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  • John Richardson says:

    NBC Nightly News has 1.53 million subscribers ? Really ?? Only 17 views so far tonight. You think some of those are bots ?? Results of their credibility in the toilet.

  • John Richardson says:

    Bandwagon media jumps on "lynching" when it is a common word used every day in the US and in police reports referring to unruly mobs / crowds doing unlawful acts like trying to free a prisoner from custody. Meanwhile, no outrage whatsoever over Justin Trudeau's actual recent blatant racism. Double standard ?

  • The Federalist U.S. Attorney in Boston has just widened the Federal Program Bribery Statute so that it can potentially cover any American trying to get increased benefits, including stuff like Medicare4All. While the purpose of the new program charges is to pressure rich parents who gamed the system to get their kids into exclusive schools, to get them to change their pleas to guilty, the actual effect is to put a USDOJ bulls-eye on anyone who stands to profit from an action of a public official or private employer handling government funds.

    The original charges against actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin were made in court the first business day after the Boeing 737 Max 8 crash in Ethiopia on March 10, 2019, killing all 157 souls aboard. Would Boston U.S. Attorney Lelling be so corrupt as to file criminal charges against well-known actresses (complete with FBI SWAT raids in Los Angeles) to divert attention from Boeing and FAA corruption causing the deaths of 100s of passengers in two air crashes?

    Ask someone who got "protection" for decades from the U.S. Attorney and FBI in Boston, Mob mass murderer Whitey Bulger. Oh, you can't, he got bumped off in a prison before he could talk, just like Jeffrey Epstein.

  • John Richardson says:

    Hollywood liberalism is a house of cards permeated with onions layers of lies and fraud.Everything from college degrees to faces and boobs…

  • stop stupid Republicans Crowell says:

    The ultimate insult especially coming from the son of and avowed racist and klans man. Who was repeatedly indicted for racial discrimination in housing. Then leading false charges against the Central Park Five. This man has no business using that term PERIOD!. Shame on those making excuses and covering for this RACIST.

  • CA has them everywhere,so my tax $ at work.pay your taxes trump doesn't.red states that's why you're fkd you have to pay for a service.not free trumsters.

  • Make Racists Afraid Again says:

    No Educated Patriotic Americans still support Evil, Failed, Un Christian, Un American, Racist Pig Trump.

  • Brace for onslaught of "Great" cops videos that this disgusting, legalized Bullies with weapons….kind of like terrorists.

  • Tonight on NBC news; Putin saves Trump on Syria! My, this Putin fellow sure is a good friend. First, he helps Trump win an election, then he saves Trump's reputation by cleaning the mess Trump created in Syria. Over to you, Lester!

  • John Richardson says:

    Most / many EMS / Fire / and Police jobs nationwide are volunteers or regulars paid similar as McDonald's. Constant ocean of citizen complaints, lawsuits, media negative hype, YouTube paparazzo culture. It is the poster child job of "No good deed goes unpunished". We're lucky if anybody answers 911 ever.

  • Death of a thousand political cuts!One part of me wants this to be over and Trump gone as quickly as possible , the other part is just revelling in the daily humiliation and disgrace Trump is having to endure! As each revelation comes to light more of this cowardly lying excuse of a man is displayed for all to see (delicious)

  • Cheryl Mcwilliams says:

    Trump. You say you withheld money until you Investigated Ukrainian corruption. Well what did find? Where is your investigation proof? kb

  • Nice of Trump to help Russia get a foothold in the Middle East at our former allies expense. WTG bruah what's next? Gonna let Russia have mineral rights in Alaska?

  • The police in this country are out of control. The police chiefs should be fired too. They know their cops are bad. That cop should be prosecuted and imprisoned and let him get a taste of being manhandled. Lock up that stupid actress for thinking she is above everyone and for thinking she is so smart.

  • And the fact that the super wealthy get tons of tax breaks they don't need illustrates that if everyone paid their fair share, we would have a government that actually protects it's citizens.

  • ipressedabutton says:

    breaking news tonight .. lester just broke wind .. you can click this button down here, to find out if it smells like you think it does ..

  • ipressedabutton says:

    for racism to end, black people need to stop grouping up to fight black-only issues. the racism is going to end when everyone treats each other individual with respect, regardless of their heritage. that's part of their low IQ system, to congregate among themselves to fight others who are unlike them.

  • ipressedabutton says:

    blacks have to stop saying "african american".. they need to just refer to themselves as American. they are differentiating themselves and setting themselves apart from others, then complaining .. that's a low IQ system.

  • Zachary Christensen. Wow, just wow. Another Unbelievable human monster. God, please get him out of the community and lock him up!!

  • NIGHTLY NEWS, I hope your a better job tomorrow night of covering Bill Taylor’s unbelievable testimony today!! IT WAS HISTORIC.

  • If anyone is guilty of treason, it's Trump. "aid and comfort to an enemy in a time of war." The US is still technically at war with N. Korea and Trump comforts him!

  • FLAVA FLA: 911 A JOKE IN YO TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!! It is obviously clear that we are going to have to take responsibility for ourselves yet big brother is watching. When we over step our so called " boundaries" (ignorance of the law is no excuse) we will be punished for it. We should not be supporting law enforcement when they do not follow the rule of law.

  • Not enough first responders b/c of education being attacked and ignored. Religion destroys expertise in a lot of places. I spent every Sunday reading a new book!

  • Here's a novel idea. Pay rural EMTs so they will stay in that job. These states have so much money but they can't find funding for EMTs. Ridiculous!

  • I'm so tired of people in this country acting like children over someone saying s word…. like lynching…. I'm sorry Mr. President. I wish the people of this country werent so childish…. people need to grow up. Seriously … and if anything hes right this is like a lynching. I'm going to pray that this country stops allowing black people to use something that happened GENERATIONS ago as an excuse fot everything. Black people use this slavery crap to get away with everything. Oh and I hate to break it to everyone in this country that at some point everyone's ancestors were slaves and you don't see any other color of people using that as an excuse to act like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum

  • Port angeles washington. . If the police answer they aren't much help most the time tell you they cant help you or its not their job's. Unless it'll make the news or paper they probably will tell you to file a report online. .

  • I am just going to share this with other viewers, and I am going to leave it out there for everyone to think about this, it's regard to the EMS. In Texas, when one calls an ambulance for a medical emergency, in additional to medical bills, there is also an ambulance bill to pay, early this year I needed an ambulance and less than 5 miles, it turned out to be nearly $600. Of course they sent the bill home several months later. So, don't tell me that EMS charging that much for ambulance in some states, 911 systems are in crisis.

  • The orange pathological liar cannot tell the "quid" from the "quo". When I look at that dump, what I see is a megalomaniac crime boss who has a legion of crooks for associates.

  • "In my nightgown, I go down to the Oval Office and enter the code. You know which codeword I mean. In my imagination, I often watch myself blowing up the damned planet. I blow up the damned planet. … just like that. There is nothing to it. The White House is not a pair of cold, thin socks. … Believe me."

    45 to a White House employee

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