redman-Roberts says:

    Speaker Pelosie was forced into the impeachment- Trump was meddling with 2020 election. Impeachment process highlights this. This hopefully this wakes us all up to the danger to our freedom and the rule of law. Even American billionaires would not like living under Trump autocracy. Women, blacks, Hispanic communities all will keep getting short end of the stick. Collusion with foreign powers can not be established as a precedent.

  • Obstruction of justice? Do a little research. Dem & Republican presidents have been asking staff members to ignore congressional subpoenas for decades

  • Oh if Trump sends people to defend him then he will more or less say this is a legit hearing. But on the other hand they if they don't send people then they can keep calling this a witchhunt… We all know he will not send anyone to this inquiry cause that will look bad for Trump cause he will no longer be able to deny that the WH doesn't have there say. Cause they are offered and have the opportunity to go in and argue whatever that they want to argue about. The GOP argue, but they forget that this is the rules that they put into impeachment etc.. Like I said Trump administration will dodge and bring forth witnesses etc but then yell that they aren't allowed to defend themselves… YOU can't have it both ways..

  • jacklyn wardlow says:

    Who do you think of when you think of which candidate is the most honest? That would be our best President!


  • Yolande Robinson says:

    It’s obvious to Democrats that Trump is a failure and a threat to the US in so many ways. BUT how can we inform his Republican base that? There must be a smarter way of communicating that to them. ATM it seems that the Dems are only preaching to the converted without making a difference to the vote.

  • Treason Bribery and high crimes ALL APPLY. Our nation is under attack from the inside and the out the GOP is willingly participating in the destruction of the American Democracy.

  • Dear MSNBC host and Mr Katyal, the
    case against Trump by Katyal is daunting. Great work Mr Katyal. As someone watching
    the Trump Administration's legal woes for more than 1,050 days from across the
    world, what I see boils down to this: Sometimes you win by losing. What do I mean
    by that? In spite of your findings about the wrongdoings of President Trump, if
    the Impeachment Hearings have done one thing, those of us with any doubt if
    Trump should be removed from office are now completely convinced that he is
    unfit for high office. It doesn't matter now, the whole world knows who is the culprit.

  • The electorial college is the reason he shouldn't be allowed to run.. shady liars Republicans would just give those votes to their favorite "trump".

  • I think Americans are waking up to all the crap that has been going on in both parties. I heard Trump say, "Look into it…" I heard no threat that if he didn't look into it, there would be no aid. Shame on MSNBC for saying that this was a threat.

  • If this is Constitutional Crisis, as Pelosi says, then why did she allow the House to go on vacation before the issue was settled?

  • This is what's happening in cities all across America Social Security laws are being broken these lawyers fraudulently stealing people money and defying judges orders this is the real world mr. Trump is just showing it to you and we go to jail for taxes ask Wesley Snipes

  • Trump comitted crimes. Would anyone allow a criminal to escape prosecution for, let's say bank robery, because he's a politician? "Put it to the people"? A criminal must not be allowed to reign. 'Nuff said.

  • there is about 15 % of the DNC that does not want any part of this. Too bad that 85% of the DNC is to the extreme Left. And they will nominate someone that is not electable out side of the Old USSR or CA (Same place)

  • Adds to the reason that SCOTUS has jurisdiction over cases dealing with ambassadors and foreign ministers. Justice Joseph Story wrote, "every question involving the rights, powers, duties, and privileges of public ministers were so intimately connected with the public peace, and policy, and diplomacy of the nation, and touches the dignity and interest of the sovereigns."

  • Theresa Johnson says:

    YES, if OBAMA had broken all the LAWS that Trump has broken, than the Law would have been seen as different in the eyes of racist people; McConnell would have wanted to impeach the BLACK MAN without any answers, but now all trumps and his followers has been caught committing crimes on the American people they are trying to hide all their wrong doing, so now this white racist and his followers are acting like they are surprised that this is a thug and a monster for Putin.

  • Richard Hammonds says:


  • Neal Katyal need to be impeached immediately for hatred and lying without reasons. People like him must be pursuing an agenda to destroy America. Neal Katyal is the real enemy within America and must be investigated and indicted accordingly.

  • Getting bored of this now. Basically people are too dumb, corrupt or weak to get trump to go away. Can we talk about something else now. #yaboring

  • This whole thing has moved past left vs right, Democrats vs Republicans, Trump vs no Trump. We are now at right vs wrong. We are now at the point where we have to decide whether or not we are willing to tolerate a criminal in the highest office in the country. It's now about Americas position in the world and in history.

  • so lets see – BRIBERY, constant PATHOLOGICAL LYING ( 14,000+ DOCUMENTED LIES AND COUNTING )….TRAITOROUS BEHAVIOR….taking PUTINS word over Americans Own intelligence agencies / HELSINKI…….CHILD KIDNAPPING & CAGING of 1000's of children….Endangering the Lives of Oppositional Congress women…SWINDLER ( TRUMP U ) …STEALING from his own charities for Vets ( He and Family band from Charitable foundations ),  COUNTLESS EMOLUMENTS VIOLATIONS / Profiting OFF the Presidency..PAYING OFF PORNSTARS with campaign $$$ ……admitted PUSSYGRABBEROF MULTIPAL WOMEN / and numerous accusations of SEXUAL ASSAULT from MULTIPAL Women …the list goes on and on and on….but sure…IMPEACH  a DEM President for LYING about a Consensual adult affair BJ in the WH ………can you say BLATANT HYPOCRACIES?????

  • To be fair. Trump should of been removed the day he sent Spencer to go lie to the American people. Trump is not fit for anything.

  • Going to the election in 2020 to give a fair decision is not feasible given the gross gerrymandering, voter suppression and intimidation, together with the unjust Senate seats comparative to the population or size of the state. Trump could be elected again.

  • Alfred De Souza says:

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  • Alfred De Souza says:

    #🌏💡🇬🇧👑🇺🇸💕👍: RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS! A Sunday Reflection! “ Was |Real🇺🇸POTUS45|#🇬🇧👑StateOfTheUnionRespects?|#🇬🇧👑RedCarpetNonetheless! RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS!~#🇬🇧👑🇺🇸💕🎉💃🌹🎁✊️🌲👍👏✌️🙏:~#🇬🇧👑🇺🇸🌏💡💕NationalAnthems!{. RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS!{.

  • Rose Petit Frere says:

    WHEN trump is acquitted in the Senate,the final nail in the Amerikkkan democracy coffin ⚰️ would have been placed!!!!

  • Treat him like the average American, if you have legal council fine, if not one will be appointed for you. Miranda rights? Bookem Danno

  • It’s not gonna happen. You all have been preaching this crap for years. Dec 9 is coming and you all will be crying. Idiots

  • The Republicans didn't go to the Ukrainians to dig up dirt on the Bidens. They went to CREATE dirt on the Bidens. They wanted Zelensky only to make an announcement dictated in a manner that Barr and Giuliani would take it from that point. They used military aid as leverage. Had the whistleblower not come forward, The aid will to this day, would not have been released. Barr would be having a field day creating a more effective conspiracy theory! Trump would be doing Putin's bidding again as he did in Helsinki, Syria, Moldova, the sea of Azov and Ukraine. It's about laundering Russian money! The Republicans need to get their party back! They are now a bunch of corrupted, money-hungry treasonous, self-serving traitors to our constitution.

  • This is another example for the Dems backing off the most important issues like in mullers not following the money. Bolton is key call him he should be subpoena if he shows or not, but now the judge says he has to comply. there is no excuse

  • I heard a message, it talked about how Trump threatened our Nation security how he lied and people quit or lost their jobs and more……. IT Ended up saying – it wasn’t just a phone call. I thought that was so smart because that’s one of the things the Republicans are saying!

  • I dont get it. What's 'fair' he was represented at the inquiry, he's been notified to attend the hearing or send a representative. He comitted a crime against the country. He attacked and still continues to attack the constitution he vowed to defend. Damnit. Trump hates America. IMPEACH!!!.

  • "he gave me freedom, i realized who i was, i am my father's son" find out why, find out what media isn't telling you and a little about why.

  • aint nobody getting impeached
    only way chump will be impeached is with real people physically stand in front of him COWARDS ALWAYS RUN

  • As Lindsey Graham said 20 years ago, it's about cleansing the oval office and restoring honor to the presidency. The fact that he committed multiple crimes is somewhat beside the point when it comes to impeachment. He abused his power and dishonored the country, he must be held at least a little accountable or else you're saying that "presidents" can do whatever they want. That's a dictator, not a president.

  • So what? Never impeach a president no matter how corrupt?? And then after the next election the GOP would say well you knew that the man was a crook and you did nothing. Circular cult thinking.

  • N.G.H. Calmarena says:

    Neall Katyal, what a clear and educated mind, how easily it is to see the BS in the current discussion and the the valuable parts when you listen to him – I'm sorry that GOP almost exclusively stand for the above mentioned BS, – the argumentations of e.g. Gaetz, Jordan and Nunes are only infinitesimally more advanced than the absolute bottom position the President of the U.S. always occupies.

  • unfortunately they will never let trump go bankrupt no matter how broke he may be. just wouldn't look good. Just vote him out and give Bernie a go.

  • Why even HAVE A CONGRESS if they aren't going to do their job???? I'm so sick of this "let the election decide" or "polls say" crap. Yeah, let's just let our president be a traitorous crime lord, because "polls," "elections." Just STFU.

  • Trump did not release the transcript of the call, he released a memo of the call. SO STOP CALLING IT A TRANSCRIPT IT WAS NOT.

  • It is in the future elections that the American voters will decide whether there was a clear constitutional abuse of power. This is not only for President Trump but also for the Republican Party. They may possibly have to answer to the voters as to why they shirked their duties and enabled such grievous corruption. Time will tell whether the Republicans' actions will cause them will go the way of the Whigs?

  • The Jezebel Resistance says:

    Trump is a malignant narcissist. The 25th Amendment was specifically written for dealing with mentally incapacitated people like Trump. Why is congress afraid of invoking it?

  • Lovely comments here. Really got me thinking. I came across this video that talks about the US constitution and how it affects everything. I learned a lot from it and I think with all tat's happening right now in this country, we need to revisit some vital issues.

  • Barbara Ginther says:

    This has to do with the constitution, the very foundation of our democracy. We have a president who doesn't know it. We have a bunch of know it all students, ripping down statues, our history; but, they don't even know it?And why would we think someone who can't even speak the language, knows the constitution, bill of rights, declaration of independence? That's who's voting at polls. It's also our country now.

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