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  • SON OF A WWII VET! says:

    The FAA should never allowed planes to go over schools, or the school should never had been put in the path of planes to begin with. Period!!!

  • Zokizzy Foshizzy says:

    Those Iranian military accidentally set coordinates that accidentally guided the accidental missile to accidentally blow up the plane after the first accidental missile was accidentally fired. It happens.

  • Funny those streams of fuel look a lot like those condensation trails that conspiracy theorists say are "Chem trails" 🤔🤔🤔

  • Jack pine Savage says:

    "Unforgivable" to quote the Iranian leader.
    That's why mankind will never achieve peace on Earth.
    We've lost the ability to forgive each other.

  • Holy_Spanish_Days says:

    Trump will be reelected in 2020. It will be once again what the people wants.
    There needs to be election reform. Paper vites and bar code all papers.

  • Trump is to blame for the killing of all those people in Iran. He started this mess with his wag the dog tactic. Trump is worthless. He’s a jinx.

  • There is a dark deja vu about the air-smitten plane and the Twin Towers incident: two Republican Presidents who unnecessarily went to war with madmen in the Middle East, costing the lives of hundreds of innocent individuals.

  • Count on Trudope to say something stupid like what he just said, what a real AH he is and Canadians have to put up with his BS nothing but a bearded drama queen.

  • Holy_Spanish_Days says:

    DNC was hacked by an insider..and tbis person was assesinated by MS-13 on a false pretend to try to steal from him, but they took nothing. This was just the price he paid for the action he took when he found out that DNC was rigging the primary to push Clinton above Sanders.

  • 7:22 into vid. If Iran/or other world leader's,
    are disillusioned by our government puppets.
    Let them target the [white house & D.C.]
    Leave the rest of us, to live our daily lives in and out.

  • So trump is saying that it doesn't even matter who shot down the plane as long as Iran's general official is dead.
    If trump could have informed his allies that he have proof that 5 of America's Embassy will be attack.
    But he didn't, the general official and the passengers are dead all because of trump's weak actions.

  • chris feleciano says:

    Wow Delta told ATC" traffic control "they didn't need to dump fuel!!!!! they lied to ATC..Look it up on VASA aviation he posted the conversation between Delta 89 Los Angeles air traffic control when ATC  asked them if they needed to dump fuel…

  • It wasn't an accident, in Iran we sure that shooting down the plane was on purpose. But fake news insists that it was downed by mistake!
    Why aren't you saying that Iran using commercial flights as a human shield for possible US counter-attack?
    Our protests and demonstrations aren't just about the downed plane. We want the Islamic Republic to go. Why aren't you covering that?!

  • “Unforgivable” let’s arrest the witness. How dare he show the truth of our mistake to the rest of the world and debunk out lie about the incident – Iran

  • The one thing about the Soleimani assassination that is overlooked is that he was a combatant not a terrorist and setting the precedent that combatants can be assassinated at anytime in their lives puts anyone who has ever served in a military at risk.

  • So true, these passengers could be alive and well if not for the wrecklessness of this corrupt president we are trying to remove.

  • Richard Johnsen says:

    This president is so incompetent he needs a cat to flush his toilet and a dog to lick his ,er, sorry Lindsey, but he still needs the cat!

  • If Biden and his son are guilty what does it matter who provided the evidence? I thought Democrats liked and protected whistle blowers? Not when the evidence is in President Trumps favor?

  • Tudou- if the General was not killed hundreds of Americans would have been killed. I guess Americans dont count for you.

  • "A Little-Known, Clinton-Approved Treaty Lets Ukraine Help US Investigate Criminal Cases" (By Josh Manning
    Published September 30, 2019 at 6:23pm ). Unless something massive surfaces — something massive that we’ve heard nothing about so far — President Donald Trump will be exonerated yet again from another Democrat-media tissue of lies.

    Depending on how you keep score, this is either 2-0 Trump, 3-0 Trump, 10-0 Trump, or ~1,000,000-0 Trump.

    The Mueller narrative was a fraud. The Kavanaugh narrative was a fraud. The Scotland resort narrative was a fraud. The second Kavanaugh narrative was a fraud. Who knows how many FISA applications were frauds. And now the Ukraine whistleblower controversy is shaping up to be a fraud.

    Nothing has stuck to Trump, despite the intense level of scrutiny he’s endured.

    The question now is how, exactly, the anti-Trump narrative will implode this time. There are lots of ways. It could turn out that the whistleblower doesn’t actually exist and is instead just a group of jaded, deep-state intel hacks. It could be that the whistleblower is one of those hacks. It could be that the whistleblower was fed faulty, fabricated or fraudulent information to induce action. It could be that Ukraine produces jarring evidence implicating those involved in the whistleblowing effort.

    Any one of those scenarios would lead to fascinating analysis and speculation for weeks, if not months, to come.
    But what if the seed of destruction sprouts from somewhere unexpected? Somewhere like a treaty that emerged at the very end of former President Bill Clinton’s administration and was approved by a Senate in which former Vice President Joe Biden proudly served.

    The treaty in question is the Treaty with Ukraine on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters, ratified by the U.S. Senate on Oct. 18, 2000.

    While lawyers will have to dig into the exact wording of the treaty to tease out its applicability, an initial reading certainly lends itself to Trump’s defense.

    The treaty, crafted with drug trafficking in mind, allows either country to call on the other for assistance in “taking the testimony or statements of persons; providing documents, records and other items of evidence; locating or identifying persons or items; serving documents; transferring persons in custody for testimony or other purposes; executing requests for searches and seizures; assisting in proceedings related to immobilization and forfeiture of assets, restitution, and collection of fines; and, rendering any other form of assistance not prohibited by the laws of the Requested State,” according to the State Department’s summary.
    That’s a long list, and according to the State Department, it’s “non-exclusive,” which means that there are many other forms of assistance the treaty could facilitate.

    One such form could be an investigation of a group called Crowdstrike, which is the same group that the DNC brought in to investigate hacking and are, as Buzzfeed senior reporter Ryan Broderick said in an NPR interview, “sort of the ones that started the whole idea of collusion with Russia.”

    A stickler might note that the Ukraine treaty designates the U.S. attorney general as the treaty point of contact, which might mean that Trump wasn’t acting in line with the treaty.

    But remember, it was the Democrats who were so eager to let everyone know that Trump referenced Attorney General William Barr on the Ukraine call. Trump was setting Barr up to talk with his counterpart in Ukraine.
    Trump’s a negotiator, and he likes dealing with people in person or as close to in-person as he can get. It’s only natural for him to talk with a foreign leader, communicate his desires and then have someone else handle the heavy lifting — someone like Barr.

    Making the treaty defense even worse for Democrats and the anti-Trumpers is the fact that none other than William Jefferson Clinton transmitted the treaty to the Senate, writing that “I recommend that the Senate give early and favorable consideration to the Treaty and give its advice and consent to ratification.”

    While not nearly as exciting as the other scenarios, defense under color of the treaty could dispense with the Democrats’ legal claims faster than any other defense the president might mount.

    The Ukraine “scandal” will almost certainly fizzle, likely sooner rather than later given how quickly the cracks are forming. But if it somehow manages to gain traction, the president can easily appeal to the Clinton-era treaty designed to do exactly what Trump was trying to do — bring corruption and crime to a halt by leveraging America’s relationship with Ukraine.

    Far from being illegal, it looks more and more like what Trump did was entirely appropriate for any dutiful executive, which is exactly what Trump, as the President of the United States, is.


    THREE tranches of US aid to Ukraine … under Obama and Biden … worth $1.8 billion EACH … totalling $5.4 Billion TOGETHER …  disappeared , literally disappeared,  in that country. In the past week, the following stories address it:
    ("Guiliani Alleges $5.3 Billion in US Aid Misused In Ukraine; US Embassy Told Ukraine Police Not To Investigate") https://m.theepochtimes.com/giuliani-alleges-5-3-billion-in-u-s-aid-misused-in-ukraine-u-s-embassy-told-police-not-to-investigate_3167304.html

    ("EXPOSED: Barack Obama And Joe Biden Linked To Missing $5.3 Billion During Obama Administration")

  • Iran killed 146 innocent people on a plane not to mention for decades has been killing Americans and Obama bush Clinton’s did nothing but give them money so we killed one man a bad man in a targeted attack Iran tried killing multiple bases we were at in Iraq but idiots killed innocent again and trumps the bad guy!??? If so you are sayin our soldiers are incompetent they gathered intel for 6 months and you idiots feel bad for Iran we’ll move there please !! By the way women must where tunics and gays are murdered and hung off bridges 🌉 good luck LIBS!!! ✌️

  • While the Deep State (Hill, Holmes, Kent, Taylor, Yovanovich) slept and accommodated sedition, a REAL professional and defence lawyer was working in the Ukraine to acquire information and evidence ("Guiliani Claims He Has Ukranian Docs Showing 'Collusion' With Dems": https://youtu.be/TOVsLNmmA70 )

    The fascinating thing is that he passed them to the State Department who MUST have passed them to Yovanovich and Hill!

    THEREAFTER, John Solomon of The Hill points out the stupendous fact that Marie Yovanovich THEN makes a speech in the middle of the Ukranian elections asking for the ouster of ONEt of the Ukranian Prosecutors investigating Burisma, the company paying Hunter Biden $86,000 PER MONTH. ("John Solomon Responds To Bill Taylor's  Testimony": https://youtu.be/AkU9qU5eASs )

    Not to be outdone, Ms. Hill … accent and all … never mentions that she once wrote an OP-ed urging Obama NOT to send lethal aid to Ukraineas Trump did! (https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/giving-weapons-to-ukraine-could-goad-putin-into-a-regional-war/2015/02/05/ec2e9680-abf5-11e4-ad71-7b9eba0f87d6_story.html ). Motive against Trump? Bias for Russia?

    Now Democrats are asking us to believe the fantastic proposition that the PRESIDENT CANNOT ASK FOR AN INVESTIGATION INTO A CRIME THAT WAS COMMITTED AGAINST HIM AND THE USA ("… Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire: Kiev officials are scrambling to make amends with the president-elect after quietly working to boost Clinton …";  By KENNETH P. VOGEL and DAVID STERN01/11/2017 05:05 AM EST (https://www.politico.com/story/2017/01/ukraine-sabotage-trump-backfire-233446 )

    Will America, or the idea of America,  survive its Democrats?

  • We may actually need international observers on this coming presidential elections, the Russians may just do it again, and Trump may actually win again. Regardless of what everyone is saying I do think that Russian intelligence is using hackers.

  • Sanders + Socialism = Death of America
    Is Bernie the perfect Manchurian candidate for .. Russia?
    No one has read his book(s), much less bought them! Is the Kremlin bankrolling Sanders' campaign under the guise of "small contributions of $27 each"?

  • Amado Benavidez says:


  • So unfair towards kate. She rarely cradled her baby bump until the last weeks- you forgot to say that. Where Megxit could not keep her hands off her stomach 24/7- way over the top. Katie bouquet was simple, wher Megxit knew of Charlotte alergic reaction and could not care less to the health risk to the child. So many flower to choose from, but Megxit had to choose ones that could make Charlotte deathly sick for her own greed. Heartless. Tell the full story. Dont tell the half truths fake news.

  • Guess the British press are showing their true colors about how they really feel about Prince Harry's marriage of a woman of color and on top of it his own brother, I guess Harry is color blind where his brother is not. Just saying.

  • halfgeekpartyboy1968 says:

    Wow, not only Iran is on the table, Canada is the course Trump didn't expect… will admit the Federal Government wrongdoing on the matter??

  • Trudeau you're a piece of s***, death to Iran death to all of Iranian generals and death to the Deep state and should sanction Canada 100% severely

  • The Organic & Natural Vegan says:

    Racism is pandemic and will only be eradicated when Jesus and his angels step in to remove the wicked. Revelation 11 vs 18. JW.org

  • Fuel dump I heard they do that that is terrible and the spaceship dumps urine and poop in the air poison . When planes don't dump and fly close I can detect the fuel they burn awful smell . And the plane was heading to China that was done on purpose sabotage

  • President Trump seems to have the same mental response of an addict or alcoholic under stress about their recent malicious behavior.

  • A woman for President.., past history has suggested that more often than not women are not successful leader's due to emotional or physical issue's. Some, such as- Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher amongst others, have been very successful even revered. No one can ever solve all issue's, no one can or should be held accountable for not pleasing all. Janet Reno wouldn't be a good choice for a U.S President, but she would fare well as a Prime Minister. I for one am interested to see a woman for President, but let us be very careful this time around.

  • Leave it to the MSM TO make a mountain out of a mole-hill. Jet fuel is the same as diesel fuel, Kerosene, or the same stuff you put in your backyard Tiki lamps. It Is no more toxic than that. An irritant of course, but a dusting from 2000 feet? Listen, we’re not talking Napalm here. It’s diesel fuel. That’s all.

  • Alasdair Blackmore says:

    If Iran was religious it would hail Allah [Our Father / God / The Supreme Ruler / Our King etc] as its "Supreme Ruler" !

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