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  • Harry Smith said, "its not for nothing" that's a slang phrase. What's next, "Yo,Yo,Yo, I'm Lester Holt and that's the News.

    They will never let this happen because the whole world will see there scam.
    ITS NOON !!

  • President Carter is doing what a good president does, always helping the less fortunate and being an example for all of us. Thank you President Carter. Well done. We thank GOD for people like you. Amen.

  • Yall know TRUMP will win in 2020, just face it and pray for God to help you accept the Lords will. Know this, there is only ONE GOD. Sit on that ! TRUMP 2020

  • We shouldent of been there in the 1st place.. Honor my taxes by not geting americans killed.. Sorry.. But now that we are there we should stay helping

  • Derek Anderson says:

    Yeah, give me another feel good story about a dog, NBC. So I can forget how the police in the country are above the law.

  • Mr. Trump is under allot of pressure stress. We need to pray for him.
    I don't know how he does it. I would have cracked by now.

  • Crist loves Mr. Carter and his wift. 2 of the HAREST WORKING ex presadent i the WORID, GOD BLESS THEM BOTH💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

  • I Imagine The Diplomatic wrong way drivers punishment should be manslaughter… maybe there needs to be consideration as to who can drive where the driving rules are extremely different in one major way.. the problem is our concern not so much as who will make things better by paying for the crime. Remember remorse is only a word.. I'm sure with or without the word she is feeling tremendous remorse. We don't need to hear it from her. We just need to be human to understand that fact..

  • I love Jimmy! I have a book of poetry written by him, "There's Always A Reckoning, " just a beautiful book by a wonderful man!

  • Wrong way driver.. let's not make a relatively less important silly game out of reality and tragedy.. let's not make force platitudes transcend the true importance of this incident… only question is what was her motive for driving wrong way and hitting the motor bike… was she a serial killer.?. Or just part of a system that shouldn't have her driving?

  • i can tell you that after moving to a country that drives on left, FROM a country that drives on the right. it's my biggest fear when driving. is either myself making that mistake, or a touist making that mistake. i literally fear this every day im on the road. i so wish the world would realize how chaotic it can be for travelers and we would all agree in what side to drive on.
    oh, and for the record, i have driven on the wrong side about 5 times now and i felt horrible and thank God no on was hurt. i know I'll do it again tho sadly. it's so hard when you're not paying attention and maybe next time I won't be so lucky.😢

  • Jimmy Carter is a notional treasure . He’s an example of what a president looks like , acts like and sounds like … UNLIKE the obscenity we now must endure in the Oval Office !

  • aminadab flores says:

    Wow lady runs over a human being and thinks shes gotten away. Lol, karmas about to get her. I feel sorry for ger already.

  • May that diplomats wife burn on a stake for claiming diplomatic immunity after driving on the wrong side of the road and killing a young man. She is a murderer. I want her husband's name public and I want justice for that young man!!!!

  • Fabian LovesLaw says:

    President Trump is a piece of work that will always be remembered for his tweets as well as his unique and usual and questionable conduct. For example, and speaking of which, it is stated on a twitter account that is presumingly known to be his Twitter account. " As I have stated strongly before, and just to reiterate, if Turkey does anything that I, in my great unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (I've done before!). They must, Europe and others, watch over …" I am not the smartest man in the world, nor would I ever act like I am, but President Trump should take into consideration to check himself before he continues to weck himself! It wasn't wise of him to state, " in my geat unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits." Great unmatched wisdom?" I believe we as people who are from all walks of life can match his wisdom. And the wisdom that I know he has, and he should use it to do what is right for America, and not for any form of personal gain. His wisdom from his own personal life experience should be used before his acts! Because if he uses it more, he would be checking his thoughts before he takes any form of action. God bless his mind!

  • Christopher Herkner says:

    If all of us had what Jimmy Carter has inside of him just imagine where humanity would be right now. He was a President that the world was not, and may never be, ready for.

  • สุธิดา ศรีเทพ says:

    The Kurds are not fighting in Syria for America they are a stateless tribe fighting for an autonomous Zone in Syria Iraq or turkey

  • And all those poor murders 93?
    Once little girls, snuff out as women, diplomatic immunity and you killed a 19 year old?
    Gee 🤔 let me think, Lethal weapon the movie, that bad Guy had diplomatic immunity and look what happened to him 😲 be a good sport and give yourself up,
    Don't let his spirit wander around
    For justice, he can't comfort his mom's or dad's tears, or guilt will eat you up like cancer and no wants cancer, right !!
    Miss hit and run 🚔🚔🚔🚘🚘🚘

  • Don’t eat Yellow snow says:

    Democrats are ruining our country and the government. And by the way Dems, Carter was one of the least productive Presidents in history. He was useless. Of course he was good at giving our gold reserves away.

  • And give that lady a security guard job, she 007 her way through the system, that woman could be working for Russia 😃 what there not reporting is that it was the first lady trying to get away from the great OZ, she wants to go back to
    Kansas 👠 😁😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • President Trump's really working towards at mobile priest prize when millions of people are fixing to get slaughtered because of him.

  • Linda Orlandi, PHR says:

    Trump is a traitor. He didn't make a mistake. He's doing exactly what Putin wants him to do which is release ISIS terrorists. He has made our word worth zero, zip, nothing. We no longer stand for anything and may lose our allies.

  • TSA sucks! I saw with my own eyes women was discovered to have WRONG ticket in her hands before boarding the plane. She asked the lady at the counter:”So, how did I pass the security?” The lady responded:”That’s a good question.” It was a JetBlue flight SFO-NYC.

  • What the truck?! says:

    So diplomatic immunity now will mean you can get away with murder in an allied foreign country? Wow, what it means to be American has been completely lost in this life…

  • Women can get away with anything and regularly do

    Why should anyone be surprised? Mike Burbiglia talks about how his gf flys everywhere without a passport or ID

  • Trump gave Turkey a stern warning, so if they do try something, we will hammer them. So we are not deserting them. We had tiny force a liability waiting to happen. A tiny force could do nothing of significance and are extremely vunerable. The president was wise getting them out of there. We are also saving money in the process.

  • Question: Is this new whistleblower the source of the first whistleblower? And does it make sense that the first whistleblower's statement includes his source (making this latest whistleblower a matter of seeking protection from reprisals?)

    If the above is true, there is quite possibly nothing new to develop. And Congress is wasting time.

  • Another question: Based on the PKK statement that they cannot manage a prisoner camp and planning for Turkish invasion, what's the odds PKK will either release or execute the POWs? Thoughts on this?

  • How do you defend democracy when were a constitutional republic? More news lies.
    So tired of the criminal left and im a libertarian.

  • What? No news about the FDA announcement on black market THC cartridges causing the vaping deaths and illnesses and not e cigs?

  • Car crash in UK: the rest of Anne Sacoolas' life will be full of regret and guilt unless she returns to UK and takes responsibility for what she has done. Not even a call to the teen's parents? What sick politician created diplomat immunity in the first place?

  • Where is the broadcast from October 8th? I know that these are posted and available to view for free, and I do appreciate that, but can we at least get them posted 24 hours late? At what point does "late" news become recent history (i.e. no longer newsworthy)?

  • President Trump went to Ukraine with Don Jr. who was put on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian Co. with Jordan’s and Collins’ kids!! 😱 … oh wait, that’s Biden, Kerry, and Pelosi! 🤪🤣🤣 MORE corruption!!! 🤥😳😕 … na na na na GOOD BYE! YouTube hiding posts?? 🤣

  • Wasatch Range Railway says:

    Hey Lester! I told you that you were on the list! Remember? You might want to book passage on the Mars mission, it's one way! You will not get out of this one!!! The Marines are now movin' Activation order 550/19 is now in effect!!!! Bye, bye sucker!

  • Kurds has always been staying in northern part of Iraq…why are the Kurds spreading to northern Syria? Invasion by the Kurds who wrongly want the U.S.military to sponsor the Kurds invasion of northern Syria?
    I Remain,
    8 OCT 19; 21:32 H.H.

  • William Helfrich says:

    Evangelical backed criminal Enterprise 😂the new revised Machiavellian edition gospel 😜 it's better to have the one die again than to lose the president and the Senate 😭

  • What's the most crazy is, a citizen
    Having to be protected from
    A corrupt political bum. Who's
    That, you ask? Sir trumpelot.
    A Legend in his own sick mind.

  • Sandesh Roberts says:

    Another witch hunt by dems and the liberal media. Dems better do the real work you have been elected to help America grow. stop this dirty and corrupt politics.

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