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  • Melissa abuser must be another woman, they must have had a Lesbian relationship c'mon "I. P. V".?!? So what it's a heterosexual relationship it's called domestic violence. But if they say homosexual relationship it's called intimate partner violence?

  • This President should not be near any Military personnel, I KNOW he is hated by most . Bone Spurs is lucky someone hasn't taken a pot shot at him . He is bad for the Military he only wants the worse of the worse in the Military much like what Hitler did.

  • They focus on the balloons?? What about the people who are homeless during this weather? The balloons are the headline & not the people? Where are the priorities?

  • People behave more when they know they are being recorded. I think all Uber trips should be recorded both audio and video. It would protect both driver and passenger.

  • Victor Velazquez says:

    Disagree with Trump: Liberal Leftist Hero; Agree with Trump, on ANYTHING: Be doxed, harassed, HATED, ostracized, TERMINATED !
    Quite a binary society we have here in 2019 America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ.

  • Uber and lyft need mechanisms that will protect their company, drivers and passengers. Some ideas could be good and some could be bad, but what they can't afford to do is NOT TRY! These two businesses are good for the consumers that don't have cars. They must try to improve them. Their competitors are eagerly waiting for them to fail. DON'T GIVE UP, NOTHING TO INTERFER WITH SUCCESS, BUT FAILURE! GOOD LUCK UBER AND LFYT! πŸŒπŸ˜‰πŸ’‹

  • Gerry Nightingale says:

    I know a REAL 'SuperGirl'…who raised her son by herself…and I think there are thousands more just like her every day of every year…working a job and raising a kid(s) by themselvesΒ Β  ( if only I could have been part of her life and her son's as well…but I'm 'damaged goods' and her instincts protected her from me…at least that's what I tell myself )

  • Well done Mr. PRESIDENT, were so proud of you. Patriots love you and DemoCRAPS are only disparate with their negative attemps at a coup. Trump landslide 2020.

  • Parents are trying to live their dreams through their children. Failure is their own self image so they push their children hard because they didn't strive themselves. Their childrens injuries are the consequences of their own childhood failures.

  • Hello there NBC News networks!
    Supergirl is going through domestic violence which means it is her husband.
    If it is not her husband than she is cheating on her husband Chris Wood than Supergirl is having an extramarital affair.
    Most likely it is her or Chris Wood who is committing domestic violence!
    Please keep eyes and ears open to help Supergirl.
    I apologize if it is not her husband Chris Wood but if it is Chris Wood who beats on his wife, we need a divorce and possible legal castration of Chris Wood.
    Amen and Allah knows Yahweh!
    Om Mani Pad Me Hum!

  • Usually lack of self-esteem,is the root of abuse, watch who you date,love you first and don't be indenial of the obviously abusive signals.

  • my mom dealte with abuse from my dad for 60 years to his death , only now she feels free , but did my best get her out but never helped .

  • Sports injuries in kids are partly the parents blame. They push them to do better, do more and be the best. Its sad to see kids cry when parents are yelling at them to do better when they sre tired or hurt. Give them a break. They are not athletes or training for the Olympics. They are young children trying to play a sport for fun, not get a scholarship while so young.

  • I think it is stupid that people associate religion with generosity, when there are many secular groups that are doing great work for people without the reason being to try to spread their religion. Plus the fact that they only give money to people in their church. Also the fact is that churches have no oversight with where the donations go, so there is no way to actually know if the money went to the poor family or a corrupt priest pocketed it, where as charities not tied to religion actually have transparency by law so there is no chance those charities are using the money to protect child rapists like the catholic church does.

  • A turkey serving Turkey! " to troops " having a good time" WTF the commander in briefs troops who want to BE in Afghanistan for Turkey day!

  • Can't you people see that the ACTING president of this country is desperate and will do anything now? If his fat azz were not in so much trouble he would not have gone to Afghanistan. Why now, he's never been there before until now. He's trash. And making deals with terrorist. America you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • comment commenter says:

    Trump as always surprises us with his love and concern for the american people. Trump is the best president the us has ever had. MAGA.

  • Although I'm not a religious person, I'm INSPIRED to know about this Chicago congregation that seems to actually BELIEVE in the things CHRISTIANITY is 'supposed' to stand for❗ πŸ‘πŸ—ΏπŸ‘

  • There's a tunnel between Switzerland and Italy that is heavily monitored by cams & radars. Signs in 5 languages warn drivers of the penalties for speeding. A massive accident years ago led to many deaths in the tunnel. These 2 zeroes would be serving serious prison time for pulling a dumb stunt like this.

  • I would gladly open up my wallet to generously donate if all churches actually helped the poor like that last news story, instead of charlatan televangelists enriching themselves by buying multimillion dollar mansions and private jets. Yes I'm talking to you, Joel Osteen and Kenneth Copeland!

  • I don't buy the tendon tearing to over doing 1 sport pfft…more likely it is the poor diet the reduced amounts of minerals in our foods, the build up of toxins in the system etc….

  • The plane crash was more likely the fault of the engine, and not the winds. A competent pilot would know to turn into the winds to provide lift, rather than avoiding it.

  • Lol, only trump would leave the country on a day your supposed to be with you're family.He must really hate his own family. Which is fair, we've seen his children.

  • My granddaughter exact same injury at the age of 9 play sports but not too much I think it's something to do with food intake or lack thereof supplements it's just odd I found it odd that a nine-year-old girl would tear ACL so easily

  • Wow…..⭐.I Truly Enjoyed the Segments. I learn alot from the Commentary. Thankful for the great news coverage…..πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone…..🍁

  • coinstalker Hunt Hard says:

    NBC should really put her on maternity leave it's not fair that they're making her work and she's ready to have a baby NBC is billionaires there's no reason for this b*****

  • coinstalker Hunt Hard says:

    That's a pretty light f**** warning isn't it I think that Father and Son do a lot of he locked up and thrown in jail they could have killed my daughter who happen to be in that Caravan I'm just kidding but I'm saying it could have been my kid in that car it could have been your kid in that car and you guys are just going to give him a warning that is some b*****

  • desert moonlight says:

    Really i didnt need to hear the old lady scream in the microphone. Nothing new of a president make a secret visit to the troops.

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