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  • I know a few things the government can do for all public consumers, canceled all mortgage payments, and any bills that needed to be paid must be canceled or suspended. Since one cannot go out and work, how can anyone pay the bills? Mr. Donald Trump I hope that you get this message! You know that you will be elected for the next round so please help the community!

  • WARNING !!! WARNING !!! VERY IMPORTANT !!! THESE ARE NOT JOKES !!! I'm from Poland. This virus is terrible. All borders in Europe are closed. All EUROPA suffers. Almost everything is closed in Poland. Make no mistake. Everyone who stays at home will survive. Pray to Jesus and his mother Mary. May GOD protect you

  • Trump said it is not racist but accurate! I have to stand by his word! Chinese people need to stop eating unclean animals from the forest, from the wild and everything else and creating all this dangerous epidemic into the world! Let's face it, we live in a one Globe, one world and nobody is going anywhere! We need to cherish our world and respect everyone that live in the Earth!

  • oh my god. These are stupd kids and their parent is stupid. After Spring break US will be 2nd Wuhan cause these stupid kids. If one of them is my kid, i will not let them back to my house. Fortunately, I donot have these stupid. kids.

  • Do these young adults understand there are grandparents and great grandparents and those who have imune disorders…who can get it because they have the caronavirus.

  • I post comments many time " How did NBA players get test kits before anyone else?" The question seems to be very sensitive. They say they just like the general public at the end of the day. We can say that it is not true. I look at the NBA very differently now. They are just fouls running around with the ball

  • :If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, that won't stop me from partying" This kind of mentality will turn Florida to the next hot spot of infections.

  • I work at a gas station, I'm broke, I can't miss work, if I could I would stay home, I live with my grandparents, I keep my hands clean and moisturized. My city is basically a ghost town. It's honestly terrifying.

  • ⭕️Hey News folks get something straight, China is the country that infected the whole world with Chinese flu- a.k.a. coronavirus and now President Trump is doing everything possible trying to keep American’s safe. So tell that story daily instead of sensationalizing everything regarding coronavirus versus what President Trump is trying to do to fix the mess. President Trump is not the enemy you morons. Pray for his success or shut your critical mouth’s.

  • There is a hugely planned misdiagnosis of this going on. Millions are getting shunned and picked out for the Corona and they just actually are sick with a fever and/or the flu usual cold or flu….this needs to stop for the normal amount of allowed colds and get a genuine test for thus other then a high temperature and short of breath ? C’mon


    I thank the Lord that this isn't happening in the most bitter of cold temperatures or the most blistering of hot temperatures…


    If Trump, Bernie, and Biden got this disease, who would survive it?
    Regardless, the loss of any one of them would raise the IQ of the country.

  • I recently watched a youtube video of covid-19 patients being treated in close proximity to each other in a hospital in Bergamo,Italy-some with protective masks and others without.I want to know if there is a risk of repeated infection with positive patients being exposed to other positive patients in close proximity to them?

  • FiddleStick's bessette says:


  • whenindangerwhenindoubtrunincirclesscreamandshout says:

    the guy in the middle w striped shorts, was worried about a open containor ticket and shoved a bottle of tequila in his shorts but isnt worried bout a virus,
    cause media told them,they wouldnt be affected ,media made the young risk there lives

  • 12:23 It's as safe as can be sure. But the VALUE OF THAT MONEY IS BEING REDUCED TO NOTHING by the FED, so… yeah. SAFE AS CAN BE

  • Wayne Lankenau says:


  • This is the test of tests! Will the patriotic local, state, and federal law enforcement, and military step in to destroy the Hitler loving Nazi Donald Trump! American citizens must now study these officials carefully, to see what's really inside them! They are standing by and letting the White House Nazi destroy the nation! The book of their heart and soul is open for us all to read it!

  • Where do you think they learned this carelessness from? "Kid's these days" can easily be retorted by "Parents these days". Not to mention older generations have been largely ignoring younger generations complaints, say for Climate Change, while deny its a problem or even real at all. These kids lack of care is not right, but they learned that same lack of care from their parents.

  • Fear, fear, fear. Panic, panic panic. Free money from government and racism. Yup, MSM got all the propaganda taking points in this episode

  • It's Trump and his deadly Nazi Party who are spreading the coronavirus! Law Enforcement and military must stop this Adolph Hitler rat at all cost!! Trump's former wife said the he loved listening to Adolph Hitler tapes that was kept at the foot of his bed! Now, do you know why this corona virus is going on?

  • Lololol the f fat lady said she doesn't even go to the hospital she just lays in the bed and deals with being short of breath lol ya cause u eat too much lol

  • No respect for their parents and grandparents.They will take it to them.Then they may not survive.But I just wanted to party☹️

  • When you stay at home , How to support your immune system to fight corona virus by nutrition

  • Florida cops ignoring ignorants spread virus.. Trump mumbeling as usual.. Financial now is stronger then last crisis so don't worry ? Total BS statement. God help us.

  • The blatant stupidity of humans will ensure the spread of this Bioweapon! The oligarchs know human behavior very well; as do I. They've created the Perfect Storm and now they're taking advantage of it! If you think I'm just a "conspiracy theorist"; then, you've got a lot of waking up to do. Unfortunately, you don't have much time in which to do it. Get ready for total LOCKDOWN!

  • "Very SAFE environment"… and if you believe that; you're "beliefs" are sorely misplaced. Better go get your mouth swabbed, so the government can grab your DNA. Most people have absolutely no clue, what this is really about! Microchip implants will be rolling out, before you know it (for your "safety and security" and of course, convenience). The Brave New World is already here! If you don't see it – you're blind!

  • You can’t be moving too slow, if you aren’t the real one getting your email messages. You will get the disease and behavior information as it’s provided to you because there no medication to treat the disease in the woman ?? body.

  • What a crazy young people!!?!

    Hey young US guys. please stay safe at home. This is real.
    Not a comedy Movie.

    Why you guys makes real Horror movie for whole world!?!

    This is like BLACK DEATH in Medieval Europe.

    If you influenced, you may okay.
    But your friends, your little sister, your parents, your granny and grand father will not be okay.

    Those behaviors are really criminals… Please. Stop. Stop And stop your playing.

    Please learn the history.
    This is not kidding. I'm serious.

    Please consider your family and your friend's family too.

    May god be with the young party generation…with my tears..

    From South Korea Young man.

  • Guy on Clockwise says:

    ? with CORONA Beer□
    ? with Popeye's Chicken Corona Sandwich□
    ? with Transvestite Corona Toilets□
    ? with Affirmitive Corona Action□
    ? with Forced Corona Vaccination□
    ? with Hitler Type Corona Tactics to Force Corona Lock Down□

  • LuisFernando Cortes says:

    To you Biden and the rest of the corporate media you don’t qualify to lead anything. Socialism for the American working people. Bernie Sanders

  • 56,000 people died of common flu last year according to cdc. That's an average of 156 deaths per day every day. So far 200 deaths in almost 3 weeks? Coronavirus is a joke and a scam. It's a Rich Man's Trick and majority of the world is falling for it. Look for the title Rich Man's Trick on YouTube

  • Vanassarin Leeanupat says:

    In the American presidency history no one ever deserves the "F" word and the "middle finger", except this one names Trump.

  • !!!Avoid any contact, touch, or shared items! Insulate your hands from things. Please declare widely. This is a warning reproduced by the Chinese people with out infected. This is what the Chinese experts have concealed. Doctors are all wrong in wash hands rather than insulate hands.

  • Archangel Revelations says:

    I have been telling you that this was coming. We need to ground ourselves in order to survive this. We must sacrifice together. We are all in this together. The young are clueless. This is what I have been trying to get my kids to understand. They are not listening. My kid's don't obey me. They walk all over me. I need a powerful man in my life to put them in their place. I don't have no one. I need MY man Thomas Mapother IV #TomCruise

  • Noble Sessalina says:

    Everyone does need money now,we can't wait for april or may.We all do deserve,an income as soon as possible.Y $500 millions?it should be more than that.In Fl the rent is so expensive.Thecanadian people do have a great leader.Trudeau,the prime minister has put,on the table $82 billions +$12 billions to help his people.Trump does need to improve himself,by taking care of the american people,in the time of needs.

  • You can tell when trump isn’t speaking from his own very outspoken moth piece.

    When there’s a pause between each word. Simply means he’s being told what to say by the one’s actually in charge & FYI WHAT EVER YOU DO DONT TRUST OR BELIEVE THE COMMERCIALS EITHER.

    It’s an attempt to program us.

    Trust God.
    In Jesus name. Amen

  • It’s not ‘shelter in place’! It’s ‘stay at home’! Shelter in place is what you do during a shooting and it has legal teeth if you disobey the order. Stay at home is what CA is doing- there’s no legal repercussions if someone has to take their dog out to pee during ‘stay at home’

  • Rosemary Aldana says:

    Back then in the 60s one parent only worked while the other stay home and manage and discipled their children. Now these day young people do whatever they want. When they want and they don't care. About others or themselves if they die from the Coronavirus. And that's sad. All they want is to have fun. There is no fun being sick. It's worse then a cold. It can cause kidneys failure this is what the Coronavirus can do. It kills. Stay home and be safe. But they will not listen only if you lock them up then maybe they will. It called hard love. Discipline obeying the rules of life with a little bit of manners and respect. For themselves and others. What wrong with this young generation. Unbelievable.

  • The engineered corona crisis is being used by authoritarian Governors and mayors for martial law.

    But we the people choose disobedience and freedom over dictatorship.

  • Clearwater beach, ran by liberals won’t shut down till after they make their spring break money, isn’t any better than that stupid drunk college kid! SMDH!

  • The AssarV10 Team says:

    The most shocking revelation that came out of the #coronavirus fiasco is how the sheeple are utterly begging to be locked in their houses. They drool for martial law, forced vaccination and getting chipped like animals. All it took was some fear mongering in the media..

    I've looked all over the internet and there are no verified, confirmed cases of deaths or infections whatsoever.

  • Towannie Armstrong says:

    Operation Mocking Bird !!!!!!
    CV is a military operation go take the Elite, Billionaire, Royals
    Paid Actors !!!!!!
    They are lying to us !!!!

  • مريم اقربي says:

    مـــين? يـرحــــب? بــــي? يـــضـــغـــك لايـــك?ويـراســــلنـــي خـــاص واشـتـرك بقـــناتــــي

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